20 thoughts on “News/Politics 10-29-20

  1. From Albert Mohler…..

    “Christians, Conscience, and the Looming 2020 Election”


    “Samuel Johnson once quipped that when a man knows he is going to face the gallows, “it concentrates his mind wonderfully.” The same concentration of mind often comes with the final days of an election. This election cycle is no exception. The campaigns now move into their final strategies and the candidates make whatever closing pitches can be made. In this odd year, more than 50 million Americans have already voted.

    President Donald J. Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are, by now, wearingly well-known to the American people. Donald Trump made himself known through decades of hyperactive self-promotion and business—and now almost four tumultuous years in the White House—while Joe Biden is known for working his way through more than four decades of holding public office. Having run for president in 1988 and 2008, Biden wanted to run for the Democratic Party’s nomination in 2016, but lacked adequate support. He is back and, if elected, would be the oldest individual ever elected President of the United States. Both candidates are over age 70. That makes the vice presidency all the more important. I do not have to blink in deciding between the prospect of a President Mike Pence versus a President Kamala Harris.

    We know who Donald Trump and Joe Biden are, how they behave, the manner of their self-presentation, and the substance of their policies. The act of voting is before us, and for many of us is already done. What do Christians make of all this?

    I will try to summarize how I see the issues, trying my best to think and act consistent with my own Christian convictions and worldview.”


    “I also recognize that I know brothers and sisters in Christ who see this differently. The vast majority of Black voters in America vote regularly and predictably for the Democratic ticket, and have since 1960. Like the pattern of white evangelical voting, this is not a surprise. There are long historical reasons why both are so. With my black brothers and sisters, I make my best case for how I see the issues. They have every right to do the same. We each have a vote. Both of us will answer to God for that vote. We earnestly seek to persuade the other. We will likely vote differently in the end. We remain brothers and sisters in Christ.

    What does this mean for a local church or a denomination? I am thankful to be a Southern Baptist, and extremely thankful that Southern Baptists have for nearly four decades spoken clearly and courageously for the unborn, and just as clearly and courageously about marriage and sexuality and gender. The convictions of Southern Baptists are clear, and I am confident that the vast majority of Southern Baptists will vote according to those convictions. That pattern has been in place for many decades.

    But Christian fellowship is based on shared convictions and common faith in Christ. In my denomination, that means shared passion for the gospel, shared commitment to cooperative ministry, and shared convictions about marriage, the sanctity of human life, human beings made male and female, and the wholeness of the faith once for all delivered to the saints.

    I know of no church or denomination that makes voting choices a matter of church discipline or church order. It is the convictions themselves that constitute grounds for church discipline and church order. On the other side of this election, brothers and sisters who share the same convictions will have to find a way to work together to forge a way forward. If politics becomes primary, the church is reduced to a political party. Politics is never off the horizon, but if it dominates the horizon, Christian fellowship is undermined.

    At this stage in an election cycle, politics seems to dominate every horizon. Given the uncertainties of this pandemic election, the stresses will continue. Soon, we hope, we will know the reality we face. The Christian church cannot exist in a constant state of political fervor. Election by election, we debate, we organize, we advocate, we vote, and we pray. So much is on the line, but I thank God that the Kingdom of Christ is not up for a vote.

    I truly believe that this presidential election, with the control of the Senate also clearly at stake, is likely to be transformational. The stakes just keep getting higher. The difference between a Trump administration and a Biden administration will shape a generation and have a very great deal to do with the future of our nation. My convictions lead me to a very clear conclusion in this election. I hope and vote for the election of Donald Trump and the Republican ticket for a second term and for a continued Republican majority in the U.S. Senate. I do so precisely because of my convictions. I am accountable to make those convictions and reasons clear. May God bless the United States of America, and may this nation bless the nations of the world.”


