53 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-23-20

  1. Good morning.
    What am I thankful for?
    I am thankful that I was born in the U.S. at a time in history when the US was (and still is, the greatest nation on Earth. The U. S. is unique in the world. (I wish I could find the quote, I have it somewhere, of the man who named the shots fired at Lexington, “The shots heard round the world”.
    When I was born in 1930, th US was just pulling out of depression. We have been a prosperous nation since then. And the leader of the world.
    Still unique in the world.
    I have been blessed beyond measure.
    For which I am thankful.

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  2. QoD
    Some governor (forgot which) has decreed that no more than eight people should be at a Thanksgiving celebration.
    Mary & husband drove up from Jacksonville. Staying with Becky, & family.
    Lemme see?
    Mary & crew = six people. Added to Becky’s five. When they get to Chuck”s, & if Jennifer brings her crew. That will be three times the limit.

    No. They aren’t really counting..
    Question? Who cares?

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  3. Turning points in my life? Two incidents:
    1. I was out of school for a couple of months. Worked briefly selling produce in Columbia, but out of a job at the time.
    Bobby Murray (my friend since 1940) said, “Let’s join the Air Force”.

    The other. I was a student at U. of S. Carolina. Fall semester. I happened to meet a guy named Al Tolley. He said, “Charlie, are you a Christian? I assured him that I was. He said, “Great! We have a prayer group that meets (forgot….) But I went and joined the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship crew. There is more involved, but those two incidents affected me more than any other specific things

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  4. Good morning! I love hearing your perspective on your life, Chas. That is a highlight to my day.

    I realized this morning that it has been a week since my friend’s birthday. Not only do I still have her gifts, card, and her helium balloon bobbing around in my car, but we have only texted a few times, have not had a phone call even. I feel pretty down about that. And this morning I read some distressing accusations about leaders in Georgia. Add to that the double up on election ads. More than ever. So I am feeling down and overwhelmed.

    Today I will hear if I got elected to serve on the Direction team at church. It was an honor to be on the ballot. It will be a major challenge for me if elected, and I know it will rock my peace if I serve. I have only prayed for God’s will to be done. I did not vote for myself.

    My brother attended a birthday party for an out of town cousin who turned 90. There were about 20+ people there. The older couple did not wear masks so my brother chose not to. I could tell he questioned doing that, but he looks to the ones in charge to make such decisions. My brother does wear a mask at his church.

    I may not be on Zoom tonight. I have a lot to do to get ready for making our Thanksgiving special. It will take me several days to try and make some special foods that are over and above our usual fare. I need to search out doable recipes that Art will like.

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  5. Chas, I add to Janice’s comments on the wisdom you share with us. I really appreciate your thoughts on the world.

    I am out of the loop on the zoom call. I will do my best to attend.
    I am behind on most of the posts here, so I will not catch up I will just jump in where we are today.

    I was watching Ina Garten a week ago and she was dry brining a turkey, so that is what we are doing this year. He is out of the refrigerator for a little while today to finish thawing and tomorrow we will mix up the salt, fresh rosemary and thyme and a little lemon zest and let his dry out in the refrgerator until Thursday morning.
    Here is a review from someone else who did it.

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  6. Good morning.

    I also am thankful for the place and timing of my birth.

    Also, thankful we can help with grandchildren. Sorry we have to but thankful we have the physical ability to do so and the relationship with our children that allows it.

    Thankful for my husband and family.

    Thankful for the community in which we worship.

    Thankful that God is in my life and making Himself known more and more.

    Thankful that I get to watch granddaughter learn to walk.

    Thankful for all of the children God has brought into our lives. Did I mention that nineteen year old was in church yesterday, sitting with me? Son, not daughter. Daughter went to the Christian church rather than the Catholic.

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  7. Morning! Thanks to you Chas for sharing your life and perspectives…it always brings a warm smile and “ah”…the Lord is good indeed!
    Everyone we know, including ourselves, will be having a small alone Thanksgiving. Our friends and neighbors are quarantining. Our daughter’s family is in quarantine due to her coworker having tested positive. And our Granddaughter was at her boyfriend’s home the other night and he, along with his parents tested positive. Such a weird difficult year! We entertained the idea of having neighbors over but they too have been exposed by family members 😞 Snow is moving into the area tonight….that will lift the spirits of us all!


