61 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-6-21

  1. Hey, it looks like I can be first.

    I took two long walks yesterday, one with my husband and one with two friends, totaling about eight miles. I was worn out yesterday and hardly had any time to be on the computer! I also talked to a friend by phone about an hour and a half.

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  2. Good morning.

    Looks like a bird trying to impress its girlfriend.

    Chas did not need to set it up and since the real is off on vacation yet again, we will have to assume the little elves living inside the computer did it.


  3. Chas, are you noticing any changes with your exercise? You enjoying the time outside, feeling a bit stronger, hungrier, saying hi to passing strangers?


  4. I see an issue on TV about students staying home.
    I have a grand-soninlaw who is a high school principal
    And a DIL who is a teacher.
    Both agree:
    this business of staying home and studying isn’t working.
    We are about to lose a generation.
    I don’t know how to make it up. But it will happensomehow.

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  5. Mumsee: I don’t feel any different.
    but when I think about it, I have been immensely blessed.
    Do you know how many (almost) 91 year old men who are in “perfect” health?
    I don’t have the stamina I once had.
    My vision isn’t as good as it was.
    My hearing isn’t as good as it was
    I lost the Love of my Life.
    But I chalk all that up to living longer than I should.
    I have been immensely blessed. And I have time to think about it from time-to-time.

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  6. I have been blessed with knowing my grandchildren are doing fine with their educations. I shudder for so many others.

    The group my husband does music with will play outside in a downtown today. It will be in the fifties, temperature-wise. My husband is always cold, so isn’t thrilled about that. Still, it is nice they can share their music again.

    If that is full of typos, blame the half words again. 😦

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  7. It”s too complicated to explain on a blog.
    But I have been blessed beyond measure.
    You won’t understand because you don’t know how it started. Briefly, this kid just out of HS, without a job or a foreseeable future.
    The turning point was when Bobby Murray said, “Charlie, let’s join the Air Force”.
    I did: That’s where I learned that I could make decisions and lead men.
    I got out after 3.5 years and went to USC where my friends were seniors.
    The story really begins there. But it’s too long to tell.

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  8. Our superintendent sent a long email explaining to those who asked (and everyone else for an FYI) why we are in house while 75% of Illinois schools are either full time or part time remote. Parents have complained about the quarantine when students are exposed to “you-know-what” and about the mask mandates. I’m glad I don;t have her job, and that after June 1st I won’t ever need to deal with public school bureaucracies again.

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  9. Indeed, that bird is impressive.

    I also am getting the half-words on my iPad, you all are right, it must have been one of the updates. But I used the iPad mostly just for reading, I’m on the laptop for writing.

    Port meeting begins at 9 a.m. and the dead-tree consultant comes at 11 a.m.

    How wonderful that my knee feels almost back to normal again. The first shot I received didn’t kick in that fast — these are slow-acting cortisone shots, they last 3-4 mos — but this one gave me very fast relief within 24 hours.

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  10. Peter is retiring!

    Not really worried about the school situation. I spent 10 years in a program that didn’t teach subjects properly and didn’t believe in grades. Yes, it slowed me down, but I caught up – I could have caught up quicker if I had known about the available resources, but the internet in my late teens wasn’t the storehouse of information it is now. People still have a mindset that unless you complete high school at age 18 (actually it is 17 in Ontario now) and go to college or university the very next year, your life is over. It never worked that way before – my father only had a high school education and he took an extra year getting, while my maternal grandfather only went to Grade 8 – and with the new economy that hit in 2008-2009, it certainly didn’t work for the millennials. Two thirds of the graduating class in all fields in 2009 did not find jobs in those fields and I was one of them – the provincial premier at the time had promised the creation of 30,000 new nursing jobs due to the perpetual nursing shortage, but when the recession hit, nurses came out of retirement and new graduates were the last to get hired. The millenials took the last decade recovering from that blow and still never attained the job security that their parents and grandparents had. Yet, we are contributing right now to surviving the pandemic.

    Education is one tool in life, it isn’t life itself. The children who are most likely to slide through the cracks now are ones whose parents benefitted very little from education themselves – those who never learned to read beyond a basic level and who continued to be confused by math, and who thus cannot help their chdren. A parent who only did average in school already has all the tools they need to help their children learn. My father only had high school education, yet he is the one who instilled in us a love of learning, while my teacher mother gave us the tools of learning. I saw homeschooling families whose parents were less educated than my mother, who herself only had a year of teacher’s college after high school, and I saw parents who had university degrees. The children of the less educated fared no worse in the long run than those of parents with university degrees. When things went wrong, as it did in both kinds of families, it had everything to do with abuse, not education.

