67 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-20-21

  1. It’s down on the news thread. You posted when it was the only new one up. I always post news first, prayer second, daily thread third, that way the Daily sits at the top of the page. πŸ™‚

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  2. Good Morning Everyone.
    My friend R is in from Virginia. Her father is dying.
    My ex mother in law lost her little dog Leo yesterday. She is having a rough time.

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  3. Yesterday we had a female red-winged blackbird, today the male–two of them. Both of these were on the path ahead of us a few days ago. I thought they might fight each other, or at least both sing and “fight” by showing which one could outsing the other. But they flew to the grasses with their backs to each other and their beaks in the air, each one pretending the other one wasn’t there, and I couldn’t help but laugh.

    The pink blobs in the background are redbud trees in full bloom.

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  4. Good morning. I will be visiting a couple of friends this morning. It will be nice to get out. But I already was out at 7 O’clockish to Publix. The air is chilly here today.

    Kim, did you see my question about the home inspector? Are they suppose to consult with the real estate agent before going over their findings with the prospective homebuyer?


  5. Recently, I mentioned getting a call from X in which he was a little choked up, and thanking me for taking good care of Boy. When I told Nightingale about the call, she told me that I should not have answered it. I explained that I was so surprised by seeing that he was calling me – after having no communication from him for over a year – that I unthinkingly answered his call. (Despite my concern that he was on the brink of another “breakdown”, that did not come to pass.)

    Yesterday, he called again, and this time, I did not answer. He did not leave a voicemail, but a little later he texted: “Please refer me back on my way to the sun and I am going on a day to visit my son.” I responded, “What?” but he did not reply.

    This morning, he tried calling again, and again, I did not answer. He left a voicemail asking me to call him back, and I (and this was probably not exactly the right thing to do, but I did it anyway) texted him to say that I am not supposed to answer his calls. He asked who said that, and I replied that it was due to the protection order, that our communication is supposed to be brief and about Boy. He said okay to that, and did not persist in trying to say anything else.

    Btw, his voice sounded fine on the phone yesterday and his voicemail today. I hope that is a good sign. I must admit that I am curious as to what he would have said, but also don’t want to “get in trouble” for answering his calls.


  6. Over the weekend, I asked this, but no one responded. That surprised me, because I was sure that one or two would. So I am asking it again, in case it was missed by those who might be able to help . . .

    “Do any of you have a digital scale that works well, without bells and whistles? The one I had before my current one worked great (until it died after several years), but the one I currently have (which is the same brand) is inconsistent. When I weigh myself, I do it three times as I am in the bathroom getting ready for the day. I often-to-usually get three different results, often with a difference of three or four pounds between the highest and the lowest. Sometimes two will match, and I’ll guess they are the correct weight.

    Since I am once more tweaking my eating habits to try to start losing weight again, I would like to have an accurate scale. What I mean by β€œwithout bells and whistles” is that Nightingale has a scale that also sends info to her phone, and gives more than just the weight, and I think it has memory that will show the previous weight. (I don’t want someone using my scale – as Boy sometimes does – and knowing my weight.) I just want a digital scale that will accurately tell me how much I weigh, thank-you-very-much.

    So. . .if you have an accurate digital scale, could you please tell me the brand and any other info that may help me narrow it down when looking online. (IOW, my current and last scale are the same brand, but different styles or something. The brand has several different kinds of digital scales, but unfortunately, no longer has my previous one anymore.)”


  7. Michelle – Actually, yeah, I am feeling a little lethargic. Why do you ask? (Or did I misinterpret what you were asking?)


  8. Kizzie, that text is a case study in the language patterns seen in people experiencing psychosis. The tenuous association of ‘sun’ and ‘son’ between the two incoherent halves of the sentence is something called ‘flight of ideas’ and is seen in both bipolar manic episodes and schizophrenic psychotic breaks. You need to let Nightingale know he sent you that text.

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  9. Crazy day yesterday. After work, I met a friend at the local mortuary to help her make arrangements for her 93-year-old father who died in his sleep Saturday night.

