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  3. Carrying the Dems water, as usual.


    “Biden Border Crisis Media Gaslighting: It’s That Rogue Border Patrol Mistreating Illegal Immigrant Children

    Sorry, AP and CBS News, these children are in Biden’s custody, the Border Patrol buck stops with him.”

    “As the Biden administration settles into its open borders policies, even the media is starting to notice that conditions are not good for those, particularly children, crammed into substandard facilities, often with no Wuhan coronavirus testing or social distancing, masking measures. The CDC even “bent” its rules on COVID so that Biden could place as many illegals into detention facilities as possible.

    As we noted, the Biden administration is also releasing illegal aliens into America who are testing positive for COVID. But Americans who have been subjected to tyrannical lockdowns and mask mandates “may” be able to gather in small family gatherings in time for July 4th. Wrap your mind around the crazy.

    Needless to say, we aren’t being treated to “Biden hates brown people and wants them to die” and “Biden is a xenophobe/RAAACIST’ narratives we endured when President Trump utilized the Obama-Biden era facilities for “caging” children while obtaining agreements with Central American governments to minimize the number of children (and other illegals) allowed to illegally cross our borders.

    It is rather interesting to see the legacy media publish stories about what is happening at the border . . . and how they shift blame from the president to the Border Patrol (an executive branch agency that answers to the president).

    Take the AP, for example, in their article entitled, “Children packed into Border Patrol tent for days on end, ” the blame is clearly on Border Patrol. Not on the president who proudly penned executive orders that resulted in this travesty. (Archive link)

    Hundreds of immigrant children and teenagers have been detained at a Border Patrol tent facility in packed conditions, with some sleeping on the floor because there aren’t enough mats, according to nonprofit lawyers who conduct oversight of immigrant detention centers.

    The lawyers interviewed more than a dozen children Thursday in Donna, Texas, where the Border Patrol is holding more than 1,000 people. Some of the youths told the lawyers they had been at the facility for a week or longer, despite the agency’s three-day limit for detaining children. Many said they haven’t been allowed to phone their parents or other relatives who may be wondering where they are.

    Despite concerns about the coronavirus, the children are kept so closely together that they can touch the person next to them, the lawyers said. Some have to wait five days or more to shower, and there isn’t always soap available, just shampoo, according to the lawyers.

    This is not some rogue agency flouting the president’s orders; this is an executive branch agency doing exactly what the president ordered.

    Even the AP is forced to acknowledge that Biden’s administration is behaving even worse than that dreaded Orange Man Bad.
    President Joe Biden’s administration denied the lawyers access to the tent facility. During the administration of former President Donald Trump, attorney visits to Border Patrol stations revealed severe problems, including dozens of children held at one rural station without adequate food, water, or soap.

    “It is pretty surprising that the administration talks about the importance of transparency and then won’t let the attorneys for children set eyes on where they’re staying,” said Leecia Welch of the National Center for Youth Law, one of the lawyers. “I find that very disappointing.”

    The Biden administration’s lack of transparency is hardly “pretty surprising,” it’s par for the leftist course and given his administration’s dominance by Obama hold-overs and assorted communists and anti-capitalist, anti-American lunatics, it’s pretty much expected.

    CBS News takes the same angle (“unexpectedly”) and places the blame on the Border Patrol.”


  4. Of course they did….


    “NJ Law Blocks Parents From Learning About Children’s Drug Infractions”

    “The Garden State is apparently tired of having parents “interfere” in their children’s lives. A bizarre new law was recently signed by Democratic Governor Phil Murphy that prevents the police from notifying parents if their children are found using marijuana or drinking alcohol while they are underage. The provision in question was part of a larger bill that allows New Jersey residents to legally carry more than a third of a pound of marijuana. While the law does not allow children to use marijuana, tobacco or alcohol, it obviously infringes on the rights of parents to monitor and guide their children’s development. The notification portion of the bill is so unpopular that even many of the legislators who voted for it are now calling for a revision to remove that part of the legislation. (Fox News)

    A new law in New Jersey is sparking criticism from parents and police officers throughout the state, as the bill restricts law enforcement from notifying the parents of minors who are caught with possession of marijuana or alcohol.