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  11. Hopefully, this whole thing will help more parents make the decision to take on their children’s education, however it is done.

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  12. Not even anything on the prayer thread.
    It surely is quiet around here
    I suppose that is good. No special requests when everything is going well.


  13. Harbor Commission is over, easy story out of that, and the tree guy just left. Removal will cost less (about half) than I anticipated and he suggested a Canary Island Pine as a replacement tree (which they also sell, so altogether it comes to about what I thought the removal alone would cost).

    I feel a bit disloyal not going with my gardeners though, he’d wanted to do it (unfortunately Shirley’s husband mentioned to him last time he was here — he does their yard too — that I was looking to get the tree removed so Alberto, the gardener texted me right away offering to do it last Saturday; we never discussed price, though they’re typically pretty affordable).

    But I also am looking at a full tree trim here soon — several super-overgrown trees, it’s been a few years since I had that done — which I’d hire them to do, of course.


  14. Donna. because you wanted a place that is yours. And a place where you don’t have to return it to someone else.


  15. Yes, dogs 🙂 If only I could have brought a landlord (more like a fairy godmother) along to handle all the maintenance and repairs and plumbing and tree trimming and …

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  16. Nope, and I couldn’t even afford the rents around here now. I’m completely priced out of my own area.

    So this grows tall, but landscaper said it’s more cylindrical, narrow, looks more like a christmas tree …. They could plant one that’s about 6 feet tall or one that’s already 10 feet tall (which is about as tall as the current dead tree)



  17. I think I’d start out with the shorter/6-ft version. I’ll ask them for other options also. But my heart belongs to the pine trees.

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  18. Kathaleena – Maybe you could type your comment into an email (or Office or something like that), and then copy-and-paste it to the blog.

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  19. DJ, I’m assuming these men are bonded and have experience in cutting down trees? That’s one place where it would seem that having expertise (and being bonded) matter, and I’d be inclined to go with tree experts and not the all-purpose gardeners.


  20. Cheryl, yes, the landscape company is the one used at our local botanical gardens (former colleague works there now and gave me the referral when I had to get my tree assessed last year). I was surprised at how low the removal cost was, though that might have factored in the credit they said they’d give me for the treatment we tried in the fall (that didn’t work).

    I’m sure they’d do a quick and efficient job and I’d totally trust them.

    I may ask him for other tree suggestions, though, I see where Canary Pines can grow to be 80 feet tall — I won’t be here to see that, but good grief, that’s massive. He said it doesn’t ‘spread out’ though and would be good in my space. … Hmmm

    My dead pine is about 10 feet tall, but we think someone “topped” it off (guess pines should never be trimmed or, especially, topped off; thinking my former gardeners did that)


  21. I have to ask about the roots of a new tree, too, making sure there would be no issues with the house or garage or other areas I would rather not see ruptured.

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  22. From World Magazine’s “Sift” email today:

    ~ I read a heartbreaking report yesterday of a 26-year-old doctor-in-training in New Delhi who must decide whom to accept and whom to send away from his hospital’s emergency room. Last week, India accounted for half of the world’s COVID-19 cases and one-fourth of global deaths from the disease, the World Health Organization said. Families report trying 15 or more hospitals in search of care for their loved ones. “Who to be saved, who not to be saved should be decided by God,” the young doctor, Rohan Aggarwal, told Reuters. “We are not made for that–we are just humans. But at this point in time, we are being made to do this.”

    With prayers for relief for India, and all who suffer … ~

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  23. I got the Pfizer shots, heard also that Moderna now has developed what looks to be an effective booster to 2 of the worst variants if needed.

    This virus is a moving target.

    One of our photographers got the J&J right before they “paused”/pulled it — she’s also in the age range that is higher risk for those clots. But that’s been a number of weeks ago and she’s fine.


  24. Morning all. Fog has burned off in one direction and lingers out toward the air strip. I recall waiting at the air strip and praying that the fog would lift so that we could take off. Of course that was due to a connecting flight. We are getting everything so that we can do covid tests here. We have been doing the rapid test, now will do the other. Partly this is because no one is to fly who has not been tested. I guess we were applying for exemptions, but now won’t have to do that.


  25. I have given Chickadee a couple options for Mothers Day. The first I mentioned, last week, was to join Nightingale and me for our own Mothers Day celebration, which will be sometime the week after next, because Nightingale is working on Sunday, and has finals next week. The other option I suggested yesterday was for her to be dropped off on Saturday or Sunday (whichever day Boy will be with his other family) so she and I can have some one-on-one time, and then Nightingale can drive her back after work.

