41 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-14-22

  1. Bright and early good morning, Y’all. We have been up since 4 a.m. Got on the road a little after 5 a.m. Kim is a good divver and her Murano is super. She calls this ride Me Maw. We have discussed many things. Wish Y’all were here. We are about two hours from our destination.

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  2. Morning alll…goodnight Jo
    Live updates on the traveling wanderers!! Thanks Janice and may our Lord bless you two as you make your way…. ♥️

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  3. Thanks, Y’all. Our hotel coffee pot did not work so we had to drive onward out of the Atlanta area for a stop at Chick fil A for coffee and breakfast food.

    We are doing well on time (Kim just commented). We have been invited to the home after the service.

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  4. Good morning, all. Good night, Jo.

    Glad to see you are here! Praying for a time of blessing for all as you celebrate the life and mourn the passing while laughing and crying over the antics of a life well lived and just begun for the King of Kings

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  5. Someone on the staff call joked that we’d set up a GoFundMe site for the photographer who mentioned she’d have to fill up with gas before heading to her next assignment.

    This time change really doesn’t work for me. Someone needs to stop it already.

    That’s all. Two stories and a port meeting on my plate today.

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  6. I love that picture of Chas and Elvera. They look so very delighted to be in each others’ presence. And now they are both in the presence of the Lord! What awesome and joyous wonder.

    Thanks for the updates, Janice and Kim. I found myself thinking and praying often this morning for you and the family while going about homeschool. It is good to hear your reports. (And I am reminded of Chas, when waiting for a follow-up word from one of us, and how he would sometimes say, “Report!” 🙂

    Oh, he will be — already is — missed, but how beautiful life is now for him and Elvera and all the saints who have gone before us.

    Tears and rejoicing.

    Blessings to all of you this day.

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  7. Thanks for posting this picture, Aj. I took this one on the day we met. Chas loved it as Elvera was laughing. This is how I will remember them.

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  8. Mrs L would disagree with both Kevin and NancyJill. She likes pumpkin pie best, without whipped cream (or Cool Whip), and sometimes makes it with the crust!

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  9. I like wild blueberry, too, and lemon meringue. I just made one with a chocolate cookie crust, chocolate ganache and white chocolate layer both with a peppermint flavor. It was garnished on top with crushed peppermint. It was incredibly rich, of course, so had to be cut into very small pieces. It lasted a long time, however. I do like a French Silk Pie, too and all the fruits. Peach Triple Fruit is very good. My very favorite that I made was a four-fruit pie with a streusel topping. I have a grandson that dislikes pies and I just don’t understand it. 😀

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  10. We had a wonderful weekend with our youngest daughter and her four children. Lots of fun playing games and visiting. So glad that they all feel good about visiting again now that Covid is spreading so much less.

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  11. Did I say how much I hate this time change?

    The one clock I forgot to change is the wall clock in the ‘office’ where I work. So when I turned my last story in at 5:20 (late enough for our early deadlines) I realized it was REALLY 6:20 p.m.

    I wondered why it looked like it was getting so dark out when it wasn’t supposed to do that.

    Editor was backed up, said I was actually the 2nd person who said that to him (about not changing a clock).

    Why do “they” keep doing this to us, messing with the time like this? It’s kind of mean, I think.


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  12. I am in my bed now. Kim is over at the local hotel where we stayed last night. We had a nice meal this evening at a nearby restaurant/bistro where my Word Weavers group had our Christmas luncheon. But Y’all really want to know about the service and the meal we had with Chas’ family, right?

    It was a beautiful sunny day in Greensboro. We walked into the church. Guests to the service were being greeted, and Kim and I were teary eyed upon meeting the family and seeing the flowers and photos on display. We got to meet Rose and the other caregiver. Chuck looks so much like a younger version of Chas. It was a really special service with a great grandson reading Chas’ favorite scripture, Becky gave some stories about her Da, and Chuck told more. A man from Chas’
    Sunday school class also spoke and told Chas’ stories, and the preacher gave a gospel appeal with comfort for the family and the one word description of Chas that each family member had provided to him. We sang two hymns/Christian songs.
    Afterward we went by a most beautiful home where Chuck and Linda bought recently to reside on for their retirement. Family and friends gathered there and chatted. Someone brought in fixings for a buffet of fix your own tacos. It was a nice light lunch. We really enjoying meeting the girls and hearing about the great grands. Such a delightful and engaging family. Chuck and Elvera were immensely blessed. The Wanderers were mentioned quite a few times during the service and of course as we wete at the home of Chuck and Linda. Maybe Kim can fill in anything I have not mentioned. It is late and I am very extremely, did I say very tired and sleepy?!? Good night all. I am out like a light♡

    I can’t even describe how tired I am. Kim and I did not run out of things to talk about for all those hours together. It was really an aeesome trip from my perspective. Also, my brother dropped me by the hotel Sunday afternoon so Kim got to meet him. They hit it off since they both enjoy discussing family roots.

    (My post got scrambled so some of this is out of order, but the tired and sleepy part was suppose to be at the end however ended up out of order.)

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  13. Thankful for the report Janice and oh so thankful you and Kim were there with the family..what a sweet blessing. Sleep well you two… ❤️

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  14. I am awake and stirring.
    I need to get on the road.
    Everything Janice said was true The family really appreciated this blog family for being a comfort and community to Chas.

    The pictures you may see today were taken just as we were getting ready to leave and Chuck said, “Don’t you want to get a picture? You can even put it in the blog.”
    Truly a great family.

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