17 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-11-22

  1. Good morning and good evening!

    The Alfred Hitchcock clip from last night was fun. I showed it to Art. He had watched the episodes over in West End while I had watched them in Chamblee on the north east side of the metro area although we did not know each other then.

    We are almost through Proverbs. Chapter 30 begins today with my online study group.

    I bought the study guide through my church to do Secret Church which this time is on identity in Christ. It was to be held at church but now people are able to stream it on their own or with a small group. It is 6 hours long, designed to do all at once, but I need to see if it can be broken up. That would be difficult for my eyes to do 6 hours straight.

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  2. The plumber is back today. Our new kitchen faucet has been installed, and it looks great! He also fixed the leak under the bathroom sink. Both sinks needed new piping because the old pipes were very old, and not up to current standards.

    Before he left, he showed us a leak that had developed from one of our water heaters. They are on the side of the basement that we rarely go in, so we had not noticed it yet. Fortunately, it is only a small one, with not much water on the basement floor yet, but it is best to take care of that sooner rather than later. So we now have an appointment for next Tuesday to have a new water heater installed. Unfortunately, like everything else these days, they are much more expensive than they were a couple years ago.

    Plumber said that he learned that the hard way. After he started getting jobs again after things opened up, he quoted a customer a certain amount to order and install a new water heater. He then found out that the prices had jumped quite a bit, and not wanting to go back on his estimate, he took a $100 loss on the job.

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  3. Feels so good to get those things done in the house.

    I missed having to go out to Long Beach on an assignment this morning (that’s a good thing; editor and I just didn’t connect in time). We’re all now juggling election stories along with the “usual” stuff. Too much going on, too few reporters.

    Outside, it’s “purple” jacaranda season here in California. It’s windy an in the 60s here today, we’ll get a brief warmup this weekend but then temps go back down again.

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  4. I got a link on an email to watch 2,000 Mules, the documentary on election fraud. Is anyone else planning to watch it? I can forward the email to anyone who is interested.


  5. Morning! Three more minutes of it any way!
    Dental appt this morning. I will need a new crown due to shifting which has left a rather big gap between my implant and the back tooth. Ugh!
    June is adding up to be a rather expensive month…. 😞

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  6. I missed my last cleaning and am on the cancellation list but so far every time they’ve called with a last-minute opening has been a bad time or day to get over there. 😦

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  7. That is what son and daughter in law are doing. Donation time. They plan to be moved in less than a month. Only taking what fits in suitcases.

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  8. Good night and good morning! Those two run together if one gets a solid night of sleep. I am getting to bed early in hopes of advance voting in the early hours of tomorrow. Still hard to trust the system after all we went through before here in GA. At least we will go through the motions of being a good citizen whether or not it counts for anything.
    ~~~~~~~~zzz . . .

    I fell asleep for a solid night of sleep before I hit send so now I say again . . . Good morning!

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