Our Daily Thread 8-28-21

Good Morning!

Tomorrow (Sunday) the 29th is NancyJill and Paul’s anniversary. It’s also the blog’s 9th anniversary.


Anyone have a QoD?

78 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-28-21

  1. Happy Anniversary JnancyJ and Paul.
    And the Blog.
    It doesn’t seem that lang. And I think I have been here all this time.In

    In those days, if I wrote “lang” instead of “long” I would fix it. Now? I just make it worse.

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  2. Good morning. Chas, we can figure it out. I think we have all relaxed somewhat on our errors. I guess that says something about us becoming friends and family.

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  3. Happy Anniversary to the long married couple!May it be a day and evening of shared joy and fond memories for you, Nancyjill, and your husband.

    Happy Anniversery to all of us Wanderers! I love this blog family. It has certainly been an enhancement to my life. As I listen on Audible to the book Digital Minimalism, I have been thinking of what I could cut down on in engagement with online. This blog is not on my cut list. It is a definite keeper! AJ gets an A+ for what he does here.

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  4. Happy Anniversary Nancy Jill

    It is a celebration to have this blog as well. When World shut us down I was distraught. You were my support. I was not happy to be losing all of you.

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  5. Happy Anniversary to Nancyjill, Paul — and us! Thanks AJ, maintaining a blog can get old very fast, I speak from experience (how hard can that be, I thought at the start). What may look simple or easy from the outside can often become a daily drudgery that seems endless on the bad days. Nine years is a long time.

    Kim, what’s expected in your area from Ida? Looks bad. I still remember the Sunday morning in church when Katrina hit — supposedly 16 years ago tomorrow — and being led in our congregational prayer for safety as that was unfolding across the county from us.

    There will likely be more prayers for this current storm tomorrow morning as we meet.

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  6. Does anyone use the website All Sides which supposedly gives three articles about top news from different viewpoints? It was mentioned as a help for those who are looking to reduce the time they spend looking at news stories. This is from the book Digital Minimalism. It suggests cancelling all your apps except those needed to keep work and personal life functional and then after thirty days adding in anything that you intentionally select after analysis to determine it’s worth. He has examples of different approaches people took after they did their reset. One guy chose to limit his news consumption to All Sides.

    The book discusses how the Amish are not opposed to all technology, but they are very discerning to discover its effects on the community as a whole. They discovered owning a car made people leave the community and not visit with friends and family in the community. They have a man in the Amish community test out new technology to determine how it might be used as a good for the community. It it passes their high standards for usefulness then it will be accepted. I was unaware of all this so fi d this book quite interesting.


  7. Carol often had to kill out apps just to keep her phone operational, she’d add so many that the phone would freeze up.

    So has anyone had problems with using an external backup disc? For something that’s supposed to be easy, it’s not for me. Last time computer was backed up was 2018 and I think I did that OK, but now computer is not recognizing the disc and I’m stuck. I need to get this completely backed up so I can transfer to the new laptop.


    Too late to become Amish?

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  8. I’ve had to delete apps fo r.c that reson, too. Now I use some of our older phones for apps that use a lot of storage space. I feel like Hillary using my different devices! I have Audible on Art’s backup phone. If he forgets his main phone, he can use his old phone. Wesley is confused by our exchanging phones!😃🙃😃


  9. I think we should be fine here. The only thing that scares me about Ida, is that was my maternal grandmother’s name. She is probably the reason my mother was the way she was. I remember my grandfather going on “light housekeeping” and not eating anything THAT woman cooked because she was trying to kill him. He would go next door to her sister’s house and get left over cornbread and eat that with some buttermilk when that happened. My father used to say she was “the meanest one white woman he had ever run across”. So knowing all that, I’m afraid.

    The storm seems to be headed to New Orleans, but can do whatever it wants to do. We probably will get a little rain and wind and maybe a storm surge. Mr. P isn’t concerned and I have told you before, his children say Jim Cantore calls dad to find out where he should go. There is a reason we call him Weather-Paul.

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  10. Now the book I am listening to is discussing solitude deprivation. The author starts by talking about Abraham Lincoln and the time he spent in solitude at the location of the Old Soldier’s Home in the DC area. As the chapter moves onward, the author brings in information about mental health issues experienced by the children who have been growing up since Smartphones became prevalent. I had no idea. This book is helping my awareness. I suggest those with young folks in their families might want to read or listen to this book.

    I was mainly interested in the book because my eyes are tired, and I need to cut down on screen time. I was looking for a few helpful ideas. This book is so much more.


  11. I have been out to eat several times. Every time we adopted a new group of children, we went to a Chinese restaurant in Lewiston. So that is four times in just the past fourteen years! Probably more, but they were not memorable.

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  12. Amos is still not feeling well. I noticed he hadn’t been drinking his water. I gave home some watered down beef broth and some puréed pumpkin.

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  13. Maybe just an off day for Amos. Cowboy’s better after his bad night a couple evenings ago. It’s day by day with these older guys.

