36 thoughts on “News/Politics 2-19-22

  1. The judge in the Kim Potter case was brave. She is the officer who accidently fired her gun instead of her taser. It was clearly an accident and caused mostly by the actions of the guy. His sin has reverberated to many others, as sin always does. She will never really get over her error, but I pray she will find peace through Christ. I am also sorry for his family and friends. Sad all around. I don’t believe she would have even been charged if not for the political climate at the time.

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  2. This is just another example of your average sick, twisted leftists.

    Read the comments where this delusional @$%#%’s “supporters” gleefully support doing far worse.



  3. Like I said yesterday, in the DNC, she’s a perfect fit….

    Get drunk, cuss out tween girls, and puke in a laundry basket. Sounds like something a Kennedy would do!

    The idiot Congressman who was fornicating with a Chinese spy approves! That’s quite an endorsement too.



  4. I edited the post above because I accidentally posted something that had the vile Dem candidates filthy language to the tweens in it.

    If you were quick enough to catch that, my apologies. I placed a cleaner version in the comment now.


  5. It’s another coincidence.

    Or a vast right wing conspiracy. 🙂

    “Jeffrey Epstein’s pimp Jean-Luc Brunel ‘hangs himself alone in cell with no CCTV’: Ghislaine Maxwell’s family ‘shocked and scared for her’ as Frenchman who procured 1,000 women for pedophile financier dies in top-security jail days after Andrew deal”


    “Jean-Luc Brunel, 76, was found hanging in his cell in La Santé, Paris, at 1am during a night time check in
    The fashion agent was arrested at Charles de Gaulle airport in December 2020 while trying to fly to Senegal
    He was suspected of being a member of infamous financier Jeffrey Epstein’s global underage sex ring
    Ghislaine Maxwell’s family said they were ‘shocked’ by Brunel’s death and said they are ‘scared’ for her safety
    Death in an alleged hanging will fuel conspiracy theories around the Epstein affair after he also died in prison
    Brunel is thought to have been alone in the cell and there were no cameras to record his final hours ”


    Which is pretty convenient, just like Epstein….


  6. ——–


  7. Justin the Cowardly will not be pleased. He expected them to just roll over, like the old lady on the mobility scooter.

    He thought wrong, which to hear Justin tell it, is frowned upon. Wrong think got that old lady rolled over by brown shirts on horseback after all.


    So will Justin “compel” these folks too, like the tow truck drivers?


  8. Now they’ve graduated from trampling old women to beating reporters.

    This is Banana Republic territory now. But some will excuse this, because she works for a news agency that’s not leftist approved.



  9. So is video footage acceptable evidence HRW?



  10. ———


  11. The Cowards Thugs.




  12. How nice. 🤡


    Welp, there goes Justin’s “white supremacists” narrative….


  13. Well……



  14. Reality…..



  15. First, welcome to the club. Why is the right so surprised about police brutality? The left has been telling you this for decades. Please join the left in defunding the police so this doesn’t happen again.

    Second, I’m surprised Ezra Levant isn’t fundraising off this incident, anything for a buck. HIS than in Canada. Does he seriously think a random police officer deliberately targeted an internet reporter of a website only conservatives and political geeks heard off just because she annoyed Trudeau once? Ockham’s razor here — she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    I don’t trust most cops but I do trust the horses. Horses do not deliberately trample humans (when a peasant revolt discovered this in Europe it ended traditional medieval military tactics). They have to be either pushed by their rider or have to be skittish by the crowd. The protesters crowded the horses instead of backing up and the horses became skittish. Police horses are used because crowds normally give them space. I live near a bar district and police horses are used on weekends as crowd control. The drunks show more respect to the horses than the protesters did. Police horses are incredibly well disciplined — my 90lb German Shepherd will bark and strain at the leash when she runs into a police horse — they don’t react, and they don’t react to drunks, traffic, horns etc.

