30 thoughts on “News/Politics 9-9-21

  1. This would be great news.

    “This May Be First Step In Curing PTSD With A Pill

    A start-up, funded in part by the U.S. Army, could be on track to revolutionizing what we know about PTSD.”


    “A new company, with funding from the U.S. Army, may have found the secret to treating PTSD with a pill or some other direct form of medicine.

    Right now, treatments for PTSD range from virtual reality to electronic brain stimulation to hallucinogens and ecstasy. But while these can lessen symptoms, they don’t offer a direct cure.

    Dr. Jennifer Perusini, founder of Neurovation Labs, says PTSD has a unique biomarker called GluA1. It’s a protein that is part of a glutamate receptor system, which helps memory formation. But trauma can also spur the creation of GluA1.

    In 2014, during experiments for her doctoral thesis, she found that rats subjected to traumatic experiences had more GluA1. They also experienced anxiety and symptoms associated with PTSD, even when they weren’t experiencing threatening noises and lights.

    Blocking the protein removed the anxiety, but the rats still displayed a healthy reaction to new frightening stimuli. That’s key, because it’s important to retain the ability to be scared by actual threats.

    Perusini is currently in pre-clinical trial mode for a medicine that can block GluA1, and the clinical trial process could take years. But she already has financial support from the Air Force and from the Army through the Army’s xTech program, which awarded her $145,000 to develop her model that targets the protein.

    Neurovation Labs was one of five companies xTech featured this week as part of a showcase of finalists that had passed through the program. “

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  2. Not. Going. Anywhere.

    “WHO says Covid will mutate like the flu and is likely here to stay”


    “Covid-19 is likely “here to stay with us” as the virus continues to mutate in unvaccinated countries across the world and previous hopes of eradicating it diminish, global health officials said Tuesday.

    “I think this virus is here to stay with us and it will evolve like influenza pandemic viruses, it will evolve to become one of the other viruses that affects us,” Dr. Mike Ryan, executive director of the World Health Organization’s Health Emergencies Program, said at a press briefing.

    Officials at the global health agency have previously said vaccines do not guarantee the world would eradicate Covid-19 like it has other viruses. Several leading health experts, including White House chief medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci and Stephane Bancel, CEO of Covid vaccine maker Moderna, have warned that the world will have to live with Covid forever, much like influenza.

    “People have said we’re going to eliminate or eradicate the virus,” Ryan said. “No we’re not, very, very unlikely.””


    Remember to thank Fauci and the Chinese!


  3. “Progressivism As Camouflage”


    “It is hardly news that America’s political divide has widened considerably in recent years. Whereas past policy debates typically occurred between people with roughly similar views of history and social philosophy, many colleges, non-profits, and other institutions have adopted a so-called “progressive” viewpoint which holds that the U.S. is fundamentally racist, dominated by an intrinsically unfair capitalist system, and hanging on the verge of environmental catastrophe. This outlook has, in turn, pushed the Democratic Party significantly leftward.

    Yet legitimate questions remain about the extent to which this newly divergent progressivism is an accurate reflection of popular opinion. Research conducted by Chapman University demographer Joel Kotkin shows that most citizens, including the poor and working class, remain patriotic, traditional, and firmly opposed to radical social change. Millennials turn out to be far more politically moderate than media reporting has suggested, and progressive policy goals, when clearly articulated, are supported by less than 8 percent of the U.S. population.

    Even within the institutions which appear to have succumbed to progressive thinking, rank and file convictions are not nearly as uniform as generally supposed. As Hoover Institution senior fellow Shelby Steele, Georgetown political science professor Joshua Mitchell, and Providence College theology professor James F. Keating have all observed, much of what appears to be left-wing virtue signaling on the part of university teachers is really a form of self-defense. Many of the departmental doors covered with safe-space stickers, Black Lives Matter slogans, and revolutionary posters serve the same function as garlic knobs and crucifixes in the old vampire movies—to get student activists to quickly pass by in their hunt for thought criminals.

    The current grass roots rebellion against the teaching of critical race theory in public schools is especially revealing. In upscale liberal enclaves like Fairfield County, Connecticut, or Fairfax County, Virginia, most parents are fine with the classroom advocacy of many progressive ideas, just so long as their own child’s participation is limited to wearing a button, putting a bumper sticker on the family car, or sitting through a one-off student assembly.

