26 thoughts on “News/Politics 8-5-21

  1. Another Democrat run Utopia.

    “Portland burger restaurant closes citing rising crime, homelessness and ‘human waste'”


    “Burgerville is a chain that has about 40 locations, 20 of which are in Portland. Yesterday the CEO announced that one of those restaurants would be closing temporarily because of the rising crime and problems related to homelessness in the area.

    The iconic Pacific Northwest chain says it hired private security in an effort to improve employee and customer safety, but to no avail.

    “The environment around the restaurant has deteriorated seriously,” a company spokesperson told the Tribune. “Police are now being called daily. Burgerville employees have found weapons, drug paraphernalia and human waste on the property.”

    The neon-hued fast-food restaurant shares a border with the Interstate 205 multi-use path and an Oregon Department of Transportation buffer that has hosted large homeless encampments this year. The responsibility for clearing camps on ODOT land within city limits falls on Portland officials, not the state, however.

    This particular Burgerville was the first fast food chain restaurant to unionize. The union said they had no idea this was coming, describing it as a “complete shock.” There’s some hint coming from the union that maybe the company has an ulterior motive.

    But Burgerville CEO Jill Taylor said the closure isn’t about the union, it’s about the safety of workers and patrons. “I will always put the safety and security of our employees first,” she said. She added, “It is not just Burgerville. Other businesses are being impacted, too.” And there’s really no doubt that’s the case. The owner of another business adjacent to Burgerville said the homeless situation has become a real problem.

    “We are right next to a path that leads to the MAX station and you know, you have children and families walking on that path next, all the way up to the MAX station. And over the last year-and-a- half or so, we’ve had a number of tents just stack up right in the area,” Burke said. “It started with one and we now have about 20, just along the path going up as I mentioned to the MAX station. And the unfortunate thing is you know you have families and children that are walking up the path and at any time you can find hundreds of needles.”

    He said they’ve reached out to Mayor Wheeler and County Commissioner Jessica Vega Pederson but have not received any response.

    “The homeless crisis is certainly a very serious situation in Portland. We all know it, we’ve all been impacted by that, but this is really not the place to have a homeless camps right next to our businesses,” Burke said.

    Just today there is a report about a man being arrested after making threats inside a McDonald’s restaurant which is about 400 feet away from the Burgerville that just closed.”


    But they won’t. They’ll keep electing Democrats and wondering why nothing changes.


  2. “The Coronavirus Timeline: What We Know Now and What May Happen Next

    The World Military Games were the first “super-spreader” event for a pandemic that got its start in the late summer of 2019.”


    “I recently reviewed the report published by the Republican members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee about the origins of the SARS-Cov-2 pathogen and the point source of the pandemic. It was pretty damning for the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV). The committee members assert that decisions made by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the World Health Organization (WHO) contributed directly to the conditions leading to the pandemic.

    I will use the 84-page appendix to the report to highlight what we likely know with a reasonable degree of certainty how the pandemic started. I will project what might happen next based on the current evidence. The information below comes from the timeline from the additional report.

    2003: China Covers-Up Role in SARS Outbreak

    The 2002–2004 outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV or SARS-CoV-1), was reported to have infected over 8,000 people from 29 different countries and territories and resulted in at least 774 deaths worldwide. The outbreak was first identified in Foshan, Guangdong, China, in November 2002, and the Chinese were aggressive in hiding their role in the explosion of a highly virulent coronavirus.

    The accusations of a government cover-up came in a statement by Dr Jiang Yanyong, retired chief of surgery at a Beijing military hospital. He said that doctors and nurses at two other military-run institutions told him at least seven deaths have occurred in their hospitals and claimed there were 106 cases of the disease in Beijing – more than five times the figured announced by authorities.

    2012: Coal Miners Die from SARS-like Illness

    I noted that six miners working in a copper mine located in a cave in Yunnan fell ill, and three of the infected men died. Chinese scientists went to those caves to collect samples from 2015-2017.

    2015-2019: Isolation of Coronavirus and Bioengineering Experiments Proceed

    2015 – 2017: Shi Zheng-li (“Bat Lady” researcher leading the studies of bat viruses), Peter Daszak (head of the NIH grant-getting the New York-based EcoHealth Alliance), and a team of scientists isolate novel coronaviruses, conduct gain-on-function research, and test novel and genetically manipulated coronaviruses against mice and other animals expressing human immune systems.

