55 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-27-21

  1. Still awake on the West Cost, it’s not even 8 p.m. Just got done hauling all the trash out, which included the green can this week as the gardener was here. Nice to have that chore done.

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  2. Janice, I made that layered Jell-O once. Once was enough. One of my daughters has made it a couple of times. It isn’t difficult, but you do have to let it set a bit between layers so it can take a lot of time.

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  3. I thought that was the case, Kathaleena. The mom was a very busy lady, and I always wondered how she had time to make it. Maybe she did a layer each day or one in the morning and one at night for several days.

    We are up late. The day included several hikes, enjoying leftovers, a game of Upwards, peeling a pomegranite, making pizza from scratch, and my final chore was to prepare the remainder of the turkey for the freezer. I am more than ready to go to sleep at almost midnight.

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  4. What I meant
    To say on yesterday’s thread was they serve European smaller servings, so I get to have an appetizer, a salad, main course, AND still have room for dessert instead of being stuffed after the appetizer or salad. I like this better than the giant portions at home that make me feel like I am wasting food.

    The best part of the trip has been that yesterday I didn’t know what day of the week it was. Was it Friday or was it Saturday and then I realized it didn’t matter because I had nowhere to be except on the beach.

    There are a lot of British people “on holiday”. Always interesting to talk to people from different areas. We met a nice couple from Minnesota on the beach yesterday. She and her sister own a medical device training company and do a few other things. Her sister is a medical doctor as well and they have done some things around Covid.
    Right now I am sitting, drinking coffee, listening to a rooster crow, a “waterfall”, and just peacefulness. I can’t complain about a thing in the world.

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  5. Chas, thank you for your prayers.

    Kim, I checked it out on Instagram. Very peaceful! So thankful you are getting some rest from your fast pace.

    I had Cranberry Orange Nut bread for 1st Breakfast. Eggs and something else will be for 2nd Breakfast.

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  6. Good real morning. Sky is beginning to lighten.

    I don’t know, Kim, When we were in Italy, I remember going to a restaurant with a bunch of Europeans. They had huge plates and they were loaded and I remember thinking to myself, “How do they stay so slim eating this much?” And watched as several little women dove in and had seconds and just had a good time, not worrying about how much they were eating at all. If they were eating lightly at home, how could they fit that much in???

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  7. As Chas, says, people are dying to get into this country. So saddened by the Channel deaths as people tried to get to the UK. Were they not safe in France? Why were they so desperate as to be willing to try that? Do they believe it is safe? Do we not air the deaths enough?

    Kind of like the Romanian immigrants shouting, “What are you people thinking? I came here because of communism and you think it is a good idea???”

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  8. I was reading about the first identified, a twenty four year old Kurdish woman. She was from Iraq but was going to meet her fiance in UK. It was supposed to be a surprise. She texted him as the inflatable was filling with water. She had tried to get in twice before, legally. It is all very sad.

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  9. Morning!
    A very relaxing and stress free vacation you are having Kim! The first thing I thought when looking at the photo was “they sit in chairs in the water?!” We are all made so differently…I would prefer a hammock hanging from the trees in the forest 😊

    It’s Small Business Saturday and I usually try to get out there and support them on this day but I just don’t have the gumption to do it today. I will continue to support them during the season and purchase gifts only from my favorite small businesses though…now I need to get up to my stitching room and get to work on the pillow I’m making for my friend!


  10. I had to stop and think what day this was when I woke up — Saturday, but extra sweet as I have Monday off. I really did need this break. And I plan to take a full week off sometime during Christmas also. I’m trying to coordinate the visit with my SF Valley friend. I would love to get a tree but not sure that’s happening this year. I have some cleaning up to do first — when some of my energy comes back.

    We’re getting those “smash and grab” thefts around here, a Home Depot not far from me was hit yesterday. Ridiculous.

    I had a good e-message session with the friend who lives in the high desert last night, the progressive Christian whose big issue is church “inclusiveness” (in terms of gays and other sexual identifies … she grew up Methodist, still her church of choice). I’m trying to just focus on finding common ground for now but also enjoying the back and forth, she’s very funny, but also opinionated, a retired city librarian who had a rough time as a child when she was molested by a “trusted” adult, really messing her up for a long time (we grew up together but I didn’t know her well and we’ve only reconnected via my other friend, Shirley, who passed away earlier this year, online).

    She’s politically left of center, I’m right of center — but interesting how we tended to agree on how hard it is right now to be anywhere near the center anymore.

    We did agree that the church as a whole needs to be very careful right now about getting anywhere too “close” to or caught up in partisan politics which have become absolutely toxic in our culture.