  2. From Wayne Grudem……

    “A respectful response to my friend John Piper about voting for Trump”


    “John Piper has been a friend – a good and faithful friend – for more than 40 years. I thank God for his remarkable worldwide ministry, his evident deep love for God, his faithfulness to every word of Scripture, and the way his life of self-sacrifice continues to provide a challenge to me personally. When we have opportunities to be together, I enjoy every minute of conversation with him. I pray for him regularly, as I believe he does for me. I agree with probably 98% of everything he has written and said during his entire ministry.

    But he and I have reached different conclusions about this year’s presidential election. His October 22 article, “Policies, Persons, and Paths to Ruin,” explained why he thought it would be wrong for him to support either candidate in this election. (He does not mention either candidate by name, but the article is about this election and he compares one candidate who supports policies that endorse “baby-killing,” “sex-switching,” and “socialistic overreach” (evidently Joe Biden) to the other candidate who is guilty of sins of “unrepentant sexual immorality” and “unrepentant boastfulness” (evidently Donald Trump).

    I am writing to explain why I have reached a different decision, and why I voted a few days ago for Donald Trump.

    I would summarize Dr. Piper’s argument as follows:

    1. The personal sins of a leader can be as harmful to persons and to nations as morally evil laws.

    2. Christians communicate a falsehood when we act as if policies and laws are more precious than being a certain kind of person.

    3. The horrible sin of pride leads people to other sins, including defending abortion, and therefore voting for a clearly boastful candidate might also be indirectly supporting abortion.

    4. Voting for either candidate would compromise a person’s Christian witness

    As is characteristic of Piper’s personal humility, he allows that “you need not be sinning if you weigh matters differently,” and adds, “my way need not be yours.” In what follows, I want to give reasons why I do “weigh matters differently” in all four of those points with respect to this election.”


    “Finally, just as John Piper in his article modeled respect for those who have another position, so I also respect him for the courage and clarity of his convictions, and for his characteristic willingness to advocate a potentially unpopular position because he thinks it is right. I hope that in what I have written here I have modeled a way to disagree with a friend graciously and in a way that will not damage our friendship in the future.

    P.S. After I finished writing this article, I sent it to John for any comments. He replied that I had represented him fairly, and he assured me that he counted me as a dear friend. He also pointed out how I could make one of my arguments stronger! I think that only someone with a strong confidence in the sovereignty of God over all history would do that in the midst of a serious disagreement about the future of a nation.”


  3. Another traitor is outed.




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  4. Ah yes, the useful idiots of the mullah’s…

    The never-Trumper grifters at the Lincoln Project get caught spouting Iranian disinformation.


    “Anti-Republican Lincoln Project Shared Info Tied to Iranian Disinformation Campaign

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

    “The group of Never Trumpers turned anti-Republican media machine, and John Kasich, formed a group called the Lincoln Project, the politics of which is exactly what you’d expect from opportunistic Never Trumpers. We’ve catalogued much about their efforts here.

    Anyway, Fox News recently reported that the group shared content that was IDed as originating from one of the Iranian disinformation campaigns and I’m still chucking.

    The Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump Republican political action committee, shared content on Twitter about the president’s supporters that U.S. intelligence officials later labeled as Iranian disinformation.

    The two discussed efforts earlier this week by Iran and Russia to sway voters in the presidential election.

    “The Proud Boys are attempting to scare voters away from the polls,” The Lincoln Project tweeted on Wednesday, linking to a Florida news outlet that first reported on the “threatening emails” sent to voters before the FBI announced its findings.”


    Yep, except it was all false.


  5. Not to be outdone by the petty tyrant from Cali., the British are one upping him.


    “Police will enter homes and break up Christmas dinners if families break lockdown rules – and there will be riots, predicts police commissioner

    West Midlands police chief says officers will investigate Christmas gatherings
    He said police can only enforce the rules handed down by the Government
    Mr Jamieson also warned riots could be sparked by ‘heavy-handed’ police
    He fears the end of furlough and Christmas restrictions could cause unrest”


    France is imposing lock downs…..


    “France imposes lockdown as Macron warns of overwhelming second COVID wave”

    “French President Emmanuel Macron announced on Wednesday a second nationwide lockdown starting Friday to contain the coronavirus.

