44 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-24-21

  1. Good morning again. I’ve had breakfast, sitting here drinking coffee and checking on you.
    I have already had my devotions, prayed for some of you, and generally, for all of you.
    But I know only a few. You know who you are.
    Me? I’m just sitting here
    Nothing to do.
    NothingI can do.
    Don’t envy me. Someday you will be 90.
    Someday, you or someone you love will be lost to you.
    It happens to all of us, but someday God will bring us together again.
    I know it’s different there. But I hope we know each other.

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  2. Oh, I will be looking forward to being welcomed by you, Chas.
    I am home again and very tired. What a trip. Very different to go with a family with young children. But God provided rides whenever we needed them. I experienced a lot of culture shock. Ukarumpa is a small village with everyone you know and not many vehicles. The masses of folks in Goroka was very intimidating.

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  3. I see on TV where athiestsies are suing (some state) about license plates that say “In God We Trust”. In this case I agree with them. It should be legal for them to cover that statement on their license plates.

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  4. Good humor to begin the day, Chas. Atheists and license plates that say In God We Trust. I am thankful that they are so blessed as to have that concern as a major issue in their lives. But for people, we do seem to get stuck on little things rather than addressing the more challenging problems so that the biggies then snowball. Today, for example, I am focusing on my toe.

    Actually the toe looks a bit darker in color but already seems to feel better. Thanks to those who prayed. It does make a difference. Chas does more than he can possibly realize by praying.

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  5. I had a young psych patient tell me her parents were atheists. It was a remark made in reference to the Christmas holiday celebration. I wondered if she saw the irony in it.

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  6. It turns out a friend of mine is at the Grand Canyon this week as well. A photographer, she’s photographing the park and posted a gorgeous video just now on Instagram. I told her to watch for my Boy Scout–though I don’t think he’s coming up until tomorrow.

    Still, it looked as beautiful as ever. I haven’t been there in 28 years.

    Off to the dentist for more . . . of me listening to a podcast with my eyes closed for an hour! 🙂


  7. I may have to change some passwords today as a precaution I received on my phone this morning. Ugh. I may get one of those password managers at this point, I just need to make sure my computer will save them so I can get onto sites I need without having to “remember” them all or go through the hassle of writing things down somewhere.

    Anyone have a suggestion for a password service?


  8. Chas, are you going to sit out on the deck today? I probably need to water at the end of the day.

    Tomorrow I need to get Cowboy up for a treatment on his back — it really does help him and I’ve taken nearly 2 weeks “off” of doing them.

    Meanwhile, I keep having to check the date, how can June almost be over? And now I am writing “July” half the time instead of “June.” Summer always seems like it flies by (until August hits with all that heat) but ever since the pandemic entire chunks of time are sailing by so fast. Is it just me?

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  9. Good morning. I have been sitting out under the apple tree, reading about fasting. Now I am eating my bowl of berries and yogurt talking with you.

    We had company overnight. A man we met years ago when we lived in Caldwell, and his wife of many years. They are always a joy to visit with. She is an author and looks a lot like Michelle, but she isn’t Michelle. She left us a gift of a book she wrote. It takes place in Boise and is two stories woven together. One is about a broken little girl, the other about an older woman in the interment camp out of Boise. Very good read, I cried and cried. It is for young teens and we thought the children would enjoy it. I hope so. Very healing book.

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  10. Speaking of angels, and Janice was, back to yesterday just as the guest were arriving. I was out in the yard doing chores when son ran up from the willows, where he and his sister were sheep sitting. (keeping the sheep from wandering into the neighbor’s field while eating down the grasses and weeds by the creek. The goats cannot be trusted for such work as they are not so herdable). Anyway, he came running up and when he got to me, yelled “snake” which means rattlesnake. We grabbed a couple of shovels and sure enough there was one coiled and rattling right next to his sister’s chair. She had her legs pulled up and was calmly waiting. It was about a foot away so within striking distance if she put a foot down. We removed the threat. I was very pleased to see that when it really matters, they were able to follow directions to a T. The snake had six rattles and a button so was fairly good sized.

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  11. Wow, Mumsee! What a scare, but handled perfectly. I would give everyone a big hug after that close call.

    Mumsee, the leader of my Bible study on fasting will give us some supplemental materials on fasting. I think she mentioned something from Bill Bright who she had the privilege of being brought to faith under his teaching, and something by Richard Foster that she said she had studied way back in a book about disciplines of the faith when in a Sunday school class at First Baptist of ATL. She will be giving us material about how to physically and spiritually prepare for a fast.

    She also said that more Bible study leaders are needed for these 40 minutes with no homework Bible studies. I mention that in case you might like to teach a class sometime. I am liking this as a supplement to my other studies. It’s basically 40 minutes in the word with a group of ladies who want to learn.


  12. Eek, rattlers. We have them on a hill nearby which is a favorite spot for dog walking — I used to take mine up there back in the day.

    I sent in the signed union card so I guess I’m now a card-carrying member as they say. Do I now scrawl out a big sign (“UNION”) and stand on my desk?

    Trying to track down a development that’s in the works now that an appeal was denied formally by the LA city council this week. It’s going to take down several vintage buildings (in bad condition, unfortunately, but with a history) to make way for the usual 100-unit residential multi-story box in shades of gray, black and white.

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  13. If a building falls down without something like an earthquake shaking it, chances are good it was shoddy construction to begin with.

    The contrast between earthquake destruction in California and that of Turkey is a good example of this. I can’t think of any recent earthquake in which more than 50 people, total, died, as a result of the quake. In Turkey, the numbers are usually huge because the tall buildings crumble owing to the poor construction techniques.

    The same things happens in China and in India, buildings fall down because they don’t do any preventative maintenance.

