27 thoughts on “News/Politics 3-2-21

  1. Yes, because it’s loving parents who hand their children off to coyotes and drug cartels. I’d hate to see what the rest do.


    “DHS Sec. Mayorkas: ‘Loving Parents’ Send Unaccompanied Children to the Border

    “We are not apprehending a 9-year-old child who’s come alone, who has traversed Mexico, whose parents — whose loving parents — had sent that child alone…”

    “Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said the administration would not turn away unaccompanied minors at the border sent by their “loving parents.””


  2. Just keep lying…..


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  3. Yep. 🙂


    “Trump: I’m Not Starting A New Party. I’m Still Running This Party”

    “The end of this year’s CPAC was the highlight that most of the attendees were clearly waiting for. The keynote speaker was former President Donald J. Trump, who had been laying low since Joe Biden’s inauguration. If anyone was expecting Trump to be apologetic or talk about “unity” with the Democrats for the next four years, they probably haven’t been paying much attention over the past four years and they are likely very disappointed. Trump was still going full-bore and the crowd was eating it up. There were several highlights from the speech, but one of the earliest came when the Bad Orange Man answered a question that has been widely bandied about in the media. No, he doesn’t plan to start his own third party. He doesn’t need to because he’s still in charge of the GOP. And he might just take back the White House from Joe Biden in four years if only to prove the point. (National Review)

    “You know they kept saying, ‘he’s going to start a brand new party.’ We have the Republican Party: it’s going to unite and be stronger than ever before,” Trump said.

    “I am not starting a new party. That was fake news,” the former president added. “Wouldn’t that be brilliant? Let’s divide our vote so that we can never win.”

    However, Trump indicated he could run for president in 2024, and again implied that he had not lost the election to Biden.

    “Actually as you know they just lost the White House,” Trump said, referring to Democrats. “I might even decide to beat them for a third time.”

    This wasn’t an official announcement of another run, but it was definitely a suggestion that it’s not off the table. And if anyone imagined that a more “reflective” Donald Trump might back off on calling out fake news in the media or apologize for his past rhetoric, that’s clearly not happening either.

    The speech wasn’t just self-inflating rhetoric. Trump has clearly been following the news of Biden’s early weeks in office after beating the Democrats’ second attempt to impeach him. He tagged Joe Biden for his early efforts to roll back the progress Trump made over the past four years, particularly on the issue of illegal immigration.

    “We did such a good job,” Trump said of his immigration policies. “Nobody’s ever seen anything like we did, and now [Biden] wants it all to go to hell.”

    Trump added, “Joe Biden has triggered a massive flood of illegal immigration into our country…We’re one country, we can’t afford the problems of the world, as much as we’d love to.”

    “Joe Biden’s decision to cancel border security has singlehandedly launched a youth migrant crisis that is enriching child smugglers, vicious criminal cartels, and some of the most evil people on the planet,” Trump said. “The Biden administration has put the vile coyotes back in business.””


    He’s correct.

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  4. Huh.

    And yet Biden and Dems insist it’s us that needs to do better.


    “In The Last Decade, 89% Of New CO2 Output Came From China And India”

    We’re being told on a daily basis that CO2 emissions need to drop in order to avoid a future climate disaster. We’re also being told that we’re not doing nearly enough. In fact, globally we’re not seeing any reduction in CO2 emissions. If you look at the decade leading up to 2018 those emissions went up about 12%. But there’s a very big caveat to those numbers. Nearly all of the increase, just shy of 90%, is coming from just two countries:

    Over the decade through 2018, emissions increased by 12%, or 4.5 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide. A decade or so of further pollution at that level will eliminate all possibility of avoiding catastrophic warming.

    Break out the numbers by country, however, and a very different picture emerges. Some 89% of the additional greenhouse gases came from just two countries: China, which alone accounted for 69% of the increase, and India. Emissions from the EU, Japan and U.S. fell, and by 2018 were lower than they were in the 1990s.

    Here’s Bloomberg’s graph showing the growth:”

    “So while we heard a lot about President Trump leaving the Paris Accord behind, the U.S. actually has been doing a pretty good job in reducing its emissions without it. But those efforts won’t mean much overall so long as China and India are more than making up for any reductions we’ve made. To put this another way, if you’re hoping to see a global reduction in CO2 emissions over the next decade it pretty much rests in the hands of one person:

    Xi Jinping reportedly has a plan to reach net zero emissions by 2060.”


    Also known as Biden’s puppet master.

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  5. Let the kangaroo court commence!


    “Derek Chauvin’s Trial: Countdown to a Kangaroo Court

    The idea of an “impartial jury” is laughable.”

    “On March 8, 2021, jury selection will begin in the trial of former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin for the alleged murder of George Floyd, and the city and state governments are preparing for another round of violence, rioting, looting, and burning similar to that which followed Floyd’s death.

