53 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-6-20

  1. We are at the hospital and Mr P is in pre-op. He did a lot of preparations yesterday while I had my head buried in real estate stuff.

    “Ain’t nobody got time for this”
    Tropical Delta is expected to make landfall Friday night early Saturday as a Cat-3

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  2. I mentioned you in my prayers this morning Ki m. Let us know how this works out..
    A prayer was answered in that something I feared didn’t happen. “nuff said.about that.

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  3. Morning! Praying all goes well with Mr. P’s surgery ❤️
    It would appear some of those trees in the header photo are trying to say “Autumn”! We were so disappointed that the trees were all still quite green while we were in KY last week!

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  4. Good morning. I add my prayers to the others for Mr. P.

    I am about to read chapter 2 in Joel. It is certainly applicable to our times. That is for my daily online Bible study. Then I need to find my study notes for my Wed. ladies’ group to see what I need to read for that. If I start back with Sunday school I will be in another book for that. For that I have a choice to make. The younger group is in Nehemiah and the older group is doing Philippians. Which would you choose?

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  5. Those of you who shop Ikea, a cautionary note. Do not order online for them to deliver–at least not if you have a big order. Back in June, my husband placed a large order from them. It included five tall (but narrow) bookcases, a display cabinet for the dining room (I’ve never owned one and have a few nice pieces I’d like to put behind glass), one of those big storage units like the one I have in my office and he has in his studio, and a couple other pieces. They billed his credit card, and initially said it would be four or five weeks for delivery. But then once he received an estimated delivery date, it was September 3. He was actually a bit worried about that date, since our condo development was having private streets and drives sealed that same day (which ended up being pushed off a week or two for rain, so neither “event” happened that day). September 3 came and went without even hearing from Ikea. Now, it’s impossible to talk to Ikea by telephone or even to send them an e-mail, but my husband private messaged them on Facebook, and they told him that they were “processing” our order. He told them that they said that back in June and it was not an acceptable answer at this point. He gave them a list of companies from which we have ordered (and received our merchandise) since placing the order from them and told them they took our money months ago, everything we ordered was marked as in stock, and we did not agree to loan them money indefinitely to fund their operations.

    He made some public comments on their Facebook page (not to be rude, but just because companies don’t necessarily like to see their mistakes aired where other customers can see them, and sometimes that gets attention). Now, four months after taking our order for “in stock” merchandise, Ikea simply cancelled our order. (Their site still shows what we ordered as being in stock.)

    We had planned for my husband to spend the summer putting together our products and by now we would have the rest of our boxes unpacked and our books with a place to go. We even gave away a smaller bookcase we hadn’t intended to keep long term (a college student at our church needed one), unpacking all the books from it and stacking them, since our Ikea order was going to be coming soon and we’d have a place to put them.

    I assume it is still possible to go into their stores and buy product, but ordering for delivery is a disaster. I’m frustrated because I’d like our order, and also because I don’t like to see my husband stressed by being treated like this. He has said all along that if they can’t fulfill online orders, they should shut down the ability to order them. I’ve said they shouldn’t charge the credit card until they actually are processing the order for delivery. Many of their products are good and priced inexpensively, but in this case we have paid for products we haven’t received. Their customer service is horrible. Anyway, in case anyone else is considering this route, I thought I’d warn you.

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  6. I ordered from Ikea for delivery once, no problems. It might be that branch of Ikea that is bad. Now, on the other hand, I had to cancel an order from a national hardware store here, because I ordered something their website said was available, they sent an email saying that delivery would have to be delayed to a certain date, I waited a week after that date and no delivery. I do have to say though, their customer service rep bent over backwards to get my order cancelled and a refund put on my card when I finally called.


  7. I did an online order from Sam’s to be delivered to the office. It had two bottles of Preservision for Art along with a lot of bigger things like 80 rolls of toilet paper. The order showed the Preservision delivered but it was not there (around $80 for that). I called and they gave us credit for that without a problem. I just wonder if it is employee theft, incompetence, or what that caused it, and how the store can afford that if it happens frequently.


  8. We are over two years for our bathroom being redone. It took a year and half to get the guy here to do the work. The floor tiles buckled shortly after they were put in. We are still waiting for something to be done. We were told someone higher up would have to evaluate the situation, since it had never happened before. If the business is so overwhelmed by customers that they cannot get work done in a timely fashion, why do they still have full page ads and other smaller ones out on a daily basis? I am beyond disgusted. Really disgusted because it is a local business, which is one reason we went to them. This is why the big businesses come to town and gain customers. I need to call them again, but hate that I have to do so.

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  9. Janice, just to be different, Nehemiah. Not that Philippians isn’t great, but Nehemiah is a very intriguing book, as the last historical record of the Old Testament. But either would be a good choice.

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  10. Thanks, Roscuro. I do like the book of Nehemiah and his faithfulness and humbleness. I also have to decide whether to be with the smaller older group and excellent staff teacher I have known for years (comfort zone and encouragement to the seniors) or be with the younger group (out of comfort zone, more exposure to possible germs, but advantage of getting to know new members).


  11. Home and looking at the hillside. I expected charred trees, but they don’t look that bad. Of course the morning light can be deceptive, along with my eyes which have a slight burn.

    We’re taking our car over to St. Helena today–to get that hit and run damage repaired. Air Quality there is 246. I want to say, don’t fix it if it means your health–but I know they’ve lost a lot of business, so I’ll remain silent.

    It’s good to be home. There’s more than enough to do. I think I’m tired again!

    Thanks for all your prayers.

