54 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-4-21

  1. Good night, Jo!
    May the rest of you have a beautiful day making hay while the sun shines.

    It’s a new day to rejoice and be glad in it!!!

    WMU meeting was really good yesterday. I think it is the largest group gathering my church has with about 16 attending.

    This month there is suppose to be a special presentation at Centennial Olympic Park where a plaque will be installed in memory of Richard Jewell. WMU ladies were all invited to attend the event by Bobbi, his mom, but since it is downtown few of the ladies if any will go. I’d love to go and find the brick my family donated back then during construction of the park since I have never seen it.

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  2. Janice I was at the Atlanta Olympics during the time the bomb exploded. I was safely in a hotel room. My dad had gotten up in the middle of the night and was watching CNN. He called and woke us to make sure we were safe.

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  3. Wow, Kim. I did not realize you were here at that time. Those were lean years for us so I was sad that we did not have any extra money to attend any events when Wesley was young. We did see the ParaOlympic torch run down Lavista road by Toco Hills (Chris Pizza, where we ate, is at Toco).


  4. Bobbi said the plaque should have been installed before now. The first plaque that came was damaged and it has taken a year to get this new one on the schedule. Considering the climate in Atlanta it is amazing that the city authorities would even let this event take place.


  5. We were only able to attend because Georgia-Pacific Paper Company was a huge sponsor. I did develop a love for Pano and Paul’s restaurant and went back any time I was in Atlanta

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  6. I have never been to Pano and Paul’s. Where is/was it located? I went to a few of the downtown restaurants a long time back, but never that one. I enjoyed The Mansion, and The Abbey. One guess as to what old buildings those two restaurants were located in. Also went to the Sun Dial on top of Peachree Plaza which revolves around while dining so you get a full view of the city below. We went there for the first night of our honeymoon.


  7. But it’s probably already organized 🙂

    I was exhausted after yesterday and had trouble getting to sleep (I finally did sometime after 2 a.m.). The harbor fog horns were active through much of the night as we’re getting an especially heavy marine layer rolling in these days.

    Today it’s another port meeting, starting in about 20 minutes.

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  8. Our extra key drawer is very carefully kept. It is a box we got in Okinawa, with four different boxes in it. Each key is carefully labeled. Except the ones that are not. The keys that probably have no use to us whatsoever because we left that place twelve moves ago or some such.

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  9. Mumsee, that explains why you did not visit a restaurant here. The Varsity is near the main expressway and well worth a visit for the exhuberance of the workers who shout “Whada ya have?!!”


  10. Back from a trip to Publix which was way off time for my typical early morning run. I had a lot to buy. I got my exercise in doing that. Now I break before getting back into the kitchen to decide what I will have for lunch. I went to the grocery store while hungry but did not buy any snack foods. I am getting good at this!

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  11. Just sitting down to breakfast here. A nice bowl of hot buttery onions and mushrooms with broccoli and carrots and ginger and pineapple. MMM MMMM! Jealous, Chas?

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  12. Morning! I’ve been to the bank, gas station and Goodwill…I found a Seth Thomas wall clock for my sewing room wall…2.99 with 10% off! 😊
    I have been “in” Atlanta a few times…the airport. Then a couple times driving through but never stopping. I just recall lots of traffic and tall buildings as we made our way through. The traffic was awful but not as awful as Dallas!
    Have you ever found keys on a key ring and had no idea what they went to? I have several times and they are all in a drawer…just in case we cannot find a key to something someday!

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  13. I’ll take that breakfast for lunch, thanks!

    I, too, am just back from an adventure in grocery shopping. In my case, I stopped in to buy some potatoes and a roast (there went the savings), to celebrate our daughter’s return.

    While I stood in the check out line, before I began bagging . . . . , I watched the numbers climb from a full basket (ahem), and realized my wallet was in the car. 🙂

    The cashier knows me after all these years–maybe she recognized my mask? Or was it the stories? Anyway, she sent me out to my car to retrieve my credit card. (Who is brave enough to go to the grocery store with just cash?)

    Hark! Someone had opened the back of my car!

    I hurried over to the white CRV, my mouth open, then I realized she was parked NEXT to me.

    We had the same car.