    Still no word from her. I am losing hope that I will hear from her about a visit, but still hoping that she will at least reach out via text on Sunday.

    But I have noticed something that I have been doing the last couple days – I have been doing some of those little cleaning chores that don’t need to be done too often, but look extra nice when they’ve been done. As I was doing one of those chores, I realized that I had the thought in mind that I was trying to make things look extra nice for if Chrissy does visit.

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  26. Weird thing. Since I set up my new laptop, I have not been able to get into my Gmail account on Chrome. I have a bookmark for it and am signed into my Google account, but I get a page telling me to “Add Gmail to your Google Account”. But I already have a Gmail account, and this page does not have a place for signing into an existing account. At least, not that I can see.


    The bookmark, which worked on my old laptop, brings me to that page, and if I try googling Gmail log-in, it still brings me to that page. However, I was able to sign in to my Gmail on Firefox. That’s okay, since I have that as an alternate browser, but it still bugs me that I cannot get to it on Chrome.

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  27. I use safari and just type gmail into the browser which brings up my mail (both my personal and work emails are gmails now)

    Maybe Chrome is just glitchy?


  28. DJ, pines usually have tap roots, so it shouldn’t affect your foundation. Spruce on the other hand, have large spreading roots which are not good.

    I’m not sure in the pine you’re considering has the same tap root, but it’s good to ask!

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  29. I use Duck, Duck, Go and don’t have a problem getting into gmail. Sometimes when the search engine is problematic, I switch to Google, but mostly stay on the site that doesn’t keep my information.

    I can’t respond to the blog on my Ipad. I don’t have a way, short of email, of typing in a response, so I mostly respond when I’m at my computer. Too frustrating otherwise.


  30. DJ–congratulations. You now have a nest egg to move to a different part of the country. I’d say Idaho promised land, but folks are telling me, now, that Boise is too expensive for people moving from HERE!

    (Then, again, maybe they were planning to buy mansions?)

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  31. Janice, Nursing week is in May for us. I don’t really pay much attention. Lots of talk about how valuable nurses are and never any action. My nursing union already sent their promotional material, stamped with their logo of course. Nurses accumulate a lot of logo goods over their careers.

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  32. Lovely visit up in Moscow today but got home feeling a bit unwell. I think it had to do with temps and trying out the AC in the car. I don’t do well with AC but it was ninety five or so in Lewiston.

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  33. Speaking of phones: I have gotten a few notices saying we are overusing our data. We get something like eight GB, which husband has distributed between us and nineteen and twenty four. Nineteen has all sorts of stops on her phone to keep her from doing anything but texting and she only has a few friends but it says she has used twenty five GB’s. Twenty four also has stops on hers but is allowed six but the company says she has used eleven GB’s. How does that work and does it make sense?

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  34. I asked about the soil, he said it would be far enough away — and the contamination would have been long enough ago (2017) that he didn’t think it would be an issue. I’ll ask again if and when we get to the planting stage.


  35. I had to get unlimited data — due to a very weird glitch, AT&T internet did not work in our former office so I was always going over my allotment — and they dinged me plenty in extra charges.

    I went into the AT&T office and insisted on unlimited data which they managed to provide for a fairly reasonable cost. I just had a really bad plan before, I guess. But we rely on texts to stay in touch with photographers and also a lot of our sources these days. Fastest way to communicate.


  36. We were, of course, offered unlimited data, at about the same price we are paying. But we wanted the limits for the girls, to keep them from overdoing. Twenty four is supposed to be watching four small children and told me she has cut way back on her phone use. (truth is not a strong suit for her). And we have disconnected and blocked everything we could on nineteen’s as well as having a parent block on it. Which she managed to get through at the very beginning, accessing all sorts of unhealthy things.

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  37. It is on my laptop that I get the half words. It may also happen on my Ipad, but I haven’t been on it, so wouldn’t know.

    Sometimes I have the small box where I see only half of the word and then sometimes (like now) it is back to normal. Strange.


  38. Mumsee- The phone companies sell you a limited amount of datas and then charge you extra if you go over. And tell 24 to get a radio if she wants music all day.


  39. Nineteen has a radio but it stopped working so she just bought herself a new one. Sirius. She listens a lot, she has to have something making noise or she starts listening to the voices in her head and it gets scary for her.

    I tell twenty four that noise is just adding to the chaos of four tiny folk. It just ramps them up and builds stress. A little now and then is fine but they need the quiet noise of life to help them.

    You have to understand there were reasons she was living here. Not sure she can make reasonable decisions like that.

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