79 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-22-21

  1. I’m glad I went to school back in the days when they taught reading-writing and arithmetic .Rather than “critical race theory”.
    (That’s what the TV says.)

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  2. Good Morning~
    We are set to have some thunderstorms move in this afternoon…it is a beautiful sun shiny start to the day around here!

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  3. Nope, I think he just graduated from high school.

    Into retirement.

    Congratulations, Peter, and on behalf of all Americans–thank you for educating a lot of students.


    And, felicitas!

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  4. Donna, I don’t remember. I think I was 62, somewhere around that.
    I didn’t really want retirement, but the organization I was in. Highly classified mapping of denied areas at the time. We were being reorganized and I didn’t want what I was getting.
    I want to be doing something, not administrative.
    So? I left.

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  5. haha. Mumsee has a point.

    That tableau above, from the emerging moose (!?) to the bird to the random kayakers who could be swept to danger at any moment is fascinating.

    I clearly don’t believe in early retirement. πŸ™‚

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  6. Early retirement is good if you have something planned.
    Say? Another job.
    I have a friend in Virginia who visited every state in the union.
    Nobody else cares. But it was his goal.

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  7. My (unretired) husband likes to say you don’t retire FROM something, you retire TO something.

    He says the same thing about moving. You move TO somewhere, not FROM somewhere.

    It’s all in the attitude.

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  8. Interesting article from CT which posits Jesus and the synagogue leader’s daughter (whom he rose from the dead), was a challenge because Jesus would have been ceremonial unclean because he touched a corpse.

    Or did he touch a corpse?

    Lots of discussion too about the woman who bled for 12 years (whom one teacher recently commented may have been the mother of the aforementioned girl). When she touched Jesus’ fringe, did SHE make him unclean?


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  9. Every now and then, I stop and think about all the changes that have come into my life/our lives or home, and things that have happened in our lives, since Hubby’s death. It usually makes me very sad, thinking that Hubby was too young to die, and should be here for all these things. (Of course, some of the changes would not have happened if he had lived.)

    Lately, I have been thinking of those things again, because more changes come along and more things happen – little or big – but have not felt quite as sad as I have in the past. The thoughts have more of an “interesting” feel than a “sad” feel, yet still with a tinge of sadness, if that makes sense.

    The latest little change is that I recently ordered address labels from Current with my name alone. (We had some with both our names that I had stopped using.) They are a pretty and feminine style, with a calligraphy-type of font. I actually felt happy when I received them and looked at them with my name alone on them.

    That was kind of strange, though, especially because I have been missing Hubby (and “us”) a lot the past few days, with many tears. Even so, I have been feeling more “independent”, which is silly because I am still dependent on Nightingale for so much. (But then again, she is dependent on me for so much, too.)

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  10. When I am ruminating on those things, I also turn my mind to how God has helped me so much through this time, and how He has provided for us. When Hubby first died, I had no idea if we would be able to keep the house or how we would make ends meet. But Hubby’s life insurance was just enough to help me be able to contribute to the costs of the household, with a nice amount left in savings when I finally could receive Hubby’s Social Security.

    Nightingale went from only being given a combination of part-time and full-time hours to full-time. When I could finally apply for Social Security, I was surprised and pleased that it was $200 more than I had figured. And then the wonderful surprise that I am eligible for a half-portion of Hubby’s Teamsters pension!

    We’re not exactly on Easy Street, but we are a lot better off than we were when Hubby died. I am so grateful to God for all that He has done for me, and I pray that somehow Nightingale (and Chickadee and Boy) will also see God’s hand in our lives.

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  11. Mumsee was right the first time. Birthday is Monday, Friday is the last day teaching high school after 25 years.

    So, Mrs L has learned well in all these years. We bought a hosta plant. I was getting ready to plant it, so she took a picture of it in the plastic pot in came in, then one after I planted it. She sent the photos to the children with captions. In the pot: “Hosta.” In the ground “Hosta luego.”

