42 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-28-21

  1. Good morning and evening. We have crazy wind this morning making it feel like the twenties after it’s been near seventy lately. I am thankful that Elvera is better. Time to get going on the daily chores.

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  2. Good Morning. I went to sleep early. Up at 4:30. The dogs were insistent.
    I have very little energy. I did receive a message from Mr P that they may send him home today.
    My friend M is going to pick up some
    More things from the store for me today and I asked her if she would just make a couple of homemade soups for me so she is.

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  3. Glad to hear that Mr P is mending somewhat and that you have people around you to help out with the basics. Be kind to yourself, especially now. You are important and greatly loved.

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  4. Morning! Oh so thankful for the news about Elvera. We continue to pray Chas ♥️
    And yes what Debra said Kim…we continue to lift you and Mr P in prayer….

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  5. Crazy weather with those temperature changes, Janice. So sad about the tornado damage near Birmingham, too. We are just way below zero, although our winter has been quite mild. Twenty plus below is not unusual for this time of year. I am glad we don’t have to go out regularly anymore and do not have to work in it.

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  6. We had our biggest snowfall of the year yesterday, which isn’t anything like those of you in the Northeast or Canada get, perhaps three inches. But it snowed for several hours yesterday. I went out in it for the last hour or so of daylight and kept wiping the snow off my arms and my gloves but I still came home very wet.

    This morning the sun is shining on all that snow, but it’s 20 degrees. I went out for a walk, and when I’d been gone for an hour or so I called my husband and asked if he wanted to come out too. I told him I’d come back partway and walk back with him, so we did that. On my way “back” toward meeting him, I found a small herd of three deer–my first time to see deer in snow here. I stopped where I was, and they watched me for a minute or two and then continued feeding and then walked across the trail. Anyway, I got a second walk with my husband, and he and I went farther in than I had gone the first time. But it worked well for both of us–I got to go slow and take photographs of details, and then we got to walk together. And the cardinals didn’t show up till the second leg of the walk. It was also bright blue sky by the time he came out, whereas for me it was mostly white with some blue peeking through, and then getting a little bit brighter. It was probably the prettiest at the end of the first walk, before he joined me, so I got to take all my photos of glittering, sparkling snow in the pretty morning sun and also get some exercise and time with my husband. He and I were both surprised both by the snow coming–it wasn’t in the forecast–and by its being 20 degrees this morning. Both of us expected it to be high 20s when we headed out, but nope, it was colder.

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  7. Good news on Elvera, Kim & Mr. P.

    We’re getting a storm in this evening with more snow (2-3 feet on top of a couple feet from just last week) in the mountains so the ski resorts are happy.

    Had a hilarious note from my friend in the SF Valley last night, she got an appt for the vaccine at a mass vaccination site at Magic Mountain so her brother decided to drive her there in his very old, rickety car.

    There were lines and lines of cars, all inching along between orange cones.

    They got about 3/4 of the way to the front when his car just up and dies, would not start again. So there they are, holding up all these people behind them in their line, trying frantically to call AAA for a “tow.”

    Meanwhile, the staff at the site was able to reach them in a go-kart and give my friend her shot. Eventually the tow truck arrived, but the car needs a lot of expensive repairs, including a timing belt and something else, so her brother is going to try to buy another really old used car.

    But she got the vaccine! Success.

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  8. We survived another night of pouring rain without the hillside coming down.

    What a crazy week of ups and downs I’ve had. If I ever figure it all out, I’ll have to tell you about it.

    COVID fatigue is taking a toll.

    Maybe I’ll go grocery shopping in the rain?

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  9. What’s normal? I may have COVID fatigue, but with it being winter (less sunlight) and being put through menopause, I really couldn’t say what exactly causes what. So, I just ride with it.

    After all, as I often tell myself, my life is only very slightly more isolated than it was before the pandemic. I had no social life whatsoever; while I attended church, I still felt like a perpetual guest, which my working every third Sunday did not help; and I have never really enjoyed shopping and only did it as a matter of necessity. Due to my frequent absences due to school, etc. I only really saw the Youngests a few times each year, which is how much I saw them this past year. While Christmas was definitely a departure from usual celebrations with the Eldests visiting, I worked so much that week that I would hardly have been able to enjoy their presence anyway. All in all, not much has changed for me.

