51 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-16-21

  1. Morning all. Chas should be finishing his breakfast and reporting back in soon.
    Michelle is the winner as she was the first to like my facebook post showing my class all in PNG colors to celebrate Independence Day. 46 years as they became a nation in 1975.

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  2. Good morning.
    Janice, that would be the working retiree’s sense of humor with his last initial.
    And how long after the second shot until you became ill. Trying to plan my day tomorrow.

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  3. Morning!
    The heat returns today…and the high pollen count…achoo! 🤧
    Daughter will get her second shot on Sunday….praying hers and your’s Mumsee will be non eventful!!

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  4. Good morning! We are having a covid free day. That is because it is my day off. The hot water heater was off again, but thankfully Trey is an expert lighter. Miguel is to have a procedure on one of His toes this afternoon
    He recently had an ingrown toenail fixed. He felt so much better after that he made an appt to get this other done. We are going to eat oh and then do fun things until we meet my milk ladies at 6pm.
    I’d better get busy. I have been moving slow due to a headache and sore back.

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  5. That is no fun, rkessler. Praying a quick recovery.

    Well, I have a two hour drive back home after the second so hoping to not get sick and if I must, to delay it until home.

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  6. I think you will be fine until you get home, mumsee. They watch you for fifteen minutes to make sure there isn’t a horrible reaction. That is not done with any other vaccination, which should tell us about how different this one is, btw. Praying all will be well with you as you travel home again.

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  7. I was tired the first day, slept well, and bounced back fine on day 2. My arm was sore, however, for a few days–but nothing like it would be after throwing around a bale of hay or hauling a dense four-year-old around.


  8. Mumsee, someone in the online writing community told me she had a rough time of it. She told me she started getting really ill around the ten hour mark. I got the shot around 10 a.m and was feeling ill by the evening. Then it went on for a number of hours, maybe 48? I lost track. My fever did go down at points but came back. I pray you will just get the minor symptoms. Every person is so unique with this. And with different variations from different manufacturers, that is of course in the mix. I read that Moderna which I took has a much higher payload than Pfizer which could explain how very sore and painful my arm became. Hed I used Tylenol and Advil as a cocktail against the pain, along with compresses on my arm it would have helped ease the symptoms. Be prepared up front. I did not want to ask Art to go out to get things from the drug store with Delta rampant in Georgia. I do not expect those who had an easy time of it to understand whatsoever how bad it was.

    This morning I have had a sense of perhaps I am getting a fever again. My eyes tend to see things tinged in yellow when I get feverish. I have been overdoing it with this moving business. I can be sick again after the truck is packed up tomorrow! I know, I am putting on my Pollyanna rose colored glasses and praying God will keep me well enough to do wh as t needs doing.

    I did drink a whole bottle of blue Gatorade during the sickness. It was my constant go to when thirsty. Also as I started getting better I noticed that chamomile tea made me perk up so I drank more than my brother one a day allotment of that.

    A friend in Bible study said her husband, a doctor, was pretty sick for about 18 hours. Most of the people I know have had minor problems.🙏 That will be your report, too.

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  9. Right. I expect to not have much in the line of symptoms. Just wanted to make sure I was good to drive the two hours. I did tell husband I might call him halfway and have him bring me a tent so I can camp it out. But it sounds like I will be fine for the drive.

    I don’t really know if I have any long symptoms from the first. Seem a bit more tired and less able to sleep through the night. But no more headaches than usual, or stomach issues. I have been eating significantly more and I find that a bit odd.

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  10. The saddest thing to me is to be considered an over reactive wimp about being sick from the shot. I feel dissed at times and that hurts more than the sickness. I have to keep giving it over to God, over and over. I am actually glad that Wesley had a big reaction to Moderna, too. It makes me feel validated at least by him. But thankful his was not as long lasting as mine. He had gone to his graduation ceremony and then directly to get his shot. Great celebration of his year late graduation, huh? Everyone wants a Covid shot to celebrate getting through all those years of school.

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  11. “Vaccination and anaphylaxis” — an article from 2006, long before the covid vaccine. (And that is the reaction they watch for in that 15 minutes; it’s quite rare).

    Remember when it was announced late in 2020, when Trump was still president and it was his administration overseeing these efforts, that a vaccine would likely be approved early in 2021? Was I the only one who felt relief and gratitude — thank you, Lord — with that news?

    Such curious times we are in, I can’t quite get my head around it all.

    But yes, after-effects, if they occur at all following the 2nd shot, typically occur the next day.

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  12. I know everyone is wxtra careful and there has been lots of research.
    But I have always, in all circumstances, been somewhat skeptical about injecting something directli into your body.