    The law, signed in February by Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy, allows people to carry up to 6 ounces of marijuana. It also prohibits police officers from notifying parents when their child is caught by law enforcement with marijuana or alcohol for the child’s first incident. After the first reported incident, officers can relay the information back to parents.

    However, police note that there is not a way to confirm if a minor has any prior incidents reported.

    As noted, even if you thought this was a good idea, the police don’t have the tools to ensure they are in compliance. Since a child’s first interaction with the police involving drugs or alcohol use is not recorded anywhere, if the cops find a minor drinking beer or smoking pot, they have no way of knowing if that child was previously found engaging in such activity. As one police officer pointed out, the only way the law could be enforced is if the same officer picks up the same child multiple times and remembers their name.

    Once word of this provision showed up in the news, almost nobody was in favor of it. A Republican legislator has already introduced a bill that would remove this restriction and many Democrats have released statements saying that they will support it. Even Governor Murphy (the person who signed the bill into law) said that the proposed revision is “a step in the right direction,” adding, “I support that direction.”

    The real questions to answer here are how that provision made it into the legislation in the first place, how a majority voted for it and why Murphy signed it. Did nobody actually read the bill and notice the change in parental notification policy? If so, why are you signing off on bills you haven’t read? Or was this just a case of the legislature and the Governor simply assuming that this would be fine and then acting completely gobsmacked when parents and police around the state began crying foul? You have a choice of incompetence or being disconnected from reality to explain this.

    It would be lovely to simply assume that elected officials still respect the right of parents to raise their children as they see fit and imbue them with decent morals. Sadly, that hasn’t been the case for a long time. State-sponsored indoctrination of children has been the goal of the educational system for quite a while now, but stretching it to this degree is not just foolish, but dangerous.”


  5. And again, of course they did.


    Fang Fang says hello.


  6. When even the teachers are complaining, there’s a problem.


    Parents of Students at Elite Schools Fight Against Indoctrination of Their Children


    ““They say that their children tell them they’re afraid to speak up in class. Most of all, they worry that the school’s new plan to become an “anti-racist institution”—unveiled this July””

    “We recently pointed out that parents are rebelling at the exclusive Dalton School due to its full embrace of Critical Race Theory.

    This is happening at other elite schools where parents realize that their kids are being indoctrinated, not educated.

    Parents of students at Harvard-Westlake School in Los Angeles, a private prep school with a $40,000 a year price tag, are forced to organize in secret for fear of being called racists.

    Bari Weiss writes at City Journal:

    The Miseducation of America’s Elites

    The dissidents use pseudonyms and turn off their videos when they meet for clandestine Zoom calls. They are usually coordinating soccer practices and carpools, but now they come together to strategize. They say that they could face profound repercussions if anyone knew they were talking.

    But the situation of late has become too egregious for emails or complaining on conference calls. So one recent weekend, on a leafy street in West Los Angeles, they gathered in person and invited me to join.

    In a backyard behind a four-bedroom home, ten people sat in a circle of plastic Adirondack chairs, eating bags of Skinny Pop. These are the rebels: well-off Los Angeles parents who send their children to Harvard-Westlake, the most prestigious private school in the city.

    By normal American standards, they are quite wealthy. By the standards of Harvard-Westlake, they are average. These are two-career couples who credit their own success not to family connections or inherited wealth but to their own education. So it strikes them as something more than ironic that a school that costs more than $40,000 a year—a school with Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett’s right hand, and Sarah Murdoch, wife of Lachlan and Rupert’s daughter-in-law, on its board—is teaching students that capitalism is evil.

    For most parents, the demonization of capitalism is the least of it. They say that their children tell them they’re afraid to speak up in class. Most of all, they worry that the school’s new plan to become an “anti-racist institution”—unveiled this July, in a 20-page document—is making their kids fixate on race and attach importance to it in ways that strike them as grotesque.
    One parent escaped from a Communist country and saw something all too familiar unfolding:”

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  8. Biden enabled this.


