12 thoughts on “News/Politics 9-16-21

  1. But the big fish?

    Yeah, as we expected, yet another cover-up for the higher-ups….



  2. Enjoy!

    And remember to thank the idiots who voted for this.

    “40-plus tax increases: A rundown of House Dems’ $2 trillion tax plan”


    “House Democrats this week are moving forward with their long-awaited plan to raise taxes to help pay for their next big spending package. With more than 40 separate tax increases, collectively worth $2 trillion, it would be the largest package of tax increases in decades — and a test of Democrats’ willingness to raise rates.

    Lawmakers want the money to fund plans to greatly boost government benefits, from expanding access to pre-K programs to beefing up Medicare — though Democrats remain at odds over the plan’s total size, with Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia balking at designs to spend $3.5 trillion.

    Democrats are now racing to move the plan though the House, with the Ways and Means Committee taking it up Monday and Tuesday. Speaker Nancy Pelosi plans to have it approved and out of the House by the end of this month.”


  3. ———-






  4. Mandates for all!

    Well….. except for the illegal invaders!

    “New mandate: Immigrants seeking permanent residency must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination, not illegal migrants”


    “One part of Biden’s latest vaccination mandate is that immigrants applying for permanent residency must be vaccinated against COVID-19. However, that requirement doesn’t apply to illegal migrants crossing the southern border. The vaccinations are only required for illegal migrants if they are allowed to stay and later apply to become permanent residents. The mandate was announced Tuesday and goes into effect on October 1.

    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced the COVID-19 vaccinations will be part of their immigration medical examination.

    In a statement about the new mandate, which will be effective October 1, the USCIS wrote that anyone ‘applying to become a lawful permanent resident, and other applicants as deemed necessary, must undergo an immigration medical examination to show they are free from any conditions that would render them inadmissible under the health-related grounds.’

    Most immigrants seeking a green card will be subject to the vaccine mandate, including asylum seekers, refugees and migrants adjusting their status to permanent residence. Those applying for temporary residency will only be subject to the mandate in certain cases, the USCIS states.

    Migrants seeking asylum or refugee status from within the US will not be required to have the shot, unless they seek an ‘adjustment of status’ – the department’s phrase to describe applying for a green card.

    We know the application process to become a permanent resident of the United States can take years to complete. The proof of vaccination, the I-693 form, doesn’t have to be produced at the start of the application process but it does have to be submitted within 60 days of the completion of the process. So, an applicant can hold off if necessary while they wait for an interview. This means the asylum seeker or refugee seeking to become a permanent resident will have a lengthy amount of time to get vaccinated. Anyone seeking permanent citizenship must visit a doctor designated by USCIS as a “civil surgeon”. They conduct the medical exams for immigrants and sign off on the I-693 form.

    People apprehended illegally crossing the southern border, however, are under no such mandate. They are offered a Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccine, the one-shot vaccine, at various patrol sites upon apprehension. This option has been in place since August but it is completely voluntary. If an illegal migrant wants to be vaccinated, they can, otherwise, they are not.”


    They get a choice. You don’t, at least not without major consequences.


  5. If you got the Pfizer jab……

    You picked wrong.

    “Data emerge showing more differences between COVID vaccines”


    “Recent data suggests that Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine may maintain a higher effectiveness over time than Pfizer’s.

    Why it matters: The effectiveness gap could always disappear with more data, and both vaccines remain very effective against severe disease. But if the gap does hold up, it raises questions about whether the two vaccines should be treated the same way policy-wise.

    Driving the news: Several studies — both preprints and those that have been peer-reviewed — have found a difference between the two vaccines’ effectiveness over time, although some experts have cautioned that this could stem from flawed head-to-head comparisons.

    The studies have evaluated different measures of effectiveness, but all have found that effectiveness against severe disease remains relatively high.

    “There have been sort of signals from enough separate sources that start to paint a picture that may reflect a real biological phenomenon — a real difference. I’m starting to believe that there’s something underlying it,” said Natalie Dean, an Emory professor who specializes in vaccine study design.

    Zoom in: In a study released last week, the CDC found that Moderna was significantly more effective against hospitalizations and emergency department or urgent care encounters than the Pfizer or J&J vaccines.

