35 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-20-21

  1. Good morning egain.
    I just finished praying for some of you.
    That you will be blessed and have a nice day.
    I am doing well. Sitting here typing and drinking coffee.
    Whet else could you ask?
    I could wish that I could still read this without a magnifying glass, for one thing.
    Blessings Wanderers

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  2. Every little bit, God can turn into something.

    I was sitting here, just before posting, thinking what I had to foffer the world today.
    The world can get along without my little bit.

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  3. Good morning. You offer me hope, Chas, that today will be better than yesterday. That God will strengthen me in His power because of your prayers for me. I have about five hours in a small space that I can not get away from where negative comments and barbs will be launched at me. I am glad that you are a positive representative of God and the men He put on earth. Some live up to His high calling as you have done, and others do not.

    Wesley said he knew we had our troubles at times when he and I had to spend so much time together when homeschooling but he hopes he never treated me as he witnessed this weekend (he did not).

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  4. Good morning. Another day. School starts in just under two hours.

    Husband is trying to figure things out for the coming month or so. He flies to Florida and then has an infusion in Boise, that is one week. But daughter will have work and he has to find somebody willing to take her. I would have to give up four hours of school time to drive somebody who throws things at me and has threatened repeatedly to kill me, and drive at night. Not a good option. She has burned out all of her helpers and they have all gone back to their real lives. She may just have to not go to work. Which has challenges of its own. Then he gets another infusion. Then has a highway commission conference to attend for several days. Looking for a driver. Anybody interested?

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  5. Morning! What intricacies woven into the wings of a monarch! And how you captured those beautiful details is amazing Aj!! Thanks for sharing this one! ♥️
    Chas you bless us each and every morning…how thankful are we for your heart and presence in our lives….
    Praying for you this morning Janice…that words will not be harsh and that the beauty dwelling in you will be felt by those close to you….
    And praying for you as well Mumsee….that direction will be given and solutions brought forth by His Hand…

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  6. No, I do not get defended. I understand because my brother works part time for Art, it is a truly awkward situation. At one point my brother was being verbally pushy with Wesley, and Art said he was about to step in to defend Wesley but Wesley gave in to my brother’s demands. My brother is unreasonable about using GPS and was insisting Wesley would drive his car with me in it and let brother follow him to the store in the big truck to pick up some box springs we’d bought Saturday night. My brother insisted I could not ride with him in the truck and let GPS give directions. Wesley needed to do his class prep so Art said my brother’s silliness got over the line when it was keeping Wesley from doing his work. Art is all about work.

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  7. My brother continued to treat me as a source of infection because I got vaccinated. I named myself the Cutie with Cooties. My brother goes out and about unvaccinated without a mask. Wesley and I were always masked up. If my brother happens to get sick it will all be my fault. He is unreasonably focused on me as the source of his troubles. I have dealt with this situation for all my life. I am tired

    I finally told Art after brother left, “All’s well that ends well.” Art replied, “All’s well that ends.” Art did make me laugh. He tries to take it all in a lighthearted way. It truly makes my brother appear quite the foolish man which is sad to me. He is a tremendously hard worker, but I don’t want to take his grief.

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  8. Last night my brother was insisting that we take the truck back to Penske at 7 a.m. as soon as it opened. It was one mile from Wesley’s apartment. He was trying to insist that he could only follow Wesley. Wesley was ready with a detailed map drawn out for him. Art and I filled the big truck to turn it in and give brother tut he ride back home. I was about ready to take a plane and a taxi home at that point. Wesley had to get ready to teach an early class and did not have tim ed to deal with brother’s foolishness. I think he is looking for ways to show himself to be in charge of others. Truly it is heartbreaking online level while it is just hard to be the brunt of all the stupid little dogs. Like I wanted some grits for breakfast and we past by a pile of rotting corn stalks and he said I could eat those it is stupid things like that. If only a few times, I would laugh it off, but it goes on and on. And it is only me he does that kind of garbage to.

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  9. oh, Janice that is so hard. I am looking at my return and know that I cannot put myself in the same house with someone who continually puts me down. And you survived a long car ride. I trust that Miss Bosley will care for your wounded spirit. You showed patience and grace. Not sure that I could have done that.

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  10. Wow, Janice, that was quite the escapade. Glad you’re home with Miss Bosley.

    Annie Oakley has been lounging in the backyard next to the garage for most of the day today while I’ve been working.

    Gorgeous butterfly pic.

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  11. Thank you all for being supportive. Because my brother did the lion’s share of work and was the driver of the truck, I think Wesley and Art felt beholden and did not want to cross him and make things escalate. Art and Wesley were supportive as much as they could have been. Poor Art had no television the whole time, but who needs television to entertain when one has all that my brother can do to unint entionally entertain. There were many incidences of rolling of eyes. I think we will do short doses of visits in the future. Too much time together always ends like this.

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