40 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-13-21

  1. Good morning. Kim has been around some, but perhaps not every day. I think you are missing her wonderful morning music, Chas. Me, too!

    I might try coffee again today. It’s like I have to make myself make it because my desire for coffee is gone. But I have part of a bag of Sumatra and a giant bag (Sam’s) of Starbucks French Roast.

    Yesterday at Publix while passing by the coffee section, my accountant brain was calculating the savings I would have from no longer buying coffee. Thank you, Covid Vaccine.

    I remember how some people have permanently lost their sense of taste from having had Covid. I guess this is a ‘taste’ of that. What a horrible disease and all the waves and ripples of the aftrrmath keep flowing outward.


  2. I wonder what people think of William Shatner going up in space at age 90? Art and I have strongly differing opinions. I said I felt he (Shatner) was being selfish because if he has a health incident then it makes all the others who have spent so much to be there to have to deal with a health emergency. I suppose most people would see my attitude as being negative and not looking on the bright side. I hope it all goes well and he gets bragging rights. At least he sill feel closer to heaven in the worldly view.


  3. If anyone hs the moey, and nothing better to do with it. Let him go into space.
    As for me. If I owned te world, I would stay here. Let someone else have all the space they need.

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  4. I have no problem with him going up in space. I would imagine that those who work to make sure all are as safe as possible would have discouraged him or even stopped him from going if they were concerned. He brings a lot of publicity to the program, no doubt.

    Janice, why do you want to drink coffee at all if you don’t enjoy it?

    It is a busy time for those in Real Estate and I would imagine that is where Kim is.

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  5. Beam me up, Scottie. I am happy for him. Maybe he will get his eyes opened to the Creator of it all and be adopted in. He may be already but I don’t think I have heard that he is. Is he paying? I doubt it. More likely he is one of the free rides covered by the multi million dollar fares. And, as Kathaleena said, great publicity.

    I would have loved a trip to Mars when I was younger. But not any more. And a ten minute jaunt into space or a couple of days orbiting the earth never really appealed to me.

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  6. Thanks, y’all. I shall re-examine my opinion.

    I just got home from the library where I was once again declared normal! What a relief. Who would have ever thought we’d go to the library for a temperature check?

    I guess for two reasons I am still trying to like coffee:
    1) i have it and it seems a waste to not use it (but I can give it to Wesley the next time we are together).
    2) I keep wondering if it is a passing thing or if it is permanent, like when you get novacaine at the dentist’s office or eyes dilated at the eye doctor’s office. It eventually wears off.

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  7. The petite Jewish lady who helped me at the library was so kind to me.

    Art’s dad worked for a Jewish family owned company in the chemical industry. Art’s mom talked of how kind they were to them when they were new to the city from the mountains and did not know anyone. It is difficult to find kind people in a busy city.

    At one time Atlanta had a slogan, The City Too Busy To Hate. In time people turned it around to Atlanta, The City Too Busy To Love.

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  8. Janice – A couple days ago, you wrote that your brother was saying some unkind (maybe nasty?) things on the phone, and when you started to get a little annoyed or upset, he blamed you and hung up on you.

    That sounded to me like what a narcissist would do. They stir up trouble, and then blame the other person for their reaction. “You’re crazy,” or “You’re over-reacting” are things they tend to say. (X is definitely a narcissist, as Nightingale can attest.)

    Of course, there are other traits of a narcissist that he may or may not have, but that one made me think of this.

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  9. Michelle – I’ve been finished with my Christmas shopping since ordering the last couple items last month. But I didn’t even know about the supply chain problem at the time. 🙂

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  10. We don’t do much in the way of Christmas shopping. Money and stockings filled with candies,snacks, silly gadgets for the grandkids…money for children…sure hope there isn’t a shortage of money before then! 🙃 I send my Mom a Christmas floral arrangement that has pine included in it…she loves the smells of the holiday..she says it takes her back to when the whole house smelled like pine! I did create a wool pillow with he image of her pug Midgie on it last year too…
    I am creating handmades for my close friends….made with love….

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  11. Kizzie, his behavior is directed at me. He does not treat others like this. Others have confirmed he treats me differently than he does other people. For that reason, I don’t think that personality label fits. If he treated everyone the same I would think, yeah, that’s what it is.

