36 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-24-22

  1. Morning! That is a beautiful door!! And a fun capture of what the eye beholds!

    Sun is shining and we will have warm temps before the next storm heads in tomorrow morning. Lunch with oldest daughter this afternoon then try to get in a couple errands before husband comes down off that mountain. He had 17 hikers show up yesterday and 4 of them stayed the night in the bunkhouse…he says they were a great group of folk to hang out with and they appreciated the warmth of the wood stove in the cabin!

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  2. It was 33° this morning, but the sun should turn the day into just my kind of weather.

    More unloadings from a truck next door. Good thing I am not a cat!

    I have a load of laundry to take out to the dryer. I think it has warmed up enough to run it. I don’t like to strain the dryer by running it when it is real cold out.

    Cheers for Cheerios! The breakfast of Champions named Chas♡


  3. Beautiful day here. I was out for a bit, feels like about twenty five to twenty eight. Supposed to warm up even more into mid thirties but probably snow coming as well. For now, the sunis shining and I have finished Galatians and riding the bike and elliptical. Now for school.

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  4. Cold and clear here with sunny skies. Clear skies in the morning mean cold as all of the heat has escaped. Warming up, but I am cozy in my sweatshirt with a blanket on my lap.

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  5. Wondering when Wendy will return to save me from all of these boys. But the Russian leaves tomorrow to go to the village and the next day we get a new girl. Always changing.

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  6. Good Afternoon Everyone. My deal I wrote Saturday fell apart today and the one I wrote last weekend is looking shaky. Ah well.
    I am home now, trying to catch up.

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  7. Jo, the first year I taught in the preschool I had five two-year-old boys, no girls. I am still amazed I survived because I had no experience teaching preschool. It may have been the most tired I have ever been from a job and it was only three hours with them each day.


  8. My messenger was hacked this morning by someone on FB. FB says my acct wasn’t compromised. Seriously thinking of just deleting the whole thing. I spent 2 hours wrangling with FB over it and I just am worn out. I had the strictest of security settings in place and yet through Instagram my messenger was hijacked. I deleted that since I never used in anyway. The only reason I installed that was due to a friend wanting to show me a video of her dog!

    Lunch was sweet with daughter and now I am settling in before the snow gets here. It never did warm up like they thought it would…I’m sitting here under a blanket too Jo!!

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  9. Daughter? The God treatment. She was prayed for and I listened to Casting Crowns, a music group with a solid Gospel message. Loudly. God did the work.

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