19 thoughts on “News/Politics 9-17-21

  1. The cowards need some real men to help protect them and the other cowards from the people.


    “he U.S. Capitol Police force has requested National Guard assistance for the rally Saturday in Washington, D.C., in support of the hundreds who were arrested and jailed in connection with the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

    In a tweet Wednesday, Capitol Police said the force has asked the Defense Department for the authority to receive assistance if needed from the National Guard.

    Law enforcement as of Thursday morning was already reassembling for Saturday’s event the security fence erected around the Capitol Hill complex after Jan. 6.

    The National Guard was activated for the riot in January, but not until demonstrators had already breached the U.S. Capitol Building, which has resulted in several probes about why Guardsmen didn’t arrive earlier and who was responsible for the delay.

    The “Justice for J6” event is expected to have about 750 people in attendance, compared to the estimated tens-of-thousands who came to the nation’s capital for the Jan 6. event, in opposition to the election results that declare Democrat Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 presidential election over Republican incumbent Donald Trump. “


  2. And of course the lying press will blame Trump.

    But you’ll know that’s a lie too, just like last time.

    “In Exclusive Interview, Trump Calls Sept. 18 Rally A ‘Setup,’”


    “In an exclusive interview with The Federalist on Thursday, former President Donald Trump called for Senate Republicans to fire Mitch McConnell and elect a new leader, unloaded on “radicalized” left-wing Democrats, blasted former President George W. Bush as “one of the worst presidents ever,” and criticized current President Joe Biden’s “grossly incompetent” handling of America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. Trump also called the planned Sept. 18 rally at the U.S. Capitol a “setup” and said media would use it as an excuse to bash Republicans regardless of its outcome.”


    “During the interview, Trump acknowledged the widespread disgust that most Americans have for the professional political class in Washington, D.C.

    “There’s a discontent with everything having to do with politics,” Trump said about the general political situation in the country. “People are so disgusted with the way people are being treated from the Jan. 6 situation. It’s a combination of that compared to how Antifa and BLM were treated. When you compare the treatment, it is so unjust, it is so unfair. It’s disgraceful.”

    Trump also characterized the planned Sept. 18 rally at the U.S. Capitol as a “setup” meant to denigrate Republican voters regardless of what transpires.

    “On Saturday, that’s a setup,” Trump said, referring to the rally. “If people don’t show up they’ll say, ‘Oh, it’s a lack of spirit.’ And if people do show up they’ll be harassed.”

    When asked whether he would have done things differently in 2020 if he had known then what he knows now about the pandemic and the presidential campaign and its aftermath, Trump said he would have made different personnel choices.

    “Well, you’d always do things differently,” he said. “I would’ve used different people in some cases. There are some people I would not have used who I didn’t think were very good, and that’s because I wasn’t a Washington person. I know everybody now.”

    “Milley’s a television general, and he’s not very good at it,” Trump said, referring to Mark Milley who was recently revealed to have held secret conversations with communist China in which he promised to give them advanced notice of American battle plans against the communist behemoth. “He’s been a disaster for the current administration. He got weak-kneed.”

    Trump said, however, that Milley is not indicative of all generals in the military.

    “We have great generals,” he said, and noted that most people have never heard of them because they don’t spend all their time on television like Milley. “We took out ISIS, Soleimani, al-Baghdadi, and we did a lot of great work.”

    When asked who he thought was actually running America — whether Biden himself is in charge or if someone else is calling the shots — Trump said he wasn’t sure.

    “It could be Biden’s staff. It could be Obama. It could be Obama’s people. Maybe a combination of both,” Trump said. “I see the microphones being turned off every time Biden speaks. Yesterday was crazy. He was in the middle of a sentence and they turned off the microphone and dimmed the lights. It was weird.”

    “When you see that, something’s going on,” he added.

    Trump said the corporate media’s kid gloves treatment of Biden was proof that the country’s news media was corrupt and untrustworthy.

    “We don’t have a free press anymore. We have nothing close to a free press. We have a very corrupted press,” he said.”


  3. This is a joke.

    Yesterday I posted Fox’s drone footage of the humanitarian debacle that is our southern border. Joe and his admin don’t want you to see any more truthful reporting on their malfeasance.



    These people are a joke.


  4. Abbott is trying to do something, unlike the Biden admin.

    “”Appalling”: Abbott orders Texas to close points of entry as 8,000 migrants wait under bridge in Del Rio”


    “As of last night, there were 4,200 waiting. The number has doubled in a day.