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  12. Woke up to the news that Biden was announcing the 24/7 port of la operation and I’ve been a whirling dervish ever since, responding to serial texts, slack messages from editors galore, trying to update our online story, running interference to get union permission for a photographer to shoot inside the dispatch hall while coordinating with someone to get us onto one of the terminals for photos also, having to listen and grab notes from the white house briefing (she talks too fast), interview a trucking assn rep on the phone.

    When I woke up and saw this on my phone at 7:30 a.m. I literally almost started to cry.

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  13. The problem with doing holiday shopping early is that I don’t have anywhere to send anything. I realized that my friend likes her house always in order. The things I left she had stowed in the attic almost before we left the driveway.

    It is too early to send gifts to their homes. So I probably won’t send anything. No mail is going from here.

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  14. NancyJill – I don’t do much for Christmas presents, either.

    For the last few years, Nightingale had been the one filling our stockings with various little items that she found as she shopped, often personal care types of things.

    As the day was winding down last Christmas, she suggested that for this Christmas, she, Chickadee, and I each buy about three little items for our stockings, and that that would be our Christmas gifts to each other. Of course, Boy will get a few “real” presents.

    So, earlier in the year, knowing that I had to come up with some little items for Christmas, I got to thinking, and then went ahead and ordered them. Last month, I ordered a couple presents for Boy for his birthday and a couple for Christmas.

    Oh, I did splurge on a couple pretty necklaces, one for Nightingale and one for Chickadee.

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  15. Today we begin much stricter lockdown rules. No socializing. Just get home. STill in person school, but at recess they will be in zones with only their grade. so that they are not in contact with everyone.
    Teachers are not even to eat in the lunchroom with others. So I will be eating in my room. This is for two weeks and then we will see. Everything has to close by 2pm except for schools and folks can stay working in their offices.
    Pray for our clinic, they are dealing with a lot.

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  16. I think that’s the point of grandchildren, Kare!

    I’m so tempted to get a t-shirt made for everyone: “Merry Ule-tide,” but I won’t. The boys wouldn’t wear it anyway. 🙂

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  17. Jo, prayers — I was reading a couple articles about what’s going on there and it sounds serious.

    The only person I currently swap gifts with anymore is my friend K in the SF Valley. And in a pinch, gift cards are good — since she just redid their kitchen I’m thinking of one for Sur La Table, which is a store they’ve liked in the past.

    Meanwhile, just in case, I ordered TP and paper towels online. They’ll be on a ship somewhere soon …

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  18. I do not generally buy gifts for grandchildren. They have no shortage of stuff. But I do write them letters every week and have sent the older ones random books on occasion. And sometimes I stuff stickers into the envelopes. But I am not in competition with their more generous grandparents. I am fine with that. Nothing wrong with sending presents if you want to or happen upon just the right thing. Just not something I do.

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  19. Don’t tell: my Christmas shopping this year was some fishing gear for fifteen and a camera and some gear for fourteen. Should be fun and well received!

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  20. K & I have mostly swapped gift cards from Home Depot and/or Lowe’s since we both became more focused on home and garden stuff.

    I’ve loved doing the Angel Tree gifts for children of prisoners through our church, I always aim to get one of the younger kids as it’s such fun to buy toys 🙂 By the time they’re teens, the requests become very, very specific and so (recalling how I as a teen was pretty particular with my own tastes) I always toss in the gift receipt for exchanges.

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  21. I did get the small one serving cast iron pans from Pampered Chef for giving. That goes well with something from the grocery store. I want to start making single serve pizzas with the two I got for myself. And I got a kitchen timer to give. One can never own enough timers. I use my phone for that, but an extra timer will be helpful. I do need to shop to fill the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.


  22. Hmm. Now one of our city council members has been indicted for bribery. I’m grateful it’s not the one from the area I cover.

    But another huge story. I think today may never end.

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  23. It must end, Dj, because we are on tomorrow here!
    I think that my new student has never been in school before and does not know that you are supposed to let the teacher talk. I will have to educate him.
    Made it out for an evening walk and it is raining now.


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