23 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-13-22

  1. Good morning here and Good evening there! I sent Art to work with a bowl of kidney bean salad and a Key lime pie. That pie has been a hit with the ladies. So glad I can at the least do something to sweeten this crunch tome.

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  2. How could I be first? I’m not even up yet!

    QOD: Have you had any new insight about your faith during Holy Week this year?

    QOD2: What do you think Jesus was doing the day before the last supper?

    QOD3: Why did Jesus curse the fig tree just before entering Jerusalem this week?

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  3. Morning! Janice that pie sounds wonderful. It’s been a while since having Key Lime pie for me! Such a sweet treat you have offered to Art and his helpers!
    Great QOD but I will need another cup of coffee as I ponder Michelle….be back later. 😊

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  4. Michelle, my view of God is changing. I have probably kept a bit of that man in the sky view, old man on the throne. Not intentionally but just built in.

    I am learning things like: God did not come up with the Law so much as God is the Law so when we break it, it really is an affront to God. We hear that God is love and that is beginning to sink in and actually mean something to me.

    Talking with son the other day and he was talking about God. I asked him who God is in his mind and sure enough, an old guy on a throne came up. Nope God is not a human in God clothes.

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  5. My insight about my faith is that it still has plenty of room to grow, there is still much to learn, and I only need to be open and welcoming to God and He will keep doing a good work of faith building in me. If we are not growing we are regressing.

    I desire to know as Psul states in his prayer in Ephesians 1:19-20, ” . . . what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe, according to the working of His mighty power which He worked in Christ when He raised Him from the dead and seated Him at His right hand in the heavenly places . . .” I want to see God glorified more and more. I want my faith in Father God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit to be open ended and ever expanding unto eternity.

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  6. Early this morning I was recalling how difficult the orientation course here was. And then I fell back asleep and it went from there. Of course folks that I saw in the last day were there. A time of aloneness which I still seem to be in. So many made it through the lockdowns here and then went on furlough so many are not here now. I did have friends but they have retired. So, I continue on. This kids keep me on my toes even though they aren’t goats.

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  7. The dream I remembered this morning was about my upcoming family reunion. Apparently we needed our phones to contact each other but for the phones to work we needed the password from the resort and I did not have it. Totally lost. Not unusual in my life so not really alarming.

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  8. I am hemming a new pair of white slacks in case I decide to use them on Easter Sunday for church. The pastor made a point to say for us to not use Sunday as a time to show off our fine clothes or to feel like we have to rush home to get a sweet potato souffle from the oven. What do people (ladies) wear to church on Easter? So often I have missed that service because of tax season. The pastor said he tries to keep the service shorter on Easter Sunday, but if the Holy Spirit is prompting . . . he won’t let a sweet potato souffle stop him from preaching. Fair warning😀

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  9. I meant to include that I am really enjoying listening to the book Michelle recommended while I hem the slacks. Of course the Audible version does not have all the extra notes that are in the other versions of the book.

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  10. Ladies up here usually dress a little nicer on Easter Sunday. We range from jeans and a nice blouse all the way to very dressy dresses most Sundays.

    Michelle, your question, I’ll need to think on that. The same as Janice, though, I still have a lot of growing to do.

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  11. I have never, nor have I ever heard of anyone dreaming of their teeth falling out.
    IF I even remember a dream it will have been a nightmare about polar bears.

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  12. I have never dreamed of teeth falling out, either. Nor have I ever heard anyone tell me of a dream like that.

    I posted a comment on Michelle’s Facebook thread about the subject that I sometines have ‘scary’ dreams about: the first day of class at a college campus, and I have lost my schedule that tells where classes are located. I frantically wander around looking for the building and office where I could get a reprint of the needed info, and I may end up in the cafeteria or gym. I have also dreamed about being absent from an office job for a long time (tall building like I worked in downtown) and I go wandering around in there and discover different things going on as I get off escalators at various levels. One I remember was a floor having special sale items brought in for those working in the building. I have been to restaurants in the building, etc., all the while wondering if I will lose my job. I know that all relates back to the mixed feelings I had when I left my job after having Wesley.


  13. Many people I know have the college dream when they suddenly discover they have a final that day and they never went to class, nor do they know where the final is . . .

    Glad you’re enjoying the book, Janice. Dr. Constantinou was on two editions of Eric Metaxas either last week or the week before. You can find that podcast on the Eric Metaxas webpage.

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  14. I was just listening to the Virginia church pastor on Daniel. He mentioned a study about dreams and a major one was of teeth falling out. The sermon was from 2018. He suggests we not put our confidence in dreams.

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  15. I have never heard anyone tell me they had a dream about having their teeth fall out. Although just now my husband tells me he has. I did have a woman at church tell me on Sunday that she had a nightmare while taking a nap. It seems her husband stole a baby, and she was telling him he cannot do that. He insisted it was fine. Then the police showed up and she told him now he was going to be arrested. That was when she woke up. She is a grandmother. Her husband is the most gentle man. So strange.

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  16. My world is on fire. The McBride fire in Lincoln County is devastating the community In which I work. High winds, downed power lines, high grass from last year’s rain..make for a deadly combination. I just read that they evacuated the med/surg and ICU units of our hospital. Only OB and the ER are open.

    As you know, I work nights. I was driving to work yesterday when i got a phone call instructing me to come in through Tularosa, as the roads from Capitan and Nogal were closed due to fire. I could not see any smoke plume in the distance, though the air was filled with a haze of dust and the wind was howling. It took an additional hour to get to work, as the detour was another 60+ miles. At work, we had the emergency action plan in place. Administration was there, and tons of supplies strewn about the ED. We were on generator power, as the power grid was down.

    Shift change happened, mid shift went home, registration went home, then, all of our computers went down. We have a downtime protocol where we use paper charting. It is utilized when we have a computer upgrade, used for a couple of hours, and then back online. We have access to all our charts, just without being able to chart on the computer. We can see their past medical history, medications, etc. Last night, it was all down. Then we got a trauma. We could not even do a decent chest xray to rule out pneumothorax as it is all computerized. Into high gear to transfer this pt out where she can be treated. We have no transfer trucks, as all ambulance have to stay within the county due to the disaster situation. Joint powers agreements provided us with auto accept and transport. Some tense moments as we stabilized and waited.

    Our hospital is proactive in anticipating needs. With the power down, those on supplemental oxygen would not have their home concentrators operable. We opened one of our waiting rooms and provided oxygen, free of charge, for those who needed to come and partake.
    We had a couple of people bring their nebulizers and take their own treatments, utilizing our power.

    One of our EMS crews came by and reported that one entire area had lost all of its homes. There are several trailer parks in one canyon, where families live, not just a tourist thing, all of the homes burned. It makes my heart ache.

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  17. Insights:
    1. I have absolutely no control over outside events. God is in control, I know that He works for good in those that love HIm.
    2. I think that Jesus was participating in all of the passover celebration rituals. I think he continued to teach up to the last minutes.
    3. The curse..the tree did not provide a blessing when it was capable of doing so. As lesson to us to not hold back.

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