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  10. Lots has changed for me. I used to attend church Sunday morning and evening, and a midweek Bible study about half the time (sometimes it was cancelled and sometimes I didn’t attend). I tended to have some other “event” about once a week, whether doing something with a friend or getting together with friends for a craft night or a baby shower. And we’d shop once or twice a week, and might go through a drive-thru once or sometimes twice a week, and eat out at someplace other than fast food once every month or two. (Mostly at “mid-range” places like Chick fil-A that were sort of fast food.)

    Now we’re putting gas in the car about every other month. About once a week we go for a drive, partly because it isn’t good for a car just to sit idle week after week. I go for walks a lot, and my husband and I go for walks too. Last year I got out for walks more than I usually do, with one stretch of seven months that I got outside every single day except that I missed one day three or four days from the end. But I haven’t been inside our church, a store, or a friend’s house since last March, nor has anyone else been in ours. I already was working from my home and my husband was home all the time, so no change there. And I’m a homebody and not someone who wants to be going “out” all the time. For me, attending church, Bible study or prayer meeting, going shopping every week or two, and having one other time for one other event or social gathering is about right; two is good, too, but not every week, and not more than two.

    At this point I have no idea what it will feel like to get back into a social rhythm with anybody other than my husband. Will it feel weird and will I feel like I want a bit more distance, or will I wish I could have something to go to every day of the week? Knowing we were in it “for the long term” has kept me intentional about such things as getting outside and staying in touch with people from church–but I never imagined it being a year or more.

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  11. Covid fatigue? Yes! Never being able to head out to the convenient grocery, less than a mile from home, except in the early hours should not be a big deal but it is. Having to do all meetings by Zoom is getting old. Not wanting to have things done that would require strangers to come inside our home has me living with a lot of things in disrepair. Never getting to see our son except by Zoom . . . yeah, Covid fatigue. Even the prayer list is longer these days so time crunches take a toll, and more people need comforting which takes time and if I don’t get to do something to help then there is guilt. But truly, I have not much to complain about in comparison to others.


  12. mr P got confused on the day. He thought today was Friday. He won’t come home today. He is feeling well enough to complain about that but says
    The care he is getting is good.
    I’m just hanging out. I may go read a while.

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  13. Chas, maybe over the weekend he will find time to drive it somewhere. My car is driven very little these days. The auto insurance companies must be making a fortune by not having to pay out on claims like they use to.


  14. Our auto insurance company issued four rebates.

    The total rebated funds amounted to almost as much as we paid for premiums for the entire year– a year in which my innocent parked car was in an expensive hit-and-run accident.

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  15. I need to get my ‘new’ car out more, too. The other day I noticed it had cobwebs on the passenger-side mirror. So sad.

    I’m saving on gas but spending on printer ink working from home.

    I definitely DON’T miss a daily work commute. What a hassle that added probably 90 minutes or more, total, to my work day. While I hope we someday get an office space again, I’d only use it sporadically, I think. But I do have wistful memories of being in a room working with other, real-live people. Sigh.

    I really do miss in-person church. A lot. And (non-cyberly) actually *seeing* and talking to friends.

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  16. Wow, I randomly just got lucky and scored a vaccine date + a followup for 2nd shot.


    It’s a shot in the dark to find something, I was shocked to actually see a date available for the first time in days of trying.

    Unfortunately, Sunday was the only day offered so I go this Sunday for the 1st dose, took the morning appt in hopes of encountering less of a lineup and wait time.

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  17. Tell me the four significant events to you at
    1 The Last Supper
    2. Garden of Gethsemene
    3. Crucifixion
    4. Empty Tomb

    The Last Supper will be described by a serving girl
    The Garden of Gethsemene–either Peter or another disciple
    The Crucifixion scene will probably be one of the thieves
    The empty tomb will be one of the angels

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  18. Praying you get one soon, roscuro. I think they’re still working their way through health care workers here, too, but have since opened it up wider to some age groups on the advice that it will streamline the process more overall by doing that. I guess that remains to be seen.

