13 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 4-10-21

  1. RANT: The flag is at half staff so much anymore that it doesn’t mean anything. It has become more noticeable when it is all the way up. I have given up wondering what happened. Even as recently at the early 2000’s we all knew why it was lowered. Now? I never know. It bothers me that I don’t know.

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  2. 😊 4 more weeks of school
    😊 I have a position waiting for me when I’m done.
    😊 It is getting warmer.
    😊 I bought some petunias to go with the pansies my daughter got for my birthday.
    😊 Trey has almost taken over the milking, and has such pride in doing so.
    😊 There are 9 eggs in the turkey nest.
    😊 Applications in at the track for summer work for Miguel and extra for me. I’m not paying insurance and retirement there, so lots of take home pay that I put straight into savings.
    😊 Thanking God for all of His provision.

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  3. Kim, think of it as a symbolic statement on our times.

    🙂 Saturday

    😦 I have to work this afternoon to add to a story I’d written yesterday — but it should only take maybe 2 hours.

    😦 I really need to replace those hanging baskets out front, but hate going to a Home Depot on a Saturday in spring. It’s typically a madhouse

    🙂 Baseball season is here — along with the fans to replace the cardboard cutouts in stadiums; our editor attended the Dodger’s opening home game yesterday, I’m glad they won as he’s a super intense fan

    😦 Political overreach 🙂 but an overreach that can only help the other side as the midterm elections approach

    🙂 RK’s awaiting job

    🙂 Birds! I have a few large (and currently overgrown, in need of major trimming) trees in my backyard (not counting the dead spruce tree) and they are teeming with birds right now. When I was out watering the other day at dusk they were all just chirping away, unseen but certainly heard. Nature’s soundtrack.

    🙂 Dramatically falling Covid numbers in our state, the graph is nearly flat — and has been for some weeks now — in LA County. Remarkable (though we’re fully aware it may not last).

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  4. We were listening to the birds last night, as we sat around a campfire. Very pleasant to hear their nighttime greetings. Though what they are really saying…..Are they praising their Creator? Or arguing about perching spots?

    High winds and snow expected again today. Yesterday it was typical spring: warm and cold, clear and snowing, cloudy and windy….Husband and children almost finished the new fence I assigned fourteen year old to construct and then asked husband for suggestions, which turned into quite an elaborate but beautiful production. It is good to see him working with the children. Always a positive time. Though it is quite challenging with these three.

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  5. 🙂 An anonymous grandma and grandpa and aunties and uncle somewhere were thrilled to see an anonymous 1-year-old firstborn on Facetime last Sunday, sporting her new t-shirt that read, “Big Sister.” 🙂

    🙂 The month of October won’t come quickly enough. 🙂

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  6. This is so silly, I debated with myself several times whether to post it or not. But, given that it is silly, here it is:

    I woke up with a sudden thought. I don’t know why, but on awaking, I thought, “God you missed a good chance to take me out of this world.”
    As I said. Silly. God can do whatever/whenever. It’s just a thought that came into my mind momentarily.
    And why it occurred to me again just a couple of minutes ago, is also a puzzle.

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  7. Because you are ready to go. But still needed here for His purposes. Kind of like Paul: preferring to head Home but knowing God must still need him here for a time.

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  8. Chas – I am about 30 years younger than you, but I often feel that it is strange that I am still here while Hubby is not. Sometimes I still wonder what is the point of me being here, but then I quickly remember that my daughters and grandson need me, so God must have a purpose in my life still. Even so, it is not the same as when Hubby was alive.

    You may not feel “needed”, but you still have people who love you and would miss you if you weren’t here (like us fellow Wanderers).


  9. Yes, I think if we are still alive God has a purpose for our being alive. We may seem to have no purpose, but we cannot see as God sees.

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  10. Be careful, Chas, be very careful. Fifteen years ago, I told God I was ready to come Home anytime He called. My children were raised and we had done a lot. Seen some places, done a good bit of foster care, Bible Clubs, Sunday School teaching, etc. And then He said, “Here, I have these eleven children…..”

    Kind of like praying for patience.

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  11. 😦 Feeling a little depressed and cranky today, as well as missing Hubby and Chickadee. Then Nightingale comes home from work and snaps at me about something because she’s feeling cranky, too. We’re having dinner separately tonight, which is fine with me.


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