49 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-28-21

  1. /fGood morning AJ, et al
    Nothing happening here.
    Judging from TV, nothing is happening elsewhere either.
    That’s good. We don’t want something happening.

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  2. Here’s a QOD for ya: How long do you have to be married for your hubby to call you from work to say that he just realized it is your anniversary? Answer: 42 years. 🙂

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  3. We were married 11 years before we’d spent more anniversaries together than apart. 🙂

    (It also took four pregnancies before he saw me in each stage . . . )

    The last time we went out to a “big deal” restaurant for our anniversary–and actually had a party with our relatives–our town burned down.

    We’ve been leery about returning to that restaurant ever since. 😦

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  4. Jo, as you may recall, we had a similar incident when the neighbor left me a birthday cake by our front door while we were out. Upon return, we had a slice each and put the remainder in the cupboard, well covered. Next day, served it to the family and the cleaning lady. Then we noticed the insects crawling all over it that had to have arrived when outside under the door light. We had eaten them the night before, clearly, and now serving them to a guest. Of course, neither we nor she said a word, but politely ate. No idea what stories circulated through the Okinawan community about those strange Americans.

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  5. My husband’s music group plays twice today, so we cannot return home between. Should be a long day for him especially and all the group. Maybe I will have to drive to the second gig to give him a chance for a cat nap. I am sure he will say he is fine, however. The challenges of old guys (and gal) performing. 😉

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  6. We had that one memorable first anniversary that we spent at Charleston and went very early over to Edisto Beach to view Halley’s Comet. I guess that was one we could never forget or repeat.

    From my web search:
    “Halley’s comet will next appear in the night sky in the year 2062. It orbits the sun every 75-76 years, so this is the time between appearances. Halley’s comet was recorded by Edmund Halley in 1682. It was seen again in 1758, 1835, 1910, and 1986.”


  7. In God’s mercy He did not allow our lives to extend that long, but with the way things are going in this wicked world, maybe by next year there will be a way to extend life so the Gummit can keep collecting taxes from people. Uncle Sam sure could make use of that income!


  8. Our downtown area is still planning it’s return in August of the monthly festival that’s been quashed by Covid. But they’re watching the numbers which continue to go up here.

    Hard times continuing, I’m afraid.

    Lord have mercy.

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  9. Beautiful day out there. Nice to come in to relative coolness.

    That is a good article, Janice. We march under a different flag. We belong in the Kingdom. By the way, that is the name of my car: The Kingdom. A reminder of Whose I am.

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  10. Linda’s QOD: It hasn’t happened yet. Next month is 30 years. I usually plan ahead to take all or part of the day off, and we it’s the only day we go to a particular restaurant that we like very much, so chances of either of us forgetting are pretty slim.

    Happy anniversary, Linda!

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  11. It’s hot here!! It is 89 and I guess I should be thankful I am not in Denver or the Springs…they are a smidge away from 100! We get a cool down on Saturday which should last through next week…along with rain…yay!
    Chas I cannot look forward to 2026 either…and that’s just fine by me! 😊 oh to be in the presence of our Lord…even now…come Lord Jesus!

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  12. I forgot to mention that I came home to ants on my table as I had left a piece of a throat lozenge on it while eating breakfast. I put out ant poison, but they ignored it.
    God is giving me creative ideas for teaching. And each day after the class goes home at noon I try to record those ideas on the lesson plans on the computer.

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  13. (Michelle, she has discovered the joy of changing her name on here to fit her input. I enjoy seeing the different things she comes up with)

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  14. Unfortunately, it’s a bit warmer today that I’d hoped — house is up to 83 degrees.

    Not miserable, but the past few days have been so foggy and cool.


  15. That was an aside, because little brother opted to interrupt a riveting conversation about whatever we were talking about, to ask about Michelle and her alter egos.


  16. Morning, Chas. Thanks for setting me up to get 49.
    Nope, it was a little boy. He did not want to have his own team, but wanted to be on theirs. He is bright, but seems a little young for kinder.
    If the explanation of his tears does not make sense, I agree. 🙂

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