    Summer 2019: Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) Asks for Bids on Waste Treatment System, Air Conditioning System, and Sample Storage Unit

    In 2003 (clearly, in the wake of SARS), the Chinese Academy of Sciences approved the construction of mainland China’s first Biosafety level 4 (BSL-4) laboratory (high-containment facility) at the WIV. The WIV’s National Bio-safety Laboratory structure was completed with the French government’s CIRI lab at the end of 2014. The French sounded alarms about construction short-change, and despite the promise, it was supposed to be a “joint use” facility, the lone French researcher there is about to conclude his work. It is essential to highlight that the series of pervasive biosafety-related projects are being done on a unit that is five years old at the time.
    September 12, 2019: Sample Databases Taken Offline, and the COVID Cover-up Officially Begins

    At 12:00am local time, Wuhan University announced lab inspections. Between 2:00 am and 3:00 am, the WIV’s viral sequence and sample database went offline. At 7:09 pm, the WIV published a tender requesting bids to provide security services at the biosafety level 4 facility. These actions happened after researchers became infected, took the Wuan Metro system from the nearby station back home, and spread the disease around the city.

    September – October 2019: Car Traffic Around Hospital Starts Surging

    Around the time the WIV’s virus database went offline, car traffic at hospitals in downtown Wuhan surged. The symptoms included coughing and diarrhea.”

    October 2019: World Military Games Held in Wuhan

    The 7th International Military Sports Council Military World Games (MWGs) opened in Wuhan on October 18, 2019. The MWGs in Wuhan drew 9,308 athletes, representing 109 countries, to compete in 329 events across 27 sports. Many of the participating athletes fell ill with various flu-like complaints. Here is a glimpse of the sick athletes and their location in the hospitals…now seeing ill patients.

    Evidence from Brazil, Italy, France, and Sweden indicate that the virus circulated in those countries by November and December of 2019, long before China officially admitted they had a significant public health problem. This was likely the global “super-spreader event.” China tried to blame Italy for the virus at one point.

    December 31, 2019: WHO Officials Learn of Wuhan Outbreak

    According to Dr. Michael Ryan, the Executive Director of the WHO’s Health Emergencies Program, posts on ProMed are the first hints that WHO had about the outbreak. On the same day, we had a request from health authorities in Taiwan. The message referred to news sources indicating at least seven atypical pneumonia cases reported in Wuhan media.”


  3. The invasion continues in Biden’s America.

    “Border Officials Encountered 21-Year Record High Number Of Migrants In July: REPORT”


    “Border officials encountered an estimated 210,000 migrants at the southern border in July, the highest monthly total since 2000, the Associated Press reported Tuesday.

    Preliminary government data reportedly shows border officials encountered some 19,000 unaccompanied migrant minors, a record high from previous months including just over 18,800 in March, Department of Homeland Security Assistant Secretary for Border and Immigration Policy David Shahoulian said, the AP reported.

    The numbers of encounters historically decrease during the hot summer months, though officials have yet to report a monthly decrease since April 2020, according to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data. The total number of encounters at the southern border may be exaggerated because most migrants were rapidly expelled under a Trump-era public health order and some attempted to cross the border multiple times, according to CBP.

    “The large number of expulsions during the pandemic has contributed to a larger-than-usual number of migrants making multiple border crossing attempts, which means that total encounters somewhat overstate the number of unique individuals arriving at the border,” CBP said in a statement.

    Border officials also reportedly encountered around 80,000 migrants traveling as family units, up from around 55,800 in June and just below the all-time recorded high of 88,800 in May 2019, Shahoulian said, according to the AP.”


  4. Some good news. 🙂


    Dems be maaaad. 🙂

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  5. How nice.



    They’re Democrats. This is expected.


  6. The McCloskeys should never have been charged in the first place…they have been put through heck for defending themselves. And Ms Bush will not be challenged for her threats against them….if she were an R and not a D she would be charged I am certain.
    Alfanso David colluded to smear the accusers and now is calling for Cuomo’s resignation? How convenient….evil runs a muck…..
    It seems a great many of our citizens are wandering around in a stupor… they cannot see nor hear truth…Lord have mercy….

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  7. Like Nancy said, there’s never any accountability or Democrats.

    “Psaki Says Cuomo Will Not Be Stripped Of Leadership On COVID Calls Despite NY AG’s Report…”

    Being a Democrat means never having to be held to account by your pathetic party.

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  8. Facebook was also smearing the victims and protecting Gov. Sleaze Bag.

    I know, shocking right? 🙄


    “A top communications manager at Facebook helped Gov. Andrew Cuomo fight sexual misconduct allegations — including by helping leak confidential files about accuser Lindsey Boylan and by participating in regular discussions about Cuomo’s communications strategy, according to the New York attorney general’s bombshell investigation.

