24 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-2-22

  1. Good morning, all, except Jo, though it is nearly Tuesday morning there.

    Busy day today. With husband off to Boise, that leaves me driving to Moscow, then Lewiston for speech, then Kamiah for karate. Not sure it will all happen. Or any.

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  2. Good morning, Wanderers on the East Coast!
    Good groggy, Central and Mountain timers,
    and Good evening, Jo.

    I’ve been in Proverbs this morning and discussing God’s refining online. Posted about Bible study for tomorrow, and trying to be in touch with my friend, Karen. What a complicated relationship we have.

    We are getting 3,000 for the totaled car. I need to get the title ready to turn over. I am surprised to get that much.

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  3. I hit a grim milestone this morning.

    My bill at the grocery store came to more than our original house payment in the 1980s.

    Those years, when I worked as a budget counselor for the Navy Relief Society, were the last years the US saw such high inflation numbers as we’re seeing today. (A mortgage interest rate at the time often was at 13%. Fortunately, we’re not there yet).

    I’d genuinely like to know how families with children are managing this.

    I feel guilty when I pick up meat on sale, thinking, “I can pay full price if this means a family will get to eat meat. How can I justify saving money when it means a family gets nothing?”

    In the 1980s, we lived in a house with a large vegetable garden. I fed our (growing) family out of that garden during the summer.

    We planted this year’s garden over the weekend.

    But even as I planted, I wondered if anything would grow beyond my gray water garden.

    We’re in drought in California. (We’re always in drought out here. We never took the bucket out of our shower from the last drought. Still using it every day.) But, we’ll see.

    So, my question: what are you doing with your food budget?

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  4. I’m still somewhat in shock at how much things cost at the store. And I need to buy meat now for the dogs.

    Insurance company gave me $6,000 for the ’07 Jeep Liberty which surprised me, too. But while old, it was still in good shape, didn’t have a scratch on it (before the accident, obviously), I’d really taken good care of that car, never missed a maintenance. Sniff. RiP. (Though it’s probably been retooled and sold at auction by now, somewhere.)

    I was swamped right out of the gate this morning, back to work, a busy week ahead.

    Port meetings today and late tomorrow, election surveys to get emailed out (today, I have to get that done, deadlines approaching way too fast).


  5. Grocery budget was saved today with my trip to Kosher Kroger where I get Art’s meds. They are totally rearranging the store and had heavy plastic sheeting over half the shelves. I laughed at a sign on the sheeting that read, “Condiments by the Bread” Now if only they’d said where the bread is located! Actually, I had already found the bread, buy many people would not know.


  6. I watch the prices rise and give thanks that we don’t eat meat now. I continue to stock up on what is on sale. I bought a box of Larabars from a bin marked 7.99. Eight bar for 8.00, a dollar a bar. The clerk said they were 8.99. I said no and she checked with customer service and gave them to me for 7.99. At Publix if you find something at the wron price, they give it to you free. I and everyone in line earned that dollar for our wait.


  7. Only my dogs now eat (much) meat, me rarely. They’ve never warmed up to vegetables, they’re found discarded — along with any pills — outside of the dog bowls.

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  8. Yesterday I wrote about giggling a bit during communion as I struggled to open the wafer portion of the little thingie. It occurred to me as I thought about that afterwards that I should make it clear that it wasn’t exactly “during communion” yet, it was as we were getting ready for it. Pastor Nathan was leading up to reading the scripture, but hadn’t gotten there yet. πŸ™‚

    In other news, our freezer is leaking from the water/ice feature. At first, it was just a little bit, but last night it got a little worse. The kitchen towel that I put down in front of the freezer side was soaked this morning, and the water had leaked further onto the floor.

    Fortunately, we already had an appointment set up for our plumber to come tomorrow, for a couple other matters, so I didn’t get too upset about the new development. We have to get a new fridge pretty soon, but at least if he can disconnect the water to this one, that would buy us a little more time.

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  9. Heidi will eat almost anything, except for olives and mushrooms. I think it might be the texture of those she doesn’t like.

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  10. glimpses of sun on far off hills, but the fog is closing in now.

    So, my friend arranged for me to go to the high school today to have my picture taken with all of the students that I have taught. The only time they can do it is during morning break, which is also our break. But, I have to leave a little early and probably back a little late. Then Wendy told me she wouldn’t be there today. A little complicated.

    Haus meri didn’t come yesterday, but the yard mower pounded on my door to make sure I knew he would be mowing the lawn. I expect that he will be pounding again this morning as I didn’t make it home to pay him. I going to tell him to just knock not pound.

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  11. Does the yard mower understand English? I can’t imagine someone pounding like that. Maybe all the mowing has diminished his hearing, or worse, jarred his senses (assuming a male mower guy).


  12. So the yard mower was outside my window before 7am. He was sorta fiddling with his mower which is stored under our house. I figured I’d better get dressed before he came to the door.So I got dressed and started doing dishes. At 7:05 he walked by my window and lifted his arm so that I would see him. I got the money and took it to him. No pounding today, but no one comes that early.

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  13. That was really early, Jo. Maybe he had early plans for that money. πŸ˜ƒ Steak and eggs for breakfast!

    It is 78Β° downstairs with two fans circulating air. It must be ten degrees hotter upstairs. The sky looks like it could rain. That would cool things down outside and eventually inside. I think I am in for a warm night. That means it better be a no cat night unlike a three dog night for cold weather! I am upstairs now and she is yowling downstairs unaccustomed to the fans and their noise. She must have thought I’d gone outside. Poor baby cat who is almost ten years old.


  14. Food budget: There is a food budget? I know nothing about that. I have had nothing to do with food purchases around here in years, but as Kim can attest, out pantry is stocked.


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