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  11. As to hammocks vs chairs in the water. While camping, I have many times had a hammock under the trees but when it got too hot, I would take my camp chair and set it up in a nearby creek. Both are wonderful.

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  12. Having Stephanie and her daughter over for our Thanksgiving yesterday was very nice. We ended up having a great time together, and I perked up and cheered up very quickly after they arrived. I am thankful for that. Stephanie is like family. (She and Nightingale were first friends when they were five years old and our families lived in the same apartment complex.)

    Part of my thankfulness of that was for Nightingale’s sake. She admitted to me that she had felt a little down about the day herself, and then thought to invite Stephanie. That was a great idea.

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  13. We had a really good trip. We listened to the Phillip Yancey book all the way over and all the way back, for about nine hours. We still have a bit more to finish it. I think my brother listened to a good portion of it. With so much of it set in Atlanta and in nearby Southern areas we heard all about places we all knew.

    I am still amazed at how few wear masks when going into a fast food restaurant to use the restroom while traveling. We only stopped once along the way there and once on the way back. Am I overly cautious?

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  14. oh, yes, Chas, and that I have that magic passport to return. I have given my aide some things and then later learn that others steal her things. Gifts do not work here or they must be very private. I have some simple things to give the employees before I leave.


  15. Yes, Chas, it is hard to feel everything must be locked up. I am so security conscious now.

    I even kept advil in my school mailbox for the employees, just bought another 6000 someone is bringing back. But they just disappeared. So now I just put a few at a time in the bottle.

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  16. I am so out of routine. It doesn’t take much, just a three day road trip, and I totally forget what is suppose to happen today. It’s Sunday! I am committed to give a ride to Sunday school! So thankful that the thought arrived now instead of when it would have meant showing up in my p.j.’s.


  17. I am staying home this morning since Florence is still out of town. She, too, had forgotten.😀

    I really need this down time to recharge. And Miss Bosley is making up for lost lap time. I left out five bowls of dry food. She only finished two of them. Still she meows for me to feed her with three full bowls sitting there. Habits are hard to overcome.


  18. I remember once one of our pastors held up his key ring as an object lesson. He said the keys are a reminder of the fall of man; that if Adam and Eve had not sinned, we wouldn’t need keys and locks.

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  19. I missed church yesterday. I got the powerpoint but the live sound never worked. Then I forgot there was a youth thing in the evening. And my home church service did not manage to download.
    oh, well

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  20. I went to someone’s house yesterday for pumpkin pie. That was my Thanksgiving. There was another single gal there and it was weird. Whenever I said something she just ignored me and kept right on talking. It was very strange. But it is her problem and I just need to give her space.

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  21. Good sermon today on thankfulness with a good reminder that we are saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.

    I’m digging into a couple stacks of papers and old mail at the front of the house, a chimney sweep is coming by tomorrow between 11 and 1 so need to make sure he has wide berth to get into the fireplace, though much of it will be from the roof — and this will basically be an inspection then we decide what needs to be done and what I can afford to get done. I don’t know that there are problems, and I’ve used the fireplace so lightly since I’ve lived here, but it is an old masonry structure so there may be issues inside.

    I was hoping to use it a bit this season, but felt it would be wise to get it checked our as I haven’t done that in all the years I’ve lived here.

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  22. I watched the Shadow Mountain Community Church service online. I think it was last night’s service. I had the joy of watching a Japanese lady who went to San Diego to study and knew nothing of the Bible and Jesus give her testimony and get baptized. The pastor’s message was excellent as always. I see that the church has several campuses near the main one and they have an ‘Online Campus.’ I will be finding out more about that as I navigate this new status I unwittingly find myself in.


  23. I decided to put out my nativity scene when our little granddaughters are here. Then decided to let them ‘help’ with the Christmas tree the next day. The fifteen year old is a big help. Only one beautiful crystal angel ornament was broken (that I know of) and they so enjoyed it. Plus, Designer Girl did the garland and it looks ten times better than when I do it. The ornaments are all in different places from where I would have put them and I didn’t get the chance to think of where and when they came from. I do enjoy doing the tree. OTOH, the memory of this moment is priceless.

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  24. One of my childhood friends was at Shadow Mt for a long time. We caught up not long ago at a gathering for one of our elementary school teachers. Her early years as a Christian (teen) were spent at a coffee house set up at 1st Presbyterian in Hollywood that was apparently quite popular in Christian youth circles.

    They recently moved to Simi Valley so not sure what church she’s part of now, but always enjoy seeing her FB posts. One of the most level-headed folks I’ve known. (I remember at a Girl Scout meeting once we got into a discussion of how many “downs” there were in football, I think her dad was a high school coach and she and I both were little tomboys.)

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