15 thoughts on “News/Politics 2-10-21

  1. Biden loses again.


    “Judge Extends His Suspension of Biden’s Deportation Freeze

    The Court still finds the freeze would cause “irreparable harm” to Texas.”

    “U.S. District Judge Drew Tipton in the Southern District of Texas issued a temporary restraining order (TRO) on President Joe Biden’s deportation plan after Texas filed a lawsuit against the administration.

    Tipton just extended the order for 14 days to February 23, 2021.

    Tipton wrote that Rule 65 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures, which covers injunctions and restraining orders, allowed him to issue a TRO for only 14 days. Texas asked for an extension.

    The rule allows the court to extend the TRO if a “good cause” justifies such a move.

    The Court found “good cause” based on four reasons:

    The extra time “is necessary for the record to be more fully developed.”
    The deadlines for the defendants’ response to Texas’s Motion for Preliminary Injunction and the state “to file a reply both fall outside the original 14-day period.”
    The Court “needs time to assess the arguments and prepare a ruling on the Motion for Preliminary Injunction.”
    The Court still finds the pause would cause “irreparable harm” to Texas.”


    And the rest of the US would be harmed as well.

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  2. Don’t believe the lying left, walls work, and not just in DC…..


    “A Rancher on the Border Drags Biden’s Real Intent About Shutting Down Border Wall Construction Into the Open”

    “President Joe Biden immediately did a few things when he got into office that look good to the hard-liners in his party, but actually hurt the American people. One of those things was to shut down the construction of the border wall which was begun by President Donald Trump.

    Lawrence Jones of Fox News went down to the border to speak with people who lived by it, including a fourth-generation New Mexico rancher. According to him, the construction of the wall was to go through his property which he was very pleased about. Once Biden got into office, the construction was halted. Now, the rancher is speaking out.

    “The wall works,” the rancher told Jones.

    The rancher then got to the heart of Biden’s decision.

    “This is all a politically driven agenda and this is what’s frustrating to me is the Biden administration, they’re stopping the wall, in my opinion, to try to hurt Trump’s legacy of securing the border. When in reality all it is doing is hurting the American people.”

    The same can be said about the decision involving the shutting down construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Biden’s day-one decision to terminate thousands of jobs for “environmental concerns” is sending those thousands of Americans spiraling into poverty as they desperately look for new jobs. The Biden administration is promising to give them new jobs in the green energy sector, but Democrats fail to understand that one construction job does not automatically equate to another in the same way one field of medicine is not like another.”

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  3. Even France’s leader thinks the US has gone off the deep end.


    “America has moved to the left so rapidly that Europeans are now expressing alarm about it. As journalist Glenn Greenwald notes, “Obama-endorsed French President Emmanuel Macron has joined numerous French intellectuals & journalists in warning that ‘out-of-control woke leftism of US campuses and its attendant cancel culture’ poses a grave threat due to the social strife it creates.”

    Greenwald links to a New York Times article that asks, “Will American ideas tear France apart? Some of its leaders think so. Politicians and prominent intellectuals say” that left-wing “social theories from the United States on race, gender, and post-colonialism are a threat to French identity and the French republic”:

    French politicians, high-profile intellectuals and journalists are warning that progressive American ideas — specifically on race, gender, post-colonialism — are undermining their society. “There’s a battle to wage against an intellectual matrix from American universities,’’ warned Mr. Macron’s education minister.

    Emboldened by these comments, prominent intellectuals have banded together against what they regard as contamination by the out-of-control woke leftism of American campuses and its attendant cancel culture…..

    France has long laid claim to a national identity, based on a common culture, fundamental rights, and core values like equality and liberty, rejecting diversity and multiculturalism. The French often see the United States as a fractious society at war with itself….The French state does not compile racial statistics, which is illegal, describing it as part of its commitment to universalism and treating all citizens equally under the law.

    Meanwhile, American president Joe Biden has nominated left-wing officials known for extreme “wokeness” to high office. Biden’s pick to be Deputy Secretary of Education praised a radical who accused school teachers of murdering the spirits of black children, at a school diversity training. As Fox News notes, Biden’s pick “gave an ‘extremely complimentary’ introduction to” a radical “featured speaker, who has accused public schools of ‘spirit murdering’ black children.”

    Biden’s pick for civil-rights czar advocated black supremacy. Kristen Clarke, nominated to be the top official at the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, opposed a court ruling that protected white voters from being disenfranchised in a majority-black county. She also exhibited racism and anti-Semitism at Harvard Law School. “

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  4. Even certain liberals are now outraged…

    Establishment’s Secret Project To Control 2020 Election & Censor Critics Revealed.

    Jimmy Dore exposes the Time Mag article outlining DS conspiracy and the collusion to steal the election, and get rewards from the Biden Admin. Very shady, shadowy, secret underground subversive activities.

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  5. The Biden crime family is at it again.


    “Joe Biden’s Son-in-Law in a Position to Profit From the Response to COVID-19

    “During the 2020 presidential campaign, attention on the Biden family focused largely on his son, Hunter Biden. But experts say it is the president’s son-in-law who could present fresh ethical challenges for the new administration.”

    Joe Biden’s son-in-law Howard Krein is the chief medical officer of a company called StartUp Health. That company has now partnered with another, which is involved in tracking the COVID vaccine distribution.

    It’s not difficult to connect these dots. This is crony-capitalism.

    Lucien Bruggeman reports at ABC News:

    As Biden’s son-in-law invests in COVID-19 response, questions of family and ethics could resurface

    When the boutique tech firm Yosi Health developed software aimed at streamlining the nation’s coronavirus vaccine effort, CEO Hari Prasad sought help from one of its earliest investors — a company with a special government connection.

    The investor was StartUp Health, and that special connection came through its chief medical officer, Howard Krein, who is married to President Joe Biden’s daughter.

    That detail that was not lost on Yosi’s Prasad, who reached out to StartUp Health in December with a request to introduce their platform to government health officials.

    “Our goal with StartUp Health is to leverage their relationships and work with state and federal agencies,” he explained in an interview with ABC News.

    During the 2020 presidential campaign, attention on the Biden family focused largely on his son, Hunter Biden. But experts say it is the president’s son-in-law who could present fresh ethical challenges for the new administration.

    Mark Moore of the New York Post reminds us that Biden promised no one in his family would be involved in his presidency, a promise that has lasted less than three weeks:

    “Howard Krein is playing with fire,” Meredith McGehee, executive director of Issue One, a nonpartisan ethics watchdog group​, told ABC News​. “If he gets too close to that flame — if he is trying to either cash in on his relationship with the president, or he is trying to influence policy — the flame is going to get him. And it is not worth it to him or to Biden.”

    In an interview earlier this month, the president vowed that family members will not be involved in foreign policy or gover​n​ment​ ​matters.

    “We’re going to run this like the Obama-Biden administration. No one in our family and extended family is going to be involved in any government undertaking or foreign policy. And nobody has an office in this place,” Biden said in the interview.

    This potential conflict of interests with Biden’s son-in-law began before the election, but the media was too busy bashing Trump to notice it.”


  6. It’s all been a scam to restrict, since day one.

    Read it and weep suckers…..



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  10. The Farce 2.0….



  11. Because…… ‘Merica……


    The Farce is strong with this one…..

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  12. Impeach them, since they violated their own rules…..


    And they’re right, where the Dem base who falls for this garbage is concerned.

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