    Why it matters: “(France has been) overpowered by a second wave,” Macron said in a national televised address Wednesday, noting the “new wave will be stronger and deadlier,” than the first. The announcement comes after the country saw over 36,000 new cases in the last 24 hours.

    Details: Though non-essential businesses, including bars and restaurants, will close, schools and factories will remain open. Macron said the measures come as an attempt to implement a “brutal break” to the spread of COVID-19.

    People will only be allowed to leave home for essential work or medical reasons.
    Macron added that the lockdown will be eased once new daily infections fall back to about 5,000.”


  6. Nothing to see here…..


    “Ho Hum. PA’s Largest County Mails Out Tens Of Thousands Of Flawed Ballots”

    “It’s becoming increasingly clear that it’s not the US Post Office that’s going to cause all of the headaches with mail-in voting next week. (Well… not all of them, anyway.) It’s the Boards of Elections in the many states that are launching out into the uncharted waters of massive vote-by-mail processes without ever having tackled the task on this scale before. This is far from the first case, and I seriously doubt it will be the last, but Allegheny County in Pennsylvania managed to botch the process themselves a couple of weeks ago. National Review’s Jim Geraghty had the details in today’s edition of the Morning Jolt.

    Allegheny County, which includes Pittsburgh and is the second-most populous county in the state, accidentally sent out 29,000 copies of the wrong ballot to voters earlier this month, giving people ballots for races in other districts. The county is sending out replacement ballots. But if someone sends back the incorrect ballot and doesn’t send back the correct one, should it count? Should it only count for the races in their district? If someone sends back both the incorrect one and the correct one, will any accidentally get double counted?

    As noted above, Allegheny County includes Pittsburgh and it’s the second-largest county in the state. So 29,000 ballots don’t represent a huge chunk of the electorate there, but given how tight everyone expects the presidential contest to be in the Keystone State, that number could prove to be significant. And when you consider that most of Biden’s votes will be coming from Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, this has to be a serious headache for both the Biden campaign and the state Democratic Party. So what exactly went wrong and how does it get fixed?

    According to one local news report, election officials in the county are pinning the blame on the contractor they hired to print the ballots. The company is blaming a “ballot image mapping error,” whatever that means, but the upshot is that all of those people received ballots showing a congressional race in a district other than their own. On top of the 29,000 spoiled ballots that were mailed, they found another 19,000 that were packed up and ready to send out. Those were allegedly destroyed and replaced. This took place on October 14th and they’ve been scrambling to correct the situation since then.

    As to what they could do about it, the county mailed replacement ballots out to everyone the following week. The obvious questions involve how the voters on that list acted or will act this week. Election officials say they’ve been checking any ballots they receive to see if they are the misprinted ones. If they find any, those ballots will be “set aside” to be reviewed by the Elections Returns Board after the election. So what happens to the congressional races that are affected by this? Did all the people who filled out the ballot lose their chance to vote for their congressperson?”


    Looks like they’ve been disenfranchised…..


  7. Hopefully this is accurate….


    “Democrats falling short in swing states, early voting statistics show”

    “New early voting data showed Democrats failing to hit their mark in several battleground states, giving Trump campaign officials more reasons for optimism Tuesday as President Trump rallied voters in key Midwestern states and Democrat Joseph R. Biden made a play for traditionally red Georgia.

    In Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Arizona, Democrats are falling short of their target of 70% of early votes cast either in person or by mail. That is the lead they hoped to build up to stave off an expected higher Republican turnout on Election Day.

    “The Democrats have not opened up a large enough lead in the early vote totals, and they know it,” said Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh. “They have now realized that they put too many eggs in the vote-by-mail basket, and they’re not hitting the marks they need.”

    Campaigning in battleground Michigan, which does not track partisan affiliation of early voting, Mr. Trump said he has pulled ahead by 3 percentage points. He apparently was referring to internal campaign polling. Mr. Biden leads by an average of 9 points in public polls.”