    “Iran-Backed Houthis Linked to Massacre of African Migrants After Biden Lifted Terrorist Designation

    At least 44 migrants killed by fire, hundreds injured.”

    “President Joe Biden lifted the terrorist organization label for the Iranian-backed Houthi militia Ansar Allah in Yemen a few weeks ago.

    Now the jihadi group has been blamed for horrendous crimes against African migrants in the country.

    Reports indicate Ansar Allah, Arabic for Allah’s defenders, is linked to the fire at a migrant detention center in Yemen’s capital Sanaa last week. It killed at least 44 migrants and injured hundreds more, The Associated Press and Arab news outlets report.

    The Associated Press, on Saturday, reported the brutal massacre:

    A leader of the migrant community in the Yemeni capital on Saturday called for an international probe into a fire that tore through a detention center last week, killing at least 44 people, mostly Ethiopian migrants.

    In a news conference in Sanaa, Othman Gilto, who heads the Ethiopian community, blamed “negligence” by the Houthi rebels who control the capital, as well as the United Nations, which has aid agencies present in Yemen. The fire also injured more than 200 people, he said.

    Some 900 migrants, mostly from Ethiopia, were detained at the facility — including 350 inside a warehouse — when the fire took place on Sunday, according to the International Organization for Migration.

    The Embassy of Yemen in the United States confirmed the latest atrocity committed by the rebel terrorist group.

    The “Government of Yemen has categorically condemned the heinous crime committed by the Houthi militias against African migrants detained in prisons of Houthis in Sanaa,” a statement posted by the embassy on Twitter said.

    Last month, the Biden administration removed Iran’s proxy Houthi militia from the list of designated terrorist groups, reversing a decision taken by the outgoing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The move was among a series of steps taken by the Biden White House to appease the Iranian regime into settling for an Obama-style nuclear deal with Washington.
    While the Biden State Department exonerated the Houthis, the jihadi militia’s official motto says everything you need to know about them: “Allah is Greater, Death to America, Death to Israel, Curse on the Jews, Victory to Islam.””


    He’s Joe Biden, and he approves of these terrorists.

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  9. Currently over 300 people have been charged with federal offences related to the riot. And the FBI has released over 250 photos related to persons assaulting federal officiers. Complex cases such as these do take time (the G20 riot investigations in Toronto took over a year) and in most cases those charged plea out to misdemenours. I suspect something similar will happen here. Despite the complexity there is clear evidence of criminal behaviour — stealing laptops, taking pictures of documents, vandalism thanks to the willingness of the trespassers to stream their behaviour.

    In the case of Officer Sicknick’s death two men have been arressted for assualt. Video evidence seems to suggest that a chemical spray probably bear spray was used by the two men on the police that were there. Of course, the Trump narrative is that these people were all antifa — so I’m quite surprised that they seem to think there is no case.



  10. The Gupta-Cotton exchange was interesting but it wasn’t a wreck or savage. It was two people with opposing views debate with some intelligence. We should celebrate that instead of making it something it wasn’t just for the purpose of clickbait.

    Gupta is correct in that its human nature to be bias in favor of what we are comfortable. We all carry stereotypes that impact our perception of the people around us. In many cases these are not negative but even then its something we should be aware.

    When teachers expect Asian students to be smart especially at math and the student isn’t, the teacher is making the situation worse. People like to insist they are free of biases but I see it everyday — the teacher who doesn’t want Arab boys in her class … because she thinks they all suffer from Little Prince syndrome or are momma boys. Most teachers are female, middle class and white thus the behavioural norm in classrooms reflects their values and in many cases they demonstrate very little understanding of working class or immigrant values.