    She’d kissed him good night and when she went in the next morning he was gone.

    A good end.

    She called a former elder from our church, Herb, who drives for a local mortuary, he helped with the arrangements for the body, went to church–where he sat in front of us in his lawn chair–and then returned to her house to pick up the body.

    Her husband (these are my V friends–you prayed for them and her dad with COVID over Christmas) had to work, so she asked if my husband could go to the mortuary with her. He could, but I pointed out he’d never handled things like this but I had. So she took me.

    The Lord is good. I prayed as I drove. We prayed outside the mortuary, and then went in.

    The young man who helped us knows Herb well. We started out by talking about how much we loved Herb (!) and that the tone. He did a good job with us. The Holy Spirit helped me keep my mouth shut as needed and all in all, it was a good experience–though obviously difficult.

    While it’s expensive, it wasn’t that bad since the casket needs to be driven to Glendale where he’ll be buried.

    (Young man’s girlfriend lives in Whittier–which is where Herb’s son, also called Herb, is a pastor. The world is small and we got another piece of kindness from that.)

    He suggested a burial next Thursday, which works well for all.

    I laughed as I drove home. Great idea, especially if he can stay down for the weekend to visit his girlfriend!

    The most curious part of this whole experience for the V family is her father’s pastor sent my friend a Zoom link to her father’s service–tonight. He wanted no input from her and only begrudgingly said he “might” include a recording she sent him of her son, the only grandchild, playing his grandfather’s favorite hymns on the organ.

    That’s all he’ll allow.

    I asked if she would like me to attend and she said she wasn’t sure it was allowed? A very conservative branch of the Wisconsin Missouri Synod, it’s a tiny group. She knew her father wanted a service including a strong message about Jesus for his secular friends, but the pastor didn’t agree.

    I don’t understand the cruelty of Believers to Believers.

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  10. Michelle – That is very sad. And what kind of pastor would not jump at the chance to include a strong message about Jesus?

    When my Aunt Gert died, her funeral was done by a priest who never knew her. (Her funeral was in a Catholic church only because she was raised Catholic. She had been saved sometime in her last years, but never had gotten around to going to church.) That priest literally merely droned on in a monotone, no inflection at all. If he had added, “Blah, blah, blah,” I would not have been surprised because that’s pretty much what it all sounded like. I felt that she deserved better.

    The pastors who conducted my parents’ memorial services and Hubby’s eagerly sought our input. In fact, Pastor Wade was so impressed by what I emailed him about my dad that he used it in his message. (Although my parents did not attend church, my pastor was the one who did the services because he knew them through me. I was glad that my family allowed, and even encouraged that.)


  11. Sharply dressed birds.

    After a couple warm, windy days, our temperatures are headed down again. It’s quite overcast this morning.

    The IRS payment vanished from my checking account yesterday – sniff, but good riddance to that “bill”

    I’m doing a story today on the anticipated return of cruises starting as early as this summer but it’ll probably be late this year (we have a cruise out of LA set for December, the first since this pandemic struck) that ships will start getting back to their schedules.

    So much will depend on people feeling “safe” enough — so there is talk initially of all-crew, all-passenger vaccinated voyages, understandably.

    Meanwhile, businesses are boarding up here in anticipation of the verdict expected sometime this week. Fun times.


  12. We’re supposed to get an inch of snow overnight. For comparison, where we used to live is supposed to get three inches. If we do get it (if it sticks), I’m going to try to be out at first light, because there are lots and lots of flowers in bloom and I might find something interesting. But I got hardly any sleep last night (didn’t get to sleep till after five in the morning, maybe six), so that could prove interesting!


  13. Kim, did you see my question about the home inspector? Are they suppose to consult with the real estate agent before going over their findings with the prospective homebuyer?