    A second smaller study found more similar effectiveness level against hospitalization between the two mRNA vaccines.

    Between the lines: Pfizer was the first vaccine authorized for use in the U.S. and began being administered several weeks before the Moderna vaccine.

    “Because of the way the rollouts happened, the oldest and most vulnerable and sickest people, like nursing home residents, got Pfizer,” said Cornell virologist John Moore.

    That means it’s possible that some of the effectiveness gap showing up in some studies is a result of Pfizer being administered earlier and in more vulnerable populations.

    However, the large CDC study that found a significant difference in the vaccines’ effectiveness found that Moderna’s was higher across all ages.”


  6. Gross.

    Yet another reason to get your kids away from public education.

    “When do high school creative-writing assignments become “grooming”?”


    “Answer: When they instruct students to write sex scenes that “you wouldn’t show your mom.” At least that’s the answer Mayor Craig Shubert of Hudson, Ohio gave the local school board when he demanded that all five members resign. Not only did students get that direction from their school-supplied books, an instruction Shubert called potential “grooming” for sexual abuse, they also received other instructions that could be charged as contributing to the delinquency of a minor (via Vodkapundit at PJM):”

    “The Hudson mayor is asking all five school board members to resign or face possible criminal charges over high school course material that he said a judge called “child pornography.”

    Mayor Craig Shubert made the statement during Monday night’s board of education meeting after multiple parents complained about the content of some writing prompts contained in a book called “642 Things to Write About” provided to high school students who are taking a college credit course called Writing in the Liberal Arts II.

    Parents said there was a prompt that asked students to “write a sex scene you wouldn’t show your mom,” and another which said “rewrite the sex scene from above into one that you’d let your mom read.”

    Another prompt asked students to drink a beer and describe how it tastes. Parents said they felt these writing prompts and others were not appropriate for high school students.

    Gee … ya think? The instruction or even the suggestion from an unrelated adult that high school students imbibe alcohol would in any other context be a criminal act. Making it part of the curriculum in school amplifies the contribution to delinquency. Teachers are authority figures, after all, and an assignment or even a suggestion that such actions would improve their grades is a powerful incentive.

    However, the school district denies that any of these were assigned to students. The book, they say, was distributed to them as supplemental material, not the main texts from which required assignments originated. No teacher actually used the material for assignments or even suggestions, the district superintendent insists:

    In a statement, Superintendent Phil Herman apologized to parents and said, “an independent investigation is now underway to determine how these supplemental materials were reviewed and approved, and if any additional action should be taken.”

    One parent perused the entire book and offered a list of objectionable instructions from the book:

    Monica Havens, the mother of a high school senior who received the “642 Things to Write About” book and had worked as a teacher for 11 years, shared some of the prompts from the book at the board meeting:

    Choose how you will die.
    Write a scene that begins: ‘It was the first time I killed a man.’
    Describe your favorite part of a man’s body using only verbs.
    You have a dream that you’ve murdered someone. Who is it, how and why did the murder happen, and what happens afterward?
    You are a serial killer. What TV shows are on your DVR list? Why?
    The kill fee.
    Write a sex scene you wouldn’t show your mom.
    Rewrite the sex scene from above into one that you’d let your mom read.
    You have just been caught in bed by a jealous spouse. How will you talk your way out of this?
    Write a sermon for a beloved preacher who has been caught in a sex scandal.
    Describe a time when you wanted to orgasm but couldn’t.
    Ten euphemisms for sex.
    You are a brand-new suicide-hotline counselor. Describe how you feel during the course of your first call.
    Write a letter from the point of view of a drug addict.
    Drink a beer. Write about the taste.
    Write an X-rated Disney scenario.
    A roomful of people who want to sleep together.
    The first time you had sex.”


    So. Much. Ewwwwwwww…


  7. Thank God for Monica. I hope there were other moms or dads who examined and objected. Thank God for everyone who spoke up and used what influence they had. May there be many more standing against evil.

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  8. Well, I pfizered but my reasons were because it was approved by the people who approved smoking in the military and thalidomide for morning sickness, and to appease relatives.

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  9. That’s racist!

    And that’s Joe Biden’s America.



    While cheering the idiocy….


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