    What will it be tomorrow?

    The situation in Del Rio, Texas, this afternoon is a little different from the usual situation. The crowd of 8,000 isn’t making a run for it across the border; they’re surrendering to the Border Patrol near the bridge and then being given a number while they wait to have their asylum application processed. They’re not Mexicans or Central Americans either, by and large. They’re Haitians, some of whom had been living in South America for several years and have now made the move north in hopes that Biden’s porous borders policy means they can finally get into the United States.

    Fox’s Bill Melugin has been posting images of the crowd on Twitter. It’s a scene:”



    “Once upon a time not too long ago, notes Melugin, a group of thousands baking in the Texas heat with little to eat or drink and just 20 port-a-potties for all of them would be treated as a humanitarian crisis by people who profess to care about such things:”

    “Local authorities in Del Rio are shocked by the crowds and fear it could get much worse soon:

    We’ve been speaking with both the sheriff and county judge in Del Rio, they tell me while they’ve never seen anything like this, there’s nothing that can be done to stop them from coming…

    Some are walking across with bags, Val Verde County Judge Lewis Owens tells me while the immigrants wait to be processed they walk back and forth between the U.S. and Mexico to buy food.

    Judge Owens says a caravan of 25,000 migrants is headed for the Texas border, how quick they’ll get here is unknown.”


    Are we having fun yet?


  5. Milley is a joke, and should be stripped of rank, retirement, and prosecuted as well.

    “Retired General Rips Milley: Actions Fall Between Treason And Dereliction of Duty…”


  6. More garbage from a garbage media.




    The script has already been written.


  7. It’ll cost him, but his conscience requires speaking up.

    “U.S. Army Officer Resigns over Biden’s Vaccine Mandate, ‘Marxist Takeover of the Military’

    Lt Col Paul Douglas Hague listed many reasons for resignation, including ‘complete lack of confidence in the presidential administration’ & infiltration of Marxism.”


    “The combination of critical race theory, the focus on diversity rather than military strategy, and the top brass’ aversion to bad press have certainly corroded morale among US armed forces members.

    Of course, General Mark Milley’s reportedly questionable treatment of President Donald Trump and his alleged phone call to Chinese military leaders is probably not helping instill confidence, either.

    Now Biden’s vaccine mandate is also inspiring many to reconsider their military career plans, as in Lt. Col. Paul Douglas Hague. He is resigning and forging his pension due to the administration’s rules and the Marxism seeping into the military.

    The resignation letter by Lt. Col. Paul Douglas Hague, tweeted out by his wife and shared with Fox News, said he was resigning from the Army after 19 years of service and forgoing his pension primarily because of the Pentagon’s mandatory COVID-19 vaccination order for all U.S. military service members.

    “First, and foremost, I am incapable of subjecting myself to the unlawful, unethical, immoral and tyrannical order to sit still and allow a serum to be injected into my flesh against my will and better judgment,” Hague, who is stationed at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, wrote in the letter. “It is impossible for this so-called ‘vaccine’ to have been studied adequately to determine the long-term effects.””

    “The epic failure in Afghanistan was also on Hauge’s lengthy list of reasons for resignation.

    The father of seven went on to blame the Biden administration for the suicide bombings that took place in Kabul and resulted in the death of 13 service members, saying the president also ‘undoubtedly set our nation up for many more attacks both in Afghanistan and within our own borders’.

    ‘I cannot and will not contribute to the fall of this great nation and its people,’ Hague wrote, adding that he will ‘continue (to) uphold the constitution of the United States’ but can no longer do it while serving in the military as he believes ‘the military is currently being used to the contrary’.”


  8. NBC editor outs himself as a partisan hack………



  9. Indeed.

    But none of what’s revealed is good.


  10. Enjoy!

    “Leaked Document Shows Biden Sidelining Public To Take Orders From Planned Parenthood

    The Biden administration is flouting the law to push through a massive financial favor to the powerful and lucrative abortion industry that backed Joe Biden’s presidential candidacy with tens of millions of dollars.”


    “A new leaked document shows the Biden administration flouting the regulatory process in order to push through a massive financial favor to the powerful and lucrative abortion industry that backed Joe Biden’s presidential candidacy with tens of millions of dollars.

