36 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-26-21

  1. Good Morning. Today is Mr P’s birthday. He got part of his present last week by mistake…it shipped too early and part last night. This morning he only got a birthday card.

    Amos had a rough night the last couple of nights. Last night his tummy was rock hard and distended. Dr. Google will scare you half to death. I am supposed to be in continuing education this morning and showing property this afternoon, but I am skipping CE and taking him to the vet this morning. He hasn’t felt well. I can tell because he has been sitting into chair with me wrapped in a blanket.

    I awoke to some good news this morning. Bobbi is down to 65% oxygen and they are letting her start waking up.

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  2. Janice, we had the same challenge of finding a dry food that the kitties didn’t puke up. We discovered Earthborn Holistic, which seems to work well. We get the “Wild See Catch” flavor. Chewy has it. Our vet despises dry cat food – she said she’d like to tour the country and blow up every factory that makes it – but we use a little to supplement their canned food because they love it. BTW, we use Tiny Tiger canned food, pate seafood variety, also from Chewy, which they also like and rarely throw up. Even the Outside Cats, who used to subsist on wild catch and garbage, have become quite descriminating in their culinary choices.

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  3. Good morning! It is my day off. Miguel went to the track this morning. I have 2 lugs of peaches and 1 of apricots to put up today, along with 8 antelope quarters to process. A friend is an outfitter and their hunter only wanted horns and the backstraps. If we can make good progress, we will go to the circus in Ruidoso after our milk delivery.

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  4. I’m off today. I had planned to change the oil in the minivan and mow the lawn today, but by 8:30 the “feels like” temperature was already 91. Too hot for me to do the work, so it will just have to wait for cooler weather next week.

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  5. I posted this on FB and thought I would vent my frustration here as well…
    It is funny what becomes the final straw in any given situation. I have handled the pandemic, the “shutdown” of everything, and quarantining. I have handled having Covid while my husband was in the hospital with Covid. I was able to handle my daughter being in the emergency room while I could not go in with her. We communicated through text. I have worn a mask and I have been vaccinated.
    Today was the day I lost it. Amos has health issues and the last 3 nights have been disruptive. Last night his tummy was distended and hard. I called the vet to take him in to see the doctor and discuss his health. They are “curbside and drop off” only. He’s a DOG!!!! He can’t tell them how he feels or how much he is coughing, and how his tummy hurts. He can’t ask questions. So I had to drop him off and leave. The doctor will call me later.
    I realize he is a dog, but this is what pushed me over the edge.

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  6. Kim I am so sorry to hear about Amos….they are never “a dog” to us…it is difficult to believe a vet could take that approach knowing relationships with our furry little ones. Praying for little Amos.
    It has been six years today since Babe’s leaving us…it is always a hard day for me… 💔
    Good to hear of Bobbi’s progress! Continued prayers over her for healing…..

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  7. Oh Kim, praying for both you and Amos. I empathize more than you know.

    Happy birthday to Mr. P.

    I love peaches and apricots.

    I rolled the car down the driveway and parked it across the street at the curb. Some strange car has been planted in the space in front of my house, which I prefer to use, all week. It’s been there before, I’m guessing it’s someone from across the street who maybe works from home and just doesn’t go out much sometimes. But I wish it would move.

    I have a zoom meeting to cover that starts at 9 a.m. and will go on for a while, about how to transition all the big port rigs into “clean” vehicles without financially devastating the poor drivers who make little enough as it is. I have two other stories on top of that to write. And a guy comes today to assemble the front porch rocking chair I bought at the beginning of summer but is still in its box.

    And it’s trash night.

    Hang in there Kim. Cowboy’s been doing fairly well on these new pain meds but there’s no guarantee how long that will last, of course. But for now he has that bright look back on his cute face, is eating well and sleeping a lot, but he seems to feel as well as could be expected with a slipped disc and messed up knee and arthritis.

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  8. We all loved Babe. 😦

    I have a pretty good relationship with my vet and am hoping that “time” will be as easy as possible, but there are “protocols” now that remain in place, so not sure how it’s handled.

