42 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-12-21

  1. What is this world coming to””
    I went on-line to register for the 8:00 service next Sunday.
    Sold Out!!
    How can a church service be sold out?
    A song keeps running thru my head that seems more appropriate every day.

    “This World is not My Home”
    It’s getting more weird every day.
    Is it possible that I’m one of those who already have a place?
    How do I find out?

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  2. Aren’t the lyrics “I don’t feel at home in this world anymore?” Interesting that you used ‘can’t yesterday,’ Chas. I remember my mom being that way.

    Nice to see the bright pretty header. We have had rain, rain and more rain and will continue to have rain, rain, and more rain for quite a few more days. I am so grateful our sump pump has been working.

    Sad that there are riots before anyone knows what the facts are. Sad to have a governor who jumps to be judge and jury before he knows the truth. Sad that we need to send the National Guard out again. Sad for the students who now have to learn online again since it is too dangerous for them to be at their school. Sad for all those who cannot avoid the area for business or who live their. Sad for the business owners who have to lose more of their livelihoods. Perhaps this should be on the politics page, if so, I am sorry. It is just in my thoughts this morning as I see the riots in my state again.

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  3. Oh, Chas! That speaks to my heart. I have only once been to the in house service. It has really bothered me about the big deal made over registration. I know in the grand scheme it is a minor. If we don’t register and just show up then we are preemptively chided about how it messes everything up for everyone. If we do register and don’t show then we have kept someone else from attending. Going to church should not be so difficult. I was taught from a young age to stay in the background and not cause any problems. This registration situation along with the mask has wilted me. The one time I went, I was told they did not get the message I had left saying I would be there. The secretary was out that week. So I felt badly. But truly, we need someone watching on line and commenting in the chat to others who are watching by Facebook Live. I am good with that position. God works everything out . . .


  4. Kathaleena, I am sad for what all y’all have gone through for so long. Georgia has gone through a lot, too. But the destruction, so far, has been greater for your state. We tend to naturally feel partial to our states unless we live all over the place. It is sad to see things be destroyed that were nice. And no one is held accountable so the evil goes rampant.

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  5. It’s interesting to see on TB, this guy and woman setting a proper ten feet from each other while on camera. We know that when it’s over, they will sit next to each other and drink coffee together.

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  6. We are off to the big city. Husband has been wanting a smaller vehicle with better gas mileage. He has been shopping for nearly a year. Today is the day to pick up a used Forester. And our military ID’s expired so we have to get those done as well. My first time going to a mask required place since this whole thing started. I do not get out much. And it is possible Idaho (at least in parts) is not quite as restrictive as some other places.

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  7. Our early service has dropped the registration requirement, primarily due to our numbers throughout the county and state being lower than they’ve ever been. I’d say our occupancy still hovers around 50% occupied, which is what the current health guidelines are, and we seem to automatically “social-distance” on our own, with couples and families and households sitting together, of course.

    Chas, what’s with the 10 feet in NC? Or is that merely an exaggeration to make a point? Three feet is now the norm where we are (ever since the reports came out that 3 feet generally is sufficient, as opposed to the earlier 6 feet).

    We have a 2nd service that draws more people than the first — those are people in our congregation who have always been resistant to masks, social distancing and any other restrictions, our rebel contingent. A few, not sure how many, had been infected, however.

    What a beautiful, cheerful flower! I needed that this morning, thanks Janice.

    I woke up to the see the news on my phone about the latest police shooting and, of course, riots — in MN again, but the rioting will spread to many of our big cities by tonight.

    We are living in perilous times in the U.S., to be sure.

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  8. My richer-than-me cousin bought a brand new Forester a couple years ago. They’re good cars. Even the more recent used ones were out of my league, however.

    I think I’ve decided on a name for the Cherokee — Baby Jeep.

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  9. That flower will wake up any sleepy heads! And that is why I have not mowed my yard. Too many pretties. And the dandelions are good for honey bees.

    Mumsee, enjoy your outing with the mask on. I did see a lady who almost looked like a model in Publix shopping without a mask on early this morning. She is the first I have seen in the store without a mask for months now. I know more things have opened up in Georgia, but I thought masks were still required in Publix.

    I had a good critique session on Saturday. I got a lot of positive feedback on my poetry. I could have used a bit more constructive feedback. I am looking for more info now on meter and rhyme. I got the impression that the poet in our group does not write in that style. She does have publishing credits.

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  10. Even with the lockdown going on, churches are still able to meet at 15 percent capacity with social distancing and masks. The city church is not having trouble complying, as i has four galleries and a sanctuary and was never even halfway filled, and a large number with vulnerabilities are sheltering in place. They do have a sign up component. I can hear the congregation singing with their masks on over the internet.

    Meanwhile, FB relative has shared clip of cult leaders complaining about churches being persecuted by the lockdowns. This particular cult is actually welcoming the negative press for their deliberate violations, as they think their controversial stance will draw disaffected religious people into their net: https://www.rbclondon.ca/news/a-warning-to-the-people-of-redemption-bible-chapel-regarding-henry-hildebrandt-and-the-church-of-god-restoration/. It is working.