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  12. I did not think Peter was old enough to have retired with that many years of teaching high school. Congrats, on both achievements, Peter. Well done! Staying with marriage at a good time and leaving teaching at a good time! But will you fully leave teaching? I believe you also teach in a college?


  13. I grocery shopped at Publix this a.m. Everyone was still wearing masks. I thought I might be the only one. My brother said everyone had them on at Home Depot yesterday.

    I am hearing of people in the hospital in a next door county who have Covid symptoms of high fevers, congestion, and low blood pressure that won’t resolve. One man was tested 5 times for Covid. He’d had the first vaccine and got sick on the day he was suppose to have his second vaccine. I wonder if he really has Covid (he is on a ventilator with his kidneys shut down so on dialysis, too) but maybe the shot prevents a positive test result? This is the dad of a girl Wesley attended kindergarten with long ago.


  14. I have been resting my tired body today except for toting in heavy bags of groceries. I helped the cashier bag them, and it is my own fault I overloaded the bags and made them so heavy. I hope all those pounds don’t stick to us when we eat all that food.


  15. Like

  16. Boy is headed over to the neighbors’ property to do some farm work. It is part of his discipline for racking up charges on his mom’s debit card for “extras” in a video game. (He didn’t exactly steal her card, though. Her card number was already in the system because she does allow him to get an extra whatever now and then, as long as they’re not expensive.)

    He was immediately apologetic when Nightingale confronted him, and admitted that he knew it was wrong and felt guilty. Fortunately, Microsoft is reimbursing her for the charges, but even so, she is having him work to pay it off. And he is grounded from all screens for a month, and from playing outside or with Gabby for the first week (which is almost over).

    Nightingale has had him doing extra chores around the house, and offered him to Denise to do some work over there today. He is afraid of the chickens, though, and the horses make him nervous, too. πŸ™‚

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  17. You would be surprised at how difficult it is for some people. Seems pretty straight forward but I have found thirteen year old out, throwing chicken food into the pasture, putting it in her pockets, on the driveway…..and not filling the chicken feeders. Or saying she did when she did not. Same with feeding rabbits. And dogs. Barney took quite a hit this year when she said she was feeding him but wasn’t. I glanced over and saw him out walking with son and he was a bag of bones. Horrible. We had to bring him in and give him canned dogfood every couple of hourss to get him back on track. I keep a much closer eye on him now. And she likes animals.

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  18. I keep meaning to post this in the morning and keep forgetting till afternoon. So here goes. If you love or hate squirrels or you feed birds or squirrels, you will probably find this hilarious. It’s by the same man who put together the glitter bomb to punish porch pirates:

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  19. Amazing! Thanks for posting that, squirrels are hilarious to watch. I finally took the bird feeder down but not after watching them for months as they’d hang upside down and do all kinds of acrobatics to get to that bird seed.

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  20. Boy said he doesn’t like that the chickens chase people and peck at them.

    The work that he did this afternoon was helping Fran (the husband) move brush and deal with leaves on some of his property. (They own a few acres to the side and back of us, as well as some adjoining property with apartment houses they own.) He actually enjoyed it, and said that he wouldn’t mind helping out tomorrow, too.

    Nightingale and I talked about that, and we both said that although the work is supposed to be part of the discipline/punishment, it is good that he is realizing that hard work can be enjoyable, too. Of course, this isn’t the first time he has enjoyed doing hard work, but it reinforced that principle.

    (Btw, I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve never known a man with the name of Francis to go by Fran – or also, Franny, as he is often called – instead of Frank. Have any of you ever known a man go by Fran?)

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  21. Yes, I have known men who go by Fran.

    I remember when my youngest stuck a finger in a cage and was bitten by a rooster. She was not happy, but never did it again.

    Congratulations on your retirement, Peter. I hope it will be an awarding and rich time of life for you and your wife. One of the perks of retirement is being able to go places on the less busy times or days. I was reluctant to visit a tourist area today, because I knew it would be busy. It was, but not as bad as I thought it might be. Then we were lucky enough to see a moose on our drive home.

