23 thoughts on “News/Politics 12-28-20

  1. But, but…..

    Yeah, once again Trump has delivered when past R president’s merely provided lip service.


    “Operation Rescue Names President Trump 2020’s Pro-Life Person of the Year”

    ” Operation Rescue is pleased to announce that the recipient of the 2020 Person of the Year Malachi Award is President Donald J. Trump.

    The Malachi Award is given by Operation Rescue every year to recognize individuals who sacrificially work to advance the cause of protecting the pre-born.

    During President Trump’s Administration, he has done more to protect unborn lives than any other President in U.S. History.

    When he first took office, he immediately set out to defund those that promote abortion worldwide. He established policies at the Department of Health and Human Services that completely changed the philosophy of government from one that favored abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood, to one that promised to protect life “from conception until natural death.”

    His new Protect Life Rule blocked Planned Parenthood and other abortionists from receiving millions in Title X Family Planning grants.

    Most recently, the Trump Administration withheld $200 million from the State of California for requiring all health insurance policies to include abortion coverage, which forces those who object to fund abortions.

    Earlier this year, President Trump pulled out of the pro-abortion United Nations’ World Health Organization. The WHO is one of the world’s top promoters and funders of abortion internationally.

    President Trump has also appointed three Supreme Court Justices during his first term, including conservative Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett, the first openly pro-life Justice on the Supreme Court. This has produced the first conservative majority on the High Court in decades.

    President Trump’s over 300 judicial appointments give pro-life supporters new hope that life-affirming legislation will withstand legal challenges. These appointments have created a climate where the possibility of overturning Roe v. Wade now exists, and has placed the nation on a course toward building an Abortion Free America.”

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  2. We are entering the last week of 2020.
    I wish I could hope that next year will be better.
    But with the Bidens at the helm, I fear for our future.
    I wish I could be optimistic, but it isn’t there.

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  3. Pork Stuffing Week at LI.

    All the news you may have missed. Link’s galore!


    “The proposed COVID relief bill is such an insult to the American people. Good for Trump for calling it out.

    Trump Tells Congress to Eat COVID-19 Bill, Wants Amount Increased to $2,000
    Trump Vetoes Defense Bill

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas! Enjoy the Best Christmas Flash Mob of All Time!
    Second Day of Christmas: St. Stephen’s Day, the First Christian Martyr
    VIDEO: Hillsdale College Choir Performs ‘O Holy Night’

    What a bizarre situation.

    Nashville: RV Broadcast Warning Before Christmas Day Bomb Explosion

    This guy…

    St. Fauci says Americans can’t handle the truth about the pandemic
    D.C. Mayor Proclaims Christmas Eve ‘Dr. Anthony S. Fauci Day’
    The Georgia runoffs are coming up.

    Democrats in Georgia Senate Runoffs Are Hauling in Record Amounts of Cash
    POLICE VIDEO: #GASen Candidate Warnock’s Then-Wife Alleges Altercation, “He’s not who he pretends to be”
    Republicans See Encouraging Signs for Their Campaigns in Georgia Senate Run-off Races
    I have a feeling China will be making lots of demands over the next few years.

    China Demands Biden Return U.S. to Iran Nuclear Deal”


    And lots more….


  4. BREAKING: Pres Trump Signs COVID-19 Stimulus In Exchange For Families Getting $2,000 Checks & Section 230 Reform…


    And it addresses the issue of vote fraud in the last election….



  5. Not to worry. The Bidens will not do anything to offend China.

    eIJING (Reuters) – China expressed anger on Monday after U.S. President Donald Trump signed into law measures to further bolster support for Taiwan and Tibet, which had been included in a $2.3 trillion pandemic aid and spending package.

    China has watched with growing alarm as the United States has stepped up its backing for Chinese-claimed Taiwan and its criticism of Beijing’s rule in remote Tibet, further straining a relationship under intense pressure over trade, human rights and other issues.