    But try a woke reform of the curriculum itself, and a good portion of those same parents will either storm local school board meetings in outraged protest or find covert ways to support those who do. According to the Hartford Courant, Republican opposition to the teaching of critical race theory in Connecticut public schools has for the first time in decades given their party a chance to sweep town elections across the Nutmeg state. Reports from elsewhere in the country indicate that recalls of liberal school board members are spiking.

    None of this minimizes the extent to which todays universities, teacher unions, city governments, foundations, and even some religious groups are publicly committed to a progressive agenda; nor does it dismiss the disproportionate impact these institutions are having on the Democratic Party. The recently passed House budget blueprint suggests that Congress may, indeed, vote for a $3.5 trillion “social infrastructure” bill later this year.

    But a deeper look at progressivism does raise the possibility of another, less idealistic agenda behind the elevated calls for “social justice,” “gender equity,” and “ending systemic racism.” Especially as it becomes clear that those organizations most identified with far-left ideology are all coping with the same existential challenge: a steep drop in public confidence.

    Start with public education, which has suffered steady reputational decline ever since 1983. That was when the National Committee on Excellence in Education issued its highly critical report of K-12 schooling, appropriately titled “A Nation at Risk.”

    “Voters, especially parents, [still] think our education system is on the wrong track,” notesEducation Post founder Peter Cunningham. So many, he adds, that before the coronavirus outbreak nearly 10 million children, or 17 percent of all US students, had already left traditional public schools for private schools, charter schools, or homeschooling. And in a recent survey of over 1,100 registered voters, 66 percent of black respondents said the $190 billion allocated for K-12 education in the federal government’s Covid-19 relief bills should be used to advance school choice.

    Big city governments and their related social services fare even worse in the public’s estimation. According to a recent study in City Journal, urban institutions are widely seen as inflating their staffs and work benefits, all the while failing to do anything about increased crime, growing homelessness, and other quality of life issues. That is why, even before Covid, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and other major cities were already suffering a large exodus to less congested parts of the country.

    And then there is higher education, the very incubator of modern progressivism. In just the three years from 2015 to 2018, according to Gallup, trust in colleges and universities dropped an astonishing 10 points, from 57 percent to 48 percent—far more than for any other institution. And in a related study, Gallup found that only half of all Americans still think a baccalaureate degree is “very important” for a person’s long-term success.

    It is bad enough for all three of these institutions that evermore citizens view them skeptically. But the rising tide of government debt, along with the tax hikes and price inflation predicted to follow, only promise to further increase the public’s demand for cost-effective alternatives: school choice to escape mediocre district monopolies, greater freedom to work from suburban and exurban locations, and online college courses to substitute for pricy campus classes. Even policy experts who doubt the sufficiency of such replacements know the institutional status quo is unpopular and likely to become even more so in the coming years.”


  4. No. No they don’t.


  5. And the authorities will do nothing….

    These are leftist after all, a protected class.

    A gorilla mask?

    Racist much, are ya’?


  6. Yeah….


    Of course…. 🙄


  7. Still not getting the jab.

    “Superhuman: People with “hybrid immunity” can best all six COVID variants — plus the original SARS virus”


    “Read this and for the first time you’ll find yourself (slightly) jealous of people who’ve caught the virus. Alternate headline: “Donald Trump basically indestructible by COVID now.”

    We’ve been over this ground before, actually. Back in May studies were already beginning to show that while natural immunity is powerful and vaccine immunity is powerful, having natural immunity and then getting vaccinated creates an extremely robust, almost superhuman immune response to the virus. My layman’s understanding is that when you’re infected, your immune system gets a look at the complete virus and begins fashioning antibodies to neutralize it. That’s different from a vaccinated person, whose system gets a look only at the spike protein. Immunity to COVID continues to evolve over time in both groups, generating more complex antibodies, but they’re especially complex in people with natural immunity because they saw more of the virus than the vaccinated did. Which may explain why people with natural immunity do much better against Delta.

    When you take someone who has that more complex immune memory from infection and dose them with the vaccine, you generate an enormous surge of antibodies and prompt that person’s already sophisticated response to the virus to become even more sophisticated from a second look at the spike protein. Result: Not only are they extremely protected from illness, the antibodies they produce are capable of handling all known strains of the virus and unknown respiratory viruses as well.

