39 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-1-21

  1. Tell Cheryl that we love her too.
    That is an interesting picture of a guy being eaten by an octipus and not doing anything about it.
    Very confusing.
    Something I don’t understand? Likely so.

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  2. Congratulations! It’s one of the easier ways to acquire a family member . . . 🙂

    We’d like one sent this way, but we’re not big octopus fans.

    Oh, and that Casting Crowns video of “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Morning,” is one of my favorites, albeit the original poem is very sad.

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  3. Good morning. I go back to work tonight. During my week off we celebrated Thanksgiving, butchered 2 hogs and 3 goats. Tamales and lard are done so the kitchen has returned to semi normal. I went over to my mom’s yesterday to try to take care of the utilities at her house. I could not find her mailbox key before I left and turned my house upside down and yelled at all who live here. I found the key at her house in a drawer. 😳 Today is laundry day and cook for the week. My supervisor texted this morning with the news that one of the night shift RNs put in their notice. Im not sure what that will mean for me in terms of needing to work more shifts. And life goes on.

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  4. My middle girl has 2 best friends. The momma of one of them died yesterday. So sad. She was at our thanksgiving celebration last year. April called last night night to tell me. She thanked for being a good mom and demonstrating my love for them every day. Made me cry.

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  5. Congratulations to Liz and AJ. (Actually, I was told once you never say “congratulations to the bride-to-be or bride, you say “Best Wishes” — the groom gets “Congratulations.”)

    Yes, loss is especially poignant during the holidays. And the older we get, the more loss there is as the years go by.

    We are socked in with fog again, I heard the harbor fog horns through most of the early morning hours before dawn. Ships coming and going, w working harbor never sleeps.

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  6. We made it home at 2 this morning. I did not see Prince Charles yesterday. I had heard on Sunday that it would be Prince William attending. Yesterday was Barbados’ 55th Independence Day. I told many Happy Independence Day and a few that “We showed you it could be done”.
    I had a few “pampering sessions” while there. A massage, an exfoliation, a facial, and another massage. The massage therapist massaged my FEET and my SCALP!!!! When was last time you had that done? Pure heaven!!!

    As you know, we did not get to leave last Tuesday as planned. American Airlines had trouble with the door closing on the plane. While I was upset that we had to rearrange everything, I wasn’t really concerned. Yesterday, we got out of Barbados in time, we got to Miami, got through customs, picked up luggage, went back through customs and trekked to our gate at D60! More on that later. When we boarded, we had to walk outside the airport and down a path to get on what was a little bigger than a puddle jumper. Then we waited, and waited. Someone came on and announced that when they started the plane they got a warning and were having it checked out and it was probably nothing, because sometimes when you get a warning and power the plane off, then restart it the warning goes away. Groan. Were we going to spend the night in Miami? Nope. We took off, but I thought it took forever to get the plane off the ground, then it got bumpy, the plane rattled, the pilot banked left and right to such a degree you really could tell.
    For the first time in my life, I was afraid to be on a plane. I prayed most of the way home. Included in that prayer, was “please let me get home one last time to take care of some things”. Our children have no clue what to do should something happen to Mr. P and me!

    I will be putting some instructions in writing. While he and I have talked about things we haven’t talked to them..

    Of course, you know we made it home safely.
    Now I must return to the real world and the issues I handle daily.
    Little Miss is here today so that makes things better.

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  7. My father in law is ninety five. He is out on a cruise ship with his young (87) wife, heading to where Kim just left. In a few days, husband and his sister and their brother and his wife will go join them on the ship. They will play a lot of hand and foot.

    They are convinced that cruise ships are a very cost effective way to spend their time and his sister covers much of husband’s costs. It is a way for their family to get together. Two live in Idaho, one in Nevada and their dad is in Florida.

    Meanwhile, my ninety two year old dad never leaves his home and rarely leaves his couch as he is the emotional support of my ninety nine year old step mom. I get up there when I can (once a week mostly but not if we have sickness or roads are bad. He has one son in town who is available whenever needed and tries to drop by at least once a day. Other son is in Boise so gets up when he can, maybe four times a year.

    Chas, our beloved brother, is alone in his house. But he gets out for church once a week, and maybe dinner. His son and wife drop in regularly. His grandchildren and greats as well.

    Each is different and living life for the glory of God, whether they know it or not.

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  8. I have an idea for an “under-the-radar” business. Get a refrigerator truck and take pork products to people in CA who request it. Payment would be on-line so no money needs to exchange hands on delivery.

    I wonder if it would be legal to do that? One could claim Constitutional rights based on the free commerce clause.

    But I do remember in the old days my uncle from New York would buy a case or two of Coors beer to take back to New York, since for some reason, Coors could not be sold in the East.

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  9. Wow, it seems so recent that Liz was sweet 16 – how the years fly! Congratulations and best wishes to Isaac (?) and Liz, and to all the parents.

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  10. It’s been a long morning and into the afternoon for WMU. Florence and I were last to leave. I use to leave in a jiffy but since I give her a ride I don’t rush out now. I had some really good food for a hearty lunch. I ended up taking a small pumpkin pie in a container with enough room at the edge of the pie to put some upright white chocolate chip cranberry oatmeal cookies so it looked like either a sunflower with petals flared or a turkey flexing its wings. Really cute.

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  11. I am realy wiped out from today’s social event. The pastor came in. I had not seen Him since resigning from the Direction Team. It felt a bit awkward. He did not speak to me personally as he did to some others and that was okay.

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  12. Wow what a disguise in that picture. He doesn’t need to worry, none of us will be able to recognize him. Nice smile, you can tell that he is rejoicing to be a part of your family.

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  13. Best Wishes to Elizabeth! And Congratulations to Isaac!

    (I learned that rule from an episode of Gilmore Girls many years ago, when the high society grandmother corrected someone. 🙂 )

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  14. Did she get a ring?

    A couple from our church moved to Reno and have volunteered to stop at Costco and then drive to church once a month . . . .

    But, shhhh.

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  15. Ah yes….

    The ring……

    Elizabeth and Isaac have made their tentative plans timing wise. However…..

    Isaac still needs to ask my permission. He is aware of this requirement as well. Now once he does, Elizabeth wishes for her engagement ring to be her grandmother’s engagement ring which is in our possession now. Once Isaac asks permission, the ring will go to a local jewelry store to be re-sized. Then it will be given to Isaac for the “official” proposal.

    It’s all very complicated. I just do what I’m told, and Isaac would do well to learn to do the same. The girls got this……

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  16. It’s good to vet a possible son-in-law. We already knew SIL1 before D1 met him, so no vetting necessary. And we trusted him to vet SIL2. Sorry to say SIL2 is a little too liberal for us, but D2 is happy, so what can we say?

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