    According to KARE11 News, “The area around the Hennepin County Courthouse is starting to look like a war zone now that the [courthouse] plaza is surrounded by metal fencing and concrete barriers.”

    Here’s a cross-section of those barriers:

    KARE11 also reports that, a few blocks away from the courthouse, the Hennepin County jail has been heavily fortified and more security measures will be put in place. These include fortification of police precincts and patrols throughout the city by the Minnesota National Guard, which, according to Minneapolis Deputy Police Chief Erick Fors, will provide “a presence and a deterrence in key business corridors.”

    The Minneapolis Department of Economic Policy and Development has issued “new guidance” for business owners who “may be concerned” about security during the trial. The Department’s Director Erik Hansen stated that they are not recommending that business owners board up windows and doors, but that is an option they can consider: The Department has encouraged businesses to “check in with their insurance companies” and “really go into their policies and what is covered.”

    David Rubedor of the Minneapolis Neighborhood and Community Relations Department advised that his office is holding weekly meetings with the leaders of all 70 of the city’s neighborhood associations.

    “These leaders have been great partners with us over this last year… dealing with the civil unrest… and so we expect that relationship to continue as we go through the trial period,” said Rubedor.

    Minneapolis’ Metro Transit is working with the city to keep riders up to date about transit delays or cancellations that might happen during the trial.

    For a more detailed summary of the trial-related precautions, here’s a 39-minute video of the police briefing the media:”

    “Minneapolis officials apparently fear that, during Chauvin’s trial, they will have to deal with a repeat of the violence, looting, and burning that destroyed much of the city following the release of selected parts of the video of George Floyd’s arrest.

    “We are working to be prepared for anything that might happen,” said Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey. “Undoubtedly the primary flashpoint associated with this trial will be the jury deliberation and the verdict itself, and it’s really impossible at this point to know what date that will be on, whether it’s late April or early May.”

    The mayor is correct insofar as an acquittal of Chauvin would undoubtedly result in a city-wide explosion of violence and destruction.

    But is an acquittal even possible? Didn’t the arrest video clearly and unequivocally show in real time the police defendants calmly and deliberately murdering Floyd in broad daylight while wearing body cameras recording their every move and before eyewitnesses with video cameras? Didn’t Mayor Frey himself pronounce them guilty the day after Floyd’s arrest and demand that they be fired by the police department?

    And, in the immediate aftermath of Floyd’s death, didn’t the Minneapolis city council vote to abolish the police department even as Mayor Frey knelt weeping before Floyd’s gold casket?

    So, since Chauvin is clearly guilty and his conviction is in the bag, why are the authorities preparing for World War Three?

    The answer is simple. As I have attempted to explain in several previous articles in The American Spectator (“Who Killed George Floyd?,” “The George Floyd Fall Guys,” and “Minnesota v. Derek Chauvin et al.: The Prosecution’s Dirty Little Secret”), in sharp and devastating contrast to its widely broadcast and selectively edited version, the full and complete arrest video and the findings at autopsy combine to make a compelling defense case that the police did not kill Floyd.”


  6. Good question.

    Even better one, why are they being allowed to do so?


    “NYT: Why Is Big Tech Blocking N95 Mask Sales?”

    “The answer is: they’re not … directly, anyway. The problem, as the New York Times reports, originates at the CDC, where their guidance on N95 mask sales has not changed since the beginning of the pandemic. Almost a full year later, however, that guidance is keeping millions of high-performance masks sitting on the shelf, and punishing the people who invested time and big money to help solve the PPE shortages.

    It has also exposed the dangers of monopoly control of markets, which is precisely where Big Tech comes into the story:

    It was the Facebook ad for a mask doubling as a hair scrunchie that pushed Dan Castle to despair.

    His company, CastleGrade, makes a reusable, high-filtration face mask that has been popular among dentists, teachers and those who work in proximity to others — and willing to pay $44.99.

    But he has been unable to sell his wares on Facebook since August, when the company abruptly blocked his ads, citing a policy aimed at ensuring medical-grade masks are reserved for health care workers. Since then, he said, sales have plummeted to $5,000 a day from $40,000. And yet, he sees ads for nonmedical grade masks all of the time.

    It’s not just Facebook, either. Thanks to ramped-up production at 3M, Kimberly-Clark, and others, most health-care facilities can access enough N95 masks to get by, so they are loath to work with the newer start-ups. That wouldn’t be a problem if they could access the mass-consumer markets, but Amazon has also decided to favor the established N95 players and all but lock out the start-ups. But they will sell lots of lower-level masks, including the scrunchies:

    Amazon allows the sale of N95s, but it has effectively given a monopoly to a handful of big companies like Kimberly-Clark, Halyard Health and Makrite, whose products the site buys in bulk and then ships to shoppers directly from Amazon warehouses. Small companies that sell N95s are often blocked from selling their wares directly to consumers unless the buyer has an Amazon business account.