    When you take someone who has that more complex immune memory from infection and dose them with the vaccine, you generate an enormous surge of antibodies and prompt that person’s already sophisticated response to the virus to become even more sophisticated from a second look at the spike protein. Result: Not only are they extremely protected from illness, the antibodies they produce are capable of handling all known strains of the virus and unknown respiratory viruses as well.

    Super-immunity: Catch the fever. Literally!

    In a study published online last month, Bieniasz and his colleagues found antibodies in these individuals that can strongly neutralize the six variants of concern tested, including delta and beta, as well as several other viruses related to SARS-CoV-2, including one in bats, two in pangolins and the one that caused the first coronavirus pandemic, SARS-CoV-1.

    “This is being a bit more speculative, but I would also suspect that they would have some degree of protection against the SARS-like viruses that have yet to infect humans,” Bieniasz says…

    In fact, these antibodies were even able to deactivate a virus engineered, on purpose, to be highly resistant to neutralization. This virus contained 20 mutations that are known to prevent SARS-CoV-2 antibodies from binding to it. Antibodies from people who were only vaccinated or who only had prior coronavirus infections were essentially useless against this mutant virus. But antibodies in people with the “hybrid immunity” could neutralize it.

    Granted, the sample size for the studies was small at just 14 people, but researchers saw similar super-immune responses in every one of them. It appears that if you have hybrid immunity, the pandemic is essentially over for you. Not even the Wuhan Institute of Virology could cook up a virus capable of laying you low.”


    More here….


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  8. If you don’t think there’s a double standard/2 tiered justice system, you aren’t paying attention.

    Now there’s proof.

    “Introducing RealClearInvestigations’ Jan. 6-BLM Riots Dataset”


    “Many in the political and media establishment have cast the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol as one of the darkest episodes in American history, comparing an episode in which one person was slain (a protester shot by police) to 9/11, Pearl Harbor, the Civil War, and the British sacking of the capital city in 1814. Seizing on the gravity of a mob trying to interfere with the process of recording Electoral College votes after a presidential election, Democrats impeached Donald Trump over the Jan. 6 breach and put him on trial in the Senate. Democrats have also spearheaded a congressional investigation – one focused on the former president – that will likely stretch into next election season.

    Republicans, Trump supporters, and others see a double standard at play in Democrats’ emphasis on Jan. 6. They note that many Democrats cheered nationwide protests and some even put up bail after the May 2020 murder of George Floyd, a black man, by a white police officer — prolonged unrest that generated far more death and destruction. They argue that groups associated with the summer’s violence, such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa, themselves aim to subvert democracy, and acted accordingly in targeting cops, public offices, and private businesses.”


    RealClearInvestigations has found that:

    The summer 2020 riots resulted in some 15 times more injured police officers, 30 times as many arrests, and estimated damages in dollar terms up to 1,300 times more costly than those of the Capitol riot. George Floyd rioters were found to have used more sophisticated and dangerous tactics than did the Capitol rioters, and in some cases weapons of greater lethality.

    Authorities have pursued the largely Trump-supporting Capitol rioters with substantially more vigor than suspected wrongdoers in the earlier two cases. Many accused Capitol rioters, unlike accused participants in the other riots, have been held in pretrial detention for months – with one defendant serving more time than the maximum sentence for the charge to which he pleaded guilty. Some allegedly endured solitary confinement and other mistreatment.

    With authorities applying lenient prosecutorial standards in many major cities torn by the summer riots, the vast majority of charges last year were dismissed, as were charges in the Inauguration 2017 unrest. Charges have to date been dropped in only a single Capitol riot case.”


  9. The database….

    “Stark Contrasts: RealClearInvestigations’ Jan. 6-BLM Side-by-Side Comparison”


    “Many in the political and media establishment consider the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot to be one of America’s darkest episodes. Others say the nationwide protests last summer over George Floyd’s murder were worse. With polling indicating Americans see two sides to the story – and major media dwelling on only one – RealClearInvestigations has developed the database below allowing readers to draw their own conclusions.”

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  10. The people I have seen in Los Angeles did not strike me as that kind of people. More, agree to disagree types. Odd seeing that but I guess it is from the homeless population which seems to be a whole new ball of wax. I expect it from Seattle and Portland. Of course, the Rodney King incident…. and other things do come to mind but not general mistreatment of others.


  11. All the articles in my local newspaper about the recall have come from the NYTimes and the WPost. Is it possible people in California aren’t all that interested in local news?


