34 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-7-20

  1. Mr. P has some swelling in his knee, but they sent us home with a knee “brace” that has pockets for ice packs so he did that last night before I passed out and we have switched them this morning. I am being sweet wife and mean nurse. I told him this is my 4th surgery with him and so far I haven’t been impressed with his ability to follow doctors orders. I took notes yesterday when I spoke with the surgeon. He has his first physical therapy appointment tomorrow. Now when he tells me he can drive himself next week, I tell him no he can’t. He wants Little Miss to spend the night next week, I’ve invited her parents to bring her to Sunday dinner. No way will she stay here and let her mommy and daddy leave her. I am not naturally a manipulative person but I can be when I have to.
    My dad had bilateral knee replacement in 2006. He spent 3 days in the hospital then went to in-patient physical therapy. This has been so different.

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  2. Some of you that are on FB know this story and responded.
    In a surgical waiting room and with everyone and their brother oversharing on the cell phones you hear stuff. I had my phone and my kindle. I was trying to read and not make eye contact with some of the people which wasn’t hard, we all had on face masks and were “socially distanced”.
    A woman came in, sat down, and made a call. I was really trying to concentrate on my book but couldn’t because I tuned in to her conversation. I tried to tune out and ignore it. It was none of my business. Finally, I gave up and listened, OK, we all know I was Nosy Rosy. She had to leave “Dad”,in pre-op, after arguing with the doctors that he couldn’t go under general anesthesia because his cardiologist said he couldn’t. I couldn’t figure out if she was talking about her dad or her husband. Finally, I decided it was her dad.
    I went to FB and posted “please pray for the woman whose dad is having surgery, there is some confusion over ansethesia. Immediately people started responding. When she hung up with her sister, I walked oer to her and said, “I don’t usually do this sort of thing” then showed her the post on FB and how many had already responded to it. She started crying and thanked me.

    Her father was having hip replacement surgery and is 90 years old. Her mpther fell a while back and it triggered dementia. They have been married 67 years. You can guess that this story struck a cord with me.
    Late yesterday afternoon as I was going back and forth to the parking lot getting ready to take Mr. P home, I saw her in the 8th floor waiting room. I walked over and asked about her dad. She was so appreciative of the prayers and told me that she and her husband have served in the ministry and that when I walked over to her yesterday morning and spoke to her and showed her the FB post that it gave her an overwhelming sense of peace. I told her I was glad I could “be that person for her”.
    God does move in mysterious ways. Please say another prayer for them if you choose.

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  3. Now BG is here throwing up. I have her an 11:30 appointment with our family doctor.
    I have told you before I am the least likely “nurse” anyone could have, haven’t I?
    No I have them at opposite ends of the house.

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  4. Well done, Kim.

    Feeling magnanimous after the third night of little pain (Ha! Scared it away with just the mention of a Dr. Appt), and nearly 10 hours of sleep.

    Very thankful and ready to tackle the refrigerator wash down.

    And then the grocery store visit. Lol. I may even get to write today; a good day.

    Tomorrow, I return to the tale of the obscenely expensive duvet.

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  5. You did a good job helping us to envision it, Chas.

    Bible study went well this a.m. Now we have to decide what to do after we spend one or two weeks back in Daniel to finish it up.

    Kim is juggling nursing duties. That is a lot on your plate, Kim! Thankful for your wisdom to not add a little busy miss to the mix. Prayers for Mr. P to stick with the program so he can maximize the benefits of having had surgery. And prayers for that couple and daughter that you had a divine appointment with.

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  6. Premature rant: a sister in Christ, to whom we are connected by marriage, is repeatedly sending emails to persuade us that COVID-19 is a government conspiracy to strip us of our freedoms. At first, the emails were general group sent emails, but the last one with a video link was directly addressed to us, and concludes:

    “I send these things to you as a sister in Christ and I prayerfully hope that the Lord will show you the truth.

    Please do not underestimate the sinfulness of human nature.”

    In other words, she thinks we are being deceived and led astray. I would like to tell her to mind her own business and to stop raising non-essential matters to the level of gospel importance, but I will remain silent for now. We as a family are united right now in the precautions we are taking, and we are all endeavouring to honour the Lord in our decisions.

