Our Daily Thread 10-12-21

Good Morning!

Since I know what the question will be, they are Axolotls. Click their name for a Wiki link that’ll tell you all about them.


Anyone have a QoD?


45 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-12-21

  1. Good morning! I thought I might be first. Not so.

    It has been a week filled with illness (not mine) and sadness. I am so glad to know Jesus, as it would be so hopeless without Him. I am not sure how non-believers manage.

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  2. I just read a full text article on the lockdowns in our province. Mostly for the town of Goroka where I went last week. Curfew is now from 2pm to 6am. And markets are closed down. This is going to be hard on many folks. Of course most people here live in villages and raise their own food.

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  3. rkessler, so sorry to hear about your sad week. I could not manage without the Lord myself. I know too many who manage by using drugs or alcohol. That is a the way of death, however. Thank God The Holy Spirit showed us a better way!! Prayers for you.

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  4. One of my daughters once had a bright yellow exotic frog. Sure lots of strange pets people can have nowadays.

    In the ‘What are you reading’ column: I just finished Katherine Johnson’s autobio about her work as a computer for NASA. It touches on her personal life, of course, but also race relations through the decades and the development of the space industry. I found it very interesting. Her brilliance blows me away. I also just finished the book written by Pastor Mark Brunson about his imprisonment in Turkey. That was also an interesting read.

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  5. Thanks for those suggestions, Kathleena.

    Off to teach Bible study–“The importance of the BIBLE!” if I wasn’t already prepared, I could lead this study with my eyes and ears closed!

    Then, I am free to work on my book proposal until it is due on Friday. The calendar is clear. NOTHING is on it.

    I know that because I can see the calendar, but also because there is NOTHING that needs to be done in the house or the yard. It’s so odd to walk through, looking for something, anything, to do! LOL

    Okay, make the bed. Even easier than leading Bible study.

    Maybe I’ll put Kathleena’s books on order . . . sigh. This is the worst part of writing! LOL

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  6. It’s come to this — on tap for my “vacation” day today: a routine dental cleaning first thing this morning, I’m I’m out of here in about 10 minutes for that; and a knee shot in the afternoon. Woo-hoo.

    And early Thursday morning I’m taking both dogs in to the vet first thing to leave for the day, I spoke with the vet early this morning (called the office later to add Tess to the day-long drop off appointment). Cowboy’s dealing with a skin infection and the OTC spray I bought isn’t helping much; and Tess is way-way overdue for her annual exam, she’s also having age-related issues as well and really needs a once-over.

    So I’ll be taking Thursday off, too – at this point I may just ask for the rest of the week off to give me some breathing time and needed time to do some work in this house in between appointments.

    I’m feeling quite overwhelmed these days. 😦 It’s not been a good year and it’s not getting better yet.

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  7. We used to have a salamander. The same time we had the turtle and the African water frog. It kept climbing out of the aquarium until one time we did not fine it in time. Same with Bobbit the frog.


  8. Thank you Chas.

    Well, the teeth are cleaned, next appt is in April.

    I’ve never been fond of reptiles — lizards especially scared me as a child.

    So of course I bring home a cat 10 years ago who had a penchants for catching them live and setting them loose in the house an even dropped one on me while I was reading in bed one day when I was home sick.

    I (mostly) managed to get over my squeamishness with lizards through years of encountering them randomly hanging on the shower curtain or a jacket in the closet, leaving their twitching, detached tails in the hallway to greet and startle me, even hanging out next to me on the sofa in one case as I was watching a Christmas movie.

    Some cats comfort and cheer ill neighbors. Mine just gathered up lizards and mice to bring home and set loose in the house (let the games begin!).

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  9. Dental hygienist and I were marveling over how no one caught colds or anything else (besides covid) last year. All that social distancing, working from home, canceled parties and events and school, and masking up for everything else, I guess.

    I still need to see about a flu shot. I can’t remember if I got one of those last year or not; I don’t think so? But flu cases were way down anyway, it was an almost non-existent flu season.


  10. We had another good Bible study today. I am getting a reprieve from posting the prayer requests. That is good for my eyes.

    I have always enjoyed most reptiles, but poisoness snakes, no!! I felt that finding a lizard was like finding treasure because we rarely saw them around here. I don’t think that Miss Bosley has ever had the pleasure of meeting one. All she knows of the outdoor world is birds and squirrels.

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  11. oh, the calendar. I posted things on it that were upcoming and now one by one things are getting cancelled and marked off the calendar.
    Probably need to be very grateful for school
    About time for market and wondering how long they will allow the market. Can I grate and freeze zucchini??
    Bible study got changed to 5pm and outside. Whatever it takes.

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  12. Thanks, but most of the zucchini were too huge to work with.
    Alas, alas, there was not a single avocado at market. I have one of half of one each day with lunch. Not this week.

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  13. A Facebook friend shared a photo of a rat snake (which are apparently harmless, except to rodents). The way he found this snake was when it crawled out from between his sheets and onto his pillow – while he was in the bed! Yikes!