    As for the lady who fell — she’s fine, she got checked out at the hospital and went home (and of course treatment was free)


  16. “Why is the right so surprised about police brutality? The left has been telling you this for decades. Please join the left in defunding the police so this doesn’t happen again.”

    I’m not surprised, like in all professions, there are bad ones who relish an opportunity like this. But I note you attack the police in their entirety, yet you have nothing to say to the cowardly “leader” that sicced this thug officers on the protesters.

    The police don’t generally act this way in unison, just the lone rogue, if you will, does.

    Defunding police hurts the poor in bad areas the most. Anyone with a brain knows this. Why do leftists want to hurt the poor and force them to live in crime riddled crap holes?

    So no.


  17. Policing in Ottawa is municipal; Trudeau can’t sic police on anyone. The mayor and maybe the premier yes the PM, nope.

    You’re making a class assumption that police are needed more in poor areas. Do the poor areas have more crime. I live in a poor area; car theft is unheard of here. In my suburban workplace its quite common; after all suburbia has better cars and more isolated driveways. On the other domestic violence is higher in poorer neighbours — due to the pop. density its difficult to have an argument with a partner without the neighbourhood hearing it whereas suburbia makes it far easier to argue. Similarly, due to isolation and more valuable possessions, B&E are higher in rich neighbourhoods whereas smash and grab theft or crimes of opportunities are higher in poor neighbourhood.

    There’s also the argument that increased police actually leads to an increase in certain crimes — interfering with police, failure to ID, resisting arrest, drunk and disorderly, public nuisance, possession, etc Crimes that people don’t call 911 for but police see when on patrol. When police work to rule or go on strike; theses crimes actually decrease. Heavily patrolled neighbourhoods are usually inner high density neighbourhoods. And police don’t live in these neighbourhoods, resulting in minor crimes being put through the system. In smaller communities and suburbia, youth crime for example is often solved informally between police and parents. And no reporting happens.

    My daughter and I used to live in a wealthy suburban town, teens held bush parities and parents would pick up their kids on the side of the road as if it was a school pick up zone. One police officer would direct traffic and then go into the bush to make sure no one was left behind. In grade nine, my daughter held a party while I was on a date. The police called me after a noise complaint alerted them. I went home, the police left as soon I arrived saying nothing to me; other than are you a parent, when I nodded she left. For various reasons, we moved to the inner city, I was no longer addressed as sir or treated with the respect a middle aged middle class male is used to, the police would follow my daughter and friends at night, etc. One summer night, she had about 10 friends over hanging out in the front porch — after a noise complaint from an apartment building nearby — by law arrived and asked for a police escort, then without the usual suburbia warning she was given a 250$ fine. Police, not being from the neighbourhood, are more likely to treat anti-social behaviour as a crime as opposed to young people being stupid.


  18. Nope.

    And so you don’t whine about not liking the source, I picked leftist approved sites.

    And they see the obvious flaw in your suggestion in us joining you to defund police……

    “Defund the police encounters resistance as violent crime spikes”



    Heck even senile Biden gets this issue right.


    “Violent crime is on the rise in urban areas across the country.

    Many small cities that typically have relatively few murders are seeing significant increases over last year. Killings in Albuquerque, N.M., Austin, Texas, and Pittsburgh, for example, have about doubled so far in 2021, while Portland, Ore., has had five times as many murders compared to last year, according to data compiled by Jeff Asher, a crime data analyst and co-founder of AH Datalytics.

    Most cities in the United States, including each of those named above, have a Democratic mayor. After protests last year over police violence against Black Americans — notably the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis — there has been a push from the left to “defund” police departments.

    As a result, several cities, including Austin and New York, have reduced or reallocated police budgets — though some cities have looked to restore funding in recent months.”


  19. Sure, and Trudeau would never pressure his like minded authoritarian underlings to do his dirty work….


    “You’re making a class assumption that police are needed more in poor areas. Do the poor areas have more crime.”