    Less than two weeks after an already abbreviated period of time for the public to review and comment on the proposed regulatory change, Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services circulated a draft final rule that violates the clear language of Obamacare in order to benefit Planned Parenthood and other corporate abortion interests. The leaked document, dated August 10 and more than 300 pages long, was then sent to the Office of Management and Budget for final approval, according to multiple sources familiar with the federal rule making process. OMB posted confirmation of receipt August 19, a mere 50 days after the major rule change was first proposed to the public.

    “In their rush to finalize the rule, HHS and [Secretary Xavier] Becerra are making a mockery of the rule making process. Their efforts to minimize public input and provide only cursory review shows the rule was predetermined,” said Rachel Morrison, a policy analyst at the Ethics & Public Policy Center who submitted comments opposing the rule.

    In order to pass the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, in 2010 on a mostly party-line vote, Democrats included a provision to placate pro-life members of the party reluctant to vote for it. Section 1303 of the bill requires separate billing for medical procedures that end unborn human lives. Pro-life Democrats said this would ensure no federal funds were spent on abortions. Plan users would write one check for their premium, and another for an abortion rider.

    However, the Obama administration ignored the statutory language and made it harder for plan users to know if they were funding abortion by allowing insurers to bury the abortion surcharges deep in plan documents. Before the end of the Trump administration, the regulation governing such payments for abortion was updated to make it compliant with the law as written. Planned Parenthood and then-California Attorney General Xavier Becerra sued to block the rule. Becerra was rewarded by Biden, who regularly emphasizes his devotion to the Roman Catholic Church, with an appointment as secretary of Health and Human Services.

    On July 1, the Biden administration proposed to eliminate and replace the Trump administration’s separate billing requirement.

    Normally, such an important and economically significant rule change would require giving the public months of opportunity to comment, followed by months more of rigorous review of and response to the comments, before finalizing the rule. In a stunning move, the Biden administration provided only 28 days for public comment, thereby receiving only 341 comments.

    By contrast, President Donald Trump gave the public a full two months to comment on his administration’s rule governing the billing for abortion services, receiving more than 75,000 public comments. This was consistent with Executive Order 12866, signed by President Bill Clinton in 1993, which provides that rules should generally have at least 60 days for public comment. The Administrative Procedure Act says that unless it’s a national security crisis or other urgent situation, less than 30 days of review is not advisable.

    What makes the abnormally short public comment period even more surprising is that HHS admitted in its final draft this rule “is expected to be a ‘major rule’ … because it is likely to result in an annual effect on the economy of $100 million or more.””


    Joe’s a moderate?

    Bwahahahaha!!!!! 😂🤣😂🤣


  11. Her lips are moving, so the Psaki hack is lying again.

    I wonder, do the Covid scolds support this too?


    Facts? No, Jen doesn’t need or use those…..



    But… but….

    Muh narrative…..


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  12. Oh look, the pandemic underlying the Covid pandemic, is worsening.

    Comorbidities matter.

    “States Where A Third Of People Are Obese Rise To 16, Nearly Doubling In Two Years”


    “America’s underlying pandemic is getting worse.

    New data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) out Wednesday shows the number of states with high obesity rates nearly doubled in the course of two years, with at least 35 percent of residents in 16 states consisting of adults with obesity in 2020. The number of states is up from a dozen in 2019, and nine in 2018.

    States added last year include Delaware, Iowa, Ohio, and Texas, each now home to a population where more than a third of people are obese. States that had already reached that benchmark by 2019 include Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

    The map below from the CDC outlines the prevalence of obesity based on self-reported data of U.S. adults, with obesity defined as having a BMI of 30.0 or higher. Those with a BMI between 25.0 and 30 are considered overweight.”


    “All states and U.S. territories in 2020 saw obesity rates exceed 20 percent, said the CDC, with data showing 42 percent of Americans nationwide were obese in 2017-2018. As of 2020, rates of obesity were most heavily concentrated in the Midwest and South, with Mississippi highest at 39.7 percent of the population obese, followed by West Virginia at 39.1 percent, and Alabama in third at 39.0 percent.

    The soaring obesity rates raise the severity risk of new public health crises on the horizon, after exacerbating the pandemics already plaguing health care today. In addition to carrying long-term risks for heart disease, strokes, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer, obesity as much as triples an individual’s chances for hospitalization from COVID-19. CDC data in March revealed 78 percent of those hospitalized with the novel coronavirus were obese or overweight, revealing the root cause of the pandemic’s severity.

    “True health care for all would involve getting real food to these sickest of the sick,” Dr. Tim Logemann of the Wausau Aspirus Hospital Cardiologist and Obesity Treatment Program in Wisconsin told The Federalist. “Real food would treat or prevent many of the ‘diseases’ they suffer from and they would not need medicines, physicians, ER, etc.””