    If you ever meet Mr. Engineer, he can lecture you for hours on this topic.

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  14. A normally rational engineer we know is convinced the rapture is coming tomorrow.

    Another rational friend recently made a similar remark about expecting it soon.

    Has something happened? Anyone know?

    I, personally, don’t believe the rapture is Biblically sound, but I’m happy to participate if it occurs. 🙂

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  15. Well, Michelle, I can imagine anyone living in the part of that building that hasn’t fallen is looking for alternate housing, and the authorities will be investigating to see if the rest is safe! I wouldn’t want to live there.


  16. Morning all. A cold, sunny morning here. My flat gets the view, but not the sun so it stays chilly. I am tired from the traveling. Made friends with the family I traveled with. Their three year old is probably the sweetest little boy that I have ever met. I offered to babysit the kids if they ever need someone. Which was good because they are not comfortable having a teenage girl babysit here as things can happen.

    Someone decided not to have the neighbor quarantine here so that makes life easier for me. I don’t have to switch things around for her. They are right, you cannot really quarantine with someone else in the building. When I came no one else was here.

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  17. By the way, I love flying in a helicopter!!! It was only my second time, but wonderful. The day we left was foggy and rainy so we had to wait for it to clear a bit. Then we left but had to find a hole in the clouds to get above. Almost couldn’t find a way up. Then to burst in to sunshine with layers of clouds looking so soft below us. I was in the front seat for that. On the way back we were skimming over the hills, all so green and lovely. I just kept taking pictures.

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  18. A writer friend wrote this, which was a healthy reminder that as Christians, we DO mature! 🙂

    “When I read my old journals, something curious foments within me as I look back.
    I berate younger me for not being as wise as new, older me. This is a whole other level of personal bullying. Not content to discuss my current shortcomings with myself, I have to blame younger me for not being enough.

    We are all a work in progress (much like my books). The question becomes: will we be kind to us now and us back then, affording both the same grace Jesus freely offers? What will we gain if we spend our thoughts on bullying ourselves? What would it look like to, instead, be as gracious to ourselves as we would be to a close friend. Can you have compassion on your younger self? Can you have compassion for you as you are today?

    The truth? You are wildly loved right now, in this moment, and you were wildly loved by your creator when you couldn’t even walk or talk. You were loved through adolescence, young adulthood, and beyond. Each stage, God loved you. Oh to rest in that truth.

    The enemy of our souls lies to us and bullies us. He loves to speak words of shame and condemnation over us. But the God of our souls sings joyful songs over us. The key is not to take on the enemy tactics, wrongly thinking that self-shaming will change us. No. It is the love of God that compels us forward. Let’s endeavor to be more like Jesus–to ourselves, then and now.”

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  19. Amen, always work to do, to be sure. I was reminded of one theologian’s response recently to our defense that God “knows our hearts.”

    The theologian’s response: ~ That’s the bad news ~

    Indeed. But how much more that makes us realize how amazing his grace actually is — and yes, we do grow through all of life’s experiences, as tough as it all is.

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  20. Michelle: I don’t believe in a rapture, I don’t believe in a rapture, I don’t believe….
    mumsee: Hi, Michelle, glad you decided to come along (as if you had a choice!)

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  21. Mumsee, not believing in the Rapture doesn’t mean we don’t believe in the Second Coming and the consummation. It means we don’t believe that Christians will be secretly removed but the earth will continue to function without us. When it ends, it ends for all of us. (Michelle can disagree if that doesn’t represent her own belief fairly.)

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  22. Thanks for clarifying that, Cheryl. I thought we had discussed this enough times that I could have my little joke and maybe somebody would chuckle.

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  23. If any of you have an Audible account, particularly an Audible UK account, I’d be happy to give you a free promocode for Mrs. OC on Audible.

    (You can sign up for Audible for free).

    She could use some reviews. These promocodes were free to me and I can get more, so let me know.


    Stil smiling. 🙂


  24. Remember that saying that it takes a village to raise a child? Well, that may or may not be true, but apparently, it takes three grandparents and a mother to get a child an X-ray. 😀

    Nightingale is working a double today/tonight. Boy was at his Gramma and Grampa’s house, and he was using a pogo stick, which he has been getting pretty good at. But this time, he fell, and caught himself with his right hand, bending his wrist (or something like that). It was hurting him enough that they were concerned that it could be broken.

    So Grampa took Boy to the urgent care center in a nearby town. But of course, they needed his insurance info, and wouldn’t begin treating him until they had it. Grampa called me, but I didn’t have it. Gramma texted Nightingale, who then texted me, telling me to look in her green purse for a big black wallet.

    Then I quickly texted Gramma that I would have the info in a bit. (I didn’t realize at that time that she hadn’t gone with Grampa and Boy.) But the black wallet was not in the purse! So I texted Nightingale, who then told me to look on her desk upstairs. There it was!

    I found his insurance card, took photos of the front and back, then texted those to Gramma who must have passed them on to Grampa, who then showed them to the urgent care folks.


    So Boy finally got his X-ray. Turns out there was no break, but probably a sprain. He has a wrist brace on. Happy ending to the story. (Except for the sore wrist.) 🙂

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  25. It is sure different than when my mom brought a boy I was babysitting into the ER. He was walking on a pair of homemade stilts when the block of wood he was standing on slipped off the nail. The nail was pointed up at his leg and cut him. I called my mom, who took him to the ER (or clinic) and I believe he was given stitches. The mother I was babysitting for said she would have preferred him going to her doctor, so I think it was all over but the crying when the mom found out about it. Seems strange to me today, but not at the time. Things were quite different way back then.

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  26. Morning, Chas. I am getting sleepy, but you are up and at em bright and early. Time to go back and read the posts that I missed.


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