45 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-8-21

  1. While Chas is busy eating his Cheerios, I will share my laugh this morning. I was reading a Taste of Home recipe and as usual read a few of the comments. Only one five star showed up. Under it the comment read: “I eat my kids.” Hmm, well, okay then. Must be a goat owner. 😉

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  2. Morning! I don’t know if it’s that extra hour or what but I could not sleep last night! I ended up reading until 2am then dozed off on the living room sofa. Woke up at 5 when husband left to climb the Peak! Gonna be a long day!
    I think I’ll stick with eating Cheerios Kathaleena!! 😂

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  3. Lovely photo.

    We went down to Columbia yesterday to visit my daughter and family. We met at a park and walked over a mile through beautiful woods full of color. I’ll send a few shots later.

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  4. Good morning again.
    I was here before, but I donkt know where it is.
    Doesnt matter.
    Good morning again.
    Most of the morning stuff is over. Rose has come and gone.
    Just me.
    and you now.It looks like a beautiful day outside.
    If only the temperature would rise some .

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  5. Good morning, y’all.
    I accidentally knocked over an almost empty carton of eggs (3 left) this a.m. Unusual start to my day. I think Miss Bosley was surprised to see me serving eggs on the kitchen floor. She does understand the firm command, “Get away!”


  6. This isn’t the first time this happened.
    You would think I would learn. It’s so simplel
    I was looking all ofer for my cell phone.
    Couldn’t be found anywhere.
    It was in my pants pocket.
    It’s almost embarassing to admit this. And I wouldn’t if you had a way of coming back on this.

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  7. Good morning. We got right to it this morning as it was light out when children got up at seven. Lots of frost this morning, clear sunny skies. Should get up to forty five today.


  8. I have a touch of a cold this a.m. Taking extra rosehips capsules and drinking rosehips and hibiscus tea.

    Yesterday a lady in Sunday school, not wearing a mask, said she had a cold and had taken medicind that morning. I love that lady, but wonder why bring it into a class of the elderly ladies at church. Some had on masks and some did not. I was in the middle with mine pulled down so my reading glasses would not fog.


  9. It’s Monday again, isn’t?

    I was chagrined this morning to realize I hadn’t paid the gardener for September OR October. I knew I’d missed October when he came on a day when it was just about ready to rain and I didn’t expect him, so I knew I’d missed October. But then I noticed in my check register this morning that I hadn’t written him a check for September either. How did I also miss September?

    Well, the check for both months is on the patio where it usually is, he will be here today probably in 1-2 hours from now.

    I guess there’s just a lot going on between work, Cowboy, etc. I must have been distracted.

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  10. So far I have cleaned , a load of laundry done, granola made and an apple pie is in the over (I had to do something with all those apples in the crisper that had not been consumed…they certainly will be now in apple pie form!)
    Janice I finished New Beginnings and became hooked…downloaded book two and finished that one last night and downloaded book three which I was reading at 2am! 😊
    Chas I confess I have turned around to fetch my phone before leaving the house and discovered it in my hand!! ….

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  11. I went back to my usual yogurt for breakfast today.

    Gardener came and went, looks like he grabbed the payment envelope. I always pay monthly like clockwork, embarrassed.

    I’m hoping to hear back from Carlos today about the garage job.


    Aside from a touch of something around Christmas last year (which actually prompted me to get a covid test, just in case — it was negative) I haven’t been sick since this pandemic began. I get a serious cold virus somewhat regularly each year, but not necessarily every year, but nothing like that in a while now. I guess the staying clear of folks and masks has helped cut down on our seasonal flu and cold cases, from what I’ve read. And living alone, I don’t get exposed through family like the rest of you.

    Now working from home, I’d have to really feel yucky to “call in” sick now, I think.

    I still remember a former managing editor who would call people at home if they called in sick (this was before cell phones) — just to make sure they were really home and sounded sufficiently horrible.

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  12. Mumsee is my mentor. I am out mowing the grass today to make the cold go away.😀

    I have one more section and will leave the little side section alone since it never grows as fast and looks okay to wait until I mow again.

    My brother went to an out of town event at a church over the weekend. When he finally got back to his vehicle parked on a main street, he noticed no other vehicles on the road and that there were gangs of people on both sides of the street. He asked what was going on and was told that a Veteran’s Day parade was due to start in about a minute. He had to hurry and get out of there to pick up an elderly relative from a handicapped exit at the church. He led the parade!😳😀


  13. That’s funny, Janet. Hope he had a flag to wave out the window?

    I made my first time change faux pas — I’ve been waiting for a 1:30 port meeting to start via live feed; at 1:40 I messaged my port contact about whether the meeting was just late getting started.

    Then I realized I was looking at the clock on the wall in the back work room which hasn’t been changed yet. The one right next to the calendar that says it’s September.