  13. But the head of the snake remains…..







    The media is garbage.


  14. What would a competent GOP be doing about all this mess?

    How would we know? We don’t have a competent GOP.

    Mollie gets it.

    “What A Competent Republican Party Would Be Doing About Democrats’ Tyranny

    Here are some ideas of what Republicans could do if they actually wanted to motivate voters to show up for them at the polls ever again after Lucy-with-the-footballing us for decades.”


    “The uproar over Joe Biden’s pressure on more Americans to take experimental COVID protection shots is not entirely about the shots themselves. It is partially that: The novel technology with very little track record, its use of murdered unborn children’s bodies, the fact that most people being coerced are at low risk if they instead get the disease naturally, the potential motivations for eliminating a control group for observing whether obeying incompetent, corrupt, and even evil leaders was a wiser course than obeying one’s own conscience despite the costs.

    Besides these very real issues, however, is the politicization of COVID-19, and how the ruling class has been allowed to use this virus to bulldoze the American economy, seize control over elections, subject Americans to constant disruptions and fear, begin centralizing their control of cancel culture, further destabilize American children’s futures, and indefinitely suspend our highest laws and sacred inalienable rights. All this is what’s behind those who don’t believe they need these shots.

    If the United States had an effective two-party system, instead of a ruling class and its cardboard-cutout opposition, more of the nation would have changed course on COVID-19 with Florida in September 2020. But this crisis posed too great an opportunity for the left to destroy more constitutional and social norms, paving their path to unified power over the tiniest details of Americans’ lives.

    It has been clear since the Obama years that the left has abandoned the rule of law, constitutional norms, even the commitments to objective truth and open inquiry that are required for scientific pursuit and rational discourse. Yet Republican leaders are somehow still playing a pre-Obama fantasy game that exists only in their heads.

    Talk About ‘Breaking Norms’
    It’s hard to understand how people who were not only merely alive but full-time, 24/7 politicos in 2008 and going forward haven’t in the decade since figured out the new norms that have been imposed on American governance and applied that information to shift their behavior accordingly. We’re talking the era of Mr. “Pen and Phone” Obama, who openly celebrated disregarding American legal precedent, norms, and restraints for one-man rule restrained only by how much he thought the demos would tolerate at the time, with the Wilsonian goal of pushing them ever further the moment it became possible.

    Obama was described by legal scholars on both left and right as an aggressive abuser of the law. In these pages, Cato scholar Ilya Shapiro — no firebreather — described his administration as “the most lawless in U.S. history.”

    This is a man who opened the border and suspended U.S. immigration law unilaterally, which is flatly unconstitutional. He dared the courts to stop him, likely knowing full well that even if they did — itself a crapshoot because our judicial system is becoming lawless thanks to its corruption with leftist doctrines — it would take years during which millions of people would be able to illegally enter the United States.

    Obama’s administration did the same thing with Common Core, lawlessly making demands of states that were both outside and against what the actual laws defined or allowed. It is illegal for the federal government to direct or control curriculum or tests. Not only did the Obama administration flagrantly do that, they were cheered on through a massive campaign assisted by gullible brand-name Republicans, who were among the first to rush to condemn Donald Trump at every opportunity, because “norms” and “temperament” and “rule of law.”

    The administration brazenly took over Congress’s authority to legislate from the presidency about internet use, energy generation, how colleges should treat student sex, target political opponents of the regime through banking and tax regulations, and bailouts of corporate cronies. They spied on journalists and on their political opposition. All with impunity.

    Republicans responded by promising to repeal another brazen power grab over one-sixth of the U.S. economy, then making like this guy when they had the chance to prove big to voters that they are men and women who can be trusted with votes and donations.

    Chris Bedford recently outlined why Obamacare was a big win for Democrats and a loss for Republicans, even though it slaughtered them in electoral representation for multiple election cycles.

    That’s Democrats: Even when they lose, they win — because they are prepared to lose short-term to gain long-term, and because they fight like hell. Republicans? One of them shows up with a bazooka, and they train their guns on him instead of their ostensible opponents. They spent their historic control of Congress and the presidency in 2016 following one Democrat red herring after another, culminating in their return to the feckless minority, where they appear to be quite comfortable as Democrats wail on their voters.