    Individual customers who search for N95 masks receive a welter of KN95s, a Chinese mask that is less effective than the N95s. Amazon’s offerings can change from day to day. Much of the time, ordinary shoppers are greeted with a message that says the item is unavailable because it is “prioritized for organizations on the front lines responding to Covid-19.”

    Remember, though, that the CDC guidance is just that — guidance, not regulation, which they have no authority to impose. There is no restriction on the sale of approved N95 masks, apart from the hurdles being thrown in front of those sales by the tech platforms. There is no requirement on any of these Big Tech platforms to enforce that guidance; they can decide for themselves whether that guidance makes any sense. It might have eleven months ago, but now it penalizes the investors and producers that put considerable risk into responding to a national emergency.”

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  7. Confession is good for the soul.

    “Confessions of a Trump Republican”


    “Over at MSNBC, they are calling those who think like me “Dead-Enders,” people who will follow Donald Trump into the bunker and die with him. It’s supposed to be an insult. That’s all right. I’ve been called worse — domestic terrorist, white supremacist, racist. None of those slurs are accurate, but they sure do hurt.

    Which is the point.

    My smart-beyond-her-ninth-grade-education mother warned me about the power of political name-calling a long time ago. Back in the 1960s when I was a precocious ninth-grader myself, my mom told me never to join the Students for a Democratic Society, a left-wing antiwar group that kept sending me mail asking for a donation. If you do send them money, my mom said, then you are going to have a target on your back. Sometime, maybe years later, powerful people will come after you, call you a communist, and try to punish you.

    She knew all about name-calling because she had lived through the Red Scare of the 1950s. People lost their careers for joining the wrong group, for attending the wrong rally — for having the wrong beliefs. Lives were ruined. Blacklists kept people in fear. It was hard to believe for a young man like me who loved his country that there would ever come a time again when Americans could be marginalized and have their livelihoods threatened just for taking a political stand.

    But here we are again. Today, you can’t be a Trump conservative or, heaven forbid, a Trump Republican without having not just your patriotism questioned, but your very sanity.

    Over on CNN, folks like me are targeted as the Republicans trying to “roll back your right to vote.” John King, who was once a real journalist, should know better. But there he is, telling the useful idiots who watch CNN that defending against election fraud is somehow an attack on voting rights. This kind of loose talk legitimizes attacks on people like me since he states as a fact that we are working to undermine democracy.

    Although I used to watch CNN and MSNBC on a regular basis, it’s pointless now unless I want to find out exactly how the left is gaslighting the American public. There is no news anymore; there is just the 24/7 propaganda war aimed at conservatives. King says that Republicans around the country are only working to reform the voting process because of what he calls “the big Trump lie about massive 2020 fraud.”

    Talk about a big lie! The most tiresome one promoted by the Fake News Media these days is that Donald Trump is some sort of political Svengali who has a magic power over certain naive voters or mindless jackal Republican officials and can manipulate them into doing his will.

    Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Trump is not a leader in the traditional sense of inspiring his supporters to believe as he does, but rather someone who gains his strength and power from his ability to reflect the beliefs of those whom he leads. If you want to know why I am a Trump Republican, it is because only Trump has consistently and effectively put into words the values and beliefs I was armed with long before he appeared on the scene. He hasn’t always been able to effectuate those values in policy changes, but I’m willing to forgive him his failures because he — like me — has been the victim of cultural and political elites who despise him. They have proven they would stop at nothing to bring him to his knees, so it was no surprise to me that they rigged the election against him by changing voting rules and then blamed him for the chaos that resulted.

    The canard of the second Trump impeachment was that the 45th U.S. president had incited an insurrection against the government of the United States by promoting the supposedly “baseless” conspiracy theory that Democrats had stolen the election. That presumes that his rather lackluster speech at the Ellipse on the morning of Jan. 6 had the capacity to inspire a rebellion, which it didn’t, but more importantly it deprives those who recklessly entered the U.S. Capitol of their agency and responsibility in breaking the law. It also assumes that people like me who studied the evidence and concluded that there was indeed fraud in the 2020 vote are dupes of the Great and Powerful Oz, er, Trump.

    That mistake has been repeated throughout Trump’s candidacy and presidency — over-estimating Trump’s persuasiveness and under-estimating the savvy of his audience. It wasn’t Trump who shaped the conservative movement in America, but rather the conservative movement that shaped Trump like Pygmalion into the political embodiment of heartland American values: free speech, law and order, good jobs, secure borders, equality but not equity.