  8. This year I continue to give God thanks for the blessing of seeing the results of all the efforts and sacrifices of homeschooling for all those years. I am thankful for the employment that has resulted from all of son’s hard work. I am thankful for the caliber of students he teaches so his skills are fully utilized and appreciated.

    I am thankful for the blossoming of Christian friendships/prayer warriors/Bible study partners through my church.

    I am thankful for my online Bible study group that I engage with almost daily.

    I am thankful for the wonderful people I know through this blog and that we occasionally get to meet one another in person.

    I am thankful that so far none of my immediate family has been afflicted with Covid despite not being persistent in mask wearing.

    I am thankful I can drive myself to stores to get groceries.

    I am thankful I can do the yard work that needs to be done or my brother can help.

    I am thankful for the new prayerwalking group.

    And so much more!

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  9. Snow here this morning, NancyJill, and since granddaughter was up at five when her mom left for work, I have not been out in it. Thirteen will do all of the chores, including mine of feeding goats and sheep. Nineteen has been off more than usual the past couple of days so I don’t leave her alone in the house even to just go outside. When thirteen gets in, I will run upstairs to put pellets in the pellet stove.

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  10. I am thankful that my husband and I have a strong relationship. The season of isolation compounded with my sister’s rejection would have been much, much harder if our marriage were not strong. I am also thankful that even though it has now been one week short of nine months since we have been physically present in a church service, it doesn’t feel like we have been forgotten. Church people are doing our shopping, we receive occasional phone calls, and last week we even got four cards from church members.

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  11. Chas, the Virginia church has an interesting series going on Sunday evenings, on government and why God instituted it and our responsibility as Christians. I believe he said it well.

    Government is put in place to protect life, families, etc. We as believers are to obey whichever government is in charge of us: the one we pay taxes to and is authorized to put us in jail if we don’t pay. We need to follow rules that protect life. We ought to obey others as long as they don’t deny our requirements from God. And on those silly laws and regulations, as we view them, we ought to do so because they aren’t harmful but not obeying could land us in jail. But if our government tells us to murder or marry many or whatever that is clearly against the Truth, we have to decline.

    I do not view masks or gathering regulations as that inhibiting of my obligations to God. I can still worship with others, even if not in large groups. Will we sing? Yes, probably. Can we do that with masks and social distancing? Yes. Can I help my fellow man? Yes. No real conflict in my eyes.

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  12. Oh Janice we will keep you covered in prayer as you embark upon this new responsibility in which our Lord has placed you. He has a plan 😊
    Mumsee we are looking forward to that snowy front that has paid a visit to your neck of the woods. And I pray your day will be set to the beautiful tune of calm….
    Cheryl I am thankful to the Lord that He has given to you your husband. It is in these times particularly we need that peace and harmony in our homes if we are to be set off to seclusion. I purchased a 1000 piece puzzle for my little family to work on this Thanksgiving…not so certain they are going to be thankful for that! 😂

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  13. NancyJill, I have a fifteen hundred one on the card table next to me. Nobody will touch it except the baby and she is not allowed. But, I have noticed that thirteen has been working on puzzles on her table and nineteen has a one hundred piece one on hers. She will probably never get it done but got really angry yesterday when it appeared somebody, maybe thirteen, had put a piece in for her. She took it out and put it back in. However, sis in law sent me a five thousand piece one that she had done and is currently working on an eighteen thousand piece puzzle. She has it set up on a couple of large sheets of plywood on her pool table but can’t reach the center. I suggested a pulley system set up from her hanging light. She will send that to me when she is done. No idea where it will go.

    Perhaps you and Roscuro could meet here and help me out?

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  14. Foggy and overcast here today, the gardener comes later so I wrote out his check (w/some extra for clearing off my roof also, last time) and put it on the patio where he usually can easily grab it.

    Our restaurants are being closed down again and people are very unhappy. Some with good cause, it’s their livelihood after all. Others are just cranky about it all, they’ve had it up to “here” with the pandemic and they just have a need to lash out. The media is an easy target, it’s somehow always “the media’s fault.” Everything. Sigh.

    It gets old. And it’s very unoriginal.

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  15. Finally, my friend called. She was full of apologies. Mostly we talked of the difficulty she’s having with her Medicare application process. She needs help so I steered her toward our insurance guy. My brother used him, too.
    I did not ask about when I can bring the gifts by. At this point I may wait until Tjanksgiving Day to add a bit of lightness to that day of confinement.


