36 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-13-21

  1. Goodnight, Jo. I just got back home from my early trip to market.

    Good morning to the rest of You-ins! I am not even sure how to spell that NC expression. Maybe Chas knows.

    Today is Wesley’s birthday. He has so much going on that he did not realize ii was today. Sometimes I think he fits into the category of absentminded professor.

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  2. Morning! It drizzled a teaspoon amount of rain here this morning.
    The Well guy is supposed to come around noonish…he is replacing a pump over at a ranch across the road this morning so he will make his way to my place afterwards…he did mention that a pump lasting 22 years is very good…they usually go out after about 15…looking on the bright side! 😊
    The dog got sick on the carpet rug in the living room in the middle of the night…which she never does…I am hoping for no more mishaps this day!
    Happy Birthday to Wesley!! 🎂

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  3. Good morning to the rest of You-ins! I am not even sure how to spell that NC expression.

    Since it’s a non-standard expression, I don’t think there is a “right way” to spell it, but I have seen it as “you-uns” before. And I think in Pittsburgh it’s “yins”.

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  4. In a show on Netflix, a lady notices a cake on the counter of her soon-to-be-ex-husband’s home. (She was there to pick up her children for a visit.)

    “Boston Cream Pie?” she asks.

    But the cake is covered in a white frosting. Boston Cream Pie does not have that kind of frosting. Then, when she is smearing the cake all over the place (not happy with her husband and his mistress), the inside of the cake is shown to be all vanilla, with no chocolate.

    Certainly someone working on that movie could have found out what a Boston Cream Pie really is!

    That reminds me. It’s slightly amusing to me that cheesecake is really more like a pie, and Boston Cream Pie is actually a cake. 🙂

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  5. I hate that type of poor writing/deditting, Kizzie. I remember reading a book where a woman just started making cinnamon rolls and served them like a half hour later! Seriously? Did the author and editor not realize how long it takes from beginning to end to make cinnamon rolls? Just the raising phase is longer than that. A mild irritant, but these things can ruin a good story.

    I hope we all have a good day.

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  6. Uh oh…it’s not yet 10 and I am adding one more mishap to the days list. Daughter pulled out of the garage as she was going to work and her front tire was totally flat! She had to take my car…now I must find a mobile service to come out here and look at her tire since her Dad will be gone for the next week….
    Daughter who lives in town wants to come out and bring me lunch and give me a hug…I told her there is only one flush left on the toilet so she better go before she heads out to the forest! 😜

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  7. Another mistake that I saw recently was in a show taking place in 1980. A man going into his hotel room used a keycard, not an actual key. I don’t think keycards were around back then. (Although I could be mistaken.)


  8. Key cards:

    ~ 1975
    When a high-profile lawsuit in the ’70s cast dispersion on hotel security, hoteliers turned to the keycard. Invented in 1975 by a Norwegian named Tor Sornes, the first model was actually a plastic card containing 32 holes, which could be formed into unique patterns for each individual guest. ~

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  9. Some helpful perspective on the racial issues that plague us



    Let’s Stop the Racial Insanity
    JULY 13, 2021 | GEORGE YANCEY

    In words attributed to Albert Einstein, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” When it comes to race relations, I often feel our society has gone insane. We have the same arguments again and again. We make no real progress. As we try to find ways to enforce our particular racial viewpoint, we dehumanize those who disagree with us.

    Can our Christian faith offer hope to break out of this mess and make real headway on overcoming racial alienation? Yes.

    While modern concepts of race weren’t around during biblical times, dealing with intergroup hostility was an important issue. To this end we can look to our faith for unique insights that bring more light and less heat. There is more to this alternative path than I can say in this short article. I’ve written a book due next February that deals with the topic in more depth. For now, I’ll challenge four common solutions to racial issues and propose a better solution.

    1. Humanism Isn’t Enough
    The racial solutions on offer today are basically secular in nature, and they build on the worth and value of humans. Humanists find great value in humans as we have a tremendous capacity for rationality and goodness. They contend we can find rational answers to the problems before us—and science and education are seen as the paths toward a better society. Christians also find great value in human beings, but that value does not come from our capacities. Our value comes from being created in the image of an eternal God.

    Both humanism and Christianity, then, address racism by appealing to the worth of humanity. But what differentiates Christianity from secular philosophies is our understanding of human depravity. We’re fallen creatures in need of a Redeemer. We are made in God’s image, but we aren’t basically good. We’re basically depraved. In our natural state, we’re prone to be self-serving and ethnocentric. This problem isn’t limited to any particular racial group; it’s a general proclamation about all of us. We don’t have to be taught to dehumanize others and to seek advantage over them—such tendencies are already natural and common among us. …

    2. Education Isn’t Enough

    … If humans are basically good but just need the right moral education, then providing more education is the solution to racial alienation. We may want to educate people to ignore race. We may want to educate them to be antiracist. Either way, our solution is to educate others to accept our ideas and so make a better world.

    But our confidence in education does not hold up to scrutiny. …

    … Education doesn’t appear to be the answer to racism—it may just better equip us to hide our racism. …

    3. Intelligence Isn’t Enough
    4. Power Isn’t Enough ,,,


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  10. I hadn’t read Kizzie’s link when I posted mine, but they address some of the same issues when it comes to the Christian’s (and church’s) role in the renewed debate in the U.S. on race relations.

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  11. Chas is here.
    He doesn’t know how he got here. This has not been up all day. It’s all very confusing to em. I have been posting on yesterday’s thread.

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  12. Whew! I have water and a new well pump…and ouch that was expensive!
    Oldest Daughter came out with lunch then followed me over to the tire shop where they announced the tire was trashed and needed replaced. Will need to pick it up tomorrow.
    Husband finally found a cell signal to call…he was stunned at what had all happened. I will be glad when this week is over!

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  13. Makes me glad that I sold my home with the well. There is a local sewer system in the place where I bought and water system.
    I will have to go look at what Chas has been saying to himself. Chas, did you start a new secret thread???
    I should have purchased fresh strawberries this morning for Bible study next week. I forgot they are only from one village and that village is only allowed to come to market every other week.

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  14. If it’s Tuesday, this must be Belgium? (From a 1969 movie about the wacky experience of taking organized tours that cram 9 countries into 18 days or whatever it was in the film)

    Just had a fresh plum, so delicious.

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  15. My neighbor is nervous now because her well pump is as old as ours was! But she had to have a whole new leach field replaced two years ago…we haven’t had to do that yet! 😳 let’s say it has been a very memorable 67th! 😂

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  16. I saw that movie, DJ. If It’s Tuesday . . .
    I think that was a bit before TheRussians Are Coming which was pretty good as I recall. Or maybe that was the was wrong order. It was a long time ago!


  17. I have Wesley’s little chocolate cake in the oven. We will have mint chocolate chip ice cream with it, and he can open his few presents, all books. We are watching Return to the Hiding Place with my brother who brought it. Wesley has not seen it before.

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  18. We had that movie Janice…heart gripping for sure. We passed it around to many people…I am not certain where it is now. I didn’t get cake nor candles but I did get a cinnamon roll from my oldest daughter…and roses…she made the day better and for that I am thankful ♥️

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