    I see my neighbors (in person) also, we chat, porch-to-porch, on either side of me. And we sometimes see each other on trash night, a big bonus in terms of pandemic-era social events.

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  19. I still see and chat with my two neighbor ladies at the school bus stop. Sometimes I see and chat briefly with Boy’s other grandparents when they pick him up or drop him off.

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  20. But, Kim, it is Friday. Someone did call me yesterday, which I appreciate. My phone is not working, but i have this very old phone that sits in one place and I have an old kitchen chair next to it. So I am tied to the phone when I talk.
    I am glad to not be getting the vaccine, at least for now.

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  21. The nurse from the hospital called me just now. She gave me a status update. He is on day 2 of a 5 day treatment. He’s probably not coming home tomorrow.
    The dogs and I are being extremely lazy.

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  22. Michelle’s questions : How can I limit it to four?
    Last supper – the first Communion, the washing if the disciples feet, the betrayal of Judas, the exchange about swords
    Gethsemane – Jesus’ prayer, both the one in John 17 and the shorter, “not my will”, the arrest, the incident of the ear.

    Crucifixion – cannot whittle this down, but how about basing it around the seven last word’s of Christ?

    Resurrection – rolling away of the stone, the women meeting the angel, Mary Magdalene’s encounter, Peter and John’s race to the tomb.

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  23. As an essential worker Flyboy signed up a few days ago for a shot at Walgreens tomorrow. Their web site said they had the vaccine available for essential workers.

    Then their web site showed a change in qualifications, that they would only vaccinate over 65s. So Flyboy cancelled his appointment.

    Then a friend told him that because of the confusion over the change, they were honoring the appointments of those who’d signed up under the previous guidance. But that came too late for Flyboy, who had already cancelled his appointment.

    Then their web site changed again and they’re back to vaccinating essential workers.

    But they had no appointments available when Flyboy tried to sign up again.

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  24. Kim, sounds like things are stable, praise God. We just had an email about a former church member who’s now on a ventilator, not doing well at all, his brother is asking for prayer.

    Meanwhile, Michelle’s “atmospheric river” will hit us at about 6 p.m, 3 hours from now, with really heavy rains.

    Hope my neighbor makes it home by then, I think her appt was at 2 or 2:30. You’d “think” with advance appointments the line should move pretty smoothly and not too belatedly?

    I got the trash bins filled and rolled down the driveway to the curb early, just a little while ago (pickup is in the morning). Didn’t want to have to mess with that while it was raining.

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  25. Kevin, argh! That’s really frustrating. Can he maybe talk to them and explain what happened? Maybe they can squeeze him in due to the confusion that was not his fault.

    We’ve also kind of changed up the plans in California, moving more toward a strict age-based process in hopes it will be more streamlined, easier to figure out and faster. We’ll see.

    I asked at my Walgreens when I was in there the other day but they said they had “no idea” when they’d get their vaccine doses to give out.

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  26. On our church Facebook page today, Pastor Billy asked what our goals are for 2021. I wrote that I hope to finally finish going through Hubby’s various belongings in his dresser and in his desk. Drawers full of stuff!

    He replied:

    “[Kizzie], I was going through some old photos the other day and came across a picture of [Hubby]. We still have the church pens he donated years ago. His heart of blessing continues yet even still today. We will be praying for you this year as you make progress on this goal.”

    Hubby had bought a whole bunch of pens that he had had inscribed with the church name, address, and phone number, and donated them. I didn’t know they still had some. 🙂

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  27. Hi Mumsee, yes, lots of peace and quiet. I am still going through things. My computer and backup were stolen in 2012 and today I found backup cds for some of my pictures that I hadn’t seen and thought I had lost. Treasures to be found.

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  28. When you put something on the ether, it is always there. You may not be able to retrieve it. But it is there.
    Some people are nor careful what they post. Or may not know.
    But it is out there somewhere.
    Some people know how to find it.
    Including this.


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