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  22. We did have to wear masks in the state park building and they were only allowing so many into the gift shop at a time. Otherwise, most places are mask free, although some still wear them.

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  23. The garden center was very crowded today — long, long lines to check out, but one of the workers told me it was way busier last weekend. And by the time I was checking out, the lines were gone.

    CNN aired a pretty brutal piece tonight on the dangers of the “religious right.” I only caught the last 10 minutes of it, but let’s just say it was quite unflattering.

    (Sadly, there’s some truth to the criticisms; there have clearly been excesses and some unwise words and actions through the years.)


  24. I am afraid of chickens, but not all chickens. I was chased by a rooster as a young girl. An Easter chick belonging to a neighbor boy grew up to be a mean white rooster, Peabody. They did not have a fenced yard, but we did. So we got to keep the mean rooster. Then later as an adult I had to help my brother feed and water the hens and roosters in his chicken house. I also gathered eggs. I had to carry buckets of water sloshing all along the path from the spigot at the main house to the chicken house. The roosters did not want me in there and would try to spur me and peck me. I carried a broom at times for my weapon/shield of choice for self defense. I really did not like doing that chore. The hens were fine, and I loved collecting the eggs.

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  25. We’ve been watching Hallmark Mysteries tonight. It’s nice to get back to a bit of routine.

    I meant to post this last night, but I think sleep happened first. Zzz . . .


  26. Twice lately we’ve heard that thieves are targeting wealthy Asian American communities where gold, jewelry, and cash are stolen but tech devices are left behind (smart considering the tracking on devices). As we listened this a.m. I mentioned to Art that they never mention the race of the thieves. About that time, the reporter said that if you see someone who doesn’t look like they belong in the community, contact the police. Art called him out for covert racial profiling.


  27. Speaking of tattoos and piercings and rings and things: my dad, a logger, opted to not wear his ring. Too dangerous.


  28. Because of that, it never occurred to me that men wore rings until looking at rings with husband to be and I learned that he wanted one. Thought it strange at the time.


  29. A time or two back, we were discussing the setting aside of women during a certain time of the month. Some of us thought it sounded like a good idea. Others brought up that it was a bad thing, mentioned in the OT as the women were unclean. I was reading Leviticus today and ran across that section but just before and just after is the mention that men with a seminal discharge were also unclean. And in my experience, especially with boys, those seminal emissions can be daily. Meaning of course that men could be unclean every day. I still do not believe it was meant to be a negative thing as it did become in some cultures, but rather a statement of our need for Christ. But as often happens when people take over, it turned into a woman thing and even negative though I suspect the original attempt was to make life easier for everyone around.

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  30. I wish I could see well enough to get into a discussion of UFO’s.
    It is a real puzzle about what they could be.
    Superficial evidence points to another civilization somewhere that is ahead of us.
    they know about us, have visited us but want nothing to do with us.
    There was discussion some time ago about one flying and dashed into the ocean and disappeared.
    Do you realize the technology that permits that??


  31. The event:
    Some “manned” object was flying about. Then it dived into the ocean.
    Evidently not to sink.
    Given” That technology, e.g. to fly about and dash under water, same vehicle. (That technology) does not exist.
    Then: How does it do that/
    Who is doing that/


  32. I know I’ve referred to Lights in the Sky and Little Green Men before, by Hugh Ross, but his comment always stays with me.

    *Who would be most likely to see a UFO? Astronomers and airplane pilots.

    *How often do they report seeing them? Seldom.

    *What do the people who report seeing UFOs have in common? Something like 90% have a connection or a family member who dabbles in the occult.

    *What technology do they use? The approximate, though maybe a little ahead, technology of the times. Which is why Alexander the Great’s soldiers saw a flying shield. It’s why people in the 19th century saw hot air balloons, and in the early 20th century, dirigibles.