  6. Huh.


    “As you may have heard, we’ve sort of got a “casedemic” problem here in Tennessee. That means lots and lots (and lots) of people are testing positive for COVID-19. That’s about all we know for sure, of course. Nevertheless, hand-wringing from media, politicians, and local ‘health authorities’ is seemingly neverending, as are local reporters in my neck of the woods being filmed standing in front of that FEMA body truck they don’t bother to tell us has been sitting in front of the regional hospital, unused, SINCE MARCH. Hospitals aren’t overwhelmed by any measure, and even the death toll isn’t really all that impressive either considering that Tennessee is actually below the national average in deaths per million and most people who are dying are either already super old or super sick.

    Indeed, while COVID does tragically hit some people hard, most ‘cases’ are quite mild and often non-symptomatic, driven by panic at every sniffle or people being forced to test for work and other reasons. And there is increasingly solid evidence that not everyone counted as a ‘COVID death’ is really a death caused by COVID, but rather someone who had a positive PCR test at some point in 2020 before dying. When you have a highly contagious respiratory virus going around, particularly one that is seasonal and seems to be boxing out the flu, an increasing percentage of those who die will likely have it. These ‘scary’ numbers lie at the root of the ongoing panic and give continued justification for our overlords to continue to exercise control over society.

    Here in Tennessee, one of the few states without a statewide mask-mandate, much pressure has been placed upon Republican Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee to “do something.” Since lockdowns are thankfully for the most part out of the question here, the pressure has centered on establishing that mandate the mask-Karens have been longing for. Even former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, a medical doctor, has gotten in on the action, begging Lee to pull the trigger in a Facebook post earlier this month that blamed rising case numbers not on the winter months when such viruses always tend to spread, but on supposedly unmasked rural counties.

    But is Frist correct? Fortunately, like Florida, Tennessee is a great place to compare mask-mandated places with ones that aren’t and see if such governmental overreach really does contribute to slowing the spread of COVID-19. If they help, surely some evidence of that would be in the data, right? Since I’m a resident of the eastern part of the state, I decided to run the numbers myself. When I first started getting the data together, I didn’t know entirely what to expect. If there was a sharp difference showing masked counties doing better than unmasked ones, it would be a truth I would have to report, even if it went against my preconceived (in this case anti-mask) notions.”


    “And boy was I correct. While we’re not allowed to insert tweets or images in op-eds, you can view my data here. Since COVID appears to be seasonal and often hits different parts of the nation at different times and Tennessee is a WIDE state, I stuck with only the east Tennessee area for this particular analysis. For simplicity, I also left out counties that chickened out and issued mask mandates in the middle of the time period. Then I ran the numbers for 17 contiguous counties for the period from October 1 to December 22. Nine did not have a mask-mandate in place, while eight did.

    Over the allotted period, counties with mask mandates saw 4.7% of their population infected while those without them saw a 4.6% infection rate. Interestingly, Hawkins County, which let its mandate expire at the end of September, had 4.3% of its population infected, while Carter County had 5.1% infected with a mandate in place. Both have nearly identical populations.

    Granted, there are other factors at play. There always are. Almost everyone got a spike in November, masked or not. That’s because this virus is seasonal, and there was no stopping it once it came. Some areas were hit harder in the spring and over the summer. Often urban areas like Knox County will actually tend to fight off bugs like this a little better because of other coronavirus antibodies developed through greater population density, and there’s sadly little stopping the virus, when it comes, from ripping through ‘virgin’ areas that have barely experienced it, rural or not. Although mask-wearing will generally be less in the non-mandated areas, some people shun wearing masks where they’re mandated and some people wear masks where they aren’t required to. But even with these other factors, if mask mandates worked as our overlords insist they do, does not logic demand that the raw numbers would show it at least a little? If this data were in the pro-maskers’ favor, wouldn’t it have already been on the front page of The New York Times?