  8. Rush and Reason say Don’t Vote For Biden



    “11 Trillion Reasons To Fear Joe Biden’s Presidency

    The former vice president’s vision of an all-powerful government goes far beyond massive spending and tax hikes.”

    “By my calculation, there are at the very least 11 trillion reasons to worry about Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden. He’s the odds-on favorite to beat incumbent Donald Trump on November 3. Not only is the former vice president likely to win, but FiveThirtyEight predicts Democrats have a 74-in-100 chance of taking the Senate while holding the House of Representatives, meaning that he will have a great opportunity to deliver on all of his campaign promises, which add up to a mind-blowing total of $11 trillion in new federal spending over the coming decade. His “platform is more liberal than that of every past Democratic nominee,” writes The Washington Post.

    That’s bad news not just for the economy but for a wide range of libertarian concerns about things such as individual autonomy, free speech, school choice, and gun rights. In last week’s debate with Trump, Biden warned that we are entering a “dark winter.” He was talking about rising COVID-19 cases, but his own platform is likely to keep us at home, out of work, and in a bad place for a long time to come.

    Biden’s expansive vision is about more than vastly increasing spending, but let’s start there because the numbers are simply staggering. He’s proposing $11 trillion in brand new spending over the next decade, according to the Manhattan Institute’s Brian Riedl. Big-ticket new items include $1.4 trillion to expand Obamacare; $2 trillion on his version of a Green New Deal; jacking Social Security and Supplemental Security Income by $1 trillion; and goosing spending on preschool, K-12, and higher education by $1.5 trillion. Biden has also signed on to a $3.3 trillion stimulus spending plan pushed by House and Senate Democrats.”


    Don’t let the numbers from FiveThirtyEight and their ilk dissuade you. They’re wrong. Again. Still.


  9. Much has been made of this, but Rush is right.
    He didn’t say it this time, but this is the most important election in recent history.
    We have to choose between one that we don’t particularly like. But is honest and straightforward in his dealings. And the others who are already identified as crooks and traitors to the America we have.
    We don;t have a choice.
    But I have already voted. For Trump. This is more important than selecting between two men. It is choosing a direction for the country.

    The USA us unique among the nations of the world. Let’s keep it that way.


  10. The religion of peace strikes again.

    MSNBC says they don’t yet no the motive. They’re lying.

    CONTENT WARNING!!!!!! The link contains graphic images.


    “Pictured: Terror victim beheaded by Tunisian migrant who killed two other worshippers in church rampage + Macron says ‘France is under attack’ + Two more attacks stopped + Candlelit vigils held

    Two terror attacks have hit France, the first at the Notre Dame basilica in Nice and the second in Avignon

    Tunisian migrant, named locally as 21-year-old Brahim Aoussaoui, beheaded an elderly parishioner and a male church warden, named as 45-year-old Christian Loques, before fatally stabbing a third woman

    Meanwhile a guard at the French consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, was stabbed and wounded by a knifeman

    Two other men were arrested, one carrying knife near a church in Sartrouville and another with a knife in Lyon

    Attacks come after Macron sparked fury by defending cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, and on the day that Sunni Muslims mark the Prophet’s birthday”


  11. Talk about fishy…..


    “UPS Found Tucker Carlson’s Missing Biden Documents, ‘Arranging for Its Return’

    “After an extensive search, we have found the contents of the package and are arranging for its return.”

    “A UPS spokesman told The Wrap that the company found Tucker Carlson’s damning Hunter Biden documents.

    From The Wrap:

    “After an extensive search, we have found the contents of the package and are arranging for its return,” UPS told TheWrap. “UPS will always focus first on our customers, and will never stop working to solve issues and make things right. We work hard to ensure every package is delivered, including essential goods, precious family belongings and critical healthcare.”

    There was no word on how soon the package might be delivered to Carlson. A representative for Fox News did not immediately return a request for comment.

    Carlson told his audience on Wednesday that a source had damning documents about Hunter Biden and his family.

