51 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-16-21

  1. Hi, Chas! And I did not already say “Good morning!” So now I have. Good morning, agIn, Y’all! Straight from the Mouth of the South. I do believe I remember a disc jockey who was known by that moniker.

    The geese just flew overhead honking “Good morning” in their Geesish language.


  2. You all know how I feel about “Christian Music” or “Praise Music” in the church. I come from the other Frozen Chosen Background, so usually I would not post something like this BUT-This is one of my agents. She is truly a beautiful person. I connected with her because she is unable to have a biological child. A couple of years ago she and her husband adopted a little girl. This past December the bio-grandmother contacted them and asked if they were interested in the half sister. Of course they were. The baby was born the end of December, first of January. How wonderful is it that these two little girls will grow up together?
    Here is the song. Knowing what I know, it made me cry

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  3. This is Debra in TX, correct?

    Cable news will definitely not be good for your mental or spiritual health right now. While this outrage all could settle down over time, it feels pretty permanent these days. it’s important to step away from it.

    Reminds me, too, of my neighbor who’s had the stroke — she tends to be a very high-stress personality and the news in the past couple years has really affected her from what she’s told me. She will turn it off for days or even weeks at a time just to try to escape the craziness we’re all bombarded with anymore. Riots, shootings, politicians (ahem, our “leaders”) flipping out on both sides, all the shouting talking heads.

    Hoping for a fairly easy Friday today, I had to skip yesterday’s virtual port commission meeting for another assignment so today I will catch up with the video of that. I was told it was all pretty routine, maybe a couple stories I can combine in a wrap up, then I’m hoping to be finished for the week.

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  4. OK, T, right. I’m friends w/her on FB but when I checked last night it didn’t look like she’d been active for a year or so.


  5. OK I awns;t going to post this, but it’s something, and of some interest, if not good.
    Polly turns 84 today.
    Polly is Mel’s wife.
    Mel died last Wednesday.
    How do you say, “Happy Birthday, Polly”
    I haven’t said anything yet. Likely won’t.

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  6. That’s a tough one, Chas. 😦

    I am on my new laptop. 🙂

    Nightingale bought it for me, but I set it up for her to buy it from the computer guy I have mentioned a couple times. I told him what I needed in a laptop, and he ordered one for me, and then set it up with Windows 10, virus protection, and such. He gave Nightingale a good discount on it for paying cash.

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  7. Chas, maybe you can say something like, “I know this isn’t a very happy birthday, but I did want you to know I’m thinking about you” or something that says you remembered. However it would be natural for you to word it.

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  8. Chas, something along the lines of:

    Polly, At this very sorrowful time, I wanted to let you know that you are remembered on your birthday. May you have the peace that is a gift from God as you mourn the loss of my good friend with me. I am glad you were born those eighty four years ago and you were able to bring such joy to my friend and to your sister, who brought great joy to me.

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  9. What cheryl said at 4:41 — just give her a call to see how she’s doing, you can mention her birthday as likely being a sad one if you’d like.

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  10. And mumsee’s words at 4:42 would be nice on a card if you’re sending one (or you don’t have to write that much if it writing is difficult) — do you keep blank cards around? I’m trying to do better at that, the plain ones are good. Otherwise, I tend to procrastinate about going to the store to find and buy one that suits my tastes (which I can rarely find, especially in the sympathy section)

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  11. Donna, the reason we moved from Ba. to Hendersonville,NC is because her sister and pal lived there.
    Subject: Birthdays
    Many years ago, we were in Ft. Worth, living in the house trailer, so we must have been newly married. Thought I don’t know exactly ween,
    We had some friends over and were talking about “things”. One of the subjects was birthdays.
    At the end of the evening, our visitors were gone and Elvera and I were sitting on the couch.
    Elvera said, “Charlie. I’m not mad or anything, but today was my birthday.”

    My long standing practice since then is to take the next year calendar, as soon as I get it, and mark every birthday and important date in it. Usually before Jan 1.

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  12. I see on TV that Biden wants Congress to enact a gun control law.
    There is nothing Congress, nor anyone else, can do abut guns. Even without a 2nd Amendment, there is already an arsenal spread across the country.

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  13. Good morning all. So glad that it is Saturday. Foggy and just started raining here, very gray.
    One more week of subbing in third grade. Not sure if they have something else for me after that, but I will continue tutoring the two girls. They are both working hard and it is going well. Their parents and a teacher mentioned how much better they are doing. I have tutored boys before and it went so slowly, these girls are amazing. We get so much done. They have to move letters on tiles, finding the one for that sound. I had a boy who did not seem to know the alphabet and would look all over to find the z.

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  14. Elvera said, “Charlie. I’m not mad or anything, but today was my birthday.”

    Oh Chas.


    I just paid the IRS online. I hope I did everything right, my other tax guy was old school we just went with checks when I owed something. I hope I got the checking routing & account numbers right, those are confusing to me — but they gave me a helpful diagram.

    I just wanted that “bill” — even though it’s not quite due yet — off my plate (and out of my head)! Good riddance, until next year, Mr. Tax Man.

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  15. Oh, Janice, I have avocado everyday. Usually about a half of a large avocado. some of ours are so large that I will only do a third. I have found if you leave the pit in and refrigerate it that way, it lasts for several days.

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