    The person who sent the email attends the tiny church, and is a parent of Youngest in-law, who is, as I have mentioned, a deacon in that church, and who heads it up pretty much now that the senior deacon has left for medical school. The only person in our house who was attending the church pre-COVID was my father, as my mother was not able to, and the Seconds and I chose to attend other churches. My father has stated he is reluctant to return to the tiny church, even when it was permitted, because he would have to listen to conspiracy theories. I fear there is a cult brewing there.

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  7. I’m scrambling this morning to contribute to a region-wide “malls are reopening today” story by trying to reach general managers of our local malls, coordinate some kind of photo OK with one of them; … while also trying to coordinate a car visit to my home “sometime” this afternoon.

    And I had a vivid dream right before waking up this morning that my friend’s daughter, who’s getting married next spring, was married and had just learned she was pregnant — with quads. Funny — or not? — I told my friend and mom-of-the-bride-to-be in my text to her this morning.

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  8. Phos. I would leave it alone. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about something nobody can do anything about.
    Avoid crowds, wear a mask. That is about all she or you can do about it.
    In the end, it doesn’t matter a bit what either of you believe.

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  9. Chas, I agree. I am going to leave it alone. I actually have not said a word to her on the subject at any time, and very little to Youngest (I have not seen Youngest in-law since this started, as he was at work the couple of times I went to visit). This person delivered flowers to my mother in her birthday, and while we did not invite her in, my mother sat outside (it was a beautiful day) and visited with her – my mother says the topic of the pandemic did not come up. So all this woman has to go on about our opinions is whatever the Youngests have told her and the fact that my father has not attended the tiny church.


  10. Interesting piece on churches and covid in Idaho



    After Trump tweets about hymn singers’ arrest, church plans another event

    (RNS) — President Donald Trump tweeted out a warning to his followers Wednesday (Oct. 7), claiming religious liberty in the U.S. was in danger.


    For proof, the president retweeted a video of an unmasked local politician in Moscow, Idaho, being arrested in late September while a group of people around him sing a hymn. …


  11. Michelle – Yesterday you mentioned going to St. Helena. That’s where my cousin and his wife have their pizza shop, That Pizza Place. (They live in Napa.) They’ve had to shut it down due to the fires and such. 😦


  12. Kim – I once overheard a woman talking on her cell phone in a store, and could tell there was something wrong. By what she was saying, I could also tell that she was also a believer. When she was finished with her call, I cautiously approached her and told her I would pray for her situation. Then we chatted a little bit. It was a nice encounter.

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  13. They made me pose for the obligatory shot with the big red ribbon on the hood.

    I like it, it feels “short” compared to the “real” Jeep, but I knew it would. Nice, dark gray color, a dashboard I don’t fully understand just yet, good bluetooth and radio connection, 4WD; it had been a lease car, one owner, has a full carfax record with all the maintenance detailed, no accidents. A 2018 with only 42,000 miles, this was a much nicer car than I thought I’d be able to get.

    And it is a Jeep, if a mini-Jeep compared to the Liberty 🙂

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  14. I spent most of the day in the ER with BG. 2 shots of morphine, 2 shots of zofran, and 1 shot of phenergren we were discharged with a referral to a gastroenterologist. Somebody and I am not saying who, needs to learn you get more with please and thank you and a little bit of honey and no vinegar. Luckily she had a male nurse and he knew several of her family. We played “old timers” about when certain roads around here were still dirt.
    There is a reason I did not attend nursing school. One patient is bad enough two is almost more than I can handle. 😉🤣
    It’s a good thing I cleared October as best as I could because Mr P was having knee surgery.

    I am also familiar with the term abdominal migraines. We shall see.

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  15. Oh, praying for BG, poor kid.

    Poor Kim.

    Kim, you need one of those cute nurse’s caps, you’ll look like you’re a soap opera character from the 1970s and 80s.

    Have I ever said that the one female assistant to the police commissioner on Blue Bloods always reminds me of you? Blonde, pretty and very no-nonsense 🙂

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