63 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-12-21

  1. Morning all. I finally stayed up late enough to greet you all. Once a week is about it for me to be up this late.
    Good night, Chas.

    I added one more fish oil capsule to my daily intake and my knee is feeling better. 🙂

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  2. Good morning! I am guessing Chas is eating cheerios. I got called in to work the remainder of night shift, as one of our fully vaccinated nurses tested positive for covid. I have to work tonight also.

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  3. Good morning! I have been drinking coffee a little more lately. Building up tolerance. I stayed up too late and got up too early. I need coffee for today.

    The question on Facebook which many are answering: What was your favorite childhood sandwich?

    Some of you have answered but not everyone has and not all are on Facebook.

    My favorite was ham and cheese with mustard.

    I also loved my mother’s home cooked chicken with mayo, celery seeds, and black pepper. I still make that some when Wesley is home. I use a deli rotisserie chicken to make it easy.


  4. Oh, the header is our birdhouse in the Birthday Tree.

    The husband of a tax preparer made it for us several years back. It did have a little sign hanging off a post but that part disappeared.

    I only put it in the tree this fall, several weeks back, and I have seen no birds or squirrels go near it.

    Is it too big? Should I put some food on the little porch?


  5. I am not sure why you can add some flavorings to chocolate, but water will ruin it. I wouldn’t need anything to sweeten semi-sweet myself. I would imagine the pomegranate would add some sweet. Mumsee, I am always willing to seize the chocolate from anyone. 😉

    Nice birdhouse.

    My favorite sandwich as a young child was pbj. My mom made that for me for school lunches until she put mayo instead of peanut butter. When I complained she put me in charge of making my own. Smart woman. 😉 When I was older I like fried baloney sandwiches. I also liked peanut butter and banana on toast.

    I remember once having a friend stay over and she was so impressed I could have baloney for sandwiches when I wanted to have it. She came from a big family and that was not an everyday item for her.

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  6. Good morning. Rain here. Deciding whether to make the drive up today.

    Sandwiches: jam and margarine. Very rarely, bologna with mustard. Never anything with mayo. My siblings had pbj but I did not like peanut butter. I like pbj now but almost never have it.

    Chocolate and maple, interesting. I am sure I have had something like that, racking my brain. I actually had to look that one up: does one wrack one’s brain or rack it?

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  7. Morning! Cute birdhouse Janice! Squirrels ruin it for everyone when you put feed in those things. They jump on it, chew it, shake out all the seed and they scare away the sweet little birds. We will put ours back out on the pines furthest from the house once the bears hibernate…which they haven’t yet due to our weird warmer temps this Fall. They are as confused as the rest of us!
    I’ll be off to have a belated birthday lunch with my closest friend today. We will be there for hours and probably close down the place but laughter will abound!
    Rk praying the Lord to sustain you as you work those long unexpected hours….do you drink coffee? ☕️ ♥️

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  8. Too big? I thought it was a people tree house. Very classy setup for the creatures.

    I have to head over to the neighboring Port of LB this morning for a 10 a.m. event. Then I’ll have 2 stories to write after that with another phone interview or more to go with it.

    I am glad it’s Friday. And it was so good to have outdoor lights on the driveway when I was getting all the trash out last night. I even cleared some old items out of the refrigerator.

    The seasons start to fly around this time of year, at least it feels like that for me. The holidays swoop in fast as can be.

    And yes, the covid numbers are on the rise again in the north and in the western mountain states. Our numbers in California also are showing signs of heading up again. Sigh. Maybe time to begin pulling back in on extra activities again.

    But it’s still the Delta variant, apparently — so I think the good news is there’s not yet another random variant that’s taken root in the US. But it looks like we’ll be in this for a full 2 years and counting before it’s done.

    Pandemics may not “last forever,” as they like to say, but this one is beginning to feel like the exception. (Although my veterinarian, the science guy, told me early on that 2021 wouldn’t be much different than 2020.)

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  9. Oh I like the winter toys! Now if we could just get some winter…and snow! 😊
    That hover ball looks to be much fun…but not in the house! Grandson was given a drone last Christmas…he proceeded to fly it in our house and broke my antique pharmaceutical scale…I tried to fix it but it is still wonky when trying to lift the lever up…so yeah…kid proof the house before purchasing such a toy! 🙃

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  10. Speaking of winter, we had snow flurries earlier. I lke snow, I just don’t like the cold that comes with it. So, 🌨️ ❄️ Let it snow ONCE, then get warm again! ❄️ 🌨️

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  11. Feeling some sticker shock out here. We need to kill five hours in San Francisco tomorrow and thought we’d visit a museum or two.

    Well, it’s $41 each to get into museums that were free the last time I visited.

    Maybe we’ll just walk around.

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  12. We spent a week of ice and snow in Hilton Head. It was a freak week, stuck in the condo for our whole time there except for day of arrival and day of departure. Still so thankful we got groceries up front when we arrived. Seems to me, that was our last vscation. Severalcyears ago. I think it snowed in Charleston then, too.

