31 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-11-22

  1. Good morning, Wanderers. Miss Bosley says, “Meow.”

    A friend from my Bible study group shared an overview of the book of Leviticus which is really good. I am posting it here in case anyone is interested.


  2. Good morning.

    It is not surprising you miss your dad, Peter. That relationship is so unique. I also miss my parents and the things we used to share with one another. Also, others. I am so grateful for those I know I will see again in heaven. It just makes it sweeter, but the missing is still true here.

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  3. Chas, I am sorry that you can’t use the cursor to click on the link.

    Maybe you could get someone to do that for you (Rose or family member).

    The video has a talk on the overview of Leviticus so no reading for you, just drawings and talking.


  4. I told Wesley when he was hear that in his PhD graduation photos and now when I see him at this age that he reminds me of my dad. I like that. He does not look exactly like him, but from certain angles and expressions I see him.

    Peter, do you see your dad’s looks in other family member’s looks?

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  5. In general I miss my parents, but we did not do many things together.

    My father retired from the Navy, then worked construction, and later owned and ran a barbershop.

    Occasionally he cut my hair at the barbershop.

    I would go out on long walks with him at night as he used exercise to control his adult onset diabetes. I enjoyed that.

    Lately getting all bundled up to do my little walking at night in the cold has reminded me of how much I enjoyed walks with him.

    He was a talker like my brother. Great personality for owning a barbershop.

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  6. Canceled. The worker that was going to take twenty today canceled. She had knee surgery and thought she would be up to it but is not. Understandable. I was astonished when she had said she could.

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  7. It’s Friday.

    Big local weekend for us with the Super Bowl literally in our own backyard this time (and in the town where I did most of my growing up from about age 6 on). I’m thrilled that stadium got built, it’s really been such a great boon for the town.

    I usually don’t call the tax guys until early March. But I suppose I could do it sooner this year.

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  8. I spent most/all of yesterday with Adorables or on Zoom. I ran from 7am to 9pm–surprise! Choir started!

    It’s been a long time since I spent so much time engaged with a 3.3 and a 2.9 and we were busy.

    At the end, my husband drove home Adorable 3.3 (so I could choose between Zoom meetings), and (the boy) said, “I had a good time at your house. I’ll return in the new year.”

    My husband laughed. “No until the new year?”

    “Yes, I will return in the new year.”


    I’ll see him later today–both of us carrying pom-poms to watch the final Freshman boys’ basketball game of the year.

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  9. “Anyone have plans for the Super Bowl?”

    Watching with 20-25 people from church.

    I’m bringing Italian meatballs and rolls for sandwiches as well as BBQed meatballs and toothpicks for apps. πŸ™‚

    I have like 200 meatballs. πŸ§†

    Everyone brings a dish. We Baptists like food. πŸ™‚

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  10. That’s too funny (“I’ll return in the new year”).

    Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp from one of our stories from today:

    ~ Kupp says his dedication comes from what he calls a β€œsupernatural calling” to football.

    “I think that really comes down to my faith,” Kupp said. β€œI believe God made me with a purpose. He gave me the passions and the talents to pursue a specific thing. I feel like I found that at a young age. I just felt like when I was playing football, he was well pleased with what I was doing.

    β€œIt was really about, each day, waking up and saying I want to be the best that I can possibly be for no other reason than that God has put me here and I want to honor that and respect that to the best of my abilities. So I get to come in to work with the greatest purpose, the greatest drive and the greatest goals in mind.” ~

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  11. Peter,

    I still miss my Mom years later. Sometimes I see something she’d like and think I should call Mom, but then I realize I can’t.

    Cheryl has the same with her Mom. I actually reached for my phone last night to tell MiL that Duke was on TV. We used to talk while we watched some of the game. I miss that.

    So yeah, I feel you brother. The rest of you as well. 😦

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  12. Nice story on Kupp.

    Too bad Joe Burrow and the Bengals are gonna beat ’em. πŸ™‚


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  13. You know, I won’t feel awful if the Bengals win because they’ve had a long haul to get here. A scrappy team and I like scrappy, underdog teams. Good for them if they swing it. (If it were our arch-rivals the 49ers, I’d not have the same feelings.)

    Still, rooting for the home team in the gorgeous new stadium built in the town where I grew up. πŸ™‚ Go Rams. πŸ™‚

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  14. Of course, always Go Boise, mumsee.



    ‘The Bungles’ no more: Super Bowl-bound Bengals bring hope to long-suffering Cincinnati

    Annie Gowen
    The Washington Post

    ~ CINCINNATI – Even in the worst years, when fans sat freezing in the stands of the old Riverfront Stadium here wearing paper bags over their heads while rooting for the losing Bengals, Ricardo Grant’s dad always said the same thing: “This year they’re going to go to the Super Bowl.” …

    … It still seems hard to believe. Last year, the Bengals won four games, the year before, two. They hadn’t won a playoff game since 1991. This is the team’s third trip to the Super Bowl, but the first in 33 years. Their first two appearances – in 1981 and 1988 – ended in losses to the San Francisco 49ers.

    But no one is calling them “the Bungles” anymore.

    “Whenever a team is winning there is excitement and giddiness and joy, but what’s different here is that there’s disbelief,” said Mo Egger, a local sports radio announcer and lifelong Bengals fan. “I’ve heard the word surreal used more in the last week than I have in my life. People can’t believe the Bengals are in the Super Bowl.” …

    … At a Monday night pep rally at Paul Brown Stadium before the team left for Los Angeles, fans draped themselves in fuzzy tiger-stripe blankets, braved a wind chill of 25 degrees and chanted “Who dey? Who dey? Who dey think gonna beat dem Bengals?” (Answer: “Nobody!”)

    The noise level in the stadium rose to a dull roar when the team entered through a cloud of fake smoke. Burrow got the loudest cheer, along with the chant for “MVP, MVP,” which is what he could be named by the league if he manages to bring the Vince Lombardi Trophy home next week. ~

    Hard not to like those stories.

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  15. The other day I could hear that they were watching a video in the classroom next door, or across the way as we are not connected and they are a floor lower.

    Anyway, I was alone in the afternoon and paused to listen. Something about it was familiar. Later I asked the teacher, and it was the Bible project.

    So I brought in the papers that I had brought back with the printed overviews.

    Then I showed my aide, Wendy, The one on psalms. Later we watched it again. She was just amazed. I will see about watching one daily with her. The one on psalms was only 9 minutes.

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  16. Thank you all for the sentiments.

    Janice – I and my oldest brother have similar facial features to my dad. And I got his hair – curly and grey early.

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  17. Just talked to our photo editor who spent today running around delivering Super Bowl credentials near and far to various staffers, sounds like we’ll have 6-7 folks inside, reporters and photographers. He’ll be managing all of it as it comes in, processing, posting, etc, from his home-work studio, but still will be cooking up some chili tomorrow for the next day.

    He was telling me when he was a kid Roman Gabriel, former Rams star, lived a few doors down and the kids would all pass his house where he’d be out working & say Hi as they walked to school. He practiced in his backyard and neighbor woman was irritated — before she knew who he was — at all the footballs that she found on her side of the fence. He felt bad, put up a net but that looked awful; when neighbor was told who he was she started tossing all the stray footballs back over the fence, happily.

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  18. Upside-down cats

    Neighbor cat Betty was hanging out in our backyard for a while today. She’s getting big, used to be such a cute little kitten not so long ago.


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