    Apparently the number one complaint recieved by the Ministry of Education or school boars are accusations of racism or bias. Hence, we are now required to teach “Learn Disrupt Rebuild” lessons — some teachers speed through them or ignore it (our union will back you up if you refuse) while others embrace with too much vigour. I suppose its similar to the CRT that is criticized here. For the most part, students would rather not participate in these lessons — when you’re in a multicultural classroom you are reluctant to discuss race. And for the most part, these lessons are not for the benefit of the students but rather a means by which the Ministry or Board can claim they are proactive. The students are then paying for the sins of their forefathers ….and by grade eight some can figure that out.

    I don’t mind the lessons themselves as long as I can use it as a vehicle to teach essay writing skills, presentations (visual or oral) and other parts of the curriculum. So we examine the arguments, break down the writing, assess the evidence and then critique. We then use the structure taught to write our own opinions. Probably not what the board/ministry wanted but I’m killing two birds with one stone.

    And this is not to say racism is not a problem. For a supposed leftist profession in a leftist city, I still note implicit racial bias occuring in the school by both teachers and students. Unfortunately once it occurs, we tend to also see it where it is not and thus all the complaints. And given the multicultural leftist nature of my city, if there’s racism or at least bias here, then it will be present elsewhere.


  11. So is the current narrative among Trump supporters that Biden is terrible for continuing the same policies as Trump in terms of border control and unaccompanied children? I’m delighted to see the right taking an interest in the welfare of the children; welcome to the club. Hopefully Republicans will take this up as a cause and embarass the Democrats to make the necessary changes. I am, of course, not holding my breath for either parties to treat the kids as human beings. Although the fact Trump supporters are now blaming Biden rather than the children’s parents is a step in the right direction.


  12. If I remember correctly, possession of alcohol by minor is a misdemeanor in Ontario. Back in the day, it was a $53.75 fine (its 107.50 today) issued to the person directly. I don’t remember parents being informed. The drinking age is 19 so this may be only for 16 to 18 year olds. The legal age of responsibility is 12 — medical privacy, criminal charges, custody disputes etc are all part of a 12 year olds right and responsibilities. I would not be surprised if parents aren’t informed if the chld is 12 or older and marijuana is treated the same as alcohol here. There seems to be some ambiguity in the law for the independence of chldren between 12 and 18 with varying degrees of freedom, rights and responsibilies as the chld ages from 12 (medical) to 14 (sex) to 16 (driving) to 18 (adult) to 19 (alcohol and marijuana). In many cases, the police or other authorities have some degree of discretion. For example, my daughter has told me that the police rarely bothered to levy illegal possesion fines to minors being content just to pour the alcohol out of the bottles and tell the kids to go home.

    As a parent and a teacher, I’m still not sure what approach is right. I’d like to have been informed of my child’s offences yet I also want the police to be able to exercise discretion as minor possession should not be the first step into the criminal justice system as alochol and marijuana use declines after people turn 25.


  13. Finally, the Biden policy in Yemen appears to a more sensible neutral approach. Taking sides in other country’s civil war rarely ends well. Right now, the Saudis are using Israeli-US weaponry to massacare Houthi civilians. Supporting the Saudis make westerners complicit in human rights abuses and support for the Houthi have similar problems given the Iranian-Qatari support. Similar to Syria, there is no real winning policy here. By withdrawing support, the US can beome a more neutral broker and not associated with human right abuses by either side. The sharing of US technology by the Israelis to the Saudis will probably not end well especially if the Saudis choose to support Wahhabist groups like Al-Queada in the future or even now. Al-Queda is active in Yemen and supported by the Saudis. So by supporting the Saudi/Israeli coalition, the US was also exposing their military technology to Al-Queda and implicitly supported the group. Both sides feature Sunni and Shia extremists who hate the US — its really not a good idea to be there if both sides hate you.


  14. The majority of folks have been charged with trespassing only. Good luck proving that once the defense shows the footage of capital police letting them in.

    They have nothing. Sure they’ll get some idiots who broke stuff on video, but the majority will walk. Guaranteed.

    They charged 2 men with assaulting Officer Sisnick today. What was missing?

    A murder charge. And still no cause of death. Funny that, no?


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