    Real Estate Guy had to put down his Great Dane about 6 months ago or more now, couldn’t go in with him. He just broke down crying when he told me about it on the phone. Hard stuff.

    But glad to hear Bobbi is improving, may that continue.

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  9. I know how Kim feels. I had two dogs, Pal and Rex, when I was a kid I lost both of them to sickness that could be cured if my parents would have done it.
    But to the, they werejust dogs.
    I never had a pet since.


  10. Re: Explosions in Afghanistan:
    We need to realize that there are still uncivilized portions of the world. Women and children should stay out of the Middle-East.
    Men too, unless they have business there.
    No. A woman on business is just a woman in Muslim areas. Women should stay away from them.


  11. I am so sorry to hear how your vet’s office is handling things, Kim. I expected it to be that way on Saturday when we took Miss Bosley. I was pleasantly surprised that both Art and I could go in, wearing masks of course. That is the thing about the pandemic. There is no consistency in how it is handled from location to location. Art said in his office they try to go with what makes the client comfortable. I wish the vet’s office Amos went to could be that way. It is a sad time, and I am so sorry to hear all that Amos has been suffering.


  12. I was going to Lewiston today but fortunately, speech therapy was canceled. Well, not really canceled. Seems they did not put him on the calendar. It is the time of year when school shakes things up as the therapists are needed in the schools. But they neglected to tell us that his last scheduled appt was last week. I do not know how it came up that husband and they were talking and discovered the error but it saved me a trip to Lewiston and I am fine with that.

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  13. The U.S. is in a bad state, has been for a while but the past 10 years have really intensified what feels like the start of a potential downfall — at the every least a frightening valley for America. We’re at “war” with one another within, a virus has sent us into a tailspin, much of it self-inflicted, and abroad we’re viewed as weak, divided and unlikely to even defend ourselves. With renewed terror attacks taking American and Afghan lives now in Afghanistan, what will be our response? To simply turn tail and leave per the “plan,” I would guess. And hope the attacks don’t follow us home and come again to our shores, though it wouldn’t be surprising if they did.

    None of us knows what God is ultimately doing here. But Providence certainly is bringing us through a time of confusion and division that doesn’t bode well for the immediate (or beyond) future.


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  14. Hello everyone. I thought I’d stop by quickly and say hi before I head to the studio.

    So sorry to hear about Amos, Kim. How hard to see a beloved pet struggling, and then not be able to go in with him at the vet’s on top of that.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you both, and also with you, NancyJill, as you remember Babe this day.

    Today is a wonderful day for my parents, who are celebrating 60 years of marriage! Well, they’re celebrating quietly, but they and my siblings and our families are joyful and thankful for the many years of God’s grace bestowed on them. Staff at their assisted living place took their picture last week, sent it to the local weekly newspaper, and posted it and their wedding photo on the facility’s Facebook page today. I forwarded the photos to some of you for whom I have email addresses. I think they look pretty young for being ages 80 & 91. 🙂

    When they moved there three weeks ago, one staff member said they were the cutest couple she’d seen. 🙂

    Today will also be a day of goodbyes — to four of my piano students. Three of them are siblings; their dad’s health appears to be in decline, their mom is soon to start a new job, and the children will have changes in their schooling. Prayers for the M family would be much appreciated.

    The fourth one who’s leaving is Piano Girl. Despite the moniker I gave her (here), she never did like to practice piano in the 14 months she was my student, and didn’t want to play in the (optional) recitals that her mom wanted her in. Mom finally gave up and said she could quit piano, hoping that maybe she might want to return to it at a later time.

    Mom let me know a few weeks ago that Piano Girl’s last lesson would be today, so I wasn’t at all surprised when PG came bounding into my studio room last week, announcing, “I get to QUIT PIANO!!!” LOL! A little spitfire right to the end. 🙂

    PG doesn’t know it, but (shhhh) I’m going to give hear a little parting gift tonight. My “Thursday room” when she started lessons was different than my current Thursday room. In the old room, Piano Girl had decided she wanted a little pink fuzzy with googly eyes, antennae, and feet — part of my “Decorate the Piano” kit I use with my young students — to sit on a shelf and “watch” every week. When we moved to a different studio room several months later, she totally forgot about that pink fuzzy, she was so excited to be in a room with two pianos!

