41 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-19-21

  1. Blessings upon your day, Wanderers! And may Jo have a peaceful evening’s rest.

    I have Bible study in a little bit. Today we are doing an extra add-on lesson considering Procrastination.

    Art and I got the car to a closer shop that was an easier drive on a very familiar road to me.

    I can put on my sunglasses when it is still between dark and dawn and it cuts some of the starburst effect from the oncoming headlights so it is manageable. I know, it is weird to use sunglasses to drive in thr dark. It also helps with cutting glare in the fog and on rainy days in case anyone has need of that info.


  2. Good morning. A beautiful day in the neighborhood, unsurprisingly. I am glad I have an appt today as I am feeling very strange. Very jittery the past two or three days.

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  3. Chas is probably off eating his Cheerios. Gonna start the day the right way, the only way, the get up and goin way, gonna have him a bowl of them oats.

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  4. I missed why you have to do the driving, Janice, rather than your husband. That is quite a challenge. I am glad you found a way to get things done.

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  5. Chas, if you have a clock app on your phone, you can find out what the current time is anywhere in the world. I find it quite handy to know what time it is for our grandson in Okinawa or even for friends in AZ when I am planning to call them.

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  6. If she were still with us, Elvera would be 90 today.
    I don’t know who replaces her as the Sweetest Woman In The World. jShe must be out there somewhere.

    No. I still miss her.

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  7. Good morning Chas & Co.

    Janice, wearing sunglasses in the dark will make you look like you’re a sultry and hip singer in a jazz band. People will wonder, ‘Who was that woman? I think I’ve seen her before, a singer …”

    it’s chilly this morning and it will be a busy day with a 9:30 a.m. virtual assignment — a port meeting to cover and write up quickly; the mobile dog groomer is set to arrive at 12:30 p.m. (so I need to get the Jeep out of the driveway early); and I then will have to leave here by 2:30 p.m. for my knee shot appointment. The schedule is all very tight.

    My story that posted Monday, about port cargo trucks and containers making their way onto neighborhood streets in one of our port-side communities, made it onto one of the local TV newscasts last night. Local TV news typically relies on local print/online outlets for many of their story ideas. I remember seeing one of the TV reporters actually flipping through our paper one time some years back at an assignment, he was catching up on the background for his upcoming 1-minute standup spot.

    Mumsee, let us know how the doctor visit goes, prayers it will be a simple diagnosis with an easy treatment and cure.

    I’m set to go in for my delayed annual checkup Friday morning, the first since before the pandemic.

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  8. Happy birthday in heaven to Elvera.

    When we wonder sometimes why we’re still “here,” a pastor of mine once said, it’s because God is still refining us.

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  9. For those who like historical novels, I can recommend The Last Green Valley by Mark Sullivan. It is based on a true story of a couple who runs with the wolves (the Nazi’s) to escape the bear (the Communists).

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  10. If we are still here, God still have need of us for His own plan and purpose. Enjoy sweet memories of your lovely wife, Chas, and may you feel God’s peace and joy on this special day.

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  11. Janice, I’m sure your glasses have been checked to ensure you have the astigmatism correction in the lenses–but my eye doctor years ago missed that.

    I avoided driving at night for three years and prayed when I had to pick up someone after dark (we lived in Hawai’i those years).

    Oncoming headlights were stars in my eyes; glare made it nearly impossible to see. I drove slowly and deliberately, but sometimes . . . I shake my head now.

    It was foolhardy for me not to go in and have my eyes and glasses checked again but the Navy had no eye exam policy and everything had to be paid out of pocket.

    Money was tight in those years and one of our sons was having a lot of trouble with his eyes. We spent our extra money for him–I needed to protect his future.

    That was a mistake since I risked everyone when I drove with compromised eyesight at night.

    When the Navy finally allowed us to use the Navy optometrist, the first thing they asked was, “why don’t your lenses have the correction for your astigmatism?”

    Once I got the proper lenses, I could drive at night just fine.

    I know your eyes are a challenge and this probably has been looked at but . . . I’ve always regretted that penny-wise pound-foolish decision.

    Just typing it right now makes me wonder if that is part of what we’re seeing these days with foolish drivers. A pregnant mom was killed by someone who hit her driving on the wrong side of the road.

    As noted a few months ago, in broad daylight someone came at me on my side of a divided highway. Four of us tucked in as close as possible to the shoulder–which had a drop-off–until he realized his error, went past us (too fast), did a U-turn, and came to a stop three cars behind me.

    After we all took a deep breath, we started up our cars and drove over the hill without another incident–though he never did pass me again, so perhaps he learned his lesson?

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  12. My cousin is having a lot of issues with glare at night — she’s had the cataract surgery that corrected for both vision & astigmatism. She recently went in to see her eye doctor again and he seemed to tell her there’s nothing to be done about the night glare in her case.

    Wondering if she should check with someone for a second opinion (she has that gold-standard insurance through the LA school district so I believe almost everything is fully covered for life).