    When you combine this Tennessee data with Rational Ground’s data from Florida and masked vs unmasked states nationwide that I wrote about in last week’s column, the picture is increasingly clear. It’s time to face the fact that mask mandates DO NOT WORK to stop or even slow the spread of COVID-19.”

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  7. Yet another twist to consider for the key Jan 6th gathering…


    “Consider how things might go down as the two closed envelopes from Georgia are handed to the V.P. Rather than opening them, he says:

    “In my hand are envelopes purporting to contain electoral votes from Georgia. They are competing for consideration, so it is essential that I consider the law that governs this. That law, according to the Legislature of Georgia and Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution is the Georgia statute that includes procedures for signature-matching on absentee ballots, a requirement that all absentee ballots be first requested by a legitimate voter, and that election monitors be meaningfully present at all times while votes were counted.

    The Georgia secretary of state, who is not empowered by the U.S. Constitution to make changes to election law, entered into a Consent Decree that gutted these protections enacted by the Georgia Legislature. The processes that he prescribed and were ultimately followed were manifestly contrary to that law. Further, the State of Georgia, in unprecedented concert with other states, suspended counting of ballots in the middle of the night, covering its conspiracy with a false claim of a “water main break.” We now know from surveillance video that many thousands of “ballots” were counted unlawfully in the absence of legally required observers.

    Finally, the State of Georgia, under the authority of secretary of state Brad Raffensperger, a non-legislative actor, used fatally flawed Dominion voting machines that have been demonstrated to be unreliable. In testing, the error rate of Dominion machines has exceeded 60%, far in excess of legal limits. They are designed to facilitate fraud without creating the legally required paper trail. This alone is far more than enough to swing an election.

    Since the state of Georgia has failed to follow the election law established by its legislature under Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution, it has not conducted a presidential election. Therefore, no “presidential electors” were appointed in Georgia. Further, “electors” “certified” by non-legislative actors pursuant to this process are in fact not “presidential electors.” The competing slate of “electors” is similarly deficient, having not been elected through a presidential election.

    Therefore, the chair rules that Georgia has not transmitted the votes of any presidential electors to this body. Georgia presents zero votes for Donald Trump and zero votes for Joseph Biden.”

    The central point is that the VP, as the presiding officer and final authority, has the unquestionable authority to declare that the states in question have not conducted presidential elections. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth, but no one has the authority to override his decision.

    The statement says nothing about who might or might not have “won” the contested states. Rather, by not following their own laws, as enacted by their own legislatures, they have violated Article II, Section 1. Thus, they have not conducted an election, and their results are void.

    If the votes of all seven contested states are registered as zero, President Trump will have 232 votes, and Joe Biden will have 222. The 12th Amendment says, “[T]he votes shall then be counted[.] … The person having the greatest number of votes for President, shall be the President[.]”

    In plain language, Donald Trump will be re-elected, since he has a majority of the actual electoral votes. There will be no need to involve the House of Representatives to resolve a contingent election.

    Richard Nixon chose not to contest the 1960 election because he felt that winning that way would lead to an ungovernable country. If V.P. Pence does this, that same argument might be made. But is the country governable even now? Blue states such as California, Oregon, Washington, New York, New Jersey, and Michigan are already operating in an openly lawless manner with their “emergency” “COVID-related” restrictions. Their denial of the civil rights of law-abiding citizens is horrific. Their refusal to do basic policing and law enforcement is a recipe for open war. How much worse would things be if the V.P. lived up to his oath and upheld the law?”


  8. Tychichus, is anybody who is suggesting such possibilities as your 10:21 aware that such a choice would lead to civil war and riots such as the country has never seen? And it would probably lead to Pence being impeached. Pence is an honorable man, a Christian, well respected, and I don’t think he would participate in something that would appear so blatantly self-serving.

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  9. So never mind all the fraud, because some idiots actions might act badly? Don’t do the right thing because the criminals might turn violent?

