51 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-14-21

  1. I have that problem with numbers and reading, too, Chas. It can make things interesting sometimes.

    Janice, sounds nice to find those ‘lost’ treasures. We have a futon in the room I use for sewing and printing. It is quite handy for when family visits. It was used this week, in fact. I also sleep on those at a couple of our daughter’s houses. I have found them quite comfortable in general. The only drawback we have is with the queen size, which has you getting into bed with the arms in the way. That is a pain for ‘old’ people. This is not a room we would really use a couch in, so a futon was a good choice.

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  2. Topping it off with this afternoon’s activity: clean out my closet. My daughter is on hand with a trash bag to critique everything I own and recycle much of it to the Redwood Gospel Mission Thrift shop (where we buy all our jigsaw puzzles).


    Then she wants to go shopping.

    LOL. With our lodger leaving on Friday for college, we’re going to redo the guest room (finally! a guest room again!) with hope for guests. (See prayer request!)

    If not, the lodger’s girlfriend (a charming young woman), wants to move in. I told her after the new year. I’d like my family to have a guest room for Christmas.

    It’s the little things, right? The hope for a guest . . .

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  3. I just got the car moved out of the driveway for the neighbors who have appointments today for post-stroke therapy. And I’m back at work today, but it was nice to have just a do-nothing day yesterday and to be away from it all. I cleaned the stovetop (I still have one burner that has an uneven flame to shoots too high), took the burner caps out to scrub and make sure they were aligned correctly, and watered out front, but that was about it.

    It’s election day here — I dropped my ballot off Saturday at the polling place up the street. A lot of his will come down to what independents do (and whether enough of them vote or not).

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  4. Johnny Cash is on the playlist next door this morning. Along with mariachi music.

    I have to say, 35-year-old teenager’s music tastes really do cover a broad spectrum.

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  5. Well, the bird was deceptive. We all know sparrows are very small so it looked like the whale was just a little thing. Perspective.


  6. Art and I went to the recycling place right before 8 a.m. We had no idea it did not open until 9 a.m. so I went later by myself. I like moral support when I go there. These days it’s better to have someone with you around Atlanta if possible, but sometimes one is forced to brave up. It was too hot out later for me to tackle all the variety of materials so I only took care of the bags and bags of plastic bottles.


  7. Have I mentioned before that Nightingale loves to decorate for each season and holiday? And that her decorations are done very tastefully?

    For some reason, she has just not wanted to take the time to do it this year, which is very unlike her. Maybe the added time pressures of her online college classes, and keeping up with Boy’s needs and activities (which have been curtailed some), as well as doing some dating, have sapped some of her energy and enthusiasm. (Although she did a great job for my 60th birthday back in January.)

    Well, after not having any special décor for spring or summer (which hadn’t really bothered me), I really wanted some of our fall decorations for my part of the house. So I went upstairs into her spare room, and found the large container of fall decorations. I didn’t take too many, just a few items to spruce up the place a bit. Looks nice! (And Nightingale likes it, too.)

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  8. I was telling Nightingale about a funny auto-correct accident that I saw on a Facebook post, and she reminded me of the time she got a text from her dad, who liked to use the talk-to-text feature, telling her, “Watch out for black guys.”


    He meant “black ice”. 😀

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  9. Just voted in the polling station.

    “You can just turn in your ballot. You don’t have to vote.”

    “I voted by mail for 20 years in the military. It’s a privilege to come in and vote.”

    He then told me he’d just watched Run Silent, Run Deep, so we discussed submarine movies until I was checked in.

    Took me 30 seconds to vote.

    And on my way out, our lodger came in. Funny world.


  10. Some people need more explanation, I see. Clearly, the baleen whale is coming up from the ocean just off the fjord the bird is standing on. Very deep water there.

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  11. “Because you’re mine, I walk the line” was the Johnny Cash song. Cool that Art’s kin played backup on some of Cash’s songs.

    Our warm spell has broken, it’s nice and cool today, the breeze is flowing in the south windows from the ocean. But we’ve been trying to get a decent photo of all the ships anchored outside the two big ports and keep getting thwarted by “haze.” Today it’s ore fog, but still hazy. We’re going to try for tomorrow at 3, though the Marine Exchange (they’re like the air traffic controllers for ships, making sure no one runs into each other and they all go to their assigned spots) captain says the haze doesn’t seem to be wearing off as usual late in the day.

    Sending out emails to big retailers about how they’re prepping for holidays, with some shipments getting delayed in the congestion and supplies of some things perhaps running low.

    Michelle, I agree, I prefer to actually vote in person, there’s something about that experience. But now that voting has been so extended (and I suspect now that the pandemic made us all so used to mailing in or dropping off ballots it’ll be the norm going forward), it’s not the same. California also went in for these larger “vote centers” a few years back — so there’s no more walking over to the high school or the 1st Presbyterian Church or the local elementary school to see all your neighbors, catch up with them as you wait in line to vote where ‘everyone knows your name.’


  12. Kizzie’s post on decorating made me wonder, too, if folks were planning to decorate much for the holidays this year? That was one of the little surprises last year, that so many decorated more than usual in 2020, presumably desperate for a cheering-up amid the worst of the pandemic. That’s one of my questions for places like Home Depot, are decorations selling more than usual (I believe Halloween is all rolled out in the stores now).

    Are people just kind of burned out by now, thinking this will be with us for the foreseeable future?

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  13. I voted on Friday. We like to go to the advance polls because they are in the town nearest where I work. Our regular polling station is way out of our way (the joys of rural life).

    I’m really hoping and praying we get a better leader than the current one.

    And speaking of a small world; my friend’s son is now a pastor at Roscuro’s city church. I babysat him when he was three 🙂 Feeling old.

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  14. Art’s cousin was on Art’s mother’s side of the family. It seems I recall the name Amanda Grant who was maybe Art’s grandmother. I never met any of Art’s cousin’s except for one who seemed nice. Once Art’s folks left the mountains, I think others thought they were snobs. But I think Art’s dad was looking for some paying work since he was not so much the farming type.


  15. Janice, have you considered a murphy bed, if that is what you call it. They pull down from the wall and can look like a bookcase when up. My friends had one and it was so comfortable when I stayed there. It had a good mattress, queen size. I don’t think that sofas or futons are very comfortable. And you want Wesley to be eager to stay.

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  16. A Murphy bed would be nice, too.

    You do want comfort, but if someone is staying for just a couple of days, it is not always the essential consideration. Futon mattresses can vary and we have slept on those for weeks in plenty of comfort. I use my futon to lay out material and hold my bible etc. for my bible reading/prayer time. I can look at fabric that is draped down the front of the futon to see what works well together, since the material of the futon will allow it to stay in place fairly well. I do have a temporary design wall, but don’t always have it up in the room. I also have storage containers underneath the futon for fabric.

    I don’t know, Chas. I think your interpretations of the picture can be quite entertaining. My husband’s partial deafness leads to some amusing conversations.

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