10 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 12-26-20

  1. 😦 Drama Queens who have to make everything more difficult than necessary. Those who have to draw out every little thing by refusing to just give details that a sensible person would just offer in the first place. Those who cause trouble among those others that just want to do what needs to get done.

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  2. 😦 Thinking about regrets and grief this morning.

    😦 I have no idea what to say/not say to my daughter.

    🙂 Relative is coming through COVID okay.

    😦 COVID and death/near-death devastating friends’ families over Christmas

    🙂 God is in His heaven. He knows the plans He has for each of us and they often include downturns when we least expect them. Just because I can’t see the outcome doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

    Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen–praying that for my daughter, and for me.

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  3. 😦 A full year (as of yesterday) of not seeing our older daughter or her family (including the two-year-old granddaughter) or my mother-in-law.

    🙂 I admit that the quiet, warm Christmas was rather nice. (“Warm” meaning it stayed in the teens all day, and we were inside our warm house rather than in a poorly heated second story where the beds are too small and we have to sleep in separate rooms.)

    😦 Four-and-a-half years of not seeing my sister or her children, not so much as a photo, and having it all “end” so badly.

    🙂 We did get to talk to all of his side of the family and several on my side, and probably more phone calls today.

    🙂 In this year of extended isolation–almost ten months so far of not touching another human being other than my husband and having other people shop for us–it was good to have the contact of the Christmas season.

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  4. 🙂 My grand babies!!!!! 🙂

    😦 Not being able to see them or go and help out

    Michelle, I keep thinking that God has something amazing and wild for your daughter, thus all the closed doors. Just hug her.

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  5. 😀 First Christmas Day ever that I had no present to open and I was content with that (God’s peace at work)

    😀 Zoom call with Wesley and seeing him practice guitar (I had forgotten he bought it the last semester of high school)

    😀 Cold weather on Christmas Day made it seem like Christmas

    😀 I seem to be clearing out the sinus trouble without it going into anything else

    😥 Friend’s husband with Covid and she has broken arm

    😥 Political ads continue to bombard Georgia

    😥 The Nashville situation

    😀 Art got to be home all day yesterday

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  6. 😦 Was it really Christmas yesterday? Huh.

    😦 2020 and the battering ram it’s delivered in so many lives. I was thinking about a former co-worker, one of the first to die early in the year, and how difficult it’s been for his wife. They both worked at the cruise terminals helping passengers load and unload which is where they likely were both infected in March; she recovered, he — in a shock to everyone who knew him — died at home.

    😦 My own (relatively much easier struggles) this year with the injured knee, car accident and loss of one friend (and probably another before too long). And work has been nonstop at times, I’ve felt somewhat exhausted at the end of the year. So much awful news we’ve all had to continually cover and write about.

    🙂 But God …

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  7. 😥 With the holidays falling as they do, I can’t keep my days straight.

    😀 For the moment I am able to realize night from day

    😥 Today we should have been going to Hilton Head . . . except for Covid, Art’s physical limitations,his work load, and Wesley not here to go with us. Last year it was my leg limitations.

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