49 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-3-21

  1. Good Morning!

    I guess this is the place not to be, since it’s after 8AM EDT and no one is here. But then, most of us live in the Central, Mountain, or Pacific time zones.

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  2. Good morning all.

    After taking some time to think on it I have decided to continue the blog. It would not be fair to all to shut it down for everyone. I am however discontinuing the news/politics thread. Some people can’t take full contact politics. So I will step away from my favorite part of all this in order to keep the peace.

    I will continue to post the daily and prayer thread. So stay, leave, visit occasionally, whatever. Your call.


    Now as to Cheryl’s last comment last night.

    I asked you previously if you had an issue with me to send me an email privately to discuss it. But you’ve chosen once again for a public display of shaming me. You did the same thing yesterday morning with your goodbye. Then last night you saw a need to get in one last shot last night with your passive aggressive nonsense.

    “AJ, if you were embarrassed or offended by the mention of the insulting news thread”

    Now I haven’t banned you, but I’m not gonna let a comment like the one yesterday bashing me stand either. You can stay, say goodbye, whatever, you just don’t get to take parting shots at me publicly on your way out the door.

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  3. Good morning, Wanderers. It is a day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. We never know the hour . . . in the twinkling of the eye . . .

    We are having our morning fast and pray time for the church. I am seeking an alignment and fine tuning of how I fit in. This Covid mess sure has things mixed up still.

    Still memorizing the Beattitudes. I am down to the pure of heart getting to see God.

    I hope we have a good turnout for Ladies’ Bible study this morning.

    As I drove to Publix a bit after 7 a.m. the young people wearing backpacks were waiting for the school bus. I have not seen that in a long time!

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  4. Morning! Thank you Aj….I appreciate your willingness to keep us together and grace extended.
    I will miss reading the news thread. I didn’t comment on there often but you always provided the “inside scoop” for me. 😊

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  5. Amen.
    The real, I certainly can see your frustration with the sheep. But I will add, your news thread has been important to me. It brings in sources I do not normally go to other than here. In fact, I go to very few news sources: Fox, Newsmax, EpochTimes, Washington Times and that is it. I used to go to others but there was so much bashing that I finally stopped. Oh, and our somewhat local paper. So your addition of those other areas has been quite helpful to me. I, too, rarely comment, and at times skim more than read, but have considered it my first news of the day. I especially skimmed when you started adding the deals with all of the pictures, twitter I think, as I did not know to click on them to read more. Now that I have it figured out….
    Anyway, thanks for all you have done in the past many years. You have been a steadying force in my life. You be you and I will continue to pray for you and enjoy the fellowship avenue God has provided through you.

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  6. Yes and amen Mumsee and Chas…..
    I am reading through Proverbs and this verse is fresh:

    “A person’s wisdom yields patience; / it is to one’s glory to overlook an offense.

    At times I have struggled with someone trying to tower over me with their “wisdom” and admonishment….it has even happened on this blog. Mostly I choose to remain quiet in response to such rudeness…sometimes I disappear for a while and always ask the Lord to reconcile the matter. I keep no record of wrongs however I remain cautious.

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  7. My 91 year old eyes don’t permit searching and establishing quotes. jBut the Bible says:

    He that lives and believes in me shall never die.”
    What does that mean:

    When a person is born again, tha person receives a spiritual life that is eternal.
    This is a real life.
    We are constrained by the existing body we have down here. But we are eternal beings. “He that lives and believes in me shall never die.”

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  8. The way I read this is that we (I) have a spiritual life that is eternal. We are constrained by the existance of this body we care so much about. Thu that is not me (us).
    When this body dies, I believe we have a spiritual body that really exists and will be with God until the time of the resurrection and we receive physical bodies again. This time forever.

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  9. I know I have mentioned this before. Buut it just bugs me.
    I always have the TV on because I’m the only one here and I want some other action. So? I keep the TV on.
    One of the things that bugs me is the “Fox News Alert”. That appears to mean something.
    What it really means is that they are changing the subject.

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  10. This is a Fox news alert: Fifteen year old son was cleaning the mudroom when called away by dad to go empty the truck at the dumpster. More as this story unfolds.