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  13. Michelle, I was all for getting the vaccine when Trump was in charge because I thought and think he actually cares for the people. But so many lies were coming out and I did not trust this administration so waited until it was approved approved, giving more time for it to be proven or disproved. In my view, it seems to help with keeping the virus less deadly but the side effects are not yet known or understood. And by the time I took the first dose, it was clearly not very long term.

    Janice, “they” say it is good you have had a significant reaction as it means your body is working properly. My folks had no reaction, not even a sore arm. I doubt it did much for them other than psychologically. My step mom was opposed to getting it up until she got it and I suspect she has forgotten she got it. I am also sorry you are having to deal with it and totally do not think you are a wimp. I think I am though.

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  14. Well, polio vaccines have been around for a while, Chas. I’ve generally viewed medical advances as a blessing in our age, from modern-day surgeries to medicines and, yes, vaccines to prevent some of our more virulent enemies in the unseen world of viruses and disease.

    Life was a lot harder (and a lot shorter) 200-300 years ago without any of this, amen?

    My only thought — not having looked it up — is that the 15-minute wait protocol after the Covid vaccines was related to the mass numbers they were treating all at once, an added precaution due to the massive numbers and wanting to be extra careful about initial reactions — probably easier for a rare case to slip through the cracks which they didn’t want to happen, obviously.

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  15. Anaphylaxis: you may recall that daughter had that reaction way back at the start when her company insisted on vaccines. They did not have her come back for the second shot.

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  16. I don’t recall being asked to “wait” 15 minutes after getting a vaccine at Walgreens (you have a few to get once you hit a certain age), but they’re always careful to provide the forms asking you about reactions, etc.

    I had a mild reaction after my 2nd shingles shot recently, but have never had a reaction to the regular flu shot (though some report they’ve had a reaction to that). Understanding that the reactions are part of your immune response pretty much cleared my concerns and when there was a reaction it never overly concerned me; just an excuse to sleep a bit more and maybe to not have to work for a day or so.

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  17. Vaccine science is pretty well established now. Yes, this one was developed quickly but that was because a lot of the groundwork already was there — and, yes, this was an emergency situation.

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  18. Biden, right now, is talking about “leveling the playing field” in the economy.
    Every tiem government and politicians get involved, we get ito a mess.
    Right now, everyne seems to be doing well.
    Leave it alone.


  19. I use to religiously get a flu shot since Wesley had asthma and it was almost like a yearly family ritual. Then several years back when several times in a row my health insurance abruptly ended during the Obama ” you can keep your doctor ” days, I sort of gave up on medical care. I paid $12,000 a year for catastrophic and If I got sick the deductible was about 8,000 so I refrained frlom getting medical services. Finally, I went back once and got a flu shot and pneumonia vaccine. I figure it was the pneumonia vaccine that made me sick for a day or two, so I never got the 2nd in that series. That is another reason I suspected I would have a strong reaction to the Covid shot. I know, I have a bad taste about medical care ever since I got put under the bus by Obama. I am well over due for medical testing, but Covid has quelled any slight inkling of desire to go in, especially as an unvaccinated depised person in this high tech/ high medical establishment part of the nation.

    I hate to admit it because of my support for Trump, but I was concerned he was rushing the vaccine to production as part of his push to get elected. I am thankful he had the connections to cut the red tape thanks to him being highly regarded by business leaders. But still . . . I like to err on the side of caution . . . and then things only got worse with the way the election appeared to be stolen here in my state, the illustrious home of the CDC. It became harder and harder to trust anything related to government. Hatred between the races, from my view black on whit ed hate


  20. Black on white hate has been promoted in big Democratic cities, and when you know you are so much hated that people want to see your demise, it makes it doubly hard to trust health care services provided mostly by the race that hates you. It’s no longer, “We’ve come a long way, Baby.” It is now, “We’ve gone a long way backwards, Baby.” The colors have changed but the game is the same. I do not feel this way of course toward my good Christian black friends, but there is a whole group of rebel rousers who constantly keep the hate flowing.


  21. Mumsee, I checked back on my email from a friend in the writing community. She wrote:
    “Yes, the second shot made me extremely ill for 30 – 36 hours. It started about 20 hours after I got the shot. But other people have no side effects at all. I hope you do well with it”.


  22. I used to skip the flu shot as I so seldom got the flu.

    Then I was hit a couple times with some pretty intense cases and realized that as we age our immune systems aren’t as strong as they once were, so I began getting the annual flu shot a few years back (haven’t gotten this year’s, I’m hoping to hold out until October — and it’s complicated now with possible booster shots for Covid, oy).

    I’ve had the pneumonia shots, the shingles shots and still should probably get the measles shot (never had measles or the vaccine before, from what I can recall anyway and that’s started circulating again). My last blood test included a titer the doctor ordered to be sure, but that was right before the pandemic hit and I don’t recall ever even getting the results of that bloodwork; I go in again in October so I can double check then.

