13 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 9-25-21

  1. New pandemic measures were announced today. Our province is high risk

    God is good

    The measures take effect on Thursday, the 30th, the day we were all going to go by helicopter to Goroka.

    God is good

    No unnecessary travel within and without the province.

    God is good

    Christmas plans are on hold, but…

    God is good

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  2. Anyone with google maps should put it on satellite view and travel to PNG, You can find Goroka and find Ukarumpa. You can zoom in and find the school and even see my home.


  3. 😊 the sun rose this morning and it is beautiful in this forest!
    😊 piano hymns playing on my requested station…and I know the words to them all

    😢 other granddaughter is quarantined due to exposure to covid at homecoming…150 students out sick…now the entire high school is on home learning until Wed….

    😢 our nation’s leaders continue to shake their fists at our Creator…
    😡 Biden……

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  4. We’ve redecorated the guest room. I’m exhausted in a lot of ways.

    And now there are more rooms.

    My husband laughs and urges me on.

    Daughter and I have creative projects together!

    But, I also have a deadline and have had little time to write.

    Job she wants looks increasingly likely.

    We’re thankful.

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  5. go to the right along the highlands highway and you will find Kainantu. Then you will find Ukarumap to the right. or east
    Good job!
    Or just search for Ukarumpa, PNG


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