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  12. Kim, glad the surgery went well. Which knee and does he need both eventually done?

    Cheryl, how entirely frustrating. Companies usually don’t chart the credit card until the items ship.

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  13. And Kathalena, frustrating for you too — 2 years is a long time and you’d think also they’d just want to clear this up and fix whatever happened to be done with it.

    I guess Covid has disrupted a lot of businesses and perhaps their suppliers; people may have been laid off so staffs are thin. But customer service should be pretty much the first thing they’re concerned about.

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  14. We ordered our IKEA kitchen to the pick up location at the closest city that had one. No issues with IKEA at all. I’m sorry you’ve had such a bad experience, Cheryl. That’s just so frustrating.

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  15. And almost 3 years later I finally used up the last of the 15% back kitchen event gift card – purchased a crib for one of the babies!!! 🙂

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  16. Received my first text from car hunter — a 2015 Jeep Cherokee with about 65,000 miles. Only downside is it’s silver, the one and only color I’d prefer not to have, of course 🙂

    While I love the Liberty body styles so much more, the Cherokees that replaced them in 2014 did get much better reviews.

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  17. He has walked, simulated getting in the truck and walking up and down steps. We may get out of here today. I’m 12 hours up with 5 hours sleep before. I would like to go NOW.
    We wait.

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  18. Kim, husband is a new guy since his knee replacements. He can walk miles, chop wood, deal with nineteen year old….Your Mr P should be doing much better soon. If he follows the directions.

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  19. We hard placed orders for delivery from Ikea before. Our dining room table was a couple of months late, so they refunded the delivery charge, and the storage units were on time with no problems. Overall we have been quite happy with them, but the situation this time is inexcusable, and I wanted to save anyone else from getting into the same loop.

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  20. Next one was nicer, 2018 Cherokee w/42,000 miles — “kinda” silver but darker, more of a gray tone. “Billet” silver, it says.

    I still LOVE the old-style Jeep body styles much more, but all the SUVs seem to have gone this direction of sleeker and more ‘car’ like for now.

    She’s also sending me a Mitsubishi (?)

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  21. Now to personally see it, she said normally they just “deliver” it and sign everything on the spot, but I really want to get a look at it and sit in it. I know it’ll feel smaller than my Liberty but it’s probably fine for my needs. It’s 4WD, but more of a ‘crossover’ chassis than a truck like the Liberty was.

    Just want to make sure the color doesn’t surprise me too much and it “feels” OK inside. It certainly has a lot more tech stuff than I’m used to at only 2 years old.

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  22. Weeping with relief. My Chemistry-major doctor was surprised to hear the podiatrist had told me there was nothing to be done about the neuropathy in my feet.

    No, just take this drug–which doesn’t interact with anything. The only drawback is, it may make you sleepy, “Which in your case probably isn’t a bad thing.”

    Healing is still the better solution, but the fact something IS available, is a huge relief.

    I may not be afraid of going to bed, now. It’s been bad.

    Though, I will miss all those great teachings. I spent three hours in Luke last night. 🙂

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  23. My cousin in MO has really bad neuropathy in his feet, he also said nothing to do about it. Hopefully he’s checking in with his doctors for updates on that. Maybe this drug is new?

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  24. Oh, maybe no one can see the video. It is at the Acton Institute, a think tank. They have some great offerings if anyone likes to listen to lecture type programs.

    I just saw the beautiful high hill or small mountain in the header. Lovely.

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  25. My husband takes gabapentin regularly, I think it’s for pain in the knee (unfortunately he can’t get a knee replacement; he has diabetes and when he had to get stitches in his leg last year it took months to heal). He also has back pain and I forget what else, so he has a few different pain meds, and tries to balance the benefit of relief from pain with the various side effects (sleepiness mostly, which isn’t good when he is working or driving to or from work).

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  26. Mumsee, how old was your husband when his knee was replaced?

    My husband had hyaluronic acid injections which worked really well, but it seems to have worn off. We don’t know if he can get more, or anything because it’s hard to see his orthopaedic surgeon with all the Covid restrictions.

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  27. My one neighbor needs both knees replaced and tried the stem cell treatments a few years ago, but it didn’t last long. She’s finally reached the point where she’s ready to consider it, she’s really become almost crippled and is getting tired of living that way.

    Carol isn’t doing well, lots of stomach problems w/the hernia, not being able to eat, throwing up. I’m afraid she may wind up in the hospital again soon. 😦

    Car is still hanging, last I heard from the car hunter was around 2 today, she asked for a texted photo of my dl and insurance card which I sent over, she said to just “bear with her” and that was that for the day.

    So we’ll communicate again tomorrow, I’m sure, I’ll have to take another day off. Seems like this is a matter of just being ready and available when things come together.

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  28. My neighbor with the bad knees is terrified of surgery after her sister had a bad experience with anesthesia once; and our own GP, now semi-retired, had a knee replacement that really didn’t go well, he told her he’d never have one if he could do it over again. So she was just really spooked. But she can barely walk now, she’s bent over and it’s now creating problems in her back. Hate to see her struggling like that.

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  29. Husband had both of his done within a few months of each other. He is well pleased with the results. He did listen to the doc and do the therapy as prescribed. We know others who did not and were not pleased.

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  30. This reminds me to be thankful again that I haven’s had a serious ailment since I was six years old.
    And Elvera. Until she began losing it about six years ago.
    There are times now when she doesn’t recognize me.

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  31. I talked to my dad Monday night. Hospice has him on “Comfort Care”, which, according to D3, means his time is short. Pray for his soul.

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