  16. Hey, if one doesn’t have a meat thermometer (we seem not to have one, though we used to), how do you check whether the turkey is done? The skin is very well browned but it is a long way till the official end time of cooking . . .


  17. PS I put foil over the bird when I saw it was well browned. But I don’t know how to know (without a thermometer) when it’s time to take it out.


  18. Ground Hog Day. It’s May again, stories ramping up on restaurant closures (again), and how this will all further impact the local economies in LA County. What a mess. Some of these places simply won’t survive it.

    It would have been good to have gotten a 2nd stimulus to some of these folks already, but maybe this will light a fire under Congress to just get something done.

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  19. I will try to join the call tonight, however, we do have to run into town for some prescriptions and that will take a few hours so, I may be late or miss it all together.

    I am thankful for all of you!

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  20. Thanks, Mumsee. I ended up leaving it in a few more minutes and then taking it out, and it was delicious. I’m now quite full.


  21. Well our County is going into the RED category which means restaurants must shut down again! Small businesses must limit to 10% which is a killer. Cut customers served , cut hours… but Walmart is packed out as are the grocery stores and Home Depot…and let’s not forget the pot and liquor stores…they are “essential “🥴

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  22. I would claim “anonymous’ 4:12.
    But it so well written and concise that I wouldn’t fool anyone.
    But I agree with Anonymous.
    I was out there this afternoon. It’s a mess.
    Not Christmas shopping either. Just that everyone seems scared.

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  23. Sorry I had to bow out Michelle. The other Zoom meeting didn’t let me out till after 8:00 my time, and apparently the bloggers were finished by then.

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  24. So today with the littles we made the croissants for the thanksgiving feast. I used to always do it with my daughter and she had to help as we have both done it so many times, but we both usually procrastinate, so post on facebook at midnight that we just finished making them. It is a recipe that you make the dough up to four days ahead and then roll them out on the day.

    Then I took the littles and we went to the fairgrounds to walk. It is open for walking during business hours. Archie had his balance bike and could go very fast on the smooth roads. It is a lovely place and they both got exhausted. Lucy fell asleep on the way home. They did rather wonder where the fair was this year.

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  25. In the Zoom meeting, when we were telling what we are thankful for in 2020, I forgot to include something important that I was just thanking God for earlier today – that Nightingale has been able to work throughout the pandemic, since she is in healthcare.

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  26. Sorry I missed (again) — I was the designated “quarterback” (lead writer) to 2 other reporters in putting together a reaction piece to the restaurant closures (again). Long day but it turned out well and the editor was pleased. Lots of voices included with the 3 of us interviewing folks from several areas.

    One restaurant was defiant and said it was going to just stay open; another said it would close for good this time, can’t carry the costs anymore so it’s the end of the line for them.. And each of these restaurants also support numerous employees and their families as well, of course. And this comes right before the holidays.


  27. Learned also that my main city hall source was out last week for covid, I knew he was sick just didn’t know what he had until we talked today for the first time.


  28. Yikes, I forgot the fish. My neighbors are off to the desert again and the fish still needed to be fed. They seemed a little listless, it’s dark of course … I’ll have to remember to get over there before nightfall.

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  29. I found the prayer time during the Zoom so lovely, as well. I thought about taking a turn with praying, but was afraid my wifi would go out while I prayed, and I felt that would be so disruptive. When the wifi did disconnect at one point during the prayers, then I thought I could pray once I got connected again, but there was chatting and laughter going on when I got back in, so my earlier trepidation meant I blew my chance. 🙂

    I also missed the prayer for my granddaughter that I knew Michelle was going to do, but it was a comfort to know she was/is prayed for, even when I don’t hear. 🙂

    Such a pleasant visit with you all on the call, and like Kare said, it was really nice to see your faces (and hear your voices) again, all who were able to be there.

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  30. One blessing I didn’t discuss at the Zoom or on the blog yet today was something I received in the mail today. I recognized the return address on the envelope before I opened it up — it was a piano family who mailed my December tuition check to my house, and I knew they were going to be sending that.

    What was really special was that the check was tucked into a piece of copy paper that was folded around it, and when I unfolded the paper, I saw a multi-colored crayon drawing that said “Happy Thanksgiving!” on it, and was signed by both of the kids and both of the parents. 🙂

    So simple and so sweet.

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