    Janice, in short the home inspector works for the person who pays them– they buyer. Sometimes depending on the history the inspector has with the agent, they will give the agent a call and give them a “heads up” this is what I found that really needs to be addressed.
    Just recently I have been working with a woman who lost her husband in January to Covid. He had brain cancer and they sold everything and went to another city near a major hospital. We made and offer on one house and she got out of that contract because when the home inspector told her it was modular she heard mobile home.
    We found a condo last week and the home inspector went to check it out yesterday. He called me last night and told me what he had found, so that when I spoke with her I would already know there was a moisture issue in a wall. There was damage from Hurricane Sally that caused it originally but last week the president of the HOA told me it had been fixed. This morning I hit the floor making calls to the other agent, the HOA president and to two general contractors to get quotes.

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  14. Lizzie, I have a digital scale that will give the weight in pound or kilos. It does have 2 settings so somewhere along the line one setting got set to high and one to low so I weigh + or – 4 pounds what the scale says

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  15. Red-winged blackbirds are one of my favorites because of the sharp difference in the colors. Another is the indigo bunting. Brillant blue tones in the sunshine.

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  16. Another note about home inspections and how I just don’t understand people. Very often a buyer will have a home inspection and based on the finding decide to cancel the contract. They receive their earnest/escrow money back if the contract provides for that and most do. Sometimes the seller will ask for the home inspection so they may have the necessary repairs addressed or update their seller’s disclosure. The buyer wants to seller to pay them for the home inspection!!!!!!
    That home inspection for $500 home inspection just kept you from make a several hundred thousand dollar mistake. It has served it’s purpose. Why not give it to the seller? You aren’t getting any money back from it anyway.

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  17. I’m washing the washing machine today. The cycle to “clean the machine” came up yesterday.

    I love how you just toss a cleaning pellet in there and run it on the “clean” cycle, then it’s done.

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  18. Kizzie, scale: I have no idea and this is not my bailiwick so did not chime in. But I went and looked. Ours is a glass top digital scale with KG and LBs. And it says WW, but that is all I know. It works fine and has for years, though I have no idea when husband replaced the last one. It does not keep a record. That I am aware of.

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  19. It sounds like I have the same scale as Mumsee. (Surprise!) I bought it maybe ten years ago at Costco. The only feature I use is stand on it and observe the number.

    These days it’s better than it’s been . . . maybe since I got married?

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  20. Good afternoon.

    DJ’s 12:01 put a ZZ Top song in my head now. Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed man. πŸ™‚

    I didn’t weigh in on the scales discussion this weekend because we don’t have a digital scale and never did. Why not simply get an analog scale, Kizzie? Those don’t keep a record.

    If analogs aren’t as accurate as digitals, which I think I’ve heard, my next question would be how crucial is it that you get a highly accurate reading from the scale, Kizzie? Not a question you need to answer for me, but just one to think about.

    Michelle, to which group are you referring when you say, “A very conservative branch of the Wisconsin Missouri Synod…”?

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  21. Had an ad pop up for a wooden Nativity set that’s also a puzzle (where all the pieces fit into the manger space, flat, so it can be easily stored.

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  22. They should do one of Noah’s Ark! I remember my friends on the farm in NY had a wooden Noah’s Art model set up (w/animals) on one of their kitchen window sills.

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  23. I still have roscuro’s Christmas card photo — a black-and-white of a raven? on a cross — from a few years ago framed in my home office area πŸ™‚

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  24. I read all of this and still can’t understand the quandary about scales. There is enough difference between time of day to matter what little effect the instrument of measurement might be.


  25. Thanks, Cheryl. I will not do so until I am home again in a year. I am thinking of those prints you can get at Costco on canvas.
    One of my former students in Australia paints birds, but he doesn’t really put in any background. This is stunning.

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  26. DJ, yes it was a raven.

    Cheryl, I showed yesterday’s and today’s photos to my mother who enjoyed them. She gasped when she saw today’s. The purple blooms in the background take it from excellent to extraordinary.

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  27. I see on TV that Chauvin is found guilty of all charges, whatever they are.
    I’m sure the rioters are disappointed. I can see them mulling around, but there is nothing to riot about.
    Maybe next time.