  12. When asked about how the new steps would impact Americans’ lives, Psaki said that “it depends on if you’re vaccinated or not.” Wake up, folks – it’s about to get real, and we’re soon going to find out what we as Americans are really made of…

    The Constitution prevents ANY mandates being imposed on Americans re. medical choices.
    This ‘administration’ is not serious at all about keeping the virus under control. If they were, then they would promote proven, effective treatments, and they would secure the borders. Instead, they are using the virus as a weapon against the American people.

    Quarantine is when you restrict the movement of sick people. Tyranny is when you restrict the movement of healthy people. This is the latest phase of the government-orchestrated ‘emergency’ to control and subjugate liberty-loving people.

    They want to create the next false-flag event in order to start a Civil War, or at least to declare martial law. However, the Free States of the USA (Texas, Florida, some others) and the 2nd Amendment will have a lot to say about these mandates…


    “Ahead of President Joe Biden’s announcement Thursday about new COVID-19 measures, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that there may be new measures that will be imposed on unvaccinated people.

    “There are six steps the president’s announcing, there will be new components,” Psaki told reporters on Wednesday. “Some of that will be related to access to testing, some will be related to mandates, some will be related to how we ensure kids will be protected in schools.”

    When asked about how the new steps would impact Americans’ lives, Psaki said that “it depends on if you’re vaccinated or not.””


  13. Another airline to boycott…


    “United Airlines employees who are granted a medical or religious exemption have been informed that they’ll be automatically placed on unpaid leave, a policy that one expert described as the harshest in America.

    In memorandums to workers who have applied for an exemption to United’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate, workers were told that they must become fully vaccinated against the virus that causes COVID-19 within five weeks if their submission is denied or they will “be separated from the company.””


  14. Does anyone in government ever actually read the US Constitution?

    If they’re successful, even more mandates will follow…

    Eph 6:10-13


    “President Joe Biden will direct the Department of Labor to develop a rule that companies with more than 100 employees will require vaccinations or once-per-week testing for their workers, potentially impacting tens of millions of U.S. private-sector employees, according to a White House fact sheet.

    The administration’s rule will require that “all employers with 100 or more employees to ensure their workforce is fully vaccinated or require any workers who remain unvaccinated to produce a negative test result on at least a weekly basis before coming to work,” which will impact more than 80 million workers in the private sector.

    The Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will issue an Emergency Temporary Standard to implement the requirement, the document said. It did not make any mention regarding religious exemption or individuals whose doctors have recommended against getting COVID-19 shots.

    Biden will further sign an executive order requiring most federal employees and contractors to get a COVID-19 vaccine without the option of getting regular testing, according to the document. Federal workers unions suggested on Thursday they would accept the vaccine mandate.”


  15. They suck.

    They’re useless, they truly are an enemy of the people.


  16. The 🤡🤡🤡🤡 show continues….



  17. Again, 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 show.


    Biden is disgraceful, and never served a day in the military.


  18. Yeah, obviously…..

    It’s about you being a senile dictator who thinks this will fly with the public.


    Bingo. But this ends badly. You know that.


  19. Remember these facts as The Senile One and his scolds spout nonsense.






  20. Liar.



    Yeah, funny that….


  21. Mission accomplished!

    Oh wait……


  22. But it is mostly (by far) the unvaccinated who are dying. So the vaccine may not keep one from getting the virus, but it will certainly help one survive it.

    As for that comment about co-morbidities: The presence of co-morbidities does not mean that the person did not die from Covid. Many, many people have co-morbidities – diabetes, high blood pressure, being overweight, heart issues, etc. Most of those who died with Covid and co-morbidities probably could have lived much longer with their co-morbidities if it weren’t for Covid. And yes, some of them might have survived Covid if it weren’t for the co-morbidities, but that doesn’t mean that their deaths were not primarily due to Covid.

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  23. Kizzie: I don’t know where you get your information, but your claim that it is the unvaccinated (by far) who are dying is simply not true. Furthermore, with a 99.93% survival rate (even before treatment), where is the ’emergency’? Then you have the extreme figures of over 1,500,000 adverse effects and thousands upon thousands of deaths from the injections reported in VAERS alone (which is greatly underreported).

    Are you saying that you actually agree with these unconstitutional mandates?


  24. It’s also disingenuous to claim that the co-morbidities played no role Kizzie.

    It clearly does, as those with them die more often. It’s both, so claiming it’s just Covid that killed them is inaccurate.


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