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  11. Fox News Alert: The fox ran away with the chicken. You can’t make this stuff up. It happens every day somewhere in the world.

    Remembering Drill. Someone here knew who he was. I think maybe it was Cheryl. Will we ever know who he really was?


  12. Mumsee @ 2:10
    If you thnk there is a problem here, uou don’t understand priorities. Emptying the truck at the dumster with dad outweighs all the other things going.

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  13. Oh, yes, I certainly understand the dad thing. In fact, last visit to my dad, he was commenting that when my son and two of his sons stopped to visit great grandpa, he was surprised at how close twelve year old stuck to dad. He did not understand it. I told him he should have. If he thought back, the highlight of our lives was spending time with him, doing whatever he was doing, which is why I love the outdoors. He was outdoors, so we were too. Up in the mountains logging or counting trees or backpacking, on the tennis court, raking leaves, whatever. And I loved my mom. But time with dad? No question.

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  14. The news on Fox is that Gov. Cumo harassed some women.
    For some reason this has being going on a long time, but is just coming out now.
    Something else behind this??

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  15. Annually a day arrives when there is the slightest difference yet instantly noticable feel in the air and look of the light that fall is on it’s way. Today is that day.

    This afternoon I heard a different sounding big vehicle on the street. It was a big yellow school bus. Right on time!


  16. I don’t know, Janice. The temp is mid nineties, smoke is in the air. I firmly believe we are in the fifth season: smoke. We have winter, spring, summer, smoke, and fall.

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  17. I see the latest storm set fifty more fires in Oregon. And somebody tossed a cigarette out the car window in Lewiston and started another….

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  18. got tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, something that looks like a tangerine, avocados, and a large pumpkin, but it is probably a green, winter squash, but they call all of those pumpkin.

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  19. That’s quite a variety of pumpkins, Jo!

    It is raining again with our routine afternoon and evening thunder showers. Looks like the sun will be back out soon. This is like beach weather.


  20. When my girls were little (starting around age five and into the elementary school years for a bit), Hubby ran a food truck that delivered breakfast foods, lunch foods, and snacks and sweets, as well as coffee and other drinks, to various workplaces. (This was not his own business, but he was working for a company that had several of these trucks.)

    Sometimes on a Saturday, he would get the girls up really early (he had to leave in the wee hours of morning, around 2:00 or 2:30) and they would go to work with Daddy. They each had a coin dispenser like he did to put on a belt.

    They loved going to work with Daddy, and of course, they got some yummy snacks. 🙂 They look back on that time very fondly.

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  21. Continuing our story from 2:10, this is a Fox news alert. Son finished the mud room and is now off with dad to get sunglasses and then go to karate. Keep tuned in for more breaking news.

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  22. I’ve joined chas and had fox news on off and on all day, I was wiped out after yesterday’s vet trip so since there was nothing pressing on my beat, my editor offered me another vacation day. Didn’t have to twist my arm on that one.

    Trying the new meds with Cowboy today, we’ll see if that helps after a week or so.

    I should get out for a couple errands (among them getting my long-delayed 2nd shingles shot!). I also may need a pill organizer box just for the dogs, it’s come to this. I couldn’t remember if I’d dosed Tess this morning or not.

    I, for what it’s worth, don’t think the political thread should go away, AJ.

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  23. Fox News Storm Report: it has stopped raining and there is a faint peach glow indicating the sun will go down as previously scheduled. This phone was trying to change the word faint to giant, as in a giant peach glow. And that’s the news from the Peach State. J.Garey reporting from her home window.


  24. Hearing today from my former co-worker in Ariz who feels very locked down still (she is vaccinated but has diabetes and is taking care of her mom who hasn’t been vaccinated so she has to be extra careful). Her spirit is sagging with this new variant.

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  25. What a group! We have lots of breaking news in Kinder. Breaking he took my toy, but he only speaks russian so how do you tell him not to do that.. The other boys were yelling at him not to take cuts in line. He had no idea what he had done or what they were saying. An interesting class.

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