5 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 10-9-21

  1. 😦 Covid shot side effects. I hate all the division (including in the family) over the vaccines. It is utterly ridiculous. Local schools have had masking requirement protests.

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  2. Nice visit with my dad. My stepmom was dozing in her chair. Dad had the tv on, he usually turns it off when company comes. The volume was off of course, because he can’t hear. Anyway, because she was sleeping, we were quiet and just watched the All Creatures Great and Small that he was watching. She jumped up and said she was going to bed. He asked if she would stay if he turned it off, nope. Off she went. Unusual for her. She loves our visits. I think she is done with being ninety nine and just wants it over.

    My dad keeps a large stack of mail and newspapers next to him on his couch. Nobody is allowed to touch it. But yesterday, he asked for help. He had received a piece of mail saying his payment was denied with the eye doctor. But he did not know who it was from but it was in an envelope and he had written on the back of it. So we looked through the whole stack, repeatedly. (I found at least seven letters from me, so I know it was an old stack. Opened and read but saved in the stack). Looked various other places. Nothing. I went back to the stack and it was the first thing on top. (Thank You, God!) No writing on the back of the envelope. Turned out to just be a denial for some of the work from his insurance. I went and paid that with his check and retrieved his new glasses. Glad to be able to get that resolved for him.

    And then, he actually took his med alert button when he went out to get the mail! He says he does not need it now. I said, nope, but you could practice with it now for when you do need it.

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  3. Kathaleena, same here with the booster shot — but fairly mild reactions, lasted about 6 hours then it vanished (and the pharmacist said the reactions would be similar to the 2nd shot, if I had them with that dose, which I did).

    And I’m weary and saddened, too, by the division all of this has caused, particularly among Christians. It’s not good and I’m concerned about (a) which it reveals about the health of the body in the west overall and (b) how this contentious period could linger and pose some real challenges to churches. Woven in with the near obsession with the political scene right now, I fear we’re in for a rough period that could see some church splits.

    National revival? Not until we clean our own house first and return to our first priority, Christ.

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  4. *what* it reveals.

    I’ve noticed some Christian voices on Twitter also mentioning, in a round-about way usually, some of this division and how some churches are seeing fallouts. (Seems to be a combination of issues, but essentially stemming from the heat that’s risen over the last 5-6 years the political realm, intensifying with Covid.)


  5. I think I’m inspired today to study Worship during the Advent season for both my Bible study and a blog series.

    I’m frustrated that I, a trained musician, cannot sing these “worship” songs, and neither can the rest of the congregation.

    So, let’s study the subject, I say!

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