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  14. Thanks, Janice, I got the books. Free is my go to price!
    One of my daughters actually asked my opinion and for my concerns about giving the covid vaccine to 5 year olds. I am honored. I gave her what Dr. Ben Carson said, data has shown that they have no need for the vaccine and that it has not been thoroughly tested.


  15. amen

    Dj, interesting that your vitamin D levels are good with one pill a day and I need four. You must get a lot more sunshine than I do. I take my walks as the sun is setting and the school has covered walkways, due to all the rain we get here. So no walking I do at school has any sunshine.

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  16. I, too, might be cautious with the covid vaccine for very young children. But I don’t have that decision to make so haven’t read much about it, nor would I really know how I’d come down on that one. It has gone through testing and received approvals. I might lean toward it as a result, with some more reading up on it, but perhaps with additional questions or concerns.

    As for no vaccines for children at all (if that’s what was being suggested at some point), I don’t quite understand that position. I grew up in the age of the polio vaccine which was seen as a major medial advancement — and relief for parents everywhere.


  17. Jo
    I don’t know if you are being facetious. But I do have 91 years of experience, goodand bad..And
    I don’t often make the same mistake again.
    So” Have you run out of mistakes?


  18. dj, the trust level with the “authorities” when medicine has become politicized makes the vaccine question today very different from what it was when we got vaccinated against polio. And thd fact that everything has been so wishy-washy such as “Wear a mask, uh, no, don’t wear a mask.”


  19. Giving the benefit of the doubt in what has been a very trying period, I’d say some of that back-and-forth was a learning curve. And we still don’t know all that much. We’d never had anything like this hit us in our generation and it left everyone, including the medical teams, scrambling.

    While some of what occurred (lockdowns, mandates) could be seen as being “used” by some political forces, I don’t think it was an intentional push for a political goal.

    I trust that most researchers were doing their best to analyze data and come to some conclusions in real time, and mostly under the gun as the virus spread so quickly and so immediately. And I think much of the research is reliable — if still incomplete due to limited data.

    Politicians? I trust them not so much, on either side. They can’t help it, it’s what politicians do.

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  20. That said, I would guess everyone here is opposed to mandates (even those of us who are pro vaccine) — and lockdowns? Painful an destructive in many ways. Masks? Better than nothing, and depends on what kind of mask. Again, we’ll know more in another year when more data is gathered.

    Yes, I realize I’m in a minority here. lol That’s been driven home several times to a few of us.

    I am sorry to see some of these disagreements infect our churches.

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  21. Art and I have one extra phone. I have to use it sometimes to make my main phone ring to find it. One place it hides is under a pillow while charging because it has a short charge cord. I fprget it is charging and have to give it s call.

    So nice not to be at that Direction Team meeting tonight. I hope nothing bad was said about me and if it was that someone spoke in my defense. God knows so I feel peace.

    I was asked to help serve at the banquet being given for the football team so that was a positive thing.


  22. Just to be clear I am for vaccinations and have had most of them including yellow fever and Typhoid. I only have problems with the covid vaccine. Especially for young children. As Dr. Ben Carson said, the data shows that they don’t need it and it has not been tested enough for the long term effects. Also, these children have had covid so should have immunity.

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  23. Vitamin D comes in differing dosages. I take 2,500 IU’s every few days. Art has been taking 1,000 in the a.m. and the same at night, but I got him 2,000 IUs this week so he will take one a day. Those who take lower levels in each dose might take more each day.


  24. dj, it made perfectly good sense for you to get vaccinated early on given your occupation. For those of us who are at home much of the time it did not make as much sense because of the unknown factors and the thought that the vaccine could make us get sick, as it did me, so we would be out of commission if our loved ones got sick and needed our care. I guess it seems like a luxury that I waited, but that luxury comes at the cost of not receiving paychecks and the perks of employment out in the work force.

    It never works to compare apples and oranges. I think people are oversimplifying all the reasons that people have reacted as they have about vaccines and mask wearing. The reasons are all so individualed.


  25. My D3 is 125 mcg, which is equivalent to 5,000 somethings (Its?). It says take one a day with food. So that’s what I do. 🙂


  26. Back to covid, I try to go with the idea — unless it’s clearly not so — that people in medicine, research, etc. act with good intentions. I don’t just assume they have ulterior motives and that’s what I think has happened with Covid so often.

    And yes, it’s become super-politicized — which also should cause us to second guess ourselves, I think.

    I’ll confess, there’s just a lot I still don’t know about the issue, not in depth. I miss roscuro whose input I always trusted when it came to medicine.

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  27. Janice – Please be careful with your phone charger. I have read of fires being started by phones being charged in bed under a pillow or falling between couch cushions. We wouldn’t want that to happen to you.

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  28. Charging the phone should not be difficult.
    Just keep the line on your desk and plug the phone in when needed.
    QQuite simple. Don’t make it difficult.
    Good morning everyone but Jo.
    Goood evening Jo

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