    Dani Lever — who had worked in Cuomo’s press operation since 2014 but left in August 2020 to join Facebook as a communications manager — played a key role in Cuomo’s communications strategy even while working for Facebook, according to the investigation released Tuesday.

    In December 2020, former Cuomo staffer Lindsey Boylan became the first of several women to accuse the governor of sexual harassment. Hours later, Cuomo communications director Rich Azzopardi decided to send Boylan’s confidential personnel files to several journalists in what investigators called an attempt to “discredit and disparage” her.

    According to the attorney general’s report, Lever helped Cuomo’s staffers disseminate the files — even though she had already been working at Facebook for months.

    “Ms. Lever coordinated with some of the reporters who received the documents to let them know that the Executive Chamber would be sending them,” reads the report.

    The smear attempt came amid Lever’s broader participation in Cuomo’s defense as part of a “team of advisors from within and outside the Chamber [who] had ongoing and regular discussions about how to respond to the allegations publicly” that also included Cuomo’s CNN host brother Chris, according to the attorney general. Lever’s name appears 25 times in the attorney general’s report. “


  9. What are they so afraid of?

    The truth might get exposed.


    “The U.S. Department of Justice is now telling states that they should not pursue their own Arizona-style election audits.

    The DOJ’s new guidance document claims that undertaking “partisan” election audits could violate federal law, which seems like a clear statement directed at Republicans who support audits in states.

    “The guidance document explicitly warns against audits in which election officials are forced to turn over materials like ballots or voting machines to state lawmakers or third parties — as in Arizona, whose audit is being run by the private company Cyber Ninjas,” Forbes reported.

    “There are federal or criminal penalties attached,” the guidance asserts.

    Biden’s DOJ then suggests that those who carry out audits of the 2020 election “can face fines of up to $1,000 and imprisonment of up to one year for each violation.”

    The Forbes report added:

    Federal law requires state and local election officials to retain federal election records for at least 22 months after an election, and the DOJ said it interprets the Civil Rights Act to mean “elections records [must] ‘be retained either physically by election officials themselves, or under their direct administrative supervision.’”

    Violating federal law by turning over election materials could be punishable through fines of up to $1,000 or a prison sentence of up to one year.

    While some audits could comply with state law, the DOJ said, “federal law imposes additional constraints with which every jurisdiction must comply.”

    “Election audits are exceedingly rare. But the Department is concerned that some jurisdictions conducting them may be using, or proposing to use, procedures that risk violating the Civil Rights Act,” the DOJ document reads.”



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  10. Ouch.


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  11. 30 illegals in a 15-seater?

    This tragedy is on the current administration, which actively promotes such behavior.


    “At least 10 people are dead after an overloaded van carrying suspected migrants crashed on a remote highway in Brooks County, Texas, according to reports.

    The crash occurred shortly after 4 p.m. at the intersection of US 281 and Business Route 281 in Encino, a town of 140 people. The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) is investigating the incident.

    The van carried 30 people, including the driver, but was designed to hold just 15 people, Sgt. Nathan Brandley of the Texas DPS said, according to The Associated Press.

    The driver was speeding and lost control of the top-heavy van when he tried to veer off the highway onto Business Route 281. The van hit a metal utility pole and a stop sign.”

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  12. Thought this was interesting. There is a certain stereotype about Millennials, but what I have seen with Nightingale and her friends is that most of them are working (or trying to) and raising families, and are not as strongly progressive as many think they are. Unfortunately, they came of age at a tough time economically, which is what has held many of them back.

    “A poll of over 1,400 people sponsored by the Los Angeles Times and Reality Check Insights after the November 2020 elections revealed that a plurality of millennials consider themselves centrists. 50 percent are politically independent or lean only a bit in one direction, while another 16 percent are conservative. Just a third identify as liberal.

    And newer data collected well into the Biden administration reveals no real ideological shift: About a third (27 percent) identify as liberal, 16 percent as conservative, and the majority are independents and those who only lean slightly one way or another (58 percent).

    And again, despite what you may have heard, most are a far cry from the stereotypical “woke” social justice warrior. Research from the American Enterprise Institute found that most millennials do not fit easily into the liberal “monoculture” and they do not approve of the politically correct culture pervading so many facets of society. Only about a third of millennials and Gen Zers feel the nation is not politically correct enough, a level practically identical to the third of those who are 65 years old or older.

    One stereotype about millennials that is true is that they are financially screwed. Millennials face enormous obstacles in gaining assets; according to projections by the Deloitte Center for Financial Services, they will own barely 15 percent of the nation’s assets by 2030, when most will be well in their late thirties or forties. They are also far less likely to own homes than previous generations by the time they turn 30.”


