38 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-25-21

  1. Good evening Jo.
    Good morning everyone else.
    I’m up and about drinking my refill of coffee.
    I’m about to begin my devotions and prayer time.
    Some of you will be mentioned to God.
    See you later.

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  2. Good morning, Chas. Routine is nice. So glad the blog is here to give us a sense that someone cares about us and knows our name.
    Have a great day.
    I need to make a grocery list and put things on it from the recipe Kim sent.♡

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  3. This blog is the only contact I have with the outside world for six days a week. I participate in the SS classs. Maybe too much.
    but you give me a chance of comment on some things.
    You are important to me.

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  4. We got 8 inches of rain between 5 pm Saturday and 5 pm Sunday. It continued to rain most of the night, though it’s not raining right now.

    We’re so glad we didn’t drive to Idaho yesterday . . . not that we could have. We were warned to stay off the roads–just about when we returned home from church. 🙂

    As of last night, our local reservoir–Lake Sonoma–already had risen 6 feet.

    Thanks be to God.

    Now we’re praying for a more “normal” rest of the winter. 🙂

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  5. Me too, Chas. We have a pretty good life here.

    Nice visits yesterday. Twenty year old son came by. He will be deploying in a couple of weeks, to somewhere. That will keep him out of trouble for a while, or deeper in it.

    The girls from southern Idaho stopped by with the four children. They were going to stay several days but with us being ill, changed the plan to a drive by. They are going north to visit their bio grandma. Good to see them all. The mom and dad have some tough decisions ahead but I think they are being addressed and that is good. Pray for them.

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  6. We’re only supposed to get about 1-1.5 inches of rain today which probably will constitute our rainy season, encapsulated in 12 hours.

    Most of it will hit at around noon and only last through late afternoon, then it’s gone. It has rained a bit already this morning, though, the streets are wet.

    Charlie Brown is happy and I hope my car gets the equivalent of an actual car wash.

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  7. Morning! The sunrise was exceptional this morning…bright orange,deep reds glowing through the pines…
    Lunching with eldest daughter this afternoon…it will be nice to catch up.
    Predicting a smattering of rain here tomorrow and we pray it arrives for us. Dry dry dry 😞
    Feeling overwhelmed with this Precepts study…only two more to go!


  8. Downloading that book on my Kindle Janice…thanks! Reviews stating it is like a Mitford series with a real faith walk…first of 6 in the series…perhaps that’s the hook…buying the first then the reader feeling as though they need to follow through! I’m kind of hoping for that actually!! 😊

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  9. I used to give all my spare tote bags to Carol, she LOVED bags. I got one recently with something I bought and felt sad, thinking, Aw, Carol would have loved this one.

    The gardener has shown up (it’s his regular day), which surprised me due to the rain. But I guess he figured he could deal with a few things — cutting back some of the gigantic trees and collecting all the loose leaves everywhere — before the serious rain arrives.

    I really need to get my trees seriously trimmed, I have 4 of them in the backyard that are big and haven’t been seriously trimmed back in a few years.

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  10. I’ve got the totes stuffed in a large tote in the closet under the stairs. Sometimes I give them away . . . I moved a net tote Jo gave me from PNG into the closet behind me yesterday (it had been hanging off the doorknob!)

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  11. I have been attempting to downsize for some time, for just that reason. I don’t want to leave a bunch of stuff for somebody else to deal with and don’t want to be tripping over it myself. But when I send it out to the dumpster, it meanders upstairs into storage. My husband is a saver. And some of it has come in quite useful!

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  12. I’m amazed at how freeing it is now that I’ve started throwing things away. There’s more to toss, but to walk through rooms and see an empty corner here or there? Glorious.

    Then, there are all the photos. When will I be done scanning?

    (Not this day).

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  13. I just keep giving things away. Here, no matter what it is, someone can use it. If all else fails, just leave it by the road.

    I was going to order some scholastic books, but realized that that was only so that I could give them away. So I will be smart and not order any.

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  14. oh, that reminds me that it is trash day. Can’t believe that someone stole my large trash can. But I can just put the plastic bag out.


  15. Re: The accidental shooting they are discussing on TV.
    When I was in the Air Force, we had to qualify once a year, though we didn’t carry weapons.
    They regulation in training was “Never point a gun at someone you don’t want to kill.

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  16. Chas, I remember even learning that from my parents when I had toy guns. (Although I suspect we neighborhood kids did some ‘pointing’ during playtime — but these were definitely not real guns.)

    I have an ancestor’s mid-1800s military (Union) rifle which weighs a ton. It’s always scared me a bit, but I’ve been told it’s safe. I just have it leaning up against the fireplace.

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  17. So … The heater works. Yay.

    Today’s been very chilly with the rain — and Cowboy especially shouldn’t be getting cold right now. So I finally flipped it on now that the new filter is in and everything is cleaned out.


    Within minutes the cat had found her favorite spot sitting on top of one of the floor grates so the warm hair flows all around her.

    Cowboy’s all snuggled on his dog bed in the bedroom, next to another floor grate.

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  18. I think I have mentioned this before. Probably will again.
    Fox News alert means they are changing the subject.
    It really bugs me when they cheapen the language.


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