  11. Kathaleena @ 9:05
    Back right after the Rodney King riots I went back to work at my school in South Central LA. On e very street corner there was a Marine Humvee with an M-50 Machine gun on top. When I got to school I walked in with another teacher. We agreed that the Marines didn’t really know how to arrest you, they just knew how to shoot you.

    Little old ladies liked the quiet and calm; they could go to the store safely.

    The government knows how to restore order, they just don’t want to.

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    Minnesota officials said the police officer who fatally shot a Black man at a traffic stop did so accidentally, and meant to fire a Taser instead.

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  13. 3 feet is WHO guidelines, which Mr. COVID has argued all along, are fine–especially for schools. You, however, live in CA, where control is important, even if it needs to be exaggerated.

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  14. AJ, my comment about ten feet refers to TV personalities in the morning who seem to have to sit so far apart.
    Yet. In church, we meet in the”Multi-purpose” room and the chairs are arranged so that families can sit together, but Individuals are separated at least ten feet.
    i.e. Chuck/Linda, etc. may sit close to me, but others keep a distance.


  15. KNOXVILLE, Tenn. โ€” The Knoxville Police Department said there are multiple gunshot victims, including a KPD officer, after a shooting at Austin-East Magnet High School on Monday afternoon.


  16. MeMaw and I are getting along. She’s nice. The one thing I don’t like it not being about to see the end of the front of my car! Backing up is fine, pulling into a parking space is not.
    I have decided not to watch much news. I sometimes catch it at 5:30 pm if I am in the kitchen or something. I find I am much happier than those who do watch it.

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  17. Kim – An advertising thingy from Berkshire-Hathaway Home Services came in my mail today that had me thinking of you. It says that a home buyer can buy a new home before selling the current one by “unlocking home equity” through their Pinnacle Forward programs.

    It goes on to say:

    > No more contingent offers
    > No double moves or mortgages
    > No credit applications, monthly payments, or fixed maturity date
    > Avoid living through renovations and showings
    > We prepare your home for sale and maximize value – you keep all the upside”

    This is not something that I am actually interested in, I’m just curious, and wondered if this is a legit and wise thing for some people to do, or if it is something that could end up hurting a homeowner financially. Are you familiar with this sort of thing?


  18. Kizzie, I know you didn’t ask me, but anytime I hear “unlock your home’s equity” I read it as really saying, “Take on debt.” It sounds as though they are appealing to people who have their homes paid off, trying to get them to take a mortgage on their current home and then take the money from that loan to pay cash somewhere else, plus pay them a fee for staging and selling your home. That’s great if your current home sells quickly for the price you want (though if it does so, do you need their program?)–but what if it doesn’t? You could be stuck with two houses and a mortgage you don’t really want.

    Or are they actually offering to buy your current home and flip it–meaning they’ll pay you less than it’s worth?

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  19. Good afternoon. I am back and did daughter’s chores as they had to stay in Lewiston for other daughter’s work rehab appt, as they continue to try to fit her for a job. Two years into the process they are still interviewing her. Our government at work.

    Anyway, the nice woman at the National Guard office shares the same last name as my birth family so that was fun. That is where nineteen year old son works though he is out elsewhere guiding people to their covid shots.

    Road construction on the Winchester Grade was interesting. We were stopped in a line by the flag lady and then sent on after the Fed Ex vehicle passed with the uphill group. We had gone about twenty seconds when we stopped to let the rest of the line going uphill get by. Apparently, the message was probably “Fed Ex at end of line” so she thought it was done. But about fifteen more cars came up including three more Fed Ex vehicles. Oops. No biggie but kind of amusing. Nobody got shot for it.

    Coming home, I got to drive the new car. A pretty dark red 2015 Subaru Forester. I thanked husband for buying me a new car. But really it is for him as I don’t drive much at all other than church. We will see what we decide as he just finished putting back together the Hyundai that twenty three crashed into a deer last year and totaled.

    As to masks, I saw three of them on our trip. None at the NG office. Two going into the car dealership and one coming out but of the thirty or so people milling around, no other masks. And we all shook hands. I did not think about it until later as it is not my normal venue. We shall see.

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  20. Portland continues to have nightly “peaceful protests”. Though they don’t seem to be covered much anymore as it is so every night. Understandable, people are tired of it.


  21. ~ If everything falls in line with Oregon, supporters envision also adding adjacent portions of southeastern Washington and northern California to Idaho. ~

    Maybe Michelle could be part of the Promise Land, too.

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  22. Mumsee, we could start a Forester club. I like mine a lot and miss driving it. It is just the right size for me, not so small that I feel unsafe and not too large. The one I am driving here now is larger than I like. But when one is loaned a vehicle for free, one says thank you.

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  23. Wit part of us on the US East coast, some in California and some in the South Pacific, this could go on without stopping.


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