    When Someone Lies Endlessly, A Sane Person Would Stop Trusting Him
    Democrats also have no scruples about lying or its lesser cousin, hypocrisy. In fact, for them, lying flagrantly and breaking the rules they impose on the hoi polloi is a badge of honor that shows they have arrived at real power. They knew very well all throughout 2020 that Joe Biden was a mentally incapable fool, and that he would be used as a puppet figurehead by large portions of Obama’s old staff to push another four years of pen-and-phone one-man tyranny.

    They needed him because public schooling has been highly effective at its real goals, one of which is teaching Americans that not hurting anyone’s feelings ever is far more important than doing the right thing. Voters were told soothing false messages about Docile Joe, like he wanted “civility,” “norms,” “law and order,” and definitely not any mean old vaccine mandates!

    Turns out that was another lie. Believe them once, shame on them. Believe them 509,391 times…what, then?

    As Obama and now Biden make perfectly crystal-clear, Democrats do whatever they think they can get away with, including lying, cheating, and stealing. Thanks to the fecklessness of the Republican Party, what they can get away with is getting bigger and worse.

    To end this dangerous, totalitarian dynamic that reduces them to a pretend opposition kept only for the sake of appearances, Republicans need to get their heads out of the pre-Obama sand already. They must instead approach politics like negotiating with terrorists and toddlers: For everything they do you don’t like, impose a penalty.”


  15. Worth a read



    America Has Lost the Thread

    It feels like we no longer live in the country that came together after 9/11. How do we get that back?

    By Peggy Noonan

    I want to stay with 9/11 to say something that struck me hard after the ceremonies last Saturday. The grief felt and expressed had to do with more than the memories of that day 20 years ago. It also had to do with right now.

    It had to do with a sense that we are losing the thread, that America is losing the thread. We compared—we couldn’t help it, it is in the nature of memory—the America of now with the America of 20 years ago, and we see a deterioration. We feel disturbance at this because we don’t know if we can get our way back. The losing of the thread feels bigger than ideology, bigger certainly than parties. It feels like some more fundamental confusion, an inability to play the role of who we are, and to be comfortable in who we are. …

    … The country we are experiencing now is one of people in different groups ganging up on each other. We all see this. It’s all division, driven by identity politics, race, gender, class. Twenty years ago we were grateful for cops, now we denigrate them and they leave and we argue about why they left. A rising generation of voters who were children when 9/11 happened and who became conscious of history during the 2008 economic crisis see (and have been well taught!) the imperfections, mistakes and sins of their own country but have no human memory of the abuses of other systems, of how damaging deep socialism, and communism, have been. The passion of their emerging beliefs will engender opposing passions. They already are.

    Just about every large business in America is now run by its human resources department because everyone appears to be harassing and assaulting each other, or accusing each other. Is this the sign of a healthy country? …

    … And of course it all plays out in a million political and cultural issues. The pandemic came, a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence (we hope) and somehow that shared experience became another opportunity for division. Government had to be deft and persuasive and honest about what it didn’t know and didn’t have, and often failed. But government can always regulate, spend and tax. We’re no deficit hawks in this corner but doesn’t U.S. public debt going toward $30 trillion feel a little . . . high? And dangerous?

    When a country has lost the thread it gets a mob breaking into the U.S. Capitol going for the ballots that will ensure and formalize a presidential election. When it’s lost the thread it can no longer maintain a rough consensus—it doesn’t even WANT a rough consensus—on how we vote. …

    … What are regular people doing? My sense is they’re trying to hide from the national, figuring they’ll make strong what they can make strong—the family, the school, the local. They’re not trying to “maintain control” or “retreat,” they’re just trying to make things work. But what does it mean for a country when its most sober and thoughtful people are essentially trying to hide from it? To hide from the accusations and division and the growing air of freakishness, from the whole cultural revolution and the woke regime, trying to enforce boundaries between “that” and “us.” And knowing all the while that, as they say, you may be through with the culture but the culture isn’t through with you.

    I feel certain this whole story will have some effect on, maybe a big effect on, the next election and the one after that. Just people feeling, knowing, that we’ve lost the thread, need to get it back, and wondering what we can do to help make that happen.

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  16. Like I said over the weekend when this story first came out, when the next Osama Bin Laden comes calling, remember it was Joe Biden that built it.


    It is.


  17. That’s useless to those mourning these children you idiot.


    But they’ll run cover for Senile Joe.


  18. The Covid Scolds have their own religion now.

    “The Holy Church of Covid 19 Vaccination”

    Here are the church’s tenets….




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