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  13. For now, she’s given up driving after dark. She was hoping one of those “night glare” glasses you see advertised might help, but her doctor said they wouldn’t.

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  14. My eyes have a lot of issues, more than the usual. I think most people get the star burst effect after cataract surgery but mine went way out over the original starburst once the surgeon did the second surgery to correct a problem that cropped up after the first cataract surgery where she did laser pinpoint openings around the edge of the new implanted lens to let more light into a clouded area. I personally think that lens may have cracked or partially shattered. I think there could be avoidance on the eye doc’s part of admitting to that problem which fuels my decision to seek a second opinion whenrver we can arrange for that.

    I had to drive to drop the car off at the auto shop. My husband drove his car, too, so he could bring me home. We will pick it up in the morning when I will bring it home. He does not get home from work before they close at 6 p.m.. The street we travel on has well marked lanes with those glow in the dark markings so I can follow the dots instead of looking at headlights. It is a best case scenario. I know the route well. I did not want to wait inside the shop all day as I have done in thr past because of Covid concerns. I still want to use the other shop which was highly recommended but not in my stomping grounds.


  15. Chas,

    I knew today was your wife’s birthday, that’s why I asked how you were doing. I thought of mentioning it, but didn’t want to upset you. 🙂

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  16. It is a beautiful chilly day here in the forest. Bible study this morning then home to clean while husband and dog were off the premises taking in a hike! 😊
    I have had my eyes checked and rechecked for my severe astigmatism and it’s a no go for nighttime driving. Some of us can have it corrected and then there are those of us who cannot. Like Chas says…as I get older I am thankful that is my only problem… 🤓

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  17. AJ, didn’t upset me at all.
    She was a wonderful woman. Much better than I diserve, jor had gotten had nnot the guy she was going with was two-timing her.
    I was the”fall back” guy. But it worked for 64 years for the ttwo of us.

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  18. NancyJ: You are correct. It was the Loord’s doing.
    Unusual circumstances got us together.Briefly”
    She was going with another guy who had another girl in Atlanata.
    It was that situation that got us together.
    Long story:
    Briefly: I was going to school and working part time. Tooo busy for her. But her guy had another girl in Atlanat.
    She didn’t like that snf When the time for chice came (at Christmas holidays break” she chose me.

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  19. For about six weeks, she had two boyfriends. One for the weekdays (Ernest) and one for the weekends, me. Ernest had a girl in Atlanta and traveled there.
    So” I had the weekends. But I was in school during the week, and working part time. She had Ernest.
    Come Christmas holidays and semester break, she had to make a choice.
    It was me.

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  20. I remember Elvera’s laugh. She had such joy.

    Janice, I was told that yellow lenses would help with that starburst problem. They actually had some at the doctors office to put on over your glasses. So they are for wearing at night to deal with lights and headlights. I only had the problem one time, but it was terrible.

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  21. My friend, K, has double vision because of weakened eye muscles. That is worse. They make eyeglasses with prisms to help with that, I suppose to help exercise the eye muscles. That is an all the time problem that affects everything. There are always worse cases. I have even more empathy for her now.

    Thank you, Jo, regarding the yellow glasses. I had not heard of that.

    I think I found a new lady to join our ladies Bible study group. One gift I seem to have is in getting people connected. I am always happy when God uses me to make connections for His good purposes.

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  22. I’d mentioned the yellow lenses to my cousin, so she asked her doctor but he said they wouldn’t help her. She may try them anyway, but …

    Frustrating as she had the new lenses put into her eyes (including the pricey one to correct astigmatism) when she had cataract surgery several years ago.

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  23. Cowboy’s washed, nails clipped, he looks and feels so much better.

    Tess is in the grooming van now — I need to race off to the knee doctor as soon as she’s done.

    Any word from Mumsee?

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  24. Little Miss can now ride her tricycle without me pushing it. She is spending tonight rather than Thursday night. Her parents had something to do. That didn’t upset Papa in the least.

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  25. I should ask this tomorrow but will go ahead tonight (may ask again tomorrow). Is anyone doing anything to recognize or show appreciation for your pastor? “October is Pastor Appreciation Month.”


  26. Art just got home and turned the game on. For the eigth inning. It was 5-5 but since he turned it on it’s 6-5 with Dodgers leading, bases loaded. Oh dear. Wow! It was 5-1, Braves winning until the eigth. Art should have stayed at the office.😀🤣


  27. I ordered a wonderful gift for my oldest grandson that should arrive this week. I had talked to him about maybe getting this if he did well. The report I got last weekend was that he is doing well in all areas. So I am going to surprise him. After all he is a junior in high school and my times to surprise him are limited.

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  28. Morning! I have been up since 4…someone (me I suppose) forgot to remind someone (husband I suppose) to take the milk box down to the road. Husband awakened at 3 remembering the task needed to be done…he then decided to wake me up at 4 to let me know I forgot to remind him! Milkman arrived at 3:30 and dropped off the milk! Husband is quite pleased with himself 😂…and now I have milk to pour over my Cheerios this morning!

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