    Yes, medical care out there sounds like a mess — I’ve been fortunate to have work-sponsored coverage (though that became worse through the years, fewer options, higher costs; yet the company still contributed the lion’s share of the cost which I did appreciate). Now I’m on Medicare which really is quite good from what I can tell so far. (But I still hold on to the vision and dental plans through work as the Medicare broker I used said I could get nothing comparable to that, in terms of low cost and decent coverage).

    Once I quit work, I’ll have to figure that all out. I’m hoping dental and vision coverage will improve through the Medicare plans, as long as it all doesn’t go bust beforehand. I wonder sometimes how long we can continue to rely on SS and Medicare?

    My friend and former co-worker who’s caring for her mom in Arizona right now has diabetes and mentioned a while back that she currently has no medical insurance which caused me concern. I think after she left the paper maybe 5-6 years ago she was on that fairly expensive carry-over insurance (Cobra?) but that must of run out and she’s not working now (but there should be something she could get?). Her diabetes was pretty serious, it went undiagnosed for some time, and it doesn’t sound like she’s taking care of herself that well in terms of diet and exercise due to her current situation being pretty locked up for a long time now and having a serious comorbidity for Covid.

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  23. Sorry to hear about your friend and her medical situation, dj. It gets to the ed point where it feels like no one in the medical field area cares about you so why should you care about yourself

    I am valuable now only as a statistic as in being counted among the vaccinated so Biden has bragging rights over the increasing number of vaccinated people..


  24. Mike took a couple of children in for their physicals the other day and learned we had been booted off of Tricare. He called DEERS and they told him we were all still supposed to be covered so he is trying to track that down. He was quite surprised.

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  25. Mumsee – From what I have read, younger folks tend to have the worst of the vaccine reactions, because their immune systems are strong. Older people have tended not to have strong reactions – or any – because their immune systems are weak. But that doesn’t mean that the vaccine is not going to help them.

    Nightingale saw a big difference in the number of patients with Covid after the residents of the nursing home were vaccinated.

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  26. I finally got to speak to Wesley to find out more to pack. Fun, fun, and more fun. Even Miss Bosley has neglected keeping me company today as I have not had much time for her to sit in my lap.


  27. Yes, I think you can get that again even if you’ve had it already. Very painful from what I’ve heard. Avoid it if possible. (Covid, too.)

    Viruses, plagues and other invaders are not our friends, they are part of a fallen world. That we have measures that will prevent or kill off those invaders is something to be grateful for. Science is God’s science.

    “Star Spangled Banner” time.


  28. Some time ago, because of Elvera’s condition, I had a power system installed so that I would never be without electricity.
    Well> This evening I was minding my own business when the lights blinked. The computer turned off and i was without electricity.
    For about 10 seconds. There is a delay.
    The rest of the community here is dark.’It is really black out there.


  29. Wow, you have lots of power outages there Chas.

    From the Internet (which never lies):

    * Most people who develop shingles have only one episode during their lifetime. However, you can have shingles more than once. If you have shingles, direct contact with the fluid from your rash blisters can spread VZV to people who have never had chickenpox or never received the chickenpox vaccine.

    * Stress, some medications, and certain health conditions can reactivate the virus and trigger the symptoms of shingles. When shingles occurs more than once, doctors refer to it as recurrent shingles. Recurrent shingles is more common among people with a compromised immune system.


  30. The difference between established vaccines and the covid vaccine is that shots like the mmr, tdap, polio and the like actually PREVENT the illnes, whereas the covid vaccine does not. It is supposed to reduce extreme symptoms.

    Janice, more people than you know have had severe reactions to the vaccine. I think that very few of these get reported to the CDC.

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  31. Our local mortician, who is also OMI, reports that every non-covid death he had had in the past few months has received the covid shot within the previous 30 days.


  32. Huh? So the vaccine kills? I suspect there’s a lot more context to that.

    It’s more important to know how that is interpreted with more of the valid information on existing conditions.

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  33. rkessler, daughter the nurse, who has declined the vaccine thus far, has that as her reasoning. She has had too many people come into the hospital with serious post vaccine complications for her to take it as worth while.

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  34. I still go back to wondering what one’s underlying politics are and how that plays into all of this. What I find so curious is that our views about the vaccine split very strongly along certain political lines. Does no one else think there’s a strong, underlying connection there? Is it just a coincidence?

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  35. I only had a sore arm for several days after both Shingles shots. I was sick enough after the second Covid shot to be hesitant about a third.

    Kare, it sounds sensible to watch patients for fifteen minutes after a shot. I recently had my second shingles shot and like all the regular flu and pneumonia shots, I was dismissed immediately. Same with my husband. We were together, so not alone in a vehicle right after. Perhaps since they know you have not had an issue before, they think you will be fine.


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