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  13. What I find more interesting in your article is the following:

    To be sure, millennials are the most Democratic-leaning of generations, as the Pew Research Center found; they have close to a 60 percent fealty to Democrats, and their votes clearly helped get rid of Donald Trump. So it’s fitting that their avatar is the congressional “Squad” led by the ubiquitous 30-year-old Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, one of their own.

    So they aren’t “progressive” but they are D leaning? They aren’t part of the “woke” crowd yet elect AOC…one of their own? They are not critical thinkers. Their hatred of Trump did in fact “trump” clear thinking. They elected a man who clearly is in a mental decline. They elected Harris for pity sake…the most unpopular VP ever….yes even more so than Quayle…who couldn’t spell potato 😜 They are now being bitten like us all with this economy…are they happy now?

    I do realize many of that generation struggle in getting ahead financially. So they won’t purchase a house before 30? We didn’t purchase our first house until I was 31…it was a whopping 96,000. We worked hard to pay our bills, stay out of debt and have the house paid off early. I was a stay at home mom…we sacrificed luxuries and we didn’t eat out often.

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  14. NancyJill – My take on it was that there is a difference between being “woke” (like YA) and leaning liberal, just as there is a difference between being far-right vs. leaning conservative. I see that in Nightingale. She is liberal in many ways, but more moderate in others, and sees how outrageous the “woke” folks can be. We have some interesting conversations.

    As for not being able to purchase a house before 30, it makes the point that previous generations were more likely to be able to do so, not necessarily that they all did. Hubby and I did not own our own home until we were 45 and 39.

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  15. Not to belabor the topic but I guess I am not clear on liberal and woke. My observations of the liberal folk is they are woke. I do know conservatives who tip into the “you have to be kidding” category for me as well.
    And as I look back at the timeframe for my parents purchasing their first home they would have been around 30 and 33….they paid 11,000 for their home and Mom continues to live there 😊

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  16. Pure evil.

    This is a political agenda that has nothing to do with science. That’s why they censor doctors or scientists who have different ideas or medical solutions.

    What is the science of vaccinating young people who rarely even get ill from a disease, and who have upwards of a 99.9997% survival rate against known forms of the virus?

    Allow the children to breathe fresh air!


    “U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy has said he believes it is likely that a COVID-19 vaccine for children under 12 will be given emergency use authorization during the next school year.

    Murthy made the remarks during an appearance on the “Skimm This” podcast.

    “What are the odds that a vaccine for kids under 12 will be approved during the next school year?” Murthy was asked as part of the podcast’s “lightening round.”

    Murthy responded by saying that he thinks that “the odds are high.””


  17. My daughter is more left wing than me but like me she’s not “woke” — she thinks its too bourgeois. Another thing; sometimes what one person considers “woke” another person thinks is normal. Using the chosen pronoun is considered polite and normal in my daughter’s circle as opposed to woke. Any survey where self identification plays a role runs into that problem.

    The white working class has been relying on multi-generation wealth generated by real estate from the post war era since wages have stagnated since the 70s. They are finally running out of family wealth and have to rely on income to cover all housing costs and its unsustainable.

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  18. Speaking of unsustainable; the current housing prices both for sale and rent. Encampments are quickly becoming the norm in most Anglo-American economies including Canada. It has nothing to do with the party in charge rather the economic model being used. Anglo American economics increase income and wealth disparity and have made shelter costs a serious problem as wealth relies on real estate values. I prefer the Nordic or Rhine models.

    Pat downs and security at nightclubs has been the norm for decades in most major cities world wide — Canada, the EU, etc. The fact this is new for Portland says a lot about the livability of that city.

    McCloskeys should never have been charged; it extended their fifteen minutes of fame and made them martyrs. btw, theres an innocent black man in a Missouri jail for 43 years waiting for a pardon.

    The left is suggested Cuomo change party affiliation since Republicans never have take responsibility for their actions; eg Gaetz etc

    Turning over voter records to a private company is just wrong. And especially to a company that messes up chain of custody and sends data out of state. How long is this so-called “audit” going to take — its just one county; count the votes and be done.

    As a rough generalization, American men participating in team sports at the Worlds or Olympics in any sport tend to have too much ego and not enough teamwork. I don’t see the same problem with American women.


  19. Not exactly shocking news…


    “Facebook “coordinated closely” with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in controlling the narrative of the CCP virus pandemic, including suppression of alleged misinformation, and gave the health agency free advertising estimated at $3 million, according to Judicial Watch, which obtained emails that were released on July 28.”


  20. NancyJill – I see it as a spectrum, from far-left over to far-right, with different degrees of liberalness and conservatism. So someone can be liberal or conservative in many or most areas, but not as strongly as those on the outer fringes.