    If some fair-minded historian wants to make an honest attempt at writing the story of the Trump movement, that is where they should begin — with the understanding that Trump was called into being by necessity. His genius, if you will, was recognizing the spirit of the times and riding it into the White House.”

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  8. I was shocked by that comment about the good mother sending her nine year old off alone. I have heard of cases of parents being charged or having problems with Social Services for leaving a child/children alone that age or sending them to a park alone in this country. I am sure lots of resharing of that comment to get more good mothers to send their children ‘alone.’ So very sad.

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  9. Is there a reason that LGBTQ persons would have a reason to get the vaccine before others? I ask because included in some special clinics for the vaccine this group was included. We have many, many older people with medical issues who have not yet gotten the vaccine, so I found it curious.

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  10. I did not read or listen. Maybe later in the day.
    Why do parents send their children north? In many countries, children are held to a higher responsibility level than many here, so perhaps mature a bit faster. But nine?
    My guesses: parents are misinformed and told America is safe haven for their children from gangs and drugs in the home country.
    Parents are told America will take care of their child and give him stuff, if they can just get here.
    Parents are terrified of what will become of their child if they stay.
    Parents do send them with qualified people who meet misfortune on the way.
    Children are stolen to be a ticket to a quick run through the process.
    We don’t know. Pray for the children. Pray for Homeland Security folk, fathers and mothers and sons and daughters themselves, often believers. Pray for our government and theirs.

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  11. I have a son who, with his sister, was put into an orphanage in a foreign country by his mom, in the hope he would be adopted by Americans and get a better life. In many ways, he does have one and can help his mom. He has close contact with his sister and another sister who came over when they grew up. They have tried to bring their mom but it is difficult. Their brothers and other sisters have died in the home country. But son holds great resentment and hurt from being “given away” by his mom. Pray for the children.

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  12. Mayorkas, sounds like they are handling the Pandora’s box they reopened, in a way. If they are going to open the borders like that, people will continue to try to get their children in, we need to get them safely to their sponsers as quickly as possible, as we have tried to do for years. Sadly, a portion of those phone numbers may be bogus as far as concerned folk on the other end of the line. Children are children, they need people to take care of them so they don’t end up in trafficking or worse (if that is possible).

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  13. Kathaleena, I know there have been conversations about holding special clinics to be sure that disadvantaged groups aren’t underserved compared to others. But most of what I’ve heard has been about race or poverty, not LGBTQ.

    I would hope that such special outreach still falls within the criteria that apply to the general population. For example, if the current phase is vaccinating only people over 65, then such a special clinic should vaccinate only black/hispanic/poor/inner-city/whatever people who are over 65.

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  14. Obviously sending your 9 year old on a 1000 km journey alone or with others is not the best parenting, but as mumsee points out there is a certain amount of desperation involved here. As these kids are mostly from Guatemala and El Salvador, the US gov’t can’t just send back across to Mexico. You can fault the parents but to abandon them to Mexico is imitate the parents you criticize.

    However, North American parenting tends to be over supervision.Elsewhere in the world, children have far more freedom and responsibility. In London, its not unusual to see 7-8 year olds taking public tansit alone or in groups to and from school. In Scandanavia, a school unit in map reading and orienteering has a final task in which kids are dropped off in the middle of a forest and told to find their way back to the school. Kids are capable of taking responsibilty for themsevles if we give them the opportunity. If kids aged 9-15 travel together then I can see some Guatemalan parents weighing out what is safer — staying in the most violent places in the world or trying to make it to the US (where some of them have relavtives). As a parent, I’m glad I never had to make that choice.

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  15. Not sure why you expect Biden to hold a press conference. Trump only had one press conference in his first year. In his last year, they didn’t bother holding a press briefing for over 300 days.

    The Chauvin trial will be interesting as will both the demonstrations and the police response. Not sure if the militarization of the area around the courthouse improves security or creates long term bad p.r. Will give it an impression of the police protecting their own? Will the police be on their edge and prone to overreact? It only takes one. If things breakdown, there will be some Monday morning quarterbacking. As for the trial — as a police officier, he already has an advantage and with high priced lawyers not available for the average person, they may be able to breakdown the video to create doubt. On the other hand I wonder if some jurors might be prone to throw Chauvin under the bus to send a message and to lower the temperature. Far too many variables for any narrative to be satisfied.

    The Trump confession article is an excellent example of the conservative cult of victimhood. To compare public criticism and suspended Twitterr accounts to blacklisting and McCarthyism is ludricious. No one is being hauled in from of the HUAC, there’s not senator dropping names, etc. The self centered egos on the right need to stop whining and melting like snowflakes.


  16. Not having a State of the Union address or any press conferences? Kind of looks like he isn’t up to speaking any more than the bare minimum.

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