    Carlson’s producer mailed the documents to Los Angeles, where Tucker was filming an interview with Hunter’s ex-associate Tony Bobulinski.”


  12. Not sure if the Republicans should complain about the Alleghany ballot error. Elsewhere its fueling Democratic conspiracy theories of voter suppression. In any case I don’t think it means much — Democratic supporters have been urging people to vote in person not trusting USPS or the reliability of mail in ballots being counted properly.

    70% seems like an ambitious target; but your article didn’t say by how much they missed nor did this include independent and Biden Republicans. Some Republicans may have voted early or mailed in a ballot but not voted for Trump. In Texas, Trump leads polls by only 1% whereas Senator Coryn is ahead by 5% — there’s a group of Republicans then who plan to skip the president line or vote Biden while still voting Republican down ballot — something my nieces also plan to do. In fact, I don’t think the Trump campaign is paying attention — Democratic supporters are urging people to vote in person not mail in their ballots especially this late. Also not sure why the Trump campaign thinks the rust belt is picking up for them — In Penn, Biden has polled at 50% since May and Trump at 45%; extremely consistent. Even if we apply 2016 polling errors, Biden is still ahead. In Michigan, Trump probably referred to a Trafalgar poll that had him 2% ahead despite the rest of the polls being 7-10% for Biden. In 2016, Trafalgar over estimated Trump’s support by 2% while the other pollsters over estimated Clinton by 4%. Apply the same error this time and Biden is still ahead. Moreover, Biden is polling over 50% in all the rust belt states — there’s not enough undecided for Trump to catch up.

    Not sure why Trump withdrew campaign ads in Florida and is focused on the rust belt. He needs Florida and its within his grasp whereas the odds are really against him in Minn etc. He’s also running out of money — many of his workers are conning the con and spending his money on their own projects and company.

    The real battle ground is Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Ohio, Texas and Arizona. Biden will definitely win Arizona but the rest should be Trump’s but its a coin flip now. In 2016, pollsters over estimated Trump’s support in Texas by 2% — apply that error to today and Biden wins?!? Georgia and Florida are both leaning to Biden — without those two Trump can’t win.

    RCP has a no toss up map at 356 – 182 for Biden
    Cook has it at 290 – 125 (134 toss up)


  13. This so called Biden email scandal gets more amusing by the day — they’re reduced to the scatter gun approach — First its Ukraine, then China, then Colombia. First it was access, then bribes and when nobody paid attention they threw in an orgy hoping it would sell. First Rudy G was the messenger, then some convicted fraudsters and associates of Project Veritas and now its Tucker Carlson. Of course, his incredible documents will be a dud and he will blame UPS. I’m amused he relies on UPS — turn the docs into pdf files and email them. I do that everyday with a photocopier — I copy worksheets, documents, texts, stories etc; and the photocopier sends them to my email as a pdf. No need for UPS.

    And all this nonsense is too late — a record number of Americans have already voted. The number of votes is already at 50% of 2016. Texas is already at 94% of 2016 numbers, driven by young urban voters. The more people vote, esp the young and urban, the better the Democratic chances.


  14. note the NYT from 2016 is mid October prior to the Comey letter. The final prediction from 538 was at 70% in favor of Clinton. Given that Trump won Penn, Michigan and Wisconsin by around 1%, 538 was almost accurate. Currently 538 estimates Biden at about 90% that is almost 20% more than Clinton. The Biden laptop is not gaining any traction and is not affecting polls.

    I don’t think Texas will go blue but the sheer number of voters so far is impressive and does not bode well for Republicans especially in local races. And Trump is not yet polling over 50% in Texas. Trump needs to win every toss up state (Florida, North Carolina, Arizona, Iowa, Ohio, and Texas) plus Penn. Try flipping coins and getting six straight heads — its possible but not likely. I give Biden the edge in North Carolina, Florida and Arizona and Trump the edge in Texas, Ohio, Iowa and Georgia. As for Pennsylvania, there’s not enough undecided voters for Trump to bridge the gap.


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