    One example: From the little I’ve seen of him lately, Bill Maher is quite liberal, but he has spoken out against wokeness.

    And of course, those on the further fringes of left and right often accuse the lesser-left and lesser-right of being on the other side.


  21. Uhhhhhh……

    “Scientist: I partied with 14 vaccinated friends and 11 of us got infected”


    “The plural of “anecdote” is not “data” but the episode described here is noteworthy for more than one reason, starting with the fact that the author, Allan Massie, is an epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins. He studies infection for a living, so he knows what it means when a group of supposedly immune people discover that they’re not as immune as they thought.

    The now-famous Provincetown study on which the CDC’s new mask guidance is based speculated that the huge July 4 outbreak there involved transmission between vaccinated people — but couldn’t prove it. It’s possible that the hundreds of vaxxed locals who were infected with the virus were exposed by unvaccinated people in their midst, as unvaccinated people might have higher viral loads than the vaccinated do. (The jury’s out for now although we know what the P-town study says.) But unless Massie left out an important detail about an unvaccinated person being around him and his friends at their party, one is forced to conclude that this was indeed a case of vaccinated people transmitting the virus to each other. Enough to make each other sick too, although not to the point of needing hospital care.

    In that sense, what he describes shows that the vaccines are still doing their job. No one at the party has gotten severely ill (yet?), it seems. But vax-to-vax transmission is something that didn’t happen with pre-Delta strains of the virus, which is why the CDC told immunized people to remove their masks and get back to normal in May. If in fact Massie’s group involved the vaccinated infecting the vaccinated, it strengthens the case for the new guidance asking the vaxxed to mask up again. And it undercuts one of the core criticisms of the Provincetown study, which was that huge numbers of people packed into poorly ventilated bars on a holiday weekend isn’t representative at all of how most vaccinated people interact in daily life. The crowded P-town bar scene made for ideal conditions for the virus to spread. A small dinner party among vaccinated friends would be different.

    But it wasn’t different, according Massie. And the “mild” case he contracted was mild only in the technical sense.

    Five days earlier, I had gone to a house party in Montgomery County. There were 15 adults there, all of us fully vaccinated. The next day, our host started to feel sick. The day after that, she tested positive for COVID-19. She let all of us know right away. I wasn’t too worried. It was bad luck for my friend, but surely she wasn’t that contagious. Surely all of us were immune. I’d been sitting across the room from her. I figured I’d stay home and isolate from my family for a few days, and that would be that. And even that seemed like overkill…

    Then, I started to hear that a few other people who had been at the party were getting sick. Then a few more. At this point, 11 of the 15 have tested positive for COVID.

    Fortunately, none of us seems to be seriously ill. When fully vaccinated people experience so-called “breakthrough” infection, they tend not to progress to serious disease requiring hospitalization, and I expect that will be the case for us. But I can tell you that even a “mild” case of COVID-19 is pretty miserable. I’ve had fever, chills and muscle aches, and I’ve been weak enough that I can barely get out of bed. I don’t wish this on anybody.

    If this wasn’t a case of the vaccinated infecting the vaccinated, what was it? The only possibility I can come up with (unless Massie omitted something) was that one or more of the attendees was lying about their vaccination status in order to attend the party, which would be reckless and selfish in potentially placing friends at risk of infection. Everyone there seemingly still benefited from getting their shots since no one ended up in the ER, but clearly we’re past the brief stage now where the vaccinated could get fully back to normal with near-zero risk of a symptomatic breakthrough infection. In fact, Massie’s urging the CDC to update its guidance and encourage vaccinated people to mask up and isolate once they know they’ve been exposed to someone who’s infected. The current guidance is still following the pre-Delta regime in which the vaxxed didn’t need to change their behavior after exposure.”


  22. Maher has a point but his constant whining about young people and millennials puts him in the angry man shaking fist at clouds category. In this particular video, he makes the error of interpreting Japanese actions within American social debate. The Japanese sense of decorum and honor have more of a role to play in the resignations than “woke” and “cancel culture”. And “cancel culture” is merely one generation creating new values against an older generation. 50-75 years ago women’s ideas and minority ideas and culture were routinely ignored or cancelled. “Cancel Culture” debates are often generational debates between boomers and millennials with gen x being vastly amused about the whole fuss. In other contexts, conservatives wish to “cancel” things liberals like and liberals like to “cancel” what conservatives like (ie normal politics) . In these cases, both sides play victim and say they are being cancelled. Its ridiculous whining in which one is not being cancelled but merely not being the “right” or “cool” thing or at the very least being told to be polite.

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