28 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-9-22

  1. Good morning! Enjoying the view through Christian teary eyes. We cry as only Christians can cry. Sad yet joyful tears that are not despairing. Love I’ll Fly Away!

    Great opening to the blog today, AJ.

    I was up until 1 a.m. working on my salvation story. I did not mean to work on it at that late hour, but we kept having storms with some lightning so I stayed away from the computer for that time. Then Art got home and I fixed his dinner and watched some tv with him. When I was going to start working on the computer, Art’s lens popped out of his glasses so I had to spend time fixing them. With my poor vision that took awhile. I finally got started on the typing up what I had written along with tweaking it around 10:45. Now I have a few more things to edit this a.m.

    I found out that I used the British English spelling, ‘baptised.’ Those instances I need to find and change to ‘baptized.’ Learning new things every day!

    It stormed again larer in the night with lots of booming thunder. I am really feeling sleep deprived today.

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  2. I taught in Ephesians 2 yesterday, and with my group of lovely octogenarians, we got into a conversation about heaven.

    We’ve had some serious injuries, a move, and stays in the hospital over the last two weeks, and an emergency dental repair that sounded horrendous.

    We talked for quite awhile yesterday about the concept I think I shared here a few weeks ago.

    A mother explaining death to her dying child explained that dying was like going through a door into an empty room.

    The door shuts behind you only momentarily and then in comes one of your parents. Then another, then your siblings and other family members.

    “It’s just like moving between one room and the next and it will only be a moment before we’re all with you again.”

    The child brightened and agreed.

    As did all of us yesterday.

    Someone else reminded us we’re all eternal. Earth is just where we happen to be right now. Soon we’ll be transferred to another place–with our Savior and it will be good.

    And then we all agreed “No more sorrow, no more pain!”

    TSWITW is just waiting on the other side of the door.

    For Chas, yes, but also for the rest of us.

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  3. I chuckled at this sentence from the Endurance article: “The ship, which sank in 1915, is 3,008 meters (1.9 miles or 9,842 feet) deep in the Weddell Sea, a pocket in the Southern Ocean along the northern coast of Antarctica, south of the Falkland Islands.

    Isn’t all of Antarctica’s coast “northern”? (To the author’s credit, it does give the more helpful information “south of the Falkland Islands”.)

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  4. This is excellent in our present day and age:


    ~ Until the land was expropriated to make way for new developments, Oakville was home to an exceptional tropical fish store. At its center was a massive circular aquarium filled with sharks and other predatory fish, and once each week the employees would host a feeding frenzy that was open to the public. One of them would climb a ladder to the top of the tank and begin to toss pieces of meat to the creatures lurking below. No sooner did the flesh hit the surface and the blood begin to seep into the water, than the sharks went mad, thrashing, circling, fighting over the bits. Rarely did a piece make it all the way to the bottom before two, three, or four sharks were battling over it, shredding it, gobbling it down.

    They could almost have been us—people who so often delight to tear one another apart, to focus on flaws more than virtues, to be critical rather than encouraging, harsh rather than tender, vindictive rather than merciful.

    I recently found myself studying the Parable of the Good Samaritan and marveling at its example of mercy. Because that particular example is bound to a certain setting and context, I spent some time pondering the ways in which it is applicable to today—the ways in which in teaches people like you and me to show divine mercy rather than human ruthlessness. Let me offer a few. … ~

    (He goes on to list and elaborate on showing mercy toward:)

    * people’s suffering
    * people’s souls
    * people’s reputations
    * people’s weaknesses
    * people’s sins

    … So, my friend, be merciful toward those who are suffering, merciful toward those whose souls are in peril, merciful toward reputations, merciful toward the weak, and merciful toward sinners. This will sometimes call us to do what comes unnaturally and with difficulty, but we can have full confidence that we actually can do it for this reason: God asks us to do no more than he has already done—to extend mercy to those who are in desperate need. ~

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  5. Thank you, Kevin, for a Wednesday Funny.

    I agree with the statement. However, I must point out that it is not alliterative. We already have “Friday Funnies”, so this would be a Wednesday Wittiness, or some such word.

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  6. Contacted my tax guy, he says mail, faxes, scanning, photographing & emailing — all of the above is OK for getting the info in to them this year.

    I think I have everything in one place, so will aim to get to that processed this weekend.


    Doing a story today on an urchin diver who fell into the ocean in the middle of the night with just shorts and a T-shirt on, managed to swim 5 hours to an oil rig — with occasional “divine” nudges, as he described it, from a harbor seal that seemed to be cheering him on.

    “He was like my dog … He’d bob up and down looking at me, then disappear under water, pop back up and look at me.”

    He’s visiting our sea lion/harbor seal rehab facility today to learn more about the animals.

    Coast Guard said it was pretty amazing he survived, the night was “pitch black” and the waters exceptionally cold for someone not in a wetsuit (cold even for someone in a wetsuit, let alone a T-shirt and shorts). He was treated for hypothermia but otherwise came through it.

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  7. In the sidebar there is a new photo gallery. 🙂

    I compiled all the picks I have relating to Chas. I went thru all 5684 pics in my possession and those are the finished product. I hope you all enjoy it.

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  8. You are all most welcome.

    Some were sent by you folks, some from Linda S, and even some from Chas, like the plane.

    I hope Linda, Chuck, Becky, and the rest of the family will enjoy them too.

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