    But to help prevent his ‘scrambling’ to try to get up in the future, I went to Target today to pick up some long ‘runner’ rugs so I can line the usual pathway for him, that should give him traction.

    I walked in and realized with a bit of a shock that this was the first “real” shopping-type store I’ve been in since the pandemic started. I’ve been to grocery stores, drug stores and Home Depot a few times; but Target? Not at all.

    I was like a bedazzled child walking into a toy store. My mouth may have even dropped open, but with the mask no one would see. The early Halloween decorations, all the back-to-school pencils and notebooks, and the housewares, the pretty storage baskets and throw pillows.

    Took my breath away. lol

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  14. I know what you mean. It is always overwhelming when I return. One time I couldn’t even go to the grocery store, just too many choices. I finally went at 10pm when at least it was sorta empty.

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  15. DJ—get underliners for the runners—mine slipped until I did that. I can send you info when I return home if what I bought. Inexpensive.

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  16. I don’t worry about aps with my flip phone. And Mrs L doesn’t download aps to her smartphone.

    As for backup drives, we have one we use every so often. No problems with it so far.

    DJ- I suggest you find a cloud drive like Google drive or i-drive. They have free upload up to several gigabytes.

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  17. I am loving having the free flight radar 24. I have been looking at Afghanistan. There are no commercial flights going over that country and when you click on the planes they are all military. It was heartening to see that some of them seemed to be Royal Air Force.

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  18. thought I would share this with you. Every time a storm is headed our way this makes the rounds on FB. It is mostly true with some humor to make it tolerable.

    Every true Southern Woman has a final hurricane preparation checklist, and it all revolves around BPGO (Before The Power Goes Out). It goes something like this:
    1. BPGO cook a pot of something that can be eaten (hot or cold) for days. (Especially good when needing to clear all the seafood from your freezer. It gets stinky fast APGO…also known as After Power Goes Out.
    2. BPGO run and unload dishwasher, and threaten bodily harm to anyone who refills it.
    3. BPGO strip everyone butt naked and wash and dry every bit of clothing in the house. Only shorts and tshirts permissible beyond this point. (Shorts are completely optional if tshirt is long enough to cover wee-wees and cooters).
    4. BPGO crank that A/C down to polar ice cap, cause it’s gonna be hot as Satan’s armpits APGO!
    5. BPGO ensure that every electronic device in the house is fully charged, and threaten to kill anyone who takes them off a charger.
    6. BPGO force your pets to pee and poop themselves into full dehydration, cause ain’t nobody taking them out after the rain starts!
    7. BPGO ensure that every ounce of alcohol in the house is frosty cold. This will become a necessity APGO.
    8. BPGO wash all the bed linens and replace with only cool white sheets. Everyone knows they are cooler when you try to sleep APGO.
    9. BPGO take a long, hot bath cause you may not get another one for a few days (or weeks, if we go Cat 3). And for God’s sake, shave everything and use a little baby powder on your extra stinkies, cause APGO, it ain’t gonna be pretty around here!
    10. BPGO take just a minute to enjoy the quiet. APGO you will likely be dancing to the sweet, sweet music of generators and chain saws.
    I hope this made you giggle. Everyone please stay safe.

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  19. Yes, got runner underlinings

    I think a couple lighter colored rugs will go back, imagining them in the house. Glad I didn’t take them out of the car. I didn’t want to spend a lot of time “shopping” so picked what they had.

    I have 2 old runners here that are close to ‘shot.’ They actually don’t shift when the rugs are that big and long, but I did also pick up some strip liners just in case. It’s usually the smaller throw rugs that you have to beware of; these are pretty big and long.

    I dreamed again about an apartment I dream about often (and old ’20s unit I looked at but didn’t rent as someone else was there first — back in the 1980s; but I did get another 1920s apartment nearby).

    I dreamed (again) I owned the unit I’d missed out on and in the dream I decided to buy two more next to it. The catch was I had no money to go buying up California real estate so I began to worry after I’d put offers in. Then the bratty cat woke me up.

    Lots of news already today. I see a drone took out some explosives in Afghanistan; and Ida is ready to do some damage.

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  20. According to the real, we are nine.

    Janice, they have come back with the results of our area of Idaho’s type of Covid. The genome testing indicates it is primarily Delta and the symptoms I had seemed to match that particular variant. So, if indeed I had it, I probably had the Delta. So I should have some immunity to that at least for a while. I also got the first of many pfizer shots. So that should cover a couple of other variants at least for a couple of months.

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  21. Thanks, Mumsee, for the update. The news this a.m. here on Fox Atlanta spoke with doctors about those who get tested for antibodies. Docs said those tested will not get good info because different tests use different numberings and only professional interpretation will be helpful. ‘They’ said that having had Covid may give longer immunity, but that the shots give more powerful immunity for as long as it lasts (if I understood correctly what the docs were saying). Obviously, all this science has not risen to the level of rocket science which is far better understood for what good it does for the down to earth problems of people.