    We laughed, I congratulated her on her choice and retrieved my wallet.

    I spent $199. But, there will be fresh flowers in her room, cinnamon pine cones I–even I–can smell from here, and plenty of half-and-half, now that we’ll be sharing.

    No one will be hungry at my house!

    She’ll feel welcomed, and we’ll have enough food left over from tonight for shepherd’s pie on Saturday.


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  14. I love it how the spam protector on our computers is so strong, it rejects my post–whether on this site or my own website.

    Why do I have to do an addition problem to open the website with my name on it?


  15. It let up and I walked. A beautiful day in the neighborhood. Winter wheat is enjoying the rainfall. I brought home a letter from a New York grandson. Yesterday was a note from a Boise grandchild. We keep the postman hopping. Or at least driving.

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  16. oh, mail, that would be so nice. But, alas, they will no longer deliver to this country from the US.

    Oh Mumsee, I agree with Chas, that breakfast would make me so sick. Let’s just say that it would not last in my body for long.

    Tomorrow is a craft faire here. We are under restrictions so it cannot be held as planned.

    However, the organizers decided to have it at the homes of folks so today they will put out a list and we will have to go all over centre to shop.

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  17. Some have been advertising on our for sale board, on the computer. Someone from Costa Rica is selling empanadas. They are delicious, but contain onions. So… I emailed and asked if they could make some for me without onions. Yeah, they said yes, so I am looking forward to something special tomorrow.

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  18. I think the payments were part of a proposed legal settlement in a lawsuit, but it doesn’t look like it’ll happen.

    My latest marathon meeting ended about an hour ago, massive stories to write out of it, unfortunately. I’ll get one or maybe two done today, a third big one will have to be written tomorrow.

    I have all kinds of old key rings and keys without labels.

    Sometimes I can figure out what keys were for judging by the keyring “era.” But they’re never needed or useful anymore. They were to former apartments or padlocks on garages or old offices the company long ago sold.

    After today’s meeting I had time to (finally) feed and medicate the dogs. I canceled a non-urgent dr appointment I had for 4 p.m. thinking (when I made it) that surely I’d have time after a normal port commission meeting to write up whatever was done and get to the appointment — but not a chance today. Meeting went on for 4 hours.

    I’m startled by the amounts owed when I go grocery shopping these days, just buying for me & a dog who needs to be fed “people” food now.


  19. Michelle, I only spent 152.27. That did not include any meat like an expensive roast. It did include a 20.00 bottle of vitamin D. I did buy a pomegranite for Kim’s recipe. I have never bought one before so I will have an adventure with it. Raspberries were buy one get one free so I bought four packs.


  20. Chas – Can you check your pigskin picks? You need to choose the Army vs Air Force game, as well as the Georgia Tech vs Miami.


  21. Kim, I meant to make it earlier in the week, but that silly flat tire took me out on a detour so I never got to the store until today. Hopefully tomorrow. It will be an indulgence for myself because it would not appeal to Art. He runs from lentils.


  22. Brussel sprouts sure smell when cooking. Glad they taste much better than they smell. Art loves them. Go figure. Lentils and Brussel sprouts. What’s the big difference except one is green and the other is brown?


  23. I feel so smart.

    Turned the TV on and the picture was really weird, distorted, super dark. Fiddled with cords, with settings, nothing helped. Turned it off and on. Same thing.

    So I went online to the TV website for tech help. Took me through several steps, nothing works, but it would just then take you to the next thing to try.

    Finally “restart” worked. Everything’s back to normal.

    So easy.

    I do love technology.

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  24. Meanwhile Tess stole what was left of the last can of cat food (new case arrives tomorrow, Chewy.com is usually quicker but this order has taken nearly all week to ship and arrive).


  25. Left-over meatloaf and potatoes for me tonight. Needed comfort food.

    It’s trash night so that’s waiting for me tonight still.

    And it feels like Friday to me again, second week in a row.

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  26. Friday means driving to Moscow. If I don’t get car sick. I never believed anybody could get motion sick while driving but I was wrong.


  27. Hmmm… now I’m planning to make meatloaf this week, and it has been years. Power of suggestions. So do I need to go get potatoes to mash too?
    It does sound yummy


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