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  14. Here’s a lost-at-sea story from Jo’s part of the world


    Lost at sea for 29 days, two Solomon Islanders survive on coconuts and prayers

    The two men were travelling between islands in the notoriously unpredictable Solomon Sea, when their seven-metre boat got caught in rough weather a few hours into their journey on 3 September


    “When he reached us, we asked, where are we now? And he replied, PNG. Ooh, we are now safe.”


  15. As I thought, the critters’ name comes from the Nahuatl (language of the Aztecs). My favorite Nahuatl word is xocolatl [ho-co-LAH-tle]. Can you guess what it is in English? One of my favorite foods.


  16. Got the first gel knee shot, 1 of 3 to be administered one week apart. We’ll see if that can provide some long-term relief and strategy going forward.

    This one hurt more than the 2 cortisone shots I’d received before in the past year.

    We saw all kinds of Aztec ruins in Mexico. A cruel and bloody culture but it all holds a certain mystique for us today.

    Peter, what’s your take on NCIS after last night? Will it survive without Gibbs? I think his leaving so abruptly at the early part of the season was kind of like ripping the bandaid off. Now, the show is free of his shadow (as wonderful as his shadow was for so many years) to sink or swim with the new cast members and prove itself.

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  17. I tried to post a review to Amazon for The Tiny Kitchen Cookbook. It got rejected. I am almost to the point of no longer wanting to try and post reviews to Amazon. I have plenty of other places to post reviews. One day I may be inclined to totally stop purchasing from Amazon.

    Art prints off articles for me that he enjoyed reading and he gave me one last night about the shortage of warehouse workers. It told about the damage to the industry that Amazon brought in by lowering standards. We are in such a big problem with distribution now. Even the spice section at Publix said there would be delays. Better stock up now for Tnanksgiving feasts.


  18. DJ – I didn’t think it was so abrupt. They had been phasing him out little by little last season, preparing us for the change. Even so, I was surprised and sad by his exit. I had thought that his role would merely be diminished, not ended.

    Hoping that he will make occasional appearances on the show, maybe with Pam Dawber again. They really should have had those two end up together somehow.

    It’s not too late, though (I don’t think). They could make a way for that to happen, even if it can only be “off-screen”.


  19. Kizzie, it only seemed abrupt because it came so quickly, after, what, 4 shows of the new season that really did just launch?

    We all knew he was leaving and would only appear in limited episodes, but I honestly didn’t think they’d make the cut right away within the first month. I thought it would be strung out a little more during the season and we’d have a little more of Gibbs to enjoy this year.

    But again, I think there was a method to their madness in doing it this way, it kind of all makes sense. Just early and painful for some of us who were caught by surprise.

    And yes, I think he and Dawber very well could end up together, maybe even married, in Alaska, we won’t see it — we’ll just hear about it as Gibs maintains some communication with the staff going forward.


    Standing at the counter checking out of the orthopedic doctor’s office today, a man was next to me getting set up for an MRI with another clerk. She ran down the list of questions about things he may have that could be hindrances, pacemakers. metal of any kind, etc.

    He said No to each, but at the end, he said, “Wait, what was the first thing you mentioned?”

    “Hearing aids.”

    “Oh, no. I don’t have hearing aids.”

    tt just kind of hit me funny at the time.

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  20. I don’t normally post reviews on Amazon, but one time I tried — I’d ordered a mug which came poorly and flimsily packaged, it was in pieces; ordered it again and the same thing happened! The way it was packaged (both times) it was guaranteed to be broken.

    I got refunds and didn’t bother ordering another one — but posted a review saying how really nice the mugs were but someone didn’t know how to package them for safe shipping.

    I received a note from Amazon saying something that suggested I was being too critical. Thought it was odd, it was a valid thing to let other potential customers (and the merchant) know, I thought.

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  21. DJ- Mark Harmon is getting older and probably wanted less work. He’s still one of the producers, so his influence will still be felt. But replacing Gibbs? Most of those who replaced popular characters have been a disappointment lately. Bishop was the only good one. I don’t like Torres, and the one who replaced Abby tries too hard. The new woman (haven’t paid close enough attention to now her name) might prove okay, but who can tell. I’ll watch this season, but may not stick with it after this. Then again, the show might not last much longer without Gibbs.


  22. Re: Amazon- I posted a 1 star review once and got a note from the seller that I would get a refund if I took down the review. I changed it to 2 stars and got the refund.

    No wonder there aren’t many 1 star reviews on most products.

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  23. Hmm I liked Bishop too but I really like Abby’s replacement and think Torres likable enough ~ I’ve always thought it’s one of the show’s strengths that it’s able to bring in new ensemble members who are very different than ones they ‘replaced’ and make it work in new ways.

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  24. Interesting that Harmon’s name doesn’t appear on the credits of the new Hawaii NCIS, I think that may be the first of the offshoots that doesn’t seem to be ‘his’ as executive producer.

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