    *There is no physical (as in physics) way aliens could travel the necessary distances to get to earth. And why should they? What is attractive about our planet?

    *The US government has looked for places life could be other than earth, spent a gazillion dollars, and never found one.

    *We live on a truly unique planet.

    Off to Sunday school now . . . Mark.

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  33. Michelle makes a good point:
    1. There is no known capability for appearances and disappearances described in our solar system.
    2. There is no known life, nor capability of other life in our solar system.
    3. Other solar systems are beyond reach of known methods of space travel.
    4. That leaves a great mystery????.


  34. The family’s gathering next door awaiting Shirley’s return. I’m leaving the driveway clear as they’ll need that to get her in and out of the car going forward — and today will be getting her out and into that back/side gate for the first time. Glad the one son and his wife and kids are all there for the emotional and physical support they’ll need. They can also keep the giant Labs at bay, they’ll be thrilled to see Shirley but can be jumpy, all 100+ lbs (each) of them.

    I found the cutest planter for her, a colorful Mexican Talvera pot (multi-color) in the shape of a “sleeping cat.” She recently had noticed a couple of mine and decided she really liked them, bought one for herself a year or two ago. But this one’s extra cute and she likes the animal figures, uses them in her backyard.

    I’ll see how they’re doing once she gets home and a bit settled before taking it over. The day could be a bit overwhelming for her.

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  35. Yesterday Janice mentioned a “peatrap.” I asked Son (the plumber) what that was. He laughed and said, “It’s a P-trap – because it’s shaped like a ‘P’.”

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  36. The recent spate of “sightings” of “something” truly are a mystery. Roscuro took a respectable stab at it with the idea that some of these videos could be skewed by photographic auras that distort the images and movements.

    But it is all curious. I still lean on high-tech sabotage by other countries as the most likely explanation (though that also requires some stretch), but the fact that this has been going on for several years in a pretty intense way around naval ships — and no specific explanation has been offered — makes it still a mystery.


  37. I’m still in the same place on the map today. Foggy here this morning. Today is my day to take over grade 2. But already planned several weeks ago, someone else is subbing tomorrow, just for the day. So I will take over and then write plans for her. Good to give me a bit more time to get organized plus one more day to tutor.
    Praying for Roscuro.

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  38. Donna, when I was working, we mad Lunar maps for the space progrem. But we didn’t deal with anything this mysterious.


  39. I agree with Chas, if ,and that’s a big if there is another solar system with life in it they aren’t interested in us.
    Instead of spending billions trying to find them that money could be better spent on the inhabitants of this planet.

    Much has gone on Over the past few weeks. I will try to catch you up tomorrow


  40. DJ–one of the first truths about military life I needed to learn was “need to know.”

    Do you have a need to know what those lights are surrounding naval vessels?

    And, given your profession, would anyone tell you?



  41. Well, a report is apparently coming out in June.

    I would say if any of this is a threat or danger to the general population, then yes, we probably should be given (some) information.


  42. What’s difficult is that this is not exactly a ‘secret’ with so many reports and videos having surfaced already. So we already know “something.”


  43. My husband could not wear his wedding rign at work, so he never wore it for years. Then first grandson found it and it was lost. It probably would not fit him now anyway. Perhaps it will be found when the house is emptied. However, the same grandson was rumored to have flushed his dad’s ring down the toilet. Fortunately he has outgrown that nonsense. πŸ˜‰


  44. …we’re all over the map today.

    Yep. Jo’s in the South Pacific, some are in Canada, Kizzie in New England, some Southerners and Midwesterners. I’d say that’s all over the map.

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  45. The day went well. they were very excited about the things that I brought. I left very good plans for the sub for tomorrow.
    Also I got a notice that my Cairns cargo is here. Yeah. That means I will have my crackers for lunch and some more vitamin D and fish oil. Perhaps even the drawing materials i ordered for the young artist. Always an adventure.
    Now I think that I will order some steel cut oats.

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