  22. It’s still a moving target with this virus. We’re tracking what we know when we know it, but that’s not what the whole picture will reveal when this is behind us.

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  23. Good Sunday and thanks for the anniversary blessings. And Happy anniversary to us all!! Thanks to Aj for keeping us together ❤️
    We are back from church and will take a drive on the backroads later on…for that is when we do our best chatting … 46 years of getting to know each other and he still keeps me guessing at times! We plan to get away in late September for a couple days at our friend’s bed and breakfast up in the mountains…the leaves will be changing by then 😊 for now I sit on the deck with quite a few hummingbirds flying around my head!! One was but a couple inches away from my face…I thought it was going to kiss me..they are being super friendly

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  24. A crown of humming birds, how delightful.

    It’s hard to believe it’s almost September. One of the side-effects of this pandemic for me is that the seasons and the year simply blur. Half the time I have to stop and think about what month it actually is.

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  25. Sad about Mr. Grant 😟

    We had a really good sermon which was based on Proverbs 3:5-6. It was a perfect sermon for this season of trending bad news and unknown threats . . . Trust in the Lord . . .

    I am writing a review of a picturebook today, 30,000 Stitches: The Inspiring Story of the 9/11 Flag. I had no idea that the flag which hung at the disaster site after the destruction eventually got to travel all around the nation to be repaired by others who had served the nation in times of disaster and need. It is a really good book for these times to make our citizens feel united. Although it will be offered in the children’s section of libraries and stores, it is inspirational for adults, too. I may use it as a coffee table book at Art’s office.

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  26. Thanks Janice — wonder if it’s ever been here, I’ll have to check our archives. My editor is writing the 9/11 story for our whole LA-and-beyond group of outlets, not sure what it’s focusing on but he’s such a talented and gifted writer he’ll do a great job.

    I saw on CNN they’ve reconnected with the now-grown-up “kids” that were in that class where Bush was visiting when the news was given to him and will be interviewing them about how all of that impacted their lives, then and now.

    I noticed when I went out to pull some of the rugs out of my car that my neighbors were gone — which made me feel bad that they didn’t let me know they needed the driveway. So I texted them asking if they’d need if coming home and if so I’d scoot my car out. She called, was very relieved; apparently their microwave crashed last night so they had to go out and get a new one, meaning a big heavy thing to haul out of the car and into their house (so yes, the driveway helps!).

    I’m so impressed by the 26-year-old seminarian (and son of one of our members who grew up in the church). He preached for a second time today. His mom is the one who’s so strikes with advanced cancer right now, she and her husband went on a trip to France as she’d always wanted to go there. But I’ll have to send her an email saying how impressed I am by his sermons. I can see (physically) and certainly “hear” his mom in some of his thoughts and answers during the Q&A as well, she’s been one of our sharper, thoughtful lay theologians through the years, and is beautiful besides.

    She and I had a couple good conversations in the fall about the pandemic, we seemed to be on the same page with how to respond as Christians.

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  27. I think son visited a PCA church today. That was the plan. Will see how it went.

    I have a prayer call in about thirty minutes. We have much to pray for since the pastor’s wife will get diagnosis this week for a serious health issue.

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  28. Tomorrow is the first day of school for our school district, so I will have to be up earlier tomorrow morning than I have been for a couple months. My sleep cycle has gradually changed to falling asleep later and waking up later, so I will have to retrain myself to get to bed earlier so I can get enough sleep. But I tend to have a habit of having trouble falling asleep on Sunday nights. Hoping that doesn’t happen tonight.

    According to the school-bus schedule, Boy’s bus should be picking him up a little earlier this year. At least he will already be ready, since Nightingale will get him up with her as she gets ready for work.

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  29. We went on our drive and ended up at the Big R in Elizabeth…and I purchased a cute top and two dresses…made in the USA…yep…at the feed/tractor supply/farm store 😊
    We will grill out tonight…husband is taking a nap 💤
    Sad about Lou Grant…. 😞

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  30. Sounds like a nice day, Nancyjill.

    I am trying to find US-made things also, when buying something on Amazon I’ll check to find one that’s made here rather than China. Not easy, however.

    Our major export right now is “air” — in the emptied shipping containers we need to turn around and send back to Asia.


  31. My husband’s group played at one member’s church for almost the whole service. They did have communion, so that was nice. There was a nice lunch after the service. This member ‘retired’ from the group. He likes to jam, but gets quite nervous playing up on stage. We will miss him and his mandolin. The audience was quite enthusiastic and joined in on the choruses they knew.

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  32. Report KIm
    Are things still there? You haven’t said anything lately, so I was wondering.
    Preying that everything is ok and that Ida becomes a dud as it is abot to makelandfall.
    Night time is a bad time to do it.

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  33. We are fine. It rained all day, some of it heavy. There were a few threats of tornadoes but we did t have any.
    I am not in response mode. Tomorrow we will be making calls to agent in Louisiana, collection funds and sending aid.

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