    You ladies don’t care because it’s Trump. That’s been made quite clear by all the hand wringing and pearl clutching you ladies do whenever things get tough. You’ve abandoned him since day one. Your dislike clouds your judgement.

    Doing the right thing, even when you dislike who you’re doing it for, is still the right thing. If people act badly as a result, that’s on them, and so are the consequences.

    It just amazes me how Christians will just roll over for this stuff.

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  10. And you can’t impeach Pence for using a constitutional remedy to a constitutional problem.

    All they can do is whine.

    “On January 6, a joint session of Congress will open with Vice President Pence presiding as president of the Senate. His power will be plenary and unappealable. You heard that right. As president of the Senate, every objection comes directly to him, and he can rule any objection “out of order” or “denied.” His task will be to fulfill his oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and to ensure that the laws be faithfully executed. This is a high standard of performance, and V.P. Pence will have two choices. He can roll over on “certified” electors, or he can uphold the law.”

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  11. God is sovereign. He is over all. We have no cause to fear whichever way it goes because we belong to God. He paid a high price for us, a bunch of sinners. I feel that VP Pence will utilize the good sense and the authority he has been given by God to do the duties of his position. I trust in God to deal out justice. I am thankful God placed him in his position for such a time as this. May God be his strength if he should feel incapable in any way to do what God would have him to do in His sight. Pence has more info than any of us could have in these matters. I trust God to glorify Himself one way or the other by using V.P. Pence for His good purposes.

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  12. There will most likely be protesting and/or rioting no matter the outcome, but for those who want to actually follow the Constitution, it would be worth it to save the Republic.

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  13. God is sovereign though we don’t know to what end in terms of what we will experience in our temporal circumstances. It could look good — or not — from our perspective. That’s where the trust comes in.

    Meanwhile, I’ll clutch my sweatshirt hoodie strings, it’s all I got.

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  14. AJ, you’re assuming that would be “doing the right thing.”

    For the record, I would far rather see Trump as president than Biden–I voted for Trump. I would far, far, far rather see Trump than Harris. I think Harris is dangerous and a wicked woman on several levels. I don’t have much respect for Trump–and it has been lowered in the last month–but I do respect Pence.

    I also believe in the rule of law. And a vice president choosing not to certify certain states, enough to get himself re-elected, is at very best icky. When multiple courts have refused to hear challenges, even when those judges are appointed by the current president, it is at least possible that there is no good case to be made (in at least some of the states in question). And simply jumping to “victory” by a different method is at best icky–and I say that as someone who has been holding her breath and hoping that one of these challenges actually does have a good case. To the vast majority of Americans, such a move would be an illicit, illegal, and dangerous power grab.

    I’m no constitutional scholar. There may be constitutional merit to some of these means. But anyone using them had better be really, really sure they’re constitutional and really, really sure they know the potential consequences.

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  15. PS I don’t know what laws govern recusing oneself from a situation where there is a potential conflict of interest, where one of the parties that might be voting or ruling stands to benefit from a particular decision. But there is no clearer example of a conflict of interest than a vice president who is on his way out of office making a decision that might allow him to stay in office. Even resigning as vice president and allowing someone else to fill that role, but deciding in favor of the president you served under would not change the definite conflict of interest.

    Whether or not such a move would be illegal, it would be widely (and correctly) viewed as unethical, contrary to governance in the free world. And nothing that I know of Mike Pence suggests he is at all likely to make such a self-serving and power-grabbing decision.

    President Trump would not be viewed as a man who is saving the Constitution and free elections. He would be viewed as a man who sees himself as a dictator who is above the law.


  16. So doing the right thing is now….

    “self-serving and power-grabbing decision.”

    That says it all Cheryl. That you would see it as anything other than what it is, a just outcome to a tainted election, speaks volumes.

    And I could care less about the opinion of the uninformed who don’t bother to look at the truth.


  17. Actually, I was pointing out that it isn’t “the right thing.” The president and vice president are not given that kind of authority in a republic.

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