    Tonight there’s going to be a little fuzzy going home in her piano bag — or more likely in the palm of her hand 😉 — when she walks out of the studio.

    Wish me luck with these goodbyes. I’m not always good with them, but they are a part of life.

    Blessings to all of you.


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  15. Vet care has changed dramatically even from the time when I was growing up. We took our cats/dogs in for their shots and when they were sick and, eventually, to be put down if needed. And that was it.

    Now it mirrors human care with annual checkups, sophisticated tests and treatments and surgeries and medications, all of which is quite expensive.

    But these creatures God has brought to us to care for and welcome into our homes and families become such a part of our everyday lives for so many years. Saying goodbye is the hardest.

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  16. Six, so good to see you, you’ve been missed. And how wonderful to hear the update on your piano teaching and how that’s grown and thrived in a fairly short time.

    And happy anniversary to your folks. Sixty years is a long time, as well as a testament to faithfulness (God’s and their’s) and the legacy that will live on.

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  17. Over morning coffee conversation with husband
    Him: Tonight I am taking my best girl to dinner
    Me: Why?
    Him: Because it is the anniversary of when I married her
    Me: Ummm that would be this coming Sunday, not today! ….and how many years will it be?
    Him: Ummm…ummmm….46! Hey at least I remembered we got married eh?!!!
    This from the man who totally forgot our first anniversary…. 😜

    Praying for you Six as you say your goodbyes to PG….she sounds like I did when I quit piano!! Now I wish I had stuck with it.. 🎹
    And Happy Anniversary to your folks….what a blessing ♥️

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  18. Amos is home. He has “bloat”. They checked him out and he still has a full tummy from his dinner last night. They gave him fluids and sent him home with tummy medicine. She said not to feed him tonight… He isn’t going to like that. I guess I will sit and rub gas bubbles out of his belly. I made him go walk around in the yard with me.

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  19. Yay for Amos!

    I just got dinner down for my dogs, late today — but it was packed, just turned in my last story.

    And August apparently has arrived here, it’s a tad hot more my tastes so the fans are going. Should be getting some cool air coming in the windows shortly.

    Port rocking chair is put together and ready to rock.


  20. Ah, but God’s sovereignty is never an “excuse” to do nothing. That would be quite the misunderstanding and distortion of Scripture.

    We are called by God to obedience and yes, to be active in our own spheres. We are to care about the world around us and be involved, not just sit back and think of God as “distant.” He’s not.

    That said, “if God is not sovereign, then God is not God,” as one theologian said.

    “God ordains all things in their very details, No maverick molecules (or viruses) escape his sovereign plan. Nothing comes to pass apart from Him.”

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  21. Let’s be honest: Sometimes we weep more over a pet who has died than a person who has died, and we probably feel guilty about that. But several years ago, someone wrote that the reason for that is that our pet is part of our daily lives, a faithful companion, and often a comfort to us in our sad times. Some people – even relatives – are not a part of our daily lives, and we may not have been particularly close to them, so their loss is not as acutely felt.

    I think that makes sense, and is understandable.


  22. Lessons done for the evening. The “goodbye” Zoom with the family with three children is delayed to tomorrow — they double-booked with something else. This is totally not a surprise with this family, lol.

    Lesson with Piano Girl went well. I got a little misty-eyed during our last improvisation — she really is very imaginative, and our musical collaboration on that was very free-flowing and natural and beautiful sounding.

    We played music games with lots of colorful fuzzies, and she was quite happy to accept the pink one I gave her at the end of her lesson. We walked out of the studio together and I talked with her mom a bit. All’s well that ends well.

    And I mentioned to them both that I live in the same community they do (not the community where the studio is), and that maybe we’d run into each other at the grocery store or gas station or something sometime. PG looked excited contemplating that thought. 🙂

    The best part was when I told PG that my street name was the same name and spelling of her last name! She screeched with surprise and delight at that. 🙂

    A good day, all in all (and a nice phone chat with my mom tonight after my last lesson of the evening). Now to drive home in the rain.

    Good night, wanderers, near and far.

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