    Once in college at Statesboro, GA, it snowed. That was a freak happening, too. So much fun to have a southern campus close for snow days. We were less than an hour from Savannah which looks across the water to Hilton Head. It probably snowed there then, too.


  13. To be clear: It was only my bars of UNsweetened chocolate that I wanted to add a bit of sweetness to with maple syrup instead of sugar. I have baked a cake doing that which turned out fine. It is only when you melt the chocolate, put something in it like pomegranate seeds, and let it firm back up into candy that it can seize if liquid has been added.
    I bought a new bar of SEMI-sweet chocolate which has sugar (that I want to avoid if possible) to make a first batch to see how they are suppose to turn out.

    My problem: I ate all the pomegranate seeds. I will open a new one in a few days and make my first batch.

    It is difficult to make certain recipes in timing the ripeness of ingrediends when you cook fresh.


  14. We went once to SF and saw so many sites. It’s a beautiful part of our nation. Trying to rremember the name of that old hotel, was it Union Square, or near that area? It has been many years since that trip. I remember visiting the Tin-Tin shop with Wesley, the Exploratorium, Chinatown, redwood forest, the aquarium, I think at Monterey, saw the Citadel(?), the famous curvy and hilly street, drove down Hwy. 1, went by Pebble Beach golf course, and saw a lot more. It was a go to an attraction, see it, and then say you’ve been there kind of trip. That is not my favorite way to travel.


  15. Gravity and light posts were our friends in SF.

    I once spent Christmas in Idaho when I was in college. Built a snow-woman in my aunt’s front yard.


    We could have used some snow flurries today. The news conference I had to cover was on the roof of a port command building — on a helicopter landing pad, to be precise — where it was almost 90 degrees, no shade. I’m sure the idea was that it would provide a panoramic view of the ports, with waiting ships, trains and trucks loaded with containers; but it was all seen through the brown haze that has been hanging around for a couple days now.

    “Worst place ever for a news conference,” one of the other reporters mumbled to me.

    Oh, and getting up there required 2 flights of stairs, with the top few stairs having no hand rails. I have no idea (since I got there late, but in plenty of time as it started late) how the TV crews managed to haul all their gear up there.

    (I was late because the bridge I had to take to get there was closed for some unknown reason this morning. So I had to go ’round and ’round via surface streets, sandwiched in by humongous trucks on all sides of me, to find and get to the designated pier.)

    Our photographer was already there, though, so she actually called me, I answered on the car connection, and watching me from the roof she helped guide me to an illegal fake “parking space” she said would be OK to use (as all the real spaces were taken of course).

    Nothing new was said at the news conference, of course.

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  16. We went to Montana, to Yellowstone, the year we married. I always thought we’d get back there but 36 years later I am starting to have my doubts about that ever happening, lol


  17. My drive through the west was wonderful. I did it in July so it was light quite late. Wide open spaces and no traffic and rolling hills, valleys and mountains. So peaceful. I was on my way to Mumsee’s. Lots of wide open spaces on the way.


  18. Montana is lovely – as are Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona…

    We got just about a foot of snow on Wednesday. It sure is pretty outside and not too cold (yet)


  19. Going through those western states reminds me of all the western movie scenes i saw as a kid. 🙂 Nothing as far as the eye can see expect red rock landscapes, rivers, mountains. Those places really do exist. (Some also in California, once you get out of the city.)


  20. Janice, and others, am I the only person you know who got butter and sugar sandwiches on white bread?
    My mother made them for me. My grandfather Black made them for me, and a baby sitter made them for me. I tried to eat one several years ago and it just wasn’t the same.


  21. I’ve sort of been to Boise, on a stop at the airport on a milk run from Seattle to Tucson when I was 13. I’d love to actually go to Idaho.


  22. 40 years ago I visited a friend in Pullman, Washington, where her father was a professor at Washington State U. We made the 10-minute trek across the state line to University of Idaho for an hour or so just so I could say I’d been in Idaho. I haven’t had occasion to be in that state since then, but wouldn’t mind making a more substantial visit there some day.


  23. Not only have I not heard of it. I can’t imagine a butter and sugar sandwich.
    Neither is “something you eat”. A sandwich needs that. I see a sandwich as two slices of bread with something good inside.


  24. Yep, cinnamon toast with butter and sugar and cinnamon, homemade. I think my parents had that as kids in Iowa so it showed up on my breakfast plates as a kid from time to time.


  25. Chas, have you ever been to Idaho?

    Little brother, Moscow forty years ago was a good intro to Idaho. Welcome to the greatest state and least regulated state in our country.

    Yes, Kim has been to Idaho. I can vouch for that.


  26. Nice to see that my lost comments were found.
    The drive to Mumsee’s is beautiful. There are several possibilities for getting lost, though.


  27. We could meet on Chas’ front or back lawn and then go in to visit him one by one or by twos. So as not to overwhelm with a crowd.
    Someone bring me a lawn chair, please

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