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  28. Chas – Since I have begun losing weight again, I would like an accurate scale. (I always weigh myself first thing in the morning, before eating or drinking anything.) If I step on the one I have three times in a row, the weights it shows me can be off by a few pounds, making me wonder if I just gained a couple pounds or lost a pound or two.

    It’s not really terribly important, but it would be nice to have more accurate info.

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  29. A fairly clear-cut case — there will be demonstrations tonight (which is different from rioters, let’s hope none of the latter are part of it).

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  30. Roscuro – I forgot to mention to you earlier that I have alerted both Nightingale and X’s-Mom. X’s-Mom replied that yes, he is experiencing psychosis. She said that she saw him for a little while on Saturday but he got mad at her husband, and left.(Pretty sure he was not there for Boy’s visit on Sunday.) Last week he wasn’t even talking to her because he was mad at her for some reason. That happens fairly frequently.

    She went on to say that he has not been listening to any of her suggestions, and she’s not sure where he is today. (Apparently, he has been living in New Hampshire, and coming down for his visits with Boy.)

    Praying for X, his mom (you can imagine how painful this must be for her), and also praying that Boy does not inherit this mental illness. I know the thought of that – or of Boy following in his father’s footsteps in other ways – scares Nightingale when she let’s herself think about it. (So praying for her, too.)


  31. Raven, not a crow, Michelle πŸ˜‰ Both crows and ravens would take offense on being mistaken for each other – I once was amused to observe a three way conflict here between ravens, crows, and grackles – but only ravens are present in Nunavut.

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  32. I do NOT like grackles. When we lived down south (just across the border from Montana) flocks of grackles would land in the trees and screech endlessly. It was like a playground of squeaky rusty swings and teeter totters all moving and screeching at the same time. It gave me the heebie jeebies. Yuck.

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  33. In the spring and fall, a flock of grackles will often foregather in our trees and yard. Their call is very like rusty playground equipment. In the three way conflict, the croak of the ravens, caw of the crows, and creak of the grackles made for quite a cacophony.

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  34. Kare, the ravens of Nunavut were extremely entertaining. They tormented the dogs of the community. There was a husky across from our residence that was always chained and one morning as we waited for our ride to the clinic, we watched as a raven worried the poor dog. The dog was eating and the raven was clearly interested in partaking. But since a husky is a formidable obstacle to take head on, the raven was contenting itself with playing mind games. It stood and watched the dog eating, giving a croak occasionally until the dog rushed at it. But the crafty raven had calculated the distance of the dog’s chain and was standing just out of reach, so all that happened was the dog was stopped short by its own chain. Another time, there was a conspiracy of ravens contriving to distract two dogs in order to steal their dinner. I learned there that ravens have mastered the art of rising on air currents the way eagles do, and occasionally I saw groups of ravens spiraling higher and higher in the sky. Two of the art pieces I brought home are of ravens, a little soapstone raven that has very simple lines but conveys a different attitude of the raven from each angle, and a print of ravens spiraling into the sky. The picture I took of the raven perched on the steeple of the old Anglican Church (there is a new church used now) was one that was pointed out to me by my fellow student.

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  35. Kizzie, after I commented about analog scales, I started wondering if they even sell those anymore? If you decide to get one and can’t locate any, we’ve got two of them here when we only need one. πŸ™‚

    The header: count me in as another who was struck by the amazing color, both bold and understated, in turn. Cheryl, that’s a stunning picture of the beauty of God’s creation!

    Haircuts, which were discussed recently: I finally got my hair cut this year — this morning. I’d had an appointment made for early March, but it got covid-canceled during our family covid/quarantine time.

    My hair is lightweight now and a few inches shorter; I had my stylist trim it up to my collarbone. She really gets it to have a nice little bouncy swoosh at the bottom; it looks and feels so much better than yesterday. πŸ™‚

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  36. Good morning Jo, and whoever else might be up.
    I’m going in for breakfast.
    We don’t have no grackles around here.


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