55 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-21-22

  1. Indeed he is missed Peter.

    Some mornings I forget and wait for his post, as he was usually up early like me.

    Then I remember. 😦

    But he is in a much better place. 🙂

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  2. Morning! The Monk in me wants the more colorful kitty to move in the middle with the similar coated kitties on either side. It would be more “balanced” that way. 😊
    To which our Chas would remark “ I don’t know nothing about that”! How missed he is.
    Now I must go catch up and see why Janice is being called upon to report!

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  3. Good morning, all, except good night Jo, though it is nearly Friday morning there.

    I too think I take too much pain reliever, with excedrin migraine most days. Acetaminophen, aspirin, caffeine. Can’t be good for one but neither are migraines.

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  4. Oh, Janice, praying — anxious to hear from you today.

    And AJ, praying your medical reports are all clear (I believe that’s today as well?)

    My orthopedic MD I see for the knee prescribed Meloxicam for me, it’s pretty much a prescription strength Advil or ibuprofen, I take one every morning and it really helps. (And I ran it by my GP first, she said it would be ok to take). I also take an OTC Advil, one, at bedtime, but that’s it.

    Excedrin is my go-to for headaches but I don’t have to take that too often, I don’t get migraines (anymore), thankfully (and I had a prescription med for those when I was getting hit so hard some years ago with those).

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  5. I am here and sorry to be so long absent. Talking to lots of people in this realm has me tied up.

    As to Art, he went to the office to print the accident report anx get software to work from home today. Can not imagine going back past the ‘scene’ as he drives home a little later unless he gets stuck at the office. I know it all looked different in the black night hours when he was there.

    Friend married to former patrol man could not believe the location the officer chose to leave Art last night.

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  6. Janice – So scary! So glad he escaped injury, but he must be pretty shook up by it, I would imagine.

    NancyJill – I agree with you about the arrangement of the kitties!

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  7. Janice, what a trauma. I’m surprised he was mentally and psychologically OK to drive again right away this morning. Is the car totaled? (I take it you have 2 cars?).

    So no injuries (he was checked out, I presume?)?

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  8. Thank you, all, for understanding. I am tearful off and on. The car is old and will be totaled I feel certain. I had wanted to replace it for several years. I would have been too traumatized to drive but maybe he felt it best to get back out there before the fear built.

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  9. So very thankful Art was protected….even when the perhaps non thinking officer dropped him off in an unsafe location! I was perturbed knowing he was placed in yet another dangerous situation by someone who should have known better….still thankful he arrived home safely. I do think he should be checked out by a doctor….our insurance company would insist upon our being seen I think. I’m sure that is just one more thing to do after experience such a horrific happening Continuing to cover ya’ll in prayer ❤️

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  10. Get Art to a doctor ASAP as there could be hidden injuries. The insurance company handling the claims will want to know before issuing a payment. Once they pay the claim, they won’t cover any more injury claims.

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  11. Agreed, always good to check in and get checked out. I remember doing that after getting rear-ended once — actually, I think I already was on my way to a doctor’s appointment after leaving early from work when it happened — so while I was there they said, “Hmm, let’s take a few X-rays just to be sure.” They found nothing and I was fine, but I’m glad they suggested doing that.

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  12. My friend who died not long ago spent years working for the Auto Club and would talk about the flood of work they had every time something like this would happen involving usually a good number of their “insureds.”

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  13. April showers bring May flowers. We are expecting a lot of flowers. I am glad he came for the goats and sheep yesterday! Much easier when they are not wet and muddy.

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  14. What a lot to pray about and to praise Him for. Aj, praying for you, but also thankful for the good in the report.
    So glad that Art is okay. Hit twice!!!

    Off to the Friday morning market at 6:30am. I will not miss this.

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  15. It was just one bunny, three lambs, and something else . . . I also finished the lemon meringue pie.

    You can have the cake tomorrow–and then I will explain how ridiculous it all was. Go ahead, you’ll like it. Strawberry cake. Sort-of.

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