    See the post directly above. All run by Dems, all crap holes of crime. All cut police budgets, all saw rises in crime.

    But leftists blame Covid…. 🙄

    Sure, that’s it…. 🙄


  20. All the dictator news you may have missed.

    Links galore….

    “Trudeau the Authoritarian Menace Week at Legal Insurrection”


    “What we’re seeing happen in Canada right now is unlike anything in our lifetimes. Don’t think it can’t happen here.

    When Fascism Comes To America, It Will Look Like Justin Trudeau’s Canada
    Ottawa: Police Beat Unarmed #FreedomTrucker Protesters, Mounted Police Trample Disabled Woman
    Ottawa Police Start Clearing Freedom Convoy, Arrested 70 So Far
    Things went from bad to worse pretty quickly.

    Trudeau Reprimanded for Accusing Jewish, Conservative Party MP of Standing ‘With People Who Wave Swastikas’
    Canadian Elites Declare All-Out War On Truckers, Including Seizing Pets
    Donors to Canadian Freedom Convoy Threatened After Being Doxxed by Hackers and Media”


  21. Here’s the first….

    “When Fascism Comes To America, It Will Look Like Justin Trudeau’s Canada

    Trudeau’s dangerous not just because he’s abusing Canadians, but because he is providing the wish list for crackdowns by Democrats in the U.S.: “every single bank, credit union, investment broker and insurance provider in the country has been deputized to figure out if they have a blockader as a client, and to immediately freeze their accounts if so.””


    “If Justin Trudeau had merely removed trucks from blocking a bridge in protest of vaccine mandates, it would be no big deal. Protesters for various causes routinely get removed from blocking traffic.

    But that’s not all Justin Trudeau did. He suspended civil liberties in Canada, targeting peaceful protesters and anyone who supports them. Not because those supporters committed a crime, but because they supported the political opposition to Trudeau’s government.

    Trudeau ordered all financial institutions to freeze the assets of his political opposition without court order and with full immunity from liability, and no financial asset was spared.

    “The names of both individuals and entities as well as crypto wallets have been shared by the RCMP with financial institutions and accounts have been frozen and more accounts will be frozen.”

    Trudeau has weaponized and commanded the private sector to do the government’s bidding in crushing political dissent. The Toronto Sun reported (emphasis in original):

    One of the most far-reaching implications of the Emergencies Act is what it prescribes for the Canadian financial system. According to the government’s new Emergency Economic Measures Order, every single bank, credit union, investment broker and insurance provider in the country has been deputized to figure out if they have a blockader as a client, and to immediately freeze their accounts if so.

    Under normal circumstances, private companies arbitrarily seizing the assets of their clients is a great way to get sued. But the order makes clear that “no civil proceedings lie against an entity for complying with this Order.”

    As for who can be targeted by these measures, that’s pretty broad too. The official proclamation says it applies to anyone participating in a “public assembly that may reasonably be expected to lead to a breach of the peace.” The general idea was to turn the blockaded areas of Ottawa into a “no-go” zone where anyone within could be arrested or their accounts frozen, but the Emergencies Act could conceivably be applied to anyone else interfering with “critical infrastructure” or disrupting the “movement of persons.”

    It’s why Attorney General David Lametti seemed to say on CTV Wednesday that anyone who donated to Freedom Convoy could potentially face seeing their accounts frozen by the federal government. The question from host Evan Solomon was “A lot of folks said, ‘I just don’t like your vaccine mandates and I donated to this … should I be worried that the bank can freeze my account?’” To this, Lametti replied, “If you are a member of a pro-Trump movement who is donating hundreds of thousands of dollars, and millions of dollars to this kind of thing, then you ought to be worried.”

    The goal is not just to crush political dissent, it’s to crush the opposition’s spirit by depriving them of their livelihoods, ability to survive financially, and even taking their pets.”


    Third world Banana Republic BS.


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