69 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-13-20

  1. Awww, Chas . . . we, as believers, just mature in Christ all the way up to heaven.

    Happy Birthday to Chuck! 62 candles lighting his path.

    I stuck my head outside and it is still as humid as the weather report said. Otherwise, the temp outside matches the inside.

    I have not been able to reach my friend, Karen. I am feeling concerned.

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  2. Chas, nevermind, my father turns 74 this month. He is an old man. But he still built my room for me. I helped, as my mother helped over 40 years ago when he built the house, but he put up the walls and ceiling. The years have not diminished his creative abilities, even though his joints are a bit stiffer and his eyesight a bit dimmer.

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  3. Janice, chicory is a common wildflower around here. The bees love it, so I get a lot of photos of it. In the heat of summer, each blossom opens in the morning and closes around noon. (In the morning you will see a blossom that isn’t fully ready for the day, still uncurling and with its pollen tubes still closed in little tubes.) I’ve never consumed it.

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  4. Reading more about the cougar stalking, it happened in Utah — and the guy later said every time he even started to lean down to pick up a rock, the cougar would lunge and hiss.

    One description also said at the very end he was finally able to throw a rock and hit the animal which was what prompted it to run off. I’d read that earlier, too, but didn’t catch any rock throwing in the video.

    Someone said the hiker apparently turned around initially when he saw the cougar, which may have inadvertently prompted the long pursuit.

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  5. ~ A hiker survived a terrifying encounter with a mountain lion in Utah after the animal chased and charged at him on Saturday. Kyle Burgess, 26, recorded the six-minute incident in Slate Canyon with the cougar, who was with her cubs.

    “You see the two cubs and one kind of runs off, but then I didn’t notice mom was right there and that’s when I knew it was not a good situation to be in,” he told CBS News.

    During the expletive-filled clip, Burgess made loud noises, roared and walked away slowly as the big cat followed him, but stayed at a distance. …

    “Go away!” he said. “Please, go away. I’m big and scary.”

    At one point, the mountain lion hissed and charged with her claws out at Burgess.

    “Dude, I don’t feel like dying today,” Burgess said. “Go with your babies.”

    After several tense minutes, Burgess threw a rock and scared the cat away.

    … Kate Remsen, who works with the Living with Lions, said the mountain lion was not stalking Burgess, but pushing him away from her cubs. She also said encounters like the one Burgess had are rare, … ~

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  6. Morning! Beautiful flowers up there…brings a smile to the face!!
    Busy day yesterday and today…I need a day for a long winter’s nap…it will happen perhaps when winter arrives 😊
    Tomorrow is my dearest friend’s 70th birthday…how does that even happen? Getting old in numbers doesn’t exactly reflect how we feel and look does it?

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  7. Another warm day here today, the heat should last through the week but be gone by Sunday. At least the nights stay cool in the fall heat waves, unlike in the summertime.

    I’m working on an economy/cargo story this week, along with trying to get started on writing what’s called the “lay-downs” for my 2 election night stories so it will be less frantic the “night of” when we’re constantly having to update all the numbers.

    Will there be any violence on election night? I’ve heard speculation it will come from the right but I’d see it as more likely coming from the left — or perhaps both sides if one side acts out and the other engages.

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  8. You might have thought the lion was looking over her shoulder to see what was chasing her and the guy, but then realized she was checking on the babies. Those things are much bigger in person, I would imagine. A lot of power. And yes, every time he bent down, he would look like either prey or something preparing to pounce so she would get more aggressive. Good aim on his part. They are out there.

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  9. I abstained from voting for president for the first time in my life in 2016, something I never thought I’d do. California is not a swing state, however, so I have that “luxury” of sorts. I’d find it ‘easier’ to vote for Trump this time than in 2016, only because the overall stakes are higher now.

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  10. Well we just found out my daughter will not be returning to school today. We were supposed to take her back this afternoon, but now they have no water due to a break/work, so they won’t be returning until Sat. or Sun.. She will work from home though Wed. thru Fri. instead. 🙂

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  11. My neighbors have a new kitten, a black and white, and she is adorable. 🙂 Sent you a photo AJ. The other day she was on her front porch and my side windows were open so I started talking to her. Over and across the driveway she bounced, jumping down into my side garden strip and then forgetting all about me as she chased and pounced on a leaf.

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  12. I fear for America. You don’t have to “like Trump to realize that there is no option.I doubt that the US, as we know it, can survive a Biden presidency.
    He just isn’t with it. Someone, who knows who? else is behind this.

    These are dangerous times.

    A short while back, I was considering my situation.
    I was born when the US was in the throes of a depression. Both mom and dad were licky to have jobs in a cotton mill.
    Then, we were embroiled in a big war for which I was too young to participate.
    Then, I lived, and participated in the most prosperous and influential age in US history.
    Now, I am on the verge of seeing the actual demise of the nation as we know it.

    The China threat is real. No one will come to our aid as we did for Europe.

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  13. That does appear to be a dahlia to me Janice…it is gorgeous.
    I am an old woman…reality 😊
    I am thinking it is a good turn of events to have Liz home for a few extra days eh?
    I voted in 2016 for a man I didn’t necessarily support…but the alternative would have been disastrous for this nation. I truly voted for Pence. This time I will vote to keep the freedoms in this country we have held and enjoyed. If the left takes control it is goodbye to those freedoms. It will be a dependency upon this government like we have never seen. Socialism…not a good thing.

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  14. A sign of the times: my long time neighbors who have not put up political signs as far as I remember have a Biden sign up and I who have been a long time placer of political signs in the yard am afraid to put one up. Even the sign, Need Prayer? could generate trouble.

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  15. My mom was a Republican, my dad a Democrat. I still remember the year my dad put a political sign in our window for his candidate — and how quickly that sign came down as soon as my mom spotted it.

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  16. Gardening question:

    I have a few plants I’ve been nurturing in pots in the backyard — I’ve probably left them in these pots for way too long, always intended to plant them in the ground.

    So now a couple of them are super overgrown and the roots have gone through the drainage holes at the bottom of the pots and taken root. What’s the best way to deal with that? I don’t want to break the pots; I was thinking I’d just use a spade and dig all around them, going deep, so I could pull them loose from the soil below and then plant in the ground?

    I meant to do this before now, but what with the knee issue and other delays I just didn’t get to it.

    Plants are Mexican sage (super overgrown now), impatiens and a Bouganvillea

    I have a couple smaller ones that aren’t so challenging to de-pot and plant.


  17. When I worked, in the office, at the plant nursery we were told that anything that had developed a tight root ball, after getting out of the container, should have the root ball gently broken so the roots can spread out in all directions when it is planted. That in no way means to break the roots from the plant itself, but to break roots away from each other. Some roots will get broken, but a small percentage won’t matter. I hope that makes sense.

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  18. Unpotting: what they said.

    Chicory, I love chicory. If I had a favorite plant, chicory would definitely be up there. I smile when I see chicory so I grow a lot of it and mow around it so it will give me a smile every day. I have eaten the leaves but not the root. It is all edible but probably not too much at a time. They are tall and scraggly and the bees and birds like them. So do I. They appear wild and free and happy.

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  19. Thanks — I remember my mom once showing me how to gently shake the roots loose of clumps of dirt before transplanting them. I do have some special garden soil still in the bag (and in the box it was shipped from) — it came in the spring time but right around the time my knee went kaput so it’s sat unopened on the patio ever since, I think it should still be good as it was never opened.

    More nature:

    Someday the snake will lie down with the bobcat?

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  20. It’s Janice (Atlanta) vs. DJ (LA) on the ballfields right now

    The Dodgers always seem to “choke” when they get into the playoffs or World Series though. Sigh.

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  21. Peter, the 3rd party candidates always seem too extreme and narrow to me. But yeah, I suppose if one could be found that isn’t too out there that could be a substitute (normally, though, I still say it makes more sense to vote for one of the two candidates who will actually wind up being president; although there are some years when conscience issues come into it as well, then it all kind of goes out the window).

    If I were in a swing state, I’d feel a lot more pressure.

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  22. “They appear wild and free and happy.” Love that, Mumsee. I need to see if I can grow some. If it grows at the nearby community garden then it should grow here, but we have a lot of shade here. I will have to search out a sunny spot.


  23. Just check your state, chicory is considered a noxious weed in some of them. They like high dry prairie and I don’t think your stat qualifies so should be fine.

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  24. And, re the Constitution Party candidate, while I’m conservative I don’t consider myself anywhere near “far right” and both far left and far right extremes don’t set well with me generally. That’s what I meant about the third party candidates being the “extreme” versions of the mainstream parties.

    And anyone wearing a military uniform to campaign (like one 3rd party candidate did once in the past, I believe) makes me especially nervous 🙂

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  25. Libertarians seem to be in the middle, or a mix, of conservative and liberal – too conservative for many liberals, and too liberal for many conservatives.

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  26. To me, when I see how other world leaders behave, we need a strong offensive guy in position to push back. Not a calm, quiet, willing to meet in the middle guy. Those other leaders will walk all over that but they respect somebody like themselves. The difference seems to be that our guy actually cares about all of the people in this country unlike a lot of those leaders who are in it for their family or sect or whatever.

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  27. Just got off the phone interviewing some national economic experts, things are looking up. Cargo numbers due in shortly and they’re expected also to look good.

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  28. Which thread is this?

    Chicory. I think I have tasted it before, as my mother used to get a coffee substitute made from a root. We have a patch on of chicory on our hillside, and it was a pool of blue during the summer. The plants themselves are not pretty, but the blue flowers are special.

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  29. I’ve said a dozen time s before. I don’t like Trump as a person. He and I couldn’t be friends. ‘
    However, he is doing a good job as president.
    The is the only one we have.

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  30. Just got a notification of another red flag alert “in effect from 5:00 a.m. Wednesday to 11:00 a.m. Friday due to forecasted strong offshore winds out of the north-northeast.”

    The entire city this time, not just our neck of the (now burned) woods.

    I’m freezing water.

    I confess, I surveyed property out of state two nights ago. We have friends everywhere, and I was surprised at how it cheered me up to realize I could simply move elsewhere. We left the area 30 years ago, and I know things have changed, but . . .

    R laughed. Maybe. But we aren’t released from here, yet, and all those Adorables . . .

    Oh, I’d only go if they came with us. 🙂

    Meanwhile, the same husband received word that a vindicative (new) neighbor to his local factory, with whom my husband has been trying to help, has now made threats.

    He had to pass the information to legal, who called the police. The man has been threatening, apparently, to come over and make noise–possibly at our house.

    “Greater is He that is in me, than He who is in the world.” I just shake my head.

    People are on a razor edge out here. Our county may be the only “purple” status county left in California. We’re under the harshest COVID requirements.

    Today while walking in the park, my friend and I, along with three large Black men harmlessly ambling in front of us, were threatened by a strange-looking man on a curious bicycle.

    I actually asked my friend what color the man’s face was. It looked purplish or like a mask, and he screamed vile words at the five of us.

    We old ladies told the guys we were speeding past, they laughed, and as we hurried in front of them, the bike rider returned, screaming, and nearly hit my friend.

    He then rode off laughing and screaming at the people ahead of us.

    I started to say something, and then shook my head and prayed out loud.

    Connie’s getting used to that now. I prayed God would do whatever it took to ensure the man wouldn’t hurt someone.

    We didn’t see him again.

    Just disquieting.

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  31. Just checked my email. Someone wrote to tell me she’s in a hospital dying and has millions of dollars that need to be distributed to Christian charity. Can she county of me to be responsible with her money?

    I wrote back: Very sorry to hear this. I’m going to pray right now that the truth will be revealed and any sums will be distributed where God desires them to go.

    I cannot help you.

    Sent it off and blocked the email address.

    Four bizarre events in one day. I’m done.

    Grammarly sent me a notice: I’m more efficient that 98% of writers, have a better vocabulary than 99% of writers, and use better grammar than 88% of writers, however, they’ve detected negativity creeping into my writing . . .


    I’m off to read my book–about an anchoress, which right about now sounds like a great idea!

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  32. Michelle, that’s nerve-wracking, all of it, the guy on the bike and work neighbor. Are people coming unglued?

    We’re having a really toasty day here. 90ish.

    I just received the list of the most popular 2020 Halloween costumes for children, pets and adults.

    The car hunter stopped by, seems the paperwork was “off” by about 100 miles for the existing odometer in the new car so I needed to sign corrected sheets. Meanwhile, I’m still getting emails form car lots where I was checking online for the past couple weeks, I need to unsubscribe to all of that.

    The hearings are ongoing, I see, with lots of political grandstanding.

    Meanwhile, a guy emailed me to say there’s an “oddity” off our local coastline, booms or netting, “unusual devices.”

    Is this the strangest year ever?

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  33. And I got an invite to a Trump rally with a disclaimer about responsibility for any Covid infections picked up at the rally. I would like to go since I have never been to anything like that and will probably not have another chance to go, but I still don’t desire to be in any crowds. I am a very old lady introvert in that regard.

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  34. I was outside sweeping/raking fallen leaves from off the driveway earlier. Now my eye is itching. It was one of those times that just when you get the pile done, a big wind scatters them again. A great opportunity to get free exercise appeared quite frequently.


  35. Well, the Dodgers finally decided to start hitting the ball. I was beginning to wonder if they were going to end the game scoreless and go down 2-0 in the series, making it virtually unwinnable for them. Still a long way to go to win this game (it’s now 7-3), but a whole lot better than being down seven runs.

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  36. Talked to Carol who’s discouraged, they told her today that Medicare won’t pay for any more PT — and that was her ticket to being able to go back to her regular residence. I sent an email to her administrator (at the permanent place) to see if anything can be done. Carol said she just doesn’t want to live in a hospital gown for the rest of her life. The place she’s in is not great, so even if she can’t go back maybe we can find a better spot for her. She’s used to being in places where there’s at least some activity and people are more with it, more engaged even at a limited level.


  37. Tonight’s Dodgers game (if you were rooting for the Dodgers) is like watching the Chicago Cubs. It’s hopeless, then it’s even worse, then just maybe, then . . . nope.

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  38. Just got an email with an invite to kayak at Tahoe tomorrow, which means I have to leave early as it is a two hour drive. We have been trying to set up a time for a couple of months, so I couldn’t say no.
    Got really depressed today over something one of my daughters posted. I